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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Droga5 88.8%  
 2. Wieden + Kennedy 85.2%  
 3. Uncommon 84.6%  
 4. Engine 83.9%  
 5. And Rising 83.7%  
 6. BMB 83.4%  
 7. Mother 83.3%  
 8. adam&eveDDB 83.2%  
 9. WCRS 82.8%  
 10. 4 Creative 82.4%  
 11. The&Partnership 82.2%  
 12. JWT London 81.6%  
 13. Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO 81.3%  
 14. Karmarama 81.3%  
 15. Lucky Generals 81.2%  
 16. FCB Inferno 81.2%  
 17. Ogilvy UK 81.1%  
 18. BBC Creative 81.0%  
 19. Spark44 80.9%  
 20. St Luke's 80.9%  
 21. MullenLowe 80.2%  
 22. Bartle Bogle Hegarty 80.2%  
 23. M & C Saatchi 80.0%  
 24. Iris London 79.6%  
 25. Havas London 79.4%  

Five Star Work
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15 Jul 2019
Rap star Cardi B debuts magical nail-growing abilities in this slick commercial for Reebok. Director Andreas Nilsson establishes a cordial atmosphere - friends chatting in a beauty salon about one's latest romantic conquest - before things take a turn for the surreal. Having spotted an unsightly untied shoelace, the rapper's perfectly manicured nails grow rapidly in order to correct the fashion faux pas.

Billie Razors
"Red, White and You Do You"
15 Jul 2019
Despite claiming to tackle the scourge of unwanted body hair, it's rare for a shaving commercial to actually feature the stuff. Hairless chins and chests are re-scraped over in men's ads, while marble-smooth legs and armpits are displayed in women's campaigns without ever showing a single follicle cut down to size. This commercial for Billie Razors intends to change that, upsetting the established order of things by showing women with actual, factual body hair.

Channel 4
"Those Who Go Beyond"
16 Jul 2019
Channel 4 harness the legacy of the Apollo 11 Moon landing to emphasise their own progressive mantra in this 60" commercial. Using John F. Kennedy's speech from 1962 as a, er, launch pad, the broadcaster suggest what can be learned from the mission fifty years on. As we've seen before, Channel 4 have a knack for creating a dialogue between past and present.

Honest Tea
"Small Decision, Big Impact"
16 Jul 2019
Honest Tea may be a wholly owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, but the herbal tea brand insist they are as wholesome as the day as long in this admittedly fetching commercial. Straddling the line between earnest and saccharine, directors and 'Isle of Dogs' alumni Mark Waring and Anna Mantzaris depict how one woman's choice of beverage affects not just her taste buds.

Libra Coin
"The Future of Currency"
16 Jul 2019
As various world economies do their absolute best to throw themselves directly into the shitter, cryptocurrency outfit Libra Coin say they have a solution: an accessible global economy which claims to cross borders to digitally overcome divisions. This is illustrated by a dynamic 90" film, directed by Alex Hulsey, which demonstrates the diverse range of people and experiences the currency intends to serve.

"Find Your Force"
16 Jul 2019
An effective back and forth between protagonist and narrator drives this energetic ad from the Royal Air Force. Directed by Adam Berg, the film follows a young potential recruit as she's shown the myriad options for RAF careers, from running a kitchen to defending satellites from unidentified threats in space. A suitably well-constructed outing from Berg and co.

Eve Sleep
"Cuddly Toy"
15 Jul 2019
Online mattress vendor Eve convey the benefits of a good night's sleep via Moloko's ‘Pure Pleasure Seeker' and a dancing toy sloth in this 30" commercial. Ostensibly keen to fill the gap left by Neal of Sofaworks fame, the brand introduce their own arboreal mascot with merchandising potential. Tactile and above all fun work from directors DOM&NIC.

Red Bull
"Tactical Training"
14 Jul 2019
As today's cricket World Cup final reached its astonishing denouement, the marketing team at Red Bull must have been praying for an England victory, regardless of their own nationality. They got it and, better still, the man of the match was Ben Stokes, the star of their latest commercial, which was scheduled to run on Sky Sports following the conclusion of the match.

"Don't Take Your Hair for Granted"
13 Jul 2019
House of Cards actor Michael Kelly may seem an odd choice to advertise a hairdressers, but bear with. The follically-challenged thespian wanders the city streets being affronted by the things the hirsute do with their hair. Director David Shane brings his distinctive brand of humour to the project, making it great fun to watch.

"Calm Before the Storm"
12 Jul 2019
There's a significant change of tack in the latest commercial for Camelot's Lotto, as we're given a glimpse of the company's inner workings. Michelle – a real life employee – explains that she has a very unusual job as we see her arriving for work. She's not wrong. She is one of the people discharged with the responsibility of handling the calls from hopeful holders of winning lottery tickets.

