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"Throw Me A Line"
6 mins 19s
12 Jan 2021
The wonderfully-named Bram F J van Alphen directs this emotional promo for Dutch group HAEVN. As a woman becomes increasingly tempted by a fellow musician, her family life suffers in turn. Before long, home becomes constricting and fleeting displays of affection are replaced by despairing arguments.

"First Steps"
3 mins 07s
12 Jan 2021
You know how Matt Berry says the word 'epic'? Well, this magnificent commercial for Facebook's Oculus is very much 'epic' in that sense. Director Ian Pons Jewell has become a director whom agencies turn to when epic is the name of the game, and, on this project, he's delivered in spades once again.

New York Knicks
"The New New York"
14 Jan 2021
New York has always been known for its unique attitude and irascible population, and despite the best efforts of the coronavirus this dynamic film shows there's fight in the ol' girl yet. Two-time NBA champions the Knicks celebrate the city's unquenchable character in stark black and white, as residents assure us that the New York spirit is in no way diminished by circumstance.

14 Jan 2021
Who'd be an Olympic sponsor during a pandemic, eh? Despite ongoing uncertainty about the delayed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Toyota aim to keep athletes in the public consciousness. This steely commercial profiles Ricardo Alves aka Ricardinho - a blind footballer and serial winner who wants to defend his country's Paralympic title.

Alexander McQueen
"First Light"
5 mins
12 Jan 2021
The River Thames provides a backdrop to a timeline-twisting tale in this film for Alexander McQueen's SS21 collection. Director Jonathan Glazer ensures each shot is beautifully stark as models in clothes of disparate historical periods converge on the shore. A droning soundtrack only adds to the piece's alienating strangeness, drawing in and repelling the viewer by turns.

"Runaway Bride"
13 Jan 2021
AutoTrader declare themselves "Britain's biggest matchmaker" in this wedding-themed commercial. No, the brand haven’t moved into online dating or confectionary - they’re just confident about users finding their ideal new or used car. The website even helps an expressive bride turn the not-so happiest day of her life around.

Football Beyond Borders
"Black &6Teen"
4 mins 31s
12 Jan 2021
This stirring piece of work offers a valuable insight into growing up Black in modern Britain. Built around a poem written by a 16 year old girl called Abi who grew up in Thornton Heath, it contains truths which demonstrate how far this country still has to go before it can claim to offer equal opportunities to each of its young people.

13 Jan 2021
Veganuary enthusiasts will appreciate this tasty ode to paneer courtesy of Apetina and director Yann Secouet. Whether bulking up tacos, salads, or curries, the versatile Indian cheese is presented well via dynamic food photography in this 15" spot. Turophiles will hope such enthusiasm persists after the plant-based January push ends.

Lana Del Rey
"Chemtrails Over the Country Club"
5 mins 40s
13 Jan 2021
Lana Del Rey's perfectly polished portrait of Americana feels strange to watch in the current climate - like looking through a hazy portal at an old film that never was. Yet that cognitive disconnect works perfectly for the singer's tarnished-gleam aesthetic, particularly in this promo for 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club'.

California Tobacco Control Program
"Tell Your Story"
1 min 35s
12 Jan 2021
Smoking cessation is often framed as a matter of pure willpower - an approach which can discourage those who 'fail' the test of personal strength when it comes to quitting for good. This delicately animated series for the California Tobacco Control Programme, however, takes a more diverse approach and reaches out to smokers with different stories to tell.

Vauxhall Corsa
"Plan Corsa"
12 Jan 2021
In most circumstances, people would rather avoid Plan C - the law of diminishing returns and all that. However, Vauxhall reckon Plan C (aka a new Corsa) is the first and only option, claiming that it "writes new rules" and, erm, "puts you in the driver's seat". You would certainly hope to end up there after spending a few grand.

"Drive Them Crazy"
1 min 39s
12 Jan 2021
This hyper-caffeinated Puma commercial riffs on Neymar's reputation as the ultimate wind-up merchant. Co-directed by Frenchmen Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, the film sees the Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain striker execute Plan Z: an assortment of tricks designed to turn defenders' heads à la 'The Exorcist'.

Short Films
"Be A Man"
2 mins 31s
12 Jan 2021
As the past four years of hyper-masculine cult activity and its violent culmination at America's Capitol Building have shown, the last thing society needs is another generation of men forced to take up the mantle of 'traditional masculinity' and all its flaws. This intriguing film from Gillian Zinser interrogates that notion further, as it focuses on Cuban ballet dancer Andy Sousa and his story.

