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    • Anonymous Content sign Elena Petitti di RoretoDirector Elena Petitti di Roreto is the latest to join Anonymous Content for commercial and music video representation in the UK.
    • This is AmericaThe start of a new school year is a stressful time for kids all over the world - none more so than those who know their daily environment isn't safe.
    • Change of SceneryThe world takes on a fantastically elastic quality in this whimsical commercial for Lego.
    • Caring ConnectionThis poignant outing for Vodafone's New Zealand arm explores just one way 5G can make the world a better place.
    • What do people know?Nike's latest addition to their 'Dream Crazier' strand focuses on tennis players Caroline Garcia, Simona Halep, Madison Keys, and Elina Svitlona.
    • Feel Films add Coral Amy Brown.Bolton-born director and photographer Coral Amy Brown says she is "super excited" to be joining Feel Films.
    • Santi & Pablo join 76 Ltd.76 Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of directors Santi & Pablo for commercial representation.
    • Keeping the Lights OnThe nurses who keep the NHS running take centre stage in the health service's latest recruitment drive.
    • Picture Perfect MemoriesInstax campaign to re-establish photos as something to be given, not just taken.
    • Burning issues at workWhile Gaviscon proper has thankfully abandoned the dreaded twins and their ailing guts for a more entertaining route, its new brand Guardium has also emerged boldly into the spotlight.
    • Messy business.To say it's tough out there may be the understatement of the year, but it's also the tagline of Apple's latest commercial.
    • Michel & Nico arrive at BlinkBlink have signed sibling director duo Michel & Nico to their roster for commercial representation.
    • Tyrrells go largeHaving won a trio of KP Snacks accounts back in May, St Luke's is now unveiling their first work for one of those brands - the premium crisps Tyrrells.
    • Players Gonna PlayIt's a hard sell to posit online gambling as a wholesome bonding activity, but William Hill might have just about managed it.


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18 September 2019

The tangible quality of photographs has waned in recent years - as was always inevitable with the march of time and technology. From disposable cameras taking days or hours to develop to smartphones instantly capturing and storing images on the cloud, memories have become almost entirely digital. That's something Instax intend to change, by campaigning to re-establish photos as something to be given, not just taken.

It's significant that, despite trading in a retro medium, this commercial doesn't rely on nostalgia. Director Sara Dunlop has done an excellent job of keeping things feeling youthful - artistic and forward-looking in both the film's content and composition. It suggests keeping physical photographs as almost a rebellious act - tangible memories for the generation who reject acquiring things the same way their parents craved it.

"A Knight's Tale"
17 September 2019

While Gaviscon proper has thankfully abandoned the dreaded twins and their ailing guts for a more entertaining route, its new brand Guardium has also emerged boldly into the spotlight.

The debut ad is set in an office, where a savvy woman - seeing her colleague wincing with the pain of heartburn - advises him sotto voce to try the product in question.

Lo and behold, a dark knight radiating a blue glow through his visor appears silently beside her. He's her, um, guardium, it would seem; and he protects her round the clock - whether she's running, sunbathing, or sleeping.

Colin the colleague decides he wants her guard for himself... but eventually has to climb down off his high horse and accept he'll have to get his own.

Apple iPhone
"It's Tough Out There"
19 September 2019

To say it's tough out there may be the understatement of the year, but it's also the tagline of Apple's latest commercial. The tech giant aim to show they mean business in an increasingly crowded smartphone market, and that requires one sturdy piece of kit: the iPhone 11 Pro.

Said device is put through the wringer here, as it faces an onslaught of toys, vegetables, and everyday accoutrements in a wind tunnel. Suffice it to say, we don't envy those tasked with cleaning up afterwards.

What makes the ad really pop, however, is the tactile sound design and surprisingly ominous soundtrack. As Soondclub's 'Dvolution' ratchets up the, erm, tension, each thump, squelch, and clank lands with satisfying force... and convincingly suggests Apple's latest is made of the right stuff.

Michel & Nico arrive at Blink

Blink have signed sibling director duo Michel & Nico to their roster for commercial representation.

