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Film Klaxon: The Happiest Man In The World.

The Douglas Brothers have reunited to create a wonderful documentary about Brazilian football wizard Ronaldinho. One of the best aspects of the golden era of television that we're enjoying is the new-found appreciation of documentaries, which has - in turn - led to the commissioning of projects that once wouldn't have seen the light of day.

This film about Ronaldinho is a case in point. He was a memorable footballer who always played with a smile on his face, but how likely is it that his life would provide any interest to those who are immune to the charms of the sport he played?

The answer, as it turns out, is that it's very likely indeed that just about anyone would find this story fascinating.

Ronaldinho's happy-go-lucky persona is real, but it distracts from a life story marked by an early tragedy, and Andrew and Stuart Douglas gently uncover his story with great sensitivity.

The brothers do this so well, in fact, that you can't help suspecting that they could distil anyone's life into a gripping documentary. Their instinct for storytelling is perfectly attuned to the viewer's needs, and they confidently move back and forth through the chronology of their subject's life to illustrate how his childhood impacted his later life.

Regardless of your feelings about football, this film is well worth your time, and there's no need to work out which platform it's on... you can watch it for free at FIFA's website.