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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Mother 84.7%  
 2. Engine 84.2%  
 3. Droga5 83.5%  
 4. Wieden + Kennedy 83.4%  
 5. Lucky Generals 83.2%  
 6. Iris London 82.9%  
 7. MullenLowe 82.7%  
 8. Uncommon 82.2%  
 9. adam&eveDDB 81.4%  
 10. The&Partnership 80.9%  
 11. Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO 80.7%  
 12. VCCP 80.5%  
 13. Leo Burnett 80.0%  
 14. Saatchi & Saatchi 79.6%  
 15. BBC Creative 78.7%  
 16. Karmarama 77.7%  
 17. Havas London 77.5%  
 18. Bartle Bogle Hegarty 77.0%  
 19. Ogilvy UK 76.6%  

Five Star Work
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B & Q
"Later Means Never"
24 Sep 2021
B & Q take a stand against inertia in this compelling animated commercial. Directed by Sam Gainsborough, the film sees a dad paralysed by inaction who finally manages to shake off the accumulated dust of putting things off 'for later'. It's an inspiring sight for those who didn't embrace the home improvement trend during lockdown.

"Know Yourself"
23 Sep 2021
Breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel encourage boob-owners of all stripes to get to know themselves in this delicately shot commercial. Director Jess Kohl captures bodies of all shapes, sizes, and genders with a forensic eye for detail, ensuring that every wrinkle, roll, and fold is presented with loving care.

Toyota Tundra
"Born From Invincible"
23 Sep 2021
Toyota mark seventy years of trucking with this sturdy commercial from Saatchi & Saatchi and director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. Like a racing video game with all stages unlocked, the ad drives through snow storms, dust clouds, stampedes, and - in an emotional nod to current events - wildfires.

"One Crisis Has Caused Another "
2 mins
22 Sep 2021
The mental health crisis running rampant among healthcare workers is brought into the spotlight by this poignant film. Directing duo Novemba zero in on the toll taken on those treating victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing untold stories of post-traumatic turmoil out of the shadows throughout the film's two-minute runtime.

"The Damp Knight's Tale"
21 Sep 2021
Childhood imagination meets grown-up ingenuity in this intriguing commercial for Lego. The film presents a seemingly simple problem - how do you get a knight in full plate armour across a lake? - and then tinkers with solutions over the course of 85". From emergency swimming lessons to creative construction, an entire village of mismatched characters comes together to get the job done.

Compare The Market
"War Room"
20 Sep 2021
Sergei and Alexsandr gain a coterie of animated counterparts in this amusing effort from Compare the Market. A dastardly panda, mad scientist squirrel, and jewel-thief ostrich are among those featured in the new rogues gallery, as Alexsandr attempts to persuade them to use their financially fishy powers for good instead of evil. It's a tough sell, but the silk-robed meerkat is on the case.

"Internet Intervention"
16 Sep 2021
As the Bezos and Zuckerbergs of the world chop the internet into increasingly rigid portions which mine user information for all it's worth, it can feel like merely hopping online means signing your soul away to the devil of late-stage Capitalism. Avast antivirus and VPN providers intend to change that, promising viewers their privacy in this entertaining film.

17 Sep 2021
A game of keepie uppie at an office leaving do quickly turns feral in this amusing ad for Ladbrokes. The energy dials up to eleven from the first mad dive across a table to reach the red balloon - cake flying in the process - and things only get more intense from there. Poor Carol probably just wanted a quiet send-off.

Burt's Bees
"For Lips, With Love (Director's Cut)"
17 Sep 2021
Lip treatment brand Burt's Bees present this winsome commercial directed by Emilie Thalund. After so long hidden behind face masks, lips are ready for the limelight once more. Thus, Thalund crams as much kissing, blowing, breathing, and even spitting into 50" as possible...and it's a graceful effort from the Dane.

"Body Adapt"
16 Sep 2021
Comfort-forward underwear brand Sloggi aim to appeal to a Gen-Z audience with this body-positive commercial. Featuring boob-owners who dance, skate, create art, and more, the high-energy ad focuses on the versatility of the brand's heat-activated 'body adapt' bra.

New York Times
"It Takes a Journalist"
16 Sep 2021
The New York Times celebrates the grit, determination, and ingenuity of journalists in this engrossing film. From amusing camera mishaps in the field to the very real business of reporting on protests and environmental decay, Camille Summers-Valli's film is proof that it takes a certain type of person to relish documenting life from all angles.

Sky Broadband
"To Hear a Smile"
14 Sep 2021
With the issue of adult and particularly elderly isolation thrown into stark relief by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sky are attempting to give back with their latest phone scheme. The media giant is pledging to connect with thousands of potentially vulnerable people via its Befriending service, which offers a weekly phone call as a way to facilitate much-needed social contact.