"Freddie vs Freddie"
4 mins 43s
12 Jul 2019
As any sports psychologist will tell you, a competitor's toughest opponent is often themselves. Keen to test this theory are England cricket sponsors NatWest, who pit 2005 Ashes hero Andrew Flintoff against - you guessed it - Andrew Flintoff. Thanks to a machine that "can recreate any ball that's been bowled in Test history", the ad puts Flintoff into bat against his younger, pedalo-jacking self.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
"Calling All Wizards"
3 mins
9 Jul 2019
This live-action trail for 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' boasts some high production values - and the odd Niffler - as dark forces converge on a housing block. To prevent Mugglegeddon, a teenage girl and her friends must use all their skill to thwart Death Eaters and Dementors alike... and pray their smartphone batteries last long enough, too.

"Beach x Bear"
10 Jul 2019
Duracell's latest innovation in battery design takes centre stage in this amusing commercial - and thankfully, there isn't a single pink bunny in sight. The brand have released a new range of batteries which can deliver extra power or last longer depending on what they're used for: something which could make a significant difference if one were, say, trying to block the path of an angry grizzly.

"We Are Animal"
9 Jul 2019
You know something's changed at Peperami when their famously expendable mascot comes face-to-face with some rotor blades and survives. No longer content with life as meat for the grinder, Animal declares himself "#Fearless" after leaping over a helicopter... and he's not the only one with a point to prove.

"Defying Logic"
9 Jul 2019
Japanese car maker Lexus defy the laws of physics - alongside a few other rules of nature - in this surreal 40" commercial. Directed by ManvsMachine, the film draws attention to the marque's self-charging hybrid via a slick presentation of paradoxes in many different forms. From umbrellas that provide their own rain to upside-down swings, each scenario is smartly designed for maximum visual impact.

"Never Stop Winning"
8 Jul 2019
As the USA team celebrated their unprecedented achievement of four successive World Cup final wins, the chants of "equal pay" chimed powerfully around the stadium. The case is unarguable. The women's national team has far outstripped its male equivalent, becoming a worldwide sensation into the bargain - and their financial reward should reflect that.

Dublin Bus
"Long Road to Pride"
2 mins 38s
4 Jul 2019
This touching film from Dublin Bus reminds us that celebrating identity isn't just for the young, as a group of older people get to experience Dublin Pride for the first time. Shot documentary-style by Ken Wardrop, the senior group candidly discuss their experiences of growing up before being proud of their sexuality or gender was an option.

New Zealand Transport Agency
4 Jul 2019
The New Zealand Transport Agency flips the script on distracted driving in this smartly constructed commercial. The film explores the myriad ways we're glued to our smartphones every day, and frames being behind the wheel as a chance to escape the inevitable digital noise. Smart work from director Jakob Marky.

Urban Decay
"Pretty Different"
3 Jul 2019
What better way to give your brand a boost (on these shores anyway) than to luckily feature Glastonbury 2019's breakout performers in your latest ad? That's the position Urban Decay find themselves in with this punchy ad starring rapper and body positive campaigner Lizzo. Spunky and energetic, the ad makes the most of its already photogenic cast.

"This Is Home"
1 min 50s
28 Jun 2019
This film was an Internet sensation when it was 'leaked' towards the end of June. Charismatic footballer-turned-pundit Ian Wright explains how both London and Arsenal - the club where he spent most of his career - have a tendency to adopt people and claim them as their own. The current crop of Arsenal stars prove they are game as they underline his point by speaking in the vernacular of those born in and around Highbury.

Apple AirPods
1 min 47s
28 Jun 2019
Apple's latest AirPods commercial highlights the product's wireless charging capability in an unusually acrobatic way. A man's day is brightened up with the addition of music - especially when he discovers his tunes give him reality-bending abilities. Up-and-comer Tessellated's 'I Learnt Some Jazz Today' accompanying the fluid black-and-white visuals.

"Against the Odds"
28 Jun 2019
This well crafted film rattles through some of the grassroots football schemes funded by the National Lottery. As England's women currently ensure another memorable summer for the beautiful game, director Ben Falk takes a closer look at those playing for more than fame or glory. A salient reminder that it's not the winning but the taking part that counts.

"The Bare Baby Necessities"
27 Jun 2019
A decade after they first made a splash in the advertising world with their rollerblading skills, Evian's dancing babies return with a modern twist. Directed by Vania & Muggia, the spot sees the uncanny valley sprogs get down to a hip-hop influenced rendition of 'The Bare Necessities' from Disney's 'The Jungle Book'.

"Look Down in Awe"
27 Jun 2019
It's safe to say Volkswagen went down in consumers' estimations after the 2015 emissions scandal. To promote the marque's 2019 Atreon model, this sly commercial invites viewers to once again look down on the brand... literally. As Love's 'Always See Your Face' plays in the background, we see motorists, pedestrians, and horses alike notice something off camera.

Short Films
26 Jun 2019
Director George Watson taps into the raw power of spoken word performance with this confronting short film. Poet and performer Ana Paz cuts a striking, eloquent figure, as she talks about the modern cages women find themselves trapped in through societal expectation. Paz's controlled anger makes for riveting viewing, and the urban setting adds another layer of intrigue to the piece.

Five Star Work
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