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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Macmillan 86.4%  
 2. Under Armour 84.2%  
 3. Finish 84.1%  
 4. Short Films 82.3%  
 5. Currys PC World 81.8%  
 6. Road Safety 81.0%  
 7. John Lewis 80.7%  
 8. Honda 80.0%  
 9. Volvo 79.4%  
 10. BT Broadband 79.0%  
 11. H & M 78.3%  
 12. Samsung 78.1%  
 13. T K Maxx 77.8%  
 14. Nike 77.5%  
 15. IKEA 77.4%  
 16. Lloyds Bank 77.3%  
 17. O2 77.0%  
 18. Virgin Media 76.9%  
 19. giffgaff 76.7%  
 20. Laphroaig 76.6%  
 21. Maltesers 75.9%  
 22. Amazon Prime 75.6%  
 23. Laterooms.com 75.5%  
 24. VW 75.4%  
 25. Lotto 75.0%  

Recent Promos

Coldplay & The Chainsmokers
"Something Just Like This"
4 mins 28s
26 Jun 2017
Not every superhero origin story has to be a grim affair, as this collaboration between Coldplay and EDM outfit The Chainsmokers proves. A budding crimefighter discovers a kaleidoscope to another world - or a live performance of 'Something Just Like This', at least. Mat Whitecross's prismatic video explodes with colour, while animated flourishes bring the protagonist's illustrations to life.

Arcade Fire
"Creature Comfort"
4 mins 44s
26 Jun 2017
Arcade Fire fans may notice a few changes from the band’s recent ’Creature Comforts promo. Apparently, that was only the official version. Welcome to the official official release - straight from online marketing hell. Everything Now - the monolithic corporation introduced in the band’s comeback single - wrests creative control from director Tarik Mikou.

"Man of War"
4 mins 30s
23 Jun 2017
It’s always good to have a few spares nestled away. Radiohead continue plundering their ‘OK Computer’ sessions with the release of ‘Man of War’. One last album B-side is due soon - just don’t expect the band’s Glastonbury sound check to receive the promo treatment. For now, enjoy Colin Read’s day and night pursuit.

San Holo
3 mins 56s
23 Jun 2017
Trapped in perma-darkness, these nocturnal animals now itch for some rays. Well, some things are a worth a little sunburn. Gravity-defying feats and discordant cuts add to the promo's supernatural vibe. Meanwhile, Dutch DJ Holo - avoiding a Lucasfilm lawsuit by the skin of his teeth - delivers a serviceable dance anthem.

Stevie Parker
3 mins 57s
22 Jun 2017
Things turn white-hot in this Stevie Parker promo. Friend London’s Bison captures the Bristol singer via thermal camera. Rendered as a white spectre, Parker’s ghostly form contrasts with another figure - an infrared blur running at full-pelt. Bison’s heightened aesthetic marries well with Parker’s brooding tone.

Isaac Gracie
"All in My Mind"
4 mins 25s
20 Jun 2017
Analogue trumps digital as singer-songwriter Isaac Gracie's bittersweet track is given the 16mm treatment. Flitting between the past and the present, Bunny Kinney's evocative promo is awash with hazy compositions and film scratches. Meanwhile, Gracie's fetching paisley shirt only heightens the video's nostalgic atmosphere.

Chase & Status
"This Moment (ft. Blossoms)"
3 mins 35s
20 Jun 2017
This intriguing promo for Chase & Status's collaboration with Blossoms takes an intimate look at the life of a young family of Travellers. Director Joshua Osborne's slowed-down visuals lend the film a dreamy air, intensifying the sense that we're looking at a microcosm slightly outside of time. The sound may be a departure for Chase & Status, but it's an effective soundtrack to scenes of caravan living.

Selena Gomez
"Bad Liar"
3 mins 52s
16 Jun 2017
If you’ve ever wondered whether Selena Gomez could rock a moustache, you’re in luck. The songstress plays multiple roles in this sultry promo, including a self-conscious student, a lecherous faculty member, and a gym teacher channelling Farah Fawcett. Cheating husbands and forbidden crushes are a far cry from Gomez’s Disney days, but the singer is determined to change perceptions.

The Dreamer
"Bonka Time"
3 mins 20s
15 Jun 2017
While The Dreamer's "Bonka Time" is likely to drive listeners, well, bonkers, we fear resistance may be futile. Forget lyrical depth and enjoy Tim James Brown's geek odyssey instead. Mum may tuck the protagonist in each night, but once the lights go out, it's - you guessed it - "bonka time". With all the charisma of Will from 'The Inbetweeners', he embarks on an international rave... complete with PJs and cuddly goat.

Everything Everything
"Can't Do"
3 mins 35s
15 Jun 2017
This cryptic promo for Everything Everything's 'Can't Do' has a creepy vibe which is only heightened by its underground location. Dancers jerk their bodies convulsively, wearing masks of the band members' faces which serve to intensify the uncanny feel of the film.

The Weeknd
3 mins 29s
14 Jun 2017
The Weeknd is always watching, according to this eerie promo from Colonel Blimp’s Pedro Martín-Calero. Mr Weeknd a.k.a. Abel Tesfaye is a ghostly presence as he follows his paramour from floor to floor. We’ve seen Calero blend precise visuals with horror sensibilities before, and here he uses this MO to great effect.

