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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Three 93.3%  
 2. John Lewis 89.2%  
 3. IKEA 88.8%  
 4. Amazon Prime 87.1%  
 5. Short Films 86.9%  
 6. Apple 86.8%  
 7. Department for Education 86.7%  
 8. Argos 86.6%  
 9. Guinness 85.9%  
 10. ITV 85.4%  
 11. Just-Eat 85.2%  
 12. Nike 84.5%  
 13. Coca Cola 83.8%  
 14. Sainsbury's 83.7%  
 15. John Lewis & Waitrose 83.4%  
 16. Virgin Media 82.8%  
 17. Audi 82.8%  
 18. Walkers 82.8%  
 19. Amazon Echo 82.7%  
 20. BBC 82.5%  
 21. PlayStation 82.4%  
 22. Barclaycard 82.1%  
 23. Currys PC World 81.3%  
 24. Vodafone 81.2%  
 25. KFC 80.7%  

On This Day
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Talk Talk
"Model Britain"
23 Sep 2012
This beautifully constructed commercial uses model figures to illustrate the lure of home. John Denver's 'Annie's Song' proves a suitable musical accompaniment and adds another layer of emotionality to a sentimental treatment. But it's odd that broadband is being advertised the way coal used to be.

"Looking At Someone"
23 Sep 2014
Picking up from their Digital Eagles programme which sees a team from Barclays help older folk to become more tech-savvy, this visits the other end of the spectrum - youngsters who may know their way around a keyboard but might not have a clue about communication. One of a series, this is excellent because it demonstrates the effectiveness of the thing it asks its audience to do.

"Born Ready"
23 Sep 2015
Wrangler Jeans aim to shake loose their cowboy image by appealing to Millennials looking to add a little adventure to their lives. The brand is happy that young folk are ditching lattes and wi-fi for the weekend, but that doesn't mean they don't have misgivings about their preparation skills. A rare presence, Wrangler increase their European presence in assured fashion.

"The Cubicle"
3 Oct 2015
Finally it looks like we may be moving into an era where 'sanitary products' - as they have been euphemistically referred to since time immemorial - are no longer a topic of shame and mortification. Thanks to this extremely shrewd campaign featuring well-known characters Lydia and Ferne from TOWIE, tampons are on the verge of being rehabilitated as items that women can be open and matter-of-fact about, and which men can ask about without seeming weird.

Domino's Pizza
23 Sep 2018
If we're not familiar with the word coulrophobia, we're all too familiar with its meaning: fear of clowns, those so-called entertainers with their sinister painted grins and flapping feet. But has anyone ever wondered what are clowns afraid of? Well, now we know, thanks to this terrific Domino's ad. Filmed in a single shot, it weaves its dazed way through the aftermath of a kiddies' party... revealing someone in the throes of his first PTSD flashback.. Guess who that would be.

"Fast Asleep"
23 Sep 2019
Rare is the car ad that leaves test drives to the imagination, but that's precisely what Audi have done here. In fact, we barely see any of the marque's SUVs in action - but you can tell they've seen some action overnight. As the unwitting driver of a car transporter sleeps in his cab, his mud-splattered cargo emerges from the surrounding woodland.

Virgin Media
"I Can Do Anything"
23 Sep 2019
Virgin Media skew younger with their latest ode to ceaseless entertainment, thanks to a girl who sees the potential of a multimedia bundle and then some. Like middle-aged fantasist Steve before her, the protagonist says she can satisfy every whim through mobile data or fibre optic broadband - bedtime be damned.

"Be Their Armour"
23 Sep 2019
The Rugby World Cup kicks off in historic fashion with this impressive film for O2. Directed by Sam Brown, the epic piece takes place in a mysterious Japanese settlement which comes under attack - leading to a consignment of white-clad warriors stepping up to defend their home. The design work is impeccable here, transporting the viewer back through the decades with all the dirt and sweat that entails.

Super Solo
"Thirst Hurts"
23 Sep 2007
Life is cruel. A young man emits a strange folk music whenever he opens his mouth after downing a bottle of Super Solo. Just as this strange phenomenon begins to ruin his life, he discovers an upside beyond his wildest imaginings. Sadly, it is at this very moment that the music ceases to play.

