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Pulse Films swoop for Jessica Swale.

In 2018, Jessica Swale wrote and directed Leading Lady Parts, one of the best pieces of work inspired by the Time's Up movement. Once her debut feature Summerland arrived in 2020, Pulse Films knew she was one to watch.

That interest has turned to excitement as Swale joins for global representation amid a glut of television projects like Amazon Prime's Ten Percent and an adaptation of her breakthrough play Blue Stockings. Despite her packed schedule, Swale pauses long enough to praise her new home.

"I am delighted to be joining Davud Karbassioun and the team at Pulse Films," Swale says. "Their dynamic, original work really is catnip to a filmmaker, and I am thrilled to have the chance to collaborate together. I love the challenge of telling stories succinctly through a lens, often comically, always dramatically, and so I can't wait to begin."

Neither can Pulse Films president Karbassioun: "Simply put, Jess is one of the most exciting rising stars in visual storytelling right now. Her diverse tastes and interests and her ability to seamlessly transcend film, television, short-form, and theatre gives her a unique creative perspective. She is exactly the type of future-facing talent we look to champion at Pulse Films and we are proud to be in her corner."

To learn more about Jessica Swale, ring Jamie Walker on 020 7426 5700 or email