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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Uber Eats 91.3%  
 2. Short Films 88.7%  
 3. Uber 87.3%  
 4. O2 87.0%  
 5. KFC 87.0%  
 6. Paddy Power 86.6%  
 7. VW 84.7%  
 8. Burger King 84.5%  
 9. Nike 84.2%  
 10. Cadbury 84.0%  
 11. Asda 83.8%  
 12. Aldi 83.5%  
 13. Amazon 83.2%  
 14. John Lewis 82.8%  
 15. McDonald's 82.2%  
 16. Adidas 81.9%  
 17. Currys 80.2%  
 18. Marks & Spencer 79.7%  
 19. EE 79.4%  
 20. Tesco 75.5%  

Recent Promos
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The Avett Brothers
"Love Of A Girl"
3 mins 15s
18 Jul 2024
Stop motion extraordinaire Victor Haegelin has directed the latest promo for American folk rock band, The Avett Brothers. The miniature musicians unpack what they put themselves through, all for the ‘Love of a Girl’, before they are neatly packed away themselves. The song’s stream of consciousness lyrical style sets quite the pace, but the charming tabletop world unfolds around the Brothers with impressive ease.

Ebinum Brothers
"A Better World"
5 mins 15s
15 Jul 2024
Part-promo and part-horror film, this sensational piece of work by Benjamin Nicolas Is a perfect fit for an ethereal track by Ebinium Brothers. The choreography is beautifully executed, but, in the final analysis it's the sinister flying insects and their terrifying impact that will stay with you into the dead of night.

Orville Peck
"Death Valley High (ft. Beck)"
2 mins 40s
16 Jul 2024
You read that right—’Death Valley High’ is a song by Orville Peck and Beck. Would this tie-up have worked if Peck used his real name, Daniel Pitout? The track would still be a country-funk hoot, matched to a promo by Austin Peters that riffs on 'Casino' and 'Viva Las Vegas'. A cameo by Sharon Stone is the City of Sin-ful cherry on top.

Katy Perry
"Woman's World"
2 mins 56s
16 Jul 2024
It's been a rough few days for America. The attempted assassination of Donald Trump was bad enough, but our friends across the pond have also had 'Woman's World' by Katy Perry to deal with. Push people too far and they will break.

AJ Tracey
"Bubble Bath"
2 mins 18s
15 Jul 2024
'Bubble Bath', the new song by AJ Tracey, not only comes with a music video, but also a nail salon. On July 3rd, fans could get complimentary manicures at a Fitzrovia nail bar. Those who missed out on an appointment still have the promo directed by Late Milk to enjoy, as well as Tracey's pop-cultured lyrics ("Triple H pum pum Undertaker/Bring the wheel up, call me Charles Xavier").

3 mins 55s
12 Jul 2024
John McEnroe is a busy man. Not only does he commentate for the BBC and ESPN at Wimbledon, he also stars in the music video for 'Komorebi' by 86TVs. The former enfant terrible of tennis plays a psychiatrist who goes into self-destruct mode. Just like old times, eh? We hope McEnroe makes a guest appearance on tour.

Petit Biscuit
"Cruel Heart"
3 mins 04s
12 Jul 2024
French DJ and producer Petit Biscuit, or Mehdi Benjelloun to his nearest and dearest, gets a textbook Quentin Deronzier promo for 'Cruel Heart'. To say Deronzier flexes his muscles would be an understatement, as he uses all manner of visual pyrotechnics to keep viewers on their toes.

DJ Yoda x Brad Baloo x Edo G
"Stand Still"
2 mins 35s
11 Jul 2024
This enchanting promo by Luc Rëso Janin is a perfect match for the energy of the track from the combined talents of DJ Yoda, Brad Baloo and Edo G. To judge by the vibe of the film (and the credits which list an individual credited as runner/security), this was filmed guerrilla-style on the streets of Brixton, and this gives it a striking level of authenticity.

Ella Eyre
"Ain't No Love That Blind"
2 mins 39s
11 Jul 2024
This Ella Eyre promo looks like a racy reboot of 'Scrapheap Challenge'. Former hosts Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers are nowhere to be seen—instead, we have Eyre at her tigerish best. Now an independent artist, the singer of 'Ain't No Love That Blind' is free to dance on/crawl through as many beat-up motors as she likes.

Aanya Martin
"White Doves"
4 mins 45s
8 Jul 2024
Directing duo 3-SIX have created an ethereal promo for new wave jazz singer Aanya Martin’s debut single. It’s the fourth music video from McCann Creatives Connor Wynn and Jack Stoten’s foray into ‘the other side’, and one featuring Martin singing on stage to various versions of herself in a jazz bar.

2 mins 41s
9 Jul 2024
This promo for post-punk four-piece Crows raises an important question about park benches: what do you do if a stranger asks you to budge up? DAVID likes to think he would do the right thing and threaten to call the police, but knows he would shimmy along more often and not (and curse the interloper under his breath).