"You In?"
12 Sep 2021
Supermodel and activist Gisele BŁndchen and her husband, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, are on a mission in this entertaining commercial for crypto exchange FTX. The high-profile duo are phoning around to find out who's interested in investing, and having presumably exhausted friends and family, they are contacting some of Tom's old adversaries.

13 Sep 2021
Mobile network giffgaff's latest animated outing rises to the challenge of creating an ad which fully embraces deaf and hard of hearing viewers. The brand use an animated incarnation of Aleks, who first approached them with the request for more inclusive communication, which addresses the audience via crisply rendered BSL. For those unable to interpret, there are text-like subtitles to translate.

10 Sep 2021
Casting a celebrity with a dedicated fanbase can often be a boon for a commercial campaign, and this strange outing for Burberry makes the most of Adam Driver's, er, forthright admirers. The Jonathan Glazer-directed piece sees the distinctive-looking actor race a horse across a beach, all but keeping pace with the animal until they both plunge into the depths.

"Trapped in the 90s"
9 Sep 2021
IKEA mark twenty-five years in the Spanish market with 'Trapped in the 90s' - an eight-part reality show that strips twenty-somethings of their mod cons. It may not breach the Geneva Convention, but, as this 40" trail shows, a house without recycling bins, cutlery trays, and linen bed covers may push some to breaking point.

8 Sep 2021
Toolstation return with another creature feature in this amusing instalment of their latest campaign. Once more directed by the formidable Guy Manwaring, the film shows an engineer from the advertised company arriving at a farm to fix an electrified fence. However, it quickly becomes apparent that it's no docile livestock animal they're trying to keep contained...

Sony PlayStation
"Play Has No Limits"
2 mins 30s
9 Sep 2021
This spectacular new film for Sony PlayStation centres around a game of chess being contested by two extravagant characters sitting in an ivory tower high above an apparently dystopian city. As they move their pieces around the board, live figures representing chess figurines fight it out in the urban landscape below.

"Have You Heard"
9 Sep 2021
Amazon try to get their audio streaming service on the public's radar with this pacy commercial. Director Owen Trevor explores the nature of storytelling throughout the 40" piece, which sees friends, colleagues, and partners relay their latest audiobook or podcast experience second-hand. As it's how many of us choose our media in an endless sea of choices, harnessing the power of personal recommendation is a canny move.

"Time Flies"
8 Sep 2021
For many, a silver lining of the pandemic has been a new appreciation of nature. Now there are more bird feeders, bird baths, and nest boxes than you can shake a tail feather at. Yet, as this fetching RSPB film shows, humans have also been a menace to avian society.

"Football Is Calling"
2 mins 27s
7 Sep 2021
There aren't many wordy commercials these days, prompting many of the industry's old lags to bemoan the death of copywriting. The main cause of this, it seems to us, is not a paucity of skill among the graduates emanating from Watford and the other institutions supplying the ad industry with young talent, but the determination to create commercials which can be used in multiple territories.

"No Time To Die"
7 Sep 2021
With the eagerly anticipated James Bond film 'No Time to Die' about to hit the silver screen after being delayed by the pandemic, DAVID can't help feeling that DHL have missed a trick. Surely they could have riffed on the idea of a late delivery, With DHL finally bringing the long-awaited movie to cinemas around the world.

Cadbury Chocolate Fingers
"Fingers Big and Small"
6 Sep 2021
Cadbury target both the heartstrings and sweet teeth whenever possible, like in June's excellent 'Bus' commercial. This ad for Cadbury Fingers is pacier and more nimble in comparison, but also includes some clever emotional beats for good measure. Shot by director Neil Gorringe and DP Jim Jolliffe, the close-up film celebrates busy hands and fingers.

3 Sep 2021
A takeaway owner gets the celebrity client of his dreams in this well-judged ad for Barclaycard. Restaurateur Wasel Ali expresses his pride in treating his guests to the 'Paradise experience' before what seems like a straightforward interview to camera morphs into a slow-motion sequence complete with spangly sitar soundtrack.

Fox's Glacier Mints
"Skimming a Stone"
2 Sep 2021
Stone skipping - or skimming, depending on your preference - is a dicey art at the best of times, and the bloke in this ad for Fox's mints fantasises about hitting the distance jackpot. Far outstripping the current world record of one-hundred-and-twenty-one metres, the droll film sees this particular stone go on a round-the-world tour... only to return to its point of origin in mere moments. That's some aim.

Five Star Work
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