Originally from the South of France, the brothers are known for their love of rugby - a passion which acted as a gateway drug to lead them down the path of filmmaking. As such, it's no surprise that sport has remained one of their specialties throughout their career.


"Tyrrellbly Tasty"
16 September 2019

Having won a trio of KP Snacks accounts back in May, St Luke's is now unveiling their first work for one of those brands - the premium crisps Tyrrells. The ad uses real Pathé News footage to create a retro-world where, in cut-glass vowels, a voiceover comments on the folk at Tyrrell Farm as they harvest and prepare potatoes to be fried, bagged and sold.

But these aren't just any old spuds. These are whoppers half the size of a man; and the chillies which flavour them are also terrifyingly large. The only accent of colour in the ad, these humongous edibles arrest our attention pretty effectively while a little tea dance music plays throughout.

It's a charming balance between absurdity and the suggestion of good old fashioned quality. And what really swings it for us is the perfect delivery of that last line with its slight hesitation and emphasis on "...terribly, terribly tasty."


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BBC Radio 2
"Elvis's Band"
21 Sep 2006
Brilliantly concocted ad uses archive footage to show Elvis Presley introducing member s of his band. But the real band have been replaced by a mix of contemporary and classic artists such as The Sugarbabes, Noel Gallagher, Stevie Wonder, Keith Moon and Marvin Gaye.

"Trail Of Destruction"
21 Sep 2009
Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson is too good for the opposition in this impressive US ad for Nike. The American footballer dodges every tackle using speed, agility and brute force to score a succession of touchdowns leaving the other team completely demoralised.

British Airways
21 Sep 2011
This striking new ad for British Airways takes a look back at the pioneers of flight in order to emphasise the airline's heritage. It's slickly constructed but has the feel of a piece of communication that's been made for shareholders rather than punters.

Google Nexus
"Public Speaking"
21 Sep 2013
A boy is anxious about a talk he has to give in class, and turns to his Google Nexus for guidance. It's a touching ad - although the ending's a tad twee - and it's a lovely way to demonstrate the usefulness of the device. Plus they've done well to avoid making him seem like a precocious, smarmy brat.

First Direct
"Little Frill"
21 Sep 2014
First Direct has already proved that you don't have to sound earnest and servile as a bank if you have a sterling reputation for customer service. So, building on its 'unexpected' theme, it's moved on from Barry the platypus (much loved by the public) to a frilled lizard with a penchant for pizza and a tiny tarsier DJ as a flat mate.

Thomson Holidays
"Discover Your Smile"
21 Sep 2014
A much-loved but put-upon teddy steals the show in this latest spot from the travel agency. Patiently enduring the indignities his life entails, his wistful one-eyed gaze gradually becomes a smile of profound contentment when his little human takes him on holiday and he discovers there's more to life than being hung out to dry on a clothes line.

"How 20 Years Have Flown"
21 Sep 2015
This lovely spot for EasyJet takes us to life's funfair and shows us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In other words, each generation experiences broadly the same cycle of meeting The One, settling down, having children, drifting apart, only to rediscover each other when the fledglings have flown the nest.

"The Chase"
21 Sep 2015
Daniel Craig plays second fiddle to a young woman on a pair of waterskis in W+K Amsterdam's Heineken swansong, and it's a fantastic way to bow out. Craig makes good his escape from a gang of villains in a Mediterranean fishing village by jumping into a motor boat but doesn't realise it was being prepared for a jaunty bit of water sports.

"The Faith of a Few"
1 min 43s
21 Sep 2017
This fantastic vintage film for Mini by Daniel Wolfe feels as timeless as it is compelling. We watch John Cooper oversee the building of the first racing Mini, even as he's told it will never work. This becomes a mantra, a soundbite repeated along with others which build up into a cacophony of doubt... all accompanying footage of the car proving the haters wrong.

"Bath Time"
21 Sep 2018
This cuddlesome stop-motion ad for boiler outfit Hometree claims "a warm home is too important for a broken boiler to get in the way"… and that mantra covers field mice dwellings as well, apparently. Thus, Snap London and director Jack Cunningham depict a rodent mum and dad treating their mini-mouse to a bath. From nuzzling snouts to excited splashes, it's about as cute as you would expect.

