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    • You've bot a friend in me.O2's sentient mascot Bubl returns for this charming 40” film, which draws attention to the brand's affordable service.
    • Carly Cussen arrives at The Progress Film Company.Promo and commercials director Carly Cussen says joining The Progress Film Company is already "the best part of 2021", closely followed by "planning the year ahead!"
    • Coffee & TV score four.Independent visual content studio Coffee & TV have added four new VFX artists to their ranks.
    • Irene Baqué and Dog Eat Dog team upDocumentary director Irene Baqué is the latest talent to join the roster at Dog Eat Dog.
    • Mach power.Fans of American pony cars may be surprised by Ford’s new spin on the classic Mustang.
    • Chris O’Driscoll joins Loop TalentLondon-based cinematographer Chris O'Driscoll has joined Loop Talent for representation.
    • DLMDD install Anil Sebastian as creative director.Sonic branding agency DLMDD have secured multi-talented artist, producer and vocalist Anil Sebastian as their new creative director.
    • Making a splash.Well, well, well, adland, you did it... you made an advert with actual naked breasts in it, and it wasn't for a sports car.
    • Pay attention to this warning.Because of the UK government's failure to act in a timely manner, the NHS has been stretched to the limit coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, and that has inevitably meant that those in need of other treatments have been neglected.
    • Healthy choices.This attractive ad for Atupri emphasises the importance of individual choice in healthcare decision making.
    • Apt pupil.Self-help meets the esoteric in this mysterious short film from Neil Linpow, written by Hunter Andrews.
    • That sinking feeling.This 30" Apple Watch commercial evokes some of IKEA’s trips to the Land of Nod.
    • Stink enlist Hernan Corera.Argentine director Hernan Corera has completed his move to Stink Films for global representation.
    • The year that was.This Not On The High Street commercial shows how mums across the UK have adapted, toiled, and even flourished during the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Darling recruit Casey Hennessy Darling Films have recruited talented automotive director Casey Hennessy to their roster for representation.
    • Making a splash.The hypnotic qualities of Pringles' latest varieties take centre stage in this amusing commercial.
    • Play the classics.This 60" commercial from agency BBH and director Nicolai Fuglsig suggests Coral are up to the challenge posed by betting restrictions.


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"Warning Sign"
21 February 2021

Because of the UK government's failure to act in a timely manner, the NHS has been stretched to the limit coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, and that has inevitably meant that those in need of other treatments have been neglected. Contributing to this, no doubt, is the selflessness of those who are painfully aware of the NHS's crisis, and haven't wanted to add to their burden.

This is the latest in a series of films out of agency M&C Saatchi which seek to remind people of the importance of acting swiftly if they have symptoms such as a long-term cough. It is ironic, of course, having established that such a cough has nothing to do with the current pandemic, you might feel an understandable tinge of relief, only to discover later on that it is a portent of lung cancer.

It's not exactly a cheery message but it is important, and Agile's Saul & Josh have injected some visual flair in a bid to make people pay attention.

"It's What's Good For You"
21 February 2021

If we generously assume that the English translation of the voice-over of this German language ad misses some of the nuance of the original, then this is a pretty attractive piece of work. The vignettes have been neatly stitched together to convincingly represent the idea that each of us knows what is good for us.

This idea of taking personal responsibility is one that the advertised medical insurance company hopes will extend to paying them a monthly premium. It's an emphasis on freedom which is familiar in this sector, and conveying it in a manner which resonates with the target market is a tough ask… successfully negotiated here thanks to some compelling imagery.

Short Films
"Lesson 7"
9 mins 50s
24 February 2021

Self-help meets the esoteric in this mysterious short film from Neil Linpow, written by Hunter Andrews. The action follows an enigmatic figure as he navigates darkened hospital corridors, accompanied only by the persuasive voice of support coming through his headphones.

Two strong performances anchor the piece's emotional intensity: Linpow's deeply conflicted disciple and Michelle Fairley's charismatic, cult-like voice of 'reason'. As he ventures deeper into the halls and the sinister purpose of his visit becomes clear, her promises to help him "return to nature" become ever more forceful in tone.

The film's title adds an extra layer of intrigue too. While there are tantalising hints about what took place during lessons one-to-six (a bandaged hand suggests this is an escalation of existing violence), much is left unexplained. This is a cleverly constructed examination of the human urge to follow, and to trust that technology has our best interests at heart. One can only speculate what lesson eight holds.

Apple Watch
"The Future of Health: Sleep"
24 February 2021

This 30" Apple Watch commercial evokes some of IKEA’s trips to the Land of Nod. One of three ‘Future of Health’ ads directed by Ian Pons Jewell, this instalment focuses on sleep tracking with striking, CG-enhanced results.

As the drowsy protagonist talks to camera, her bedroom turns to sleep dust (the non-mucus kind) and sends both her and her cat floating down below. Those who dream about falling from a plane or a skyscraper may balk, but at least this scenario has a soft, happy ending.

Heightened visuals and a calmative VO blend well here, as the fruit-based tech giant continue their ambitious/creepy preoccupation with consumers' vital signs. Still, nothing to lose sleep over...probably.

