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14 Aug 2020
Little Mix have partnered with Simple to encourage fans to take it easy on both their skin and the planet. Focusing on the brand's bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly range of products, the 20" commercial also promotes anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label. Given Jesy Nelson's experience in this field, it's an apt inclusion.

14 Aug 2020
Meeting a partner's parents can be awkward at the best of times... especially when they lack a social filter. Heinz use a mother who can't get over her daughter's boyfriend's ethereal beauty to highlight their latest range of spritz-able salad dressings, encouraging viewers to keep their inner monologue similarly restrained.

"Say It Again"
3 mins 37s
14 Aug 2020
This timely effort from singer-songwriter Griff urges listeners to help a mate in their hour of need. The track offers a melodic shoulder to cry on, as Griff tells her friend, "You don't tell me how you feel when you're sober, baby". The Watford-born artist admits she is "no saviour", but she knows the importance of speaking out

"Our Best Offer Ever"
13 Aug 2020
A brief glimpse of anthromorphic scenery isn't enough to maintain interest in this 20" Mazda commercial. We'd like to have seen more pleasing cases of pareidolia (like these, for example), but visually the rest of the ad settles for less. Ideally, the Japanese marque's "best offer ever" would have a little more oomph.

"Machu Picchu"
13 Aug 2020
London-based roastery Cafédirect target ethical coffee drinkers with this 30" commercial set almost six thousand feet above sea level. The execution is straightforward enough, but fetching shots of the Peruvian Andes and cheery coffee growers sell the brand's ethos well. Still, scant consolation for this year's cancelled trip to Machu Picchu.

The Rolling Stones
3 mins 48s
13 Aug 2020
Normal People's Paul Mescal cavorts around Claridge's hotel in this sozzled Rolling Stones promo. The Irish actor is seemingly given free rein of the building, accompanied by the latest offcut from the band's 1973 'Goats Head Soup' album. We guarantee hotel managers from the Stones' heydey have seen, heard, and smelt worse than this.

"Strangers in the Night"
13 Aug 2020
What could possibly rouse a working adult from their hard-earned slumber in the middle of the night? A crying child? A salacious affair to conduct? The siren song of the refrigerator? According to this dreamy commercial for Audi Australia, it's the lure of their Q Range motors. Co-directors Nick Kelly and Noah Marshall allow the action to unspool nicely here.

"The Explainer"
13 Aug 2020
Keen to maintain board games' lockdown sales momentum, Alias (Finland's answer to Taboo) present this quirky film shot by Pete Riski after restrictions in Helsinki were eased. Consequently, the ad contains explicit footage of, erm, social undistancing. It's all down to a bloke who draws anyone within earshot into a vigorous guessing game.

Kylie Minogue
"Say Something"
3 mins 32s
13 Aug 2020
Kylie Minogue transforms into an intergalactic angel in this sparkling promo for latest single 'Say Something'. Director Sophie Muller keeps things pleasantly low-fi here, showing a canny understanding of Kylie's audience as she draws influence from the likes of Soft Cell's iconic 'Tainted Love' video.

Nothing But Thieves
"Real Love Song"
3 mins 43s
10 Aug 2020
Nothing But Thieves' latest track 'Real Love Song' receives a dynamic part live-action, part animated promo courtesy of director Basak Erol. Combining eye-catching animation and often unsettling visual effects, Erol's film takes a surreal look at how modern romantic relationships are affected by social media.

McGuigan Wines
"No Dramas"
12 Aug 2020
Australian plonk makers McGuigan ease the tension with these Drama channel sponsorship bumpers directed by Laurence Dunmore. Having flicked through the Big Book of TV Drama Cliches with relish, the brand tee up a series of whodunits, neo-noir thrillers, and sordid affairs before a shift to more hospitable surroundings.

"Prisoner to PhD"
4 mins
10 Aug 2020
While many have taken to earning new skills during lockdown, doing so in the comfort of one's own home is markedly different to attempting the same behind bars. This intriguing film from Mat Hale paints an inspiring portrait of Stephen Akpabio-Klementowski - a former drug dealer, inmate, and current PhD candidate.

Short Films
5 mins 10s
10 Aug 2020
This arresting take on Neil Hilborn's poem 'OCD' offers an intense look at how mental illness can impact relationships. Directed by Jesse Lewis-Reece, the film dials down the intensity of Hilborn's viral performance and creates a quieter atmosphere, a more intimate representation of the day to day struggle against behaviours which simply will not ever go away.