"One More Night (Lemonade)"
3 mins 01s
13 Jun 2017
Lustful and guitar-driven, haze-poppers XY&O's summer anthem receives a carnal promo from director Alexander Darby. As frontman Skip Curtis lays bare his infatuation, the protagonist wipes away her outer layer to reveal an inked torso. Bold lighting and a compelling central performance make this an evocative libation.

3 mins 33s
13 Jun 2017
Folksy trio Meadowlark revisit the past in this sombre promo for 'Postcards'. Filmed by the band's own Daniel Broadley, anonymous fans 'converse' with lost friends, family, and lovers through written messages. Touching on everything from suicide to fleeting romances, these candid sentiments complement Kate McGill's soft vocals.

Little Mix
"Power (ft. Stormzy)"
4 mins 06s
13 Jun 2017
This colourful promo for Little Mix's latest single is all about girl power. Featuring a cameo from drag queen girl group AAA Girls and a positively joyful appearance from grime sensation Stormzy, the film offers a celebration of different kinds of female beauty and strength. Each member of the group is shown in her own scenario until they come together for a celebratory strut - great fun.

"Sleeping Powder"
3 mins 04s
9 Jun 2017
Those who found Gorillaz’s latest LP a touch gloomy will enjoy this ‘Humanz’ offcut. Viewers au fait with US anti-drug announcements will recognise the opening snippet. Something tells us 2D paid little heed to “just say no”. Sure enough, the animated band’s frontman embarks on a chemical odyssey.

Royal Blood
"I Only Lie When I Love You"
2 mins 52s
9 Jun 2017
Pascal Teixeira shoots a minimalist promo for Royal Blood's latest track, 'I Only Lie When I Love You'. Occupying a white void, men in black Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher need only concern themselves with the music. The monochrome aesthetic and topsy-turvy camerawork ensure our attention never wanders from the track's flirtatious treachery.

Liam Payne
"Strip That Down"
3 mins 41s
6 Jun 2017
Liam Payne gives us his sexy hip-hop side with 'Strip That Down' complete with slick promo by Emil Nava. There's a lot of smouldering eye contact, slantily-clad women, gold bomber jackets, and some additional bling courtesy of Migos rapper Quavo. By the way - does anyone else think Liam looks like a young Bob Mortimer?

"I Promise"
4 mins 02s
6 Jun 2017
2017 suddenly feels more like 1997 as Radiohead return to ‘OK Computer’. One of three deep cuts from the band’s seminal album, ‘I Promise’ receives a stirring promo courtesy of Pulse’s Michal Marczak. As this bus passenger watches the world go by, we realise how detached an observer he is.

Mr Jukes
"Grant Green (ft. Charles Bradley)"
3 mins 27s
2 Jun 2017
Strange Beast’s Anna Ginsburg and Parallel Teeth craft this trippy promo for Mr Jukes a.k.a. Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman. Guest vocalist Charles Bradley brings some vintage soul to the party - one which may require a lie-down afterwards. Try asking for a short back and sides in this psychedelic salon.

Arcade Fire
"Everything Now"
5 mins 51s
2 Jun 2017
It’s the end of the world as we know it, but Arcade Fire still manage to raise spirits with their latest track. An ABBA-inspired piano riff offsets the Canadian band’s wistful worldview - one vividly conveyed by The Sacred Egg. In a 24/7 world, something has to give; the promo’s Rust Belt aesthetic shows the ultimate cost.

Amber Mark
4 mins 46s
1 Jun 2017
Amber Mark’s latest track ‘Monsoon’ comes from Rajasthan with love. Dedicated to Mark’s late mother, “monsoon" becomes a cathartic refrain as Mark wanders the city streets once explored by her mother. Director Joe Alexander delivers a colourful and evocative promo, one which complements the track’s bittersweet mood.

Elton John
"Rocket Man"
4 mins 42s
26 May 2017
Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ enjoys new relevance thanks to this expressive promo. The song’s Mars-bound astronaut is reimagined as a refugee seeking a better life for his family. For now, it’s a journey he must endure alone. The concept lends fresh emotional weight to the lyrics, while Stephen McNally’s animation blends peril and wonder. Topical and heartfelt, this is an artful flight into the unknown.

"Nights With You"
3 mins 18s
26 May 2017
One wouldn’t normally associate Danish electropop with Communist landmarks, but MØ thinks there’s crossover appeal. The singer and her entourage commandeer Bulgaria’s Buzludzha monument before director Bouha Kazmi gives things a strobe makeover. Fans of summery pop and architectural historians alike will leave satisfied.

2 mins 53s
26 May 2017
This wordy promo for Jonwayne’s ‘Live from the Fuck You’ gives us an amusing insight into how the American rapper deals with fans. Well, boyfriends of fans. Unfamiliar with Jonwayne’s work - and just as sceptical about his appearance - one bloke requests a quick birthday rap. So much for a night off, eh?

Elton John
"Bennie and the Jets"
5 mins 48s
26 May 2017
This classy music video for Elton John's 'Bennie and the Jets' by Jack Whitely and Laura Brownhill combines choreography and camp to create a unique black and white promo. The action takes the form of a futuristic, extraterrestrial version of Britain's Got Talent, with performers strutting their stuff to Elton John's classic track.

Recent Promos

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