Stink enlist Hernan Corera.

Argentine director Hernan Corera has completed his move to Stink Films for global representation.

A lifelong gamer and Doom fan, Corera first pursued a career in video game development. His love of worldbuilding ultimately led him to film direction, with promos, commercials, and short films all scratching his creative itch.

He carved out a useful niche for himself in Latin music, winning Best Short Form Music Video at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards. Corera is now in demand across the world, and that's where Stink founder Daniel Bergmann comes in.



Recent Promos
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Alfie Templeman
"Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody"
4 mins 21s
25 Feb 2021
The phrase 'cosmic puppet romance' doesn't usually make it into reviews here at DAVID, but then there's nothing routine about this promo for Alfie Templeman's 'Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody'. The film sees the Bedfordshire singer take a ride with an unexpected companion: a green, furry puppet trying to track down its lost love.

5 mins 34s
19 Feb 2021
Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt describes new single 'Vendetta' as "an impartial dance along the illicit lines of infraction". We half-expected the promo to feature an edgier version of the hokey-cokey, but director Jonas Bang responds with a moody blend of performance and criminal elan from Croatian-Danish actor Zlatko Buric instead.

For Those I Love
5 mins 56s
18 Feb 2021
This striking promo for Dublin artist David Balfe's 'Birthday' is a testament to loss, sketched in the dusty dregs of memories both barely recalled and still so painful. 'For Those I Love' is the artist's solo project, whose debut album was conceived and created following the untimely death of a close friend. As such, it's no surprise that grief is writ large across the hazy, monochrome visuals here.

"Tuk-Tuk (feat. ÄTNA)"
3 mins 39s
16 Feb 2021
Fans of 'John Wick', 'Killing Eve', and the 'Hitman' video game series will appreciate this ballistic promo for disc jockey Solomun. Knives, silenced pistols, and the odd syringe filled with a luminous green substance appear throughout Chehad Abdallah's film, as the protagonist (played by guest vocalist Inéz Schaefer) shows why she is the boss.

Teddi Gold
"Thought Bubbles"
2 mins 59s
17 Feb 2021
Separation has preoccupied many of us throughout the past year, and this quirky animated promo for Teddi Gold's 'Thought Bubbles' explores the idea of connection in colourful fashion. Revolving around a character who is present in their absence, the film plays with the idea of one's personal bubble as it offers a fantastical take on distance.

"No Mercy"
3 mins 28s
15 Feb 2021
Femi Ladi directs this shadowy promo for grime MC Ghetts, who—despite the repeated chant of "no-motherfucking-mercy"—is in a nurturing mood. He's joined by newcomers Pa Salieu and BackRoad Gee, advising them to maintain "the same workrate and passion" that brought them to his attention in the first place. Solid career advice there.

Sad Night Dynamite
"Smoke Hole "
4 mins 32s
11 Feb 2021
Up-and-coming UK duo Sad Night Dynamite take a turn for the sinister with latest single 'Smoke Hole'. The track pairs a retro, Dr Dre-style beat with melancholy flares of piano and synth, all tied together by dreamlike, drifting vocals which increase the sense of sonic menace. The accompanying promo only enhances the track's foreboding vibe.

"Je t’embête"
2 mins 32s
3 Feb 2021
Wingmen around the world were forced to stand down in 2020 thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and the situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon. French rapper Mowdee, on the other hand, still has the ultimate wingman by his side: himself. Alas, Mowdee² is a violent, puerile, sleazy menace to society.

Priya Ragu
"Chicken Lemon Rice"
2 mins 33s
8 Feb 2021
Tamil-Swiss musician Priya Ragu is an artist who truly refuses to be pigeonholed, defining her own unique mix of soul, hip-hop, and South Indian music as 'Raguwavy'. This colourful promo for 'Chicken Lemon Rice' provides an appealing gateway to the genre, as director Dumas Haddad embraces the singer's globally-inclusive approach.

Rag'n'Bone Man
"All You Ever Wanted"
3 mins 15s
5 Feb 2021
A model village provides the platform for social commentary in this beautifully designed promo for Rag'n'Bone Man's new track 'All You Ever Wanted'. The artist himself serves as a passenger on a train travelling around the idyllic hamlet in question, observing as layers of artifice are stripped away to reveal the real social ills beneath.

Ben Howard
"What a Day"
4 mins 25s
5 Feb 2021
Nature fights back in this darkly comic promo for Ben Howard's latest single 'What A Day'. Director Cloé Bailly takes the audience on a surprising ride through the Bulgarian countryside, which is replete with rolling fields, peaceful woodlands... and rabbits who don't take kindly to being killed for sport.

The Strokes
"The Adults Are Talking"
4 mins 47s
2 Feb 2021
The Strokes are attempting to return to their roots of late, with latest album 'The New Abnormal' capturing some of their spiky sound from classic record 'Is This It'. Yet the promo accompanying 'The Adults Are Talking' is very much looking forward, as the band face off against a team of cyborgs in what feels like an unfairly-matched game of baseball.