Short Films
"On Lockdown"
1 min 41s
11 Aug 2020
Calum Macdiarmid’s atmospheric short film uses brooding animation to convey the monotony of lockdown. As Macdiarmid flits between scenes of picturesque inertia, poet Todd Boss’s dour VO contemplates how lockdown has warped our concept of time and sharpened our awareness of inequalities across the globe.

Lola Young
2 mins 54s
11 Aug 2020
This promo for Lola Young's 'Woman' kicks off with a warning: "What you're about to see is women in all their glory and all their pain; unapologetic in their self-love and unashamed in this moment of vanity". It's a bold statement of intent, with the up-and-coming singer and director Olivia Rose delivering on the promise.

"Rain or Shine"
6 Aug 2020
Strongbow's vision of the summer may seem alien to us right now - crowded trains, maskless hang-outs, and live music performances feel like things of the past - but it's a worthwhile reminder of what we're fighting to preserve. Henry Mason's film includes a, er, romantic view of a British back garden barbecue, at least - downpour and all.

"Spring/Summer 2020"
9 Aug 2020
This clunky ad for Freemans attempts to establish a visually stimulating colour palette, but doesn't quite hit the mark. An entirely pink kitchen looks like a vat of Tubby Custard has exploded all over it, while the lead model goes overboard with her joyful reactions to various outfits and accoutrements. Close, but no cigar.

Karen Millen
"Pre-Fall 2020"
9 Aug 2020
This ad for Boohoo sub-brand Karen Millen reminds viewers that, for better or worse, lockdown is no excuse for a tired wardrobe. Scored by Tulsa-based rock band Lone Wild, the commercial shows how one can mosey through a nearby mansion and seductively answer a telephone in style. Not that the brand's eponymous founder would approve.

Short Films
"A Letter to Hope"
3 mins 28s
10 Aug 2020
Writer and director Souvid Datta gathers five voices in search of hope as the coronavirus pandemic continues. What begins as a plea to "the ghost we are destined to chase" morphs into a well-curated look at how new life emerges from the gloom. The soundtrack threatens to overwhelm Datta's heartfelt script at points, but the message still lands.

Ruby Black
"Lady Death"
3 mins 30s
10 Aug 2020
This Ruby Black promo offers an extra-bloody twist on the femme fatale trope. While 'soul-grime' artist Black lures an aging biker to his doom, a J-horror assassin - all warpaint and disturbing physical contortions - hunts for her target upstairs. However, only Black seems to be in control of her macabre surroundings.

Coca Cola
"Open Like Never Before"
2 mins 11s
10 Aug 2020
George the Poet is in fine voice in this uplifting ad for Coca-Cola, which takes a lyrical look at lockdown. While the government desperately try to persuade everyone that 'getting back to normal' is more important than caution as the pandemic drags on, George questions if we shouldn't be aiming for something better than 'normal'.

"This Is It"
10 Aug 2020
This charming outing for Rightmove bids to make even the most trepidatious house hunter feel excited about their future home. Helmed by directing duo DARYL, the film takes a whistle-stop tour of life events both big and small - from gardening and decorating to starting a family. Those quarantine babies will need space to grow, after all.

"Tell Us Never"
8 Aug 2020
Nike have a strong track record when it comes to tuning into local sensibilities, and they've done it beautifully in this smashing film celebrating Liverpool's counterculture instincts. This is the city that refuses to buy The Sun newspaper because of the lies that were printed after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. This is the city that forced Tommy Robinson's fascists to retreat to the railway station while ridiculing them with the Benny Hill theme music.

Short Films
"Distant Future"
5 mins 34s
7 Aug 2020
There have been many reflections on lockdown since restrictions began to ease, but this offering from director Charlie Watts has more bite than most. The poignant film presents people's candid thoughts about how the past few months have been for them, and doesn't fall back on pulling together or summoning a 'Blitz spirit'. Things have been shit, and it's alright to acknowledge that.

Sky Nature
7 Aug 2020
Sky’s love of butterflies is well-documented, with previous ads for sports and arts channels each starring the colourful insects. The launch of Sky Nature offers another chance to raid the lepidopterarium, and the results are captivating. Made by Sky Creative and Time Based Arts, these two idents feature a butterfly and a lizard respectively.

Latest Work
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