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Latest Work
    • CraftWorks @ BBHOn Wednesday 27th November we're heading to BBH as they are kindly hosting our next CraftWorks event. Be there.
    • Reindeer GamesAnother reindeer-inspired outing from McDonald's as a girl meets heavy festive resistance from her sister.
    • Secret ShenanigansAn army of leisure equipment takes over a store to welcome their latest arrival in this impressively realised ad for Dick's Sporting Goods.
    • Robertino Zambrano joins Nexus Studios.Sydney-born animation director Robertino Zambrano has joined Nexus Studios for worldwide representation.
    • Christmas 2019 - RankedHere's a continuously updated list of this year's Christmas ads in the order that you - our lovely users - have ranked them.
    • Jake Dypka is a Friend indeed.Friend London are delighted to announce the signing of filmmaker Jake Dypka.
    • Christmas in 3DMost of us could do with taking a step back from social media at any given time of the year, but HP suggest it's particularly vital at Christmas.
    • Out of Sight, but Not Out of MindThe hidden issue of modern slavery is sensitively explored in this touching film for Unseen UK.
    • The John Lewis Christmas Ads - RankedThe most hyped commercial of the year has landed… how does it compare with previous years?
    • Off-off piste.This well-shot commercial for outerwear brand Aigle suggests Parisians have missed a trick with their morning commute.
    • OB Management enlist Tom Bender.OB Management are pleased to announce the signing of US filmmaker Tom Bender to their freelance roster.
    • Sonja Phillips lands at Dark Energy.Well-travelled filmmaker Sonja Phillips is ready to put down roots at Dark Energy after joining for commercial representation.
    • Word play.'Have You Heard George's Podcast?' creator George the Poet aims to get the word out there.
    • Backed into a corner."A jaguar is for life, not just for Christmas" says this piece of stop-motion animation for the World Wildlife Fund.
    • Young LungsThe ever-more pressing issue of air pollution is explored in this striking ad from energy provider E.on.
    • Dragon's zen.The most eagerly-awaited (or should that be Edgarly-awaited) commercial of the year has been released... the John Lewis Christmas ad - brought to you this year in association with their supermarket partners Waitrose.
    • A Double-Hit for Missing Link.Missing Link Films have announced a couple of new additions to their roster: Laura Scrivano and Christophe Dolcerocca.
    • New Land bring Natanael Ericsson into the fold.Former director's assistant Natanael Ericsson is now a director in his own right at New Land.
    • Same difference.Tanqueray's discerning spin on a blind taste test starts in 1830 and finishes in the present day.


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The John Lewis Christmas Ads - Ranked

There's no question that the John Lewis Christmas commercial is the most hyped piece of advertising of the year, and now that it's landed, let's take the opportunity to compare its performance with previous years.

Our ratings system has its flaws, but that's no reason to disregard its results, and so we present all nine Christmas ads since 'The Long Wait' reinvented the genre.


"Winter in Paris"
15 November 2019

This well-shot commercial for outerwear brand Aigle suggests Parisians have missed a trick with their morning commute. After all, why put up with incessant train delays when you could mountainboard to work from the Sacré-Cœur basilica instead?

Sure enough, the protagonist - sporting goggles, gloves, helmet, and a winter parka - hits the cobbled streets at top speed. His downhill jam certainly catches the eye of those he passes, though the brand will argue it's all about the aforementioned coat.

Regardless, director Vincent Rodella and DP Elías M. Félix keep up the pace with some zippy camerawork and only a light dusting of snow. While many see Christmas as a time to slow down and take stock, the brand insist we keep things rolling.

OB Management enlist Tom Bender.

OB Management are pleased to announce the signing of US filmmaker Tom Bender to their freelance roster.

Like many of his contemporaries, Bender shot and edited his early work single-handedly, and soon developed a cult following with a string of ambitious skateboarding videos.


Sonja Phillips lands at Dark Energy.

Well-travelled filmmaker Sonja Phillips is ready to put down roots at Dark Energy after joining for commercial representation.