12 Jan 2021
"Life is better with bubbles", says this likeable 30" commercial for Radox. At a time when frazzled viewers are tempted to finally become one with their baths, the brand remind us how a good soak can provide cheap, realiable escapism when many other avenues are closed. Naturally, Radox believe they can help enhance proceedings.

Ford Puma
"Space Reinvented"
10 Jan 2021
This handsomely shot commercial offers a worthy addition to the list of post-pandemic holiday destinations. Copenhagen’s CopenHill power plant-cum-ski slope is an impressive setting, complemented by freezing fog and some nifty downhill camerawork. When it's time to go home, the advertised Puma's boot space proves invaluable.

12 Jan 2021
Anyone who's received passive-aggressive emails from green owl Duo for missing a lesson will question whether language app Duolingo really 'makes it fun' to learn. This bright and cheerful animated ad makes a decent enough case though, as characters overcome their struggles with brain freeze, frustration, or finding time to study in a hectic world.

Army Recruitment
"Fail. Learn. Win."
7 Jan 2021
You would think that failure would be frowned upon by the British Army, but this 30" recruitment film actively endorses it. Set deep in the forest during a training exercise, the ad depicts a female recruit who falters mid-run. In a twist that would make R. Lee Ermey’s drill instructor balk, the narrator claims failure is the first step towards victory.

10 Jan 2021
Pet owners trapped at home with their furry companions during yet another lockdown may feel like they've slipped into a particularly invasive horror film, but this entertaining ad for Waggel puts a cinematic spin on things. The chilling tale follows the exploits of an innocent pooch, whose attempts to shower are interrupted by a feline interloper.

Cadbury Crème Eggs
"Golden Goobilee!"
10 Jan 2021
This Cadbury Creme Egg ad is the latest commercial to have its YouTube comments disabled to stop online abuse. The catalyst is a gay couple sharing a kiss with the advertised product, which is too much for some viewers to, ahem, swallow. It feels like McCain and Hallmark Channel all over again, but one shouldn't be too despondent.

"Virtual Bank"
11 Jan 2021
Few are likely to be missing the in-branch bank experience during lockdown, but the ever-affable bank of Antandec is happy to cater to those few weirdos who crave such a thing. Rather than risk anyone's health, the entrepreneurial pair turn to VR technology in order to create a face-to-face atmosphere that meets social distancing guidelines.

"Reno 5"
8 Jan 2021
Chinese phone-maker Oppo double their pleasure in this kinetic 60" commercial. Shot by director David Edwards, the ad offers a modish twist on the split-screen formula, with Anna and Sofia Kuprienko aka Bloom Twins each inhabiting their own aesthetically pleasing realm. However, the small print tells viewers to, erm, "refer to the real product for actual functionality".

"Smart Shopper"
10 Jan 2021
Unshakeable ‘superfan' Sunny returns with another instalment of Asda's Covid-19 campaign, and he’s eager to teach son Milo how to shop smartly. The ad features some of the socially distant retail foibles we've become painfully familiar with over the past year, including a back-and-forth aisle dance as an elderly woman chooses her Veganuary staples.

"Better Health"
8 Jan 2021
The NHS implore Brits to eat better, exercise more, and stop smoking in this upbeat ode to incremental health improvements. Blondie's 'One Way or Another' adds a jolt of energy to the inclusive montage, which looks at the sunny side of getting one's body in tip-top condition. The side effect of lessening strain on an overwhelmed health service isn't mentioned... but it can't hurt.

RuPaul's Drag Race
"Series Two"
8 Jan 2021
Another crop of British queens gears up for the next season of Drag Race UK in this glitzy promo. Whether riding bagpipes like a bucking bronco or serving looks 'Paris is Burning' style, the quirky cast each put their stamp on the 60" spot - pet goats, teacup costumes, and all. Fans will be eager to see which performer follows in first-ever champion The Vivienne's footsteps this year.

"Whatever It Takes"
2 mins 20s
9 Jan 2021
You could hardly hope to see anything more impactful than this extraordinary film for Macmillan. It takes your breath away with its spellbinding honesty – given its frankness about the reality of being stricken with cancer, it has no right to be as uplifting as it is. Everyone involved deserves the maximum credit for combining their talents and commitment to create a film which does not pull any punches in its depiction of cancer's seriousness.

Latest Work
(1-25 of 25)

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