Oddworld x Souly
"wzf / maybach"
5 mins 06s
9 Jul 2024
The new track from Oddworld and Souly is a hard listen, like German rap on a frequency that radio operators dread. ‘WZF’ is a tough hang from start to finish, though the second half, 'Maybach', offers more to latch onto. Relief comes in the form of grotesk.group and Florian Christopher's promo, though it may not be suitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy.

Kat Penkin
4 mins 12s
8 Jul 2024
'15' by Kat Penkin goes back to when she was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Before that, though, she was seen as "just another silly girl on a diet". The Australian singer and songwriter is in a better place now, but her teenage self deserves to be acknowledged and understood.

"You & Me"
5 mins 01s
3 Jul 2024
An elderly couple living at odds with one another in a setting where even the colour palette is limited are strangely reconciled by the violence of a home invasion in this consistently intriguing promo. there isn't a great connection between the story and the song, but the on-screen action nonetheless ensures that the viewer stays with the track.

Sad Night Dynamite
3 mins 20s
3 Jul 2024
Josh Greacen of Sad Night Dynamite needs a sugar mama—someone to help fund his and Archie Blagden's adventures in hip-hop, dub, and psychedelia. He finds one in the nutty promo for 'Sugabby', but he may have bitten off more than he can chew with Mrs Dior.

2 mins 58s
2 Jul 2024
Perrie Edwards channels her inner Cher in the promo for 'Tears'. The solo holiday aesthetic of 'Forget About Us' is replaced with a nineteen-seventies-plus vibe, as director Quentin Jones crams as many sequins and flares in as possible. At the centre of it all is Edwards, who savours every costume change and every lie-down on the roof of a Cadillac.

Headie One
"The Last One"
6 mins 15s
1 Jul 2024
Part-promo and part-short film, this compelling piece of content is an introductory film to a forthcoming album by Headie One called 'the Last One'. In this film, directed by William Miller, the drill pioneer reflects on the time he has spent in prison, surprisingly crediting it as an important part of his musical journey.

Aanya Martin
"Lobster Telephone"
3 mins 47s
30 Jun 2024
Peggy Gou’s surrealist take on the siren song is here, and we’ve got just a little crus…tacean. Actually, it seems quite a powerful infatuation has washed over the promo’s wannabe beaus at the hands of director Alice Kunisue. Inspired by Dali’s eponymous sculpture, ‘Lobster Telephone’ has trance-inducing lyrics sung in the Berlin-based Korean artist’s mother tongue.

The Dare
2 mins 27s
1 Jul 2024
Harrison Patrick Smith (aka The Dare) writes lyrics that make you want to punch him in the face, but then you see his tongue's gone right through his cheek. It would be rude to deck a man who needs medical attention, so you just go along with 'Perfume' for the hell of it.

Bree Runway
"Just Like That"
2 mins 20s
28 Jun 2024
Bree Runway drops F-bomb after F-bomb in 'Just Like That' and hits almost every target. She even has a pop at artificial intelligence ("Bitch I look A1 don’t need no AI/Feel like Mr Vegas, ooo, my head high"). If only brands like Microsoft, Toys R Us, and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra were as confident as Runway.

3 mins 20s
27 Jun 2024
Belgian-Ivorian rapper ONHA is at the mercy of one of his listeners in the promo for 'Kodak' from MindsEye new boy Nitram. Every time a woman adds the song to a playlist with a particular theme, ONHA is thrust into parallel universes when all he wanted to do was his laundry.

"Darkest Lullaby"
3 mins 27s
26 Jun 2024
DAVID watched the music video for 'Vlad the Impaler' on repeat back in the day. He loved the grindhouse giallo take on Vlad III, directed by Ricardo Elfio (Richard Ayoade) and starring Roman Tarasov (Noel Fiedling) as the titular tyrant. Fifteen years later, Kasabian return to the rough-and-ready aesthetic for 'Darkest Lullaby'.

1 min 55s
26 Jun 2024
Abstract, experimental, dreamlike… but enough about DAVID's recent attempt at DIY, let's talk about this Trentemøller promo courtesy of Jonas Bang. His director's cut is much shorter than expected (the original clocks in at 5'23"), so fans in a rush can still enjoy those hazy tableau vivant visuals paired with Danish shoegaze.

James Blake
"Thrown Around"
5 mins 33s
26 Jun 2024
If you ever want to hear James Blake say, "I want to shag the algorithm," now's your chance. Blake went independent this year, so he asks sh&LUB (DAVID swears he got a press release from them once) to help kick-start his new era. They tell him to hit the streets and make #content—perhaps the least James Blake thing possible.

"Blue Moon"
4 mins 17s
25 Jun 2024
Has Ivana Bobic entered her blue period? This Niki promo suggests so. The track is called 'Blue Moon' after all, so director Bobic, cinematographer Scott Siracusano, and colourist Richard Fearon break out the cyan with gusto. The Indonesian singer must batten down the hatches as a storm threatens to, erm, teal her house apart.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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