The London-based director's career has brought her to the likes of Bosnia-Herzegovina and LA's impoverished Skid Row district, with Phillips keen to raise awareness of social and humanitarian issues through the medium of film.


BBC Sounds
"Have You Heard George's Podcast?"
14 November 2019

One of several films promoting BBC Sounds podcasts, this engaging piece of work is all about, well, getting the word out there. The spokesman in question is ‘Have You Heard George's Podcast?' creator George the Poet, and he prefers substance over style.

This is illustrated by George sliding onto the set of the cheapest, tackiest game show around - the kind even the late Dale Winton would turn his nose up at. "What does is take for the word to be heard?" George asks. Simply put, not this.

Accompanied by some neat set deconstruction, the host encourages us to ditch distractions like a widescreen TV and focus on what's actually being said. It would be ironic if viewers catch this on a 75" telly of all things, but that doesn't detract from a slick, personality-driven outing.


On This Day
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Sky HD
19 Nov 2007
Another excellent evocation of the HD experience as we see what a movie might look like when it's been paused on their superior format. The slice of time technique (or something similar) has been used and it only kicks back into life when the man watching the film returns from the toilet.

"Princess Machine"
2 mins 05s
19 Nov 2013
Intent on "disrupting the pink aisle", GoldieBlox is a brand of construction toys for girls to get them interested in the way things work from an early age. This online film shows a bunch of younsters setting in motion an ingenious 'cog'-style contraption to a cleverly subverted cover of the Beastie Boys classic Girls.

Double A
"Paper is Paper"
19 Nov 2013
This fabulous French ad is a belter - not only is it very funny, it also sells its message very effectively. A man is about to print something in an office, when his colleague questions his choice of paper. "Paper's paper," is his reply... to which a series of terrific vignettes demonstrate that one thing cannot necessarily be substituted for another. Properly hilarious.

B & Q
"Christmas Power"
19 Nov 2014
B&Q storms into the festive fray with its own take on Christmas - a big, bold, boisterous affair that's beautifully assembled. It very effectively shows the DIY retailer as a terrific source of seasonal goodies and decorations with which to turn your home into celebration central. Great casting, too - we love the woman at the start with her head framed by the clock like a flaming halo.

Savanna Cider
"Got Apples?"
19 Nov 2015
This amusing showdown courtesy of South African cider brand Savanna will give even the meekest of employees hope ahead of the office Christmas party. When a worker spies the last appetizer on the platter, it's just his luck that the manager fancies a nibble himself. It's a tense moment - appetite, pride, and career prospects are all on the line... never before has a cocktail sausage carried such importance.

Helsinki Region Transport
"Anneli's Powers"
19 Nov 2015
If something is uncool, or unappealing, one way to make it a must-have is to face its innate weaknesses and shamelessly embrace them. Pot Noodle is a prime example... and here, from Finland, is another. Helsinki Regional Transport even sounds uncool - that is, until you realise it's a mysterious power only the chosen people can tap into...

19 Nov 2005
For years Kodak has watched as digital cameras have chipped away at the traditional market and has worried that no-one will print their pictures but have kept pace with advances in technology and are now participating in an industry-wide effort to promote the virtues of the printed product.

"Christmas Treats"
18 Nov 2006
Typically beautiful ad for Waitrose tells us all about the wares available at the posh people's supermarket this Christmas. From the exotic locations, we can assume the foods themselves will be exotic and then, as we are reminded that the chain is owned by its staff, we see them indulge in a snowball fight.

"Cheeses For Christmas"
18 Nov 2006
Another very attractive ad for the upmarket supermarket chain once again shows us a lot of jolly-looking foreign types who are oddly delighted to know the food they are producing will soon be lodged on a plate in the kitchenette of a pied à terre located in an Islington cul-de-sac.

BBC Radio 5
19 Nov 2007
A policeman catches a fleeing villain and then gets tips from the crook on how he might have done a better job of catching him. This is what life might be like if it was a rehearsal. But it isn't apparently. And the good people at Five Live know this and they report it live as it's actually happening.