Tom Grennan
"Little Bit of Love"
3 mins 46s
2 Feb 2021
Brotherly love takes centre stage in this touching promo for Tom Grennan's latest single. 'Little Bit of Love' smartly eschews the easy route right off the bat, rejecting the lyrics' easily-interpretable romantic angle and instead choosing to address toxic masculinity and familial bonds instead. Director Keane Shaw takes a tender approach to the narrative, as a film follows a pair of brothers with disparate outlooks on life.

FKA twigs
"Don't Judge Me"
6 mins 32s
28 Jan 2021
FKA Twigs goes toe to toe with the invisible forces of oppression in this bold promo for 'Don't Judge Me'. She provides a powerhouse central performance, anchoring the film as it travels between a darkened, stylised netherworld and the treacherous everyday streets. A sense of psychological claustrophobia is ever-present, as characters repeatedly relive the psychic scars of wrongs done to them and their community.

Arlo Parks
5 mins 38s
28 Jan 2021
BAFTA winner Molly Windsor (Traces, Three Girls) stars opposite singer-songwriter Arlo Parks in this tenderly realised promo from director Molly Burdett. Set in a residential care home, the film sees Windsor's reserved teenager bond with Parks's outgoing support worker.

Sam Wise x BlazeYL
"The Sandman"
3 mins 09s
27 Jan 2021
This lo-fi promo serves Sam Wise (the rapper, not the hobbit) and BlazeYL well as the duo promote new single 'The Sandman'. One-man production outfit Elliot Simpson gives Wise home advantage, so to speak, filming in and around the artist's native Kennington. Rare is the rap video that features a pair of Santander Cycles, too.

Foo Fighters
"Waiting On A War"
4 mins 40s
26 Jan 2021
As the title suggests, 'Waiting on a War' by Foo Fighters takes a while to get going. Dave Grohl's autobiographical lyrics evoke childhood innocence well ("Since I was a little boy with a toy gun.../Just wanted to love everyone"), but they soon become repetitive. However, director Paola Kudacki's tour of an American wasteland is visually on song.

"All My Favourite Songs"
3 mins 45s
22 Jan 2021
This promo for Weezer's latest track 'All My Favourite Songs' is an exercise in nostalgia for the digital generation. While the days of screechy dial-up internet and fledgling social media are long gone, director Colin Read brings them back for one last hurrah in this topsy-turvy retro adventure.

Biig Piig
"Feels Right"
3 mins 25s
20 Jan 2021
Tilbury Town Hand Car Wash stars in this well-judged promo for Irish singer Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig. Her new song, 'Feels Right', is a bittersweet reminder of UK nightlife before lockdown, with Smyth ready to "put the tunes on up loud" and embrace "the taste I know I'll crave". Ten months in, the nightlife itch has only gotten worse.

"Throw Me A Line"
6 mins 19s
12 Jan 2021
The wonderfully-named Bram F J van Alphen directs this emotional promo for Dutch group HAEVN. As a woman becomes increasingly tempted by a fellow musician, her family life suffers in turn. Before long, home becomes constricting and fleeting displays of affection are replaced by despairing arguments.

Lana Del Rey
"Chemtrails Over the Country Club"
5 mins 40s
13 Jan 2021
Lana Del Rey's perfectly polished portrait of Americana feels strange to watch in the current climate - like looking through a hazy portal at an old film that never was. Yet that cognitive disconnect works perfectly for the singer's tarnished-gleam aesthetic, particularly in this promo for 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club'.

"Mazza (feat. A$AP Rocky)"
3 mins
8 Jan 2021
This surreal promo for slowthai and A$AP Rocky's latest collaboration 'Mazza' is part fairy tale, part acid trip. The film sees each artist experience a freak-out in their respective hotel rooms, as whatever trip they're on rapidly turns sour. The film sees each artist experience a freak-out in their respective hotel rooms, as whatever trip they're on rapidly turns sour. Weird and wildly watchable, this is bound to resonate with those reaching the outer limits of lockdown boredom.

Joel Corry
"Head & Heart (feat. MNEK)"
2 mins 48s
17 Dec 2020
If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it's that our attitude and personal positivity can make all the difference in how a day plays out. This entertaining promo for Joel Corry and MNEK's 'Head & Heart' takes that concept and runs with it, contrasting two versions of a bloke's day in which he wakes up on the wrong - or right - side of the bed.

Cameron Barnes & Blythe Duff
"Fairytale of New York (ft. Red Hot Chilli Pipers)"
5 mins
17 Dec 2020
A new spin on the Pogues' 'Fairytale of New York' has arrived courtesy of Cameron Barnes and Blythe Duff, who give the 1988 classic a distinctly Scottish lilt. Compatriot Michael J Ferns directs the accompanying video, which trades the original's black-and-white police station for more homely surroundings.

Michael Kiwanuka
"Interlude (Loving the People)"
3 mins 06s
14 Dec 2020
Album interludes seldom receive the promo treatment, but no one told director Phillip Youmans. The American describes Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Interlude (Loving the People)’ as “like sunshine on my skin”, and delivers an appropriately humid promo set in Southern California. A worthy complement to one's daily vitamin D pill.

Recent Promos
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