Quaker Oats
"Uncle Guber"
21 Sep 2006
Windy Miller is being visited by his Uncle Guber from Norway. Being from Scandinavia, naturally he's a nudist and objects are strategically moved around so that we never get a view of his nether regions. He's certainly red in the face after a bowl of the hot cereal lands in his lap.

Fifa 09
"Manchester United Vs Real Madrid"
4 mins
21 Sep 2008
An epic commercial to launch the latest version of the popular video football game pits Manchester United against Real Madrid. The fans of both teams ready themselves for a monumental struggle with Wayne Rooney standing among the console players as the video game is played out on a big screen.

"Hammond's Search"
21 Sep 2009
Richard Hammond, looking like Suzi Quatro after a sex change operation, pushes his trolley to extreme locations in his search for decent meat. You have to wonder why he doesn't drive to the supermarket... he does know how to drive, doesn't he?

Apple iPod
21 Sep 2009
To illustrate the news that the latest versions of the iPod Nano can capture video, a succession of people are shown singing and dancing as the device captures their efforts. Apple's ads for the iPod are so much more fun than their ads for the iPhone.

"MPs, Planes And Gravy Trains"
21 Sep 2009
Stock footage has been cleverly used to make a spoof ad which advertises a Dispatches programme which will examine the profligacy of our representatives at Westminster.

LG Refrigerators
"Something Better"
21 Sep 2009
This impressive American ad asks a series of questions about the LG Refrigerator it advertises. Mind you, the answer to the last question is fairly obvious: "so, is it a refrigerator or something better?" It'll be the first one.

Peugeot 207
"Oh To Be Young"
21 Sep 2009
Older cars which are being scrapped are provoked into song by the sight of the advertised car as it passes by in this charming French ad. It's a bit odd that all the singing cars are old American models rather than ageing European models though.

21 Sep 2010
Pocketful Of Rainbows by Elvis Presley provides the musical backdrop for this charming lottery ad out of Ireland. Water is fired into the air to create rainbows which enchant and enthral as people make their way about the city.

"Washing Machine"
21 Sep 2010
This ad for the consumer affairs magazine wants to let us know about the extent of their commitment and it does this by revealing that they use dirty dogs to test the effectiveness of products that promise to remove pet odours. And to illustrate the point, we're shown a dog getting very dirty indeed.

"Digital Camera"
21 Sep 2010
Another commercial demonstrating the extent of the consumer affairs magazine's commitment. In this ad, a man tumbles down some steps in an historic city and falls into a river to illustrate the way digital cameras are tested for their robustness by Which?

Unreported World
21 Sep 2010
This kind of programming is Channel 4 at its best and this excellent trail manages to convey the drama of the stories it reports without appearing overly prurient. Made of short excerpts and snippets of interviews with the programme's presenters, this piece offers a dynamic series of reasons for tuning in.

"Vacuum Cleaners"
21 Sep 2010
Another in this charming series which draws attention to a recruitment web site by making it appear as though inanimate objects have improved their lives by using it to acquire a new job. In this execution, a vacuum cleaner explains to his pal that he's managed to get a job as a chef... and the whole proposition is only improved by the silliness of it all.

Sony Bravia
21 Sep 2011
Cricket is made to look extremely sexy in this Indian ad for the Sony Bravia. Slow motion and high definition cameras are combined to make some relatively simple manoeuvres look like so much more.

International Alert
"Peace Talks"
21 Sep 2011
This impressive looking piece uses a visual metaphor to demonstrate the power of words. A stream of bullets emanating from one man's mouth are deflected and neutralised by a stream of words pouring from another's. David Morrissey's grave tones underline the message.

"Life is Delicious"
21 Sep 2013
The soft cheese spread gets an excellent upmarket makeover in this 60" spot. A far cry from the clunky attempts at humour and family recipes seen in times past, this has it as a delicious ingredient in a beachside picnic. Music by Sigur Rós member Jónsi adds to the classiness.

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