19 Nov 2007
A sweet commercial for the Samsung mobile shows a man spotting heart shapes in various unlikely places and capturing them on the phone's built-in camera before sending them on to his girlfriend (or some woman he's stalking). She smiles benignly before checking she still has her Mace in her handbag.

"See The Light"
19 Nov 2008
Declarations of Independence from the women who use GHD hair products in this attractively filmed ad designed to persuade us that the advertised product will be appreciated by the women in our lives... oh, and that once they've seen the results they'll drop us like a stinging nettle sandwich and find someone better.

19 Nov 2008
An astonishingly frenetic and visually exciting game of tag is played between giant animated monsters in this epic ad for Snickers made by BBDO Moscow for a global audience. The effects are so impressive, you expect the advertised product to be a video game rather than a humble chocolate bar... even if it does have peanuts.

19 Nov 2008
A highly energetic ad for Snickers which is showing on Russian television has a bunch of strange monsters improvising a game of rugby in a junkyard filled with disused aircraft. The armoured creatures leap and bound before one of them turns into a young man as he comes to halt. Mesmerisingly strange stuff.

19 Nov 2008
We're so accustomed to Honda's edginess in this country that it's a bit of a shock to see the brand being advertised in such straight-forward fashion overseas. Different animated figures representing phases of the car's development express their enthusiasm for the car in song.

Stella Artois
"Cycle Race"
19 Nov 2008
A swansong in a grand campaign or an indication that Lowe's long-running sequence of commercials are set to continue for the global market? Who knows? Either way... even though it doesn't measure up to the great ads of the past, this is a pleasantly told tale in the best traditions of a great campaign.

"Barclaycard Spoof"
19 Nov 2008
Hilarious low budget spoof of the new Barclaycard ad has an office worker finding out what happens if he goes down the wrong chute. It strikes us that there are many, many ads which Specsavers could spoof if they chose to and if they are all of this standard, we hope they do.

Red Cross
"Konnie Huq"
19 Nov 2009
This film for the British Red cross uses a wry conceit to reveal problems in our attitude to people who are HIV Positive. Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq asks what it would take for us to kiss her if we knew she harboured the virus.

"Judgement Day"
19 Nov 2011
One of the characters from the ITV soap walks moodily through the village in this trail which promises that Judgement Day is coming. We're assuming that this doesn't simply refer to the National Soap awards where the cast of Emmerdale always get the opportunity to show off their acting skills... by holding it together while watching Eastenders and Coronation Street actors picking up all the gongs.

The Sunday Times
"Tech List"
19 Nov 2011
Various geeky types have their glasses steamed by The Sunday Times's "tech list" in this amusing ad. Even though people wouldn't directly identify with the protagonists, there's a little bit of a geek in all of us these days thanks to the internet and it seems likely to arouse the curiosity of many.

"Delivered Differently"
19 Nov 2011
Oh dear. The idea of delivering a piece of film dialogue in an unusual fashion to illustrate a new means of distribution is quite good... but why opt to suggest that the change will be an irritating distraction by offering such an awful rendition?

"Talking Heads"
19 Nov 2011
This attention-grabbing piece for Orange features two telephones shaped like human heads talking to one another. One explains to the other that he's received a free pair of "musical earmuffs" from the advertised mobile phone service provider. A winning formula.

Digital Radio
"D Love"
19 Nov 2012
A small animated character called D-Love appears in Dave's home to make sure he's in love with digital radio. He is, as it happens, and soon he's running off to tell his mate Roy just how much he loves listening to music sent via a digital signal. Digital switchover is proving a trickier proposition for radio than for TV.

Agent Provocateur
2 mins 30s
19 Nov 2012
Monica Cruz (yes... it's her younger sister) gives a Victorian photographer more than he bargains for when he promises that his camera will reveal her true self. Beneath his cloak, he sees her in an array of lingerie available from the advertised manufacturer and he's taken aback by the brazenness of it all.

19 Nov 2012
Yoda tries to persuade a geeky young man that he should be patient when the latter rushes into his flat giddy with excitement about his new phone. This looks like the kind of fellow who'd drop his phone and faint like a Victorian damsel if an animatronic character from Star Wars so much as winked at him.

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