"Dan Carter"
23 Sep 2007
When 180 were in New Zealand shooting an Adidas commercial, they enjoyed the hospitality of All Black Dan Carter and his family so much that they stayed behind to film this viral which shows Carter and his father reminiscing about the rugby player's earliest efforts to kick a goal in his back garden.

23 Sep 2007
This ad plays out like a sketch from Goodness Gracious Me. An Indian woman talks of the shame brought upon her by her son Sanjay who has started using a new variant of Tilda rice which can make perfect Basmati rice in a microwave in just two minutes.

"Taste The Difference"
23 Sep 2010
Jamie Oliver's in exuberant form in this excellent celebration of Sainsbury's premium range. He walks through the steer where long trestle tables have been set up to feed people with offerings from orange supermarket's Taste The Difference range. Apparently, there are over a thousand different products to choose from these days.

Nissan Juke
"Twinkle Twinkle"
23 Sep 2010
This visually striking ad shows the advertised car bringing the city to life as it drives through. There's a suggestion that this is a car that's fun to drive in urban settings and it's pretty successfully put across. It's a common enough way of selling cars these day but nicely done here.

B & Q
"Paint Your Bedroom"
23 Sep 2010
A Dad has his patience tested by his daughter who can't decide whether she wants her bedroom painted pink or blue. Luckily, B & Q are able to help by providing samples but this doesn't entirly solve the problems of the protagonist as his daughter settles for a different colour altogether.

23 Sep 2011
More from the charming campaign that introduced us to a father and his son last week. Here, the two are baking a pie and there's a wonderful earnestness about the expression on the young lad's face as he contemplates his father's concentration.

French Rail Network
"Miniature Railway"
23 Sep 2011
This lovely French commercial shows how a new railway is being built while sustaining the existing infrastructure. Model trains are used to underline this proposition but British viewers may still find this idea too baffling to understand as they live in a country where a single falling leaf can bring the entire transport system to its knees.

"Puppy Points"
23 Sep 2012
DAVID doesn't think he's ever been quite so please to see a puppy as he was when he watched the new Andrex commercial. Someone immensely sensible has ditched the CGI puppies and replace them with the real thing – we only hope that this move is permanent and we can expect to see genuine animals from this point forward.

Free Radio
23 Sep 2012
A hamster is doing the things that hamsters do until it gets a blast of the advertised radio station. It then jumps down and begins dancing on its hind legs producing a series of moves that wouldn't look out of place at a school disco. It's a fun way to draw attention to a broadcaster most of us won't have heard of.

Compare The Market
"Window Cleaner"
23 Sep 2012
Jim Draper is a window cleaner going about his business when he is accosted by Alexandr Orlov. The meerkat spokesman reveals that Draper's decision to use the advertised website has earned him a new stuffed toy which is delivered to him by one of Orlov's confederates aboard a specially-adapted rig.

H & M
"Blue Velvet"
23 Sep 2012
Lana Del Ray provides a stylised version of the song Blue Velvet in this commercial which quietly pays tribute to David Lynch's film of the same name. From the way they advertise themselves, you would imagine H & M to be an exclusive boutique available only to those carrying platinum credit cards... it's arguable whether this projection does them any favours.

23 Sep 2012
The bankers of Santander descended on Shrewsbury to see if they could save its residents a million pounds while they were there. This feel-good glance at how it was done manages to convey the idea that the whole of the Shropshire town got wrapped up in the excitement.

"Join The Club"
23 Sep 2012
Lionel Messi greets a young man who has been invited to "join the club" in this commercial for the latest release of the FIFA series of football-based video games. Despite giving the impression he'd rather be doing something else, we suspect the diminutive Argentine is a model professional on a film set.

Co-op Supermarkets
"The Great Pretender"
23 Sep 2013
A woman rushes home to prepare tea, which is a ready meal from the Co-op. She doesn't want to appear lazy, so she makes a pretence of having made it from scratch; right down to the smudge of spice on her cheek. Plainly, the Co-op wants us to believe their convenience foods are just like homemade meals.

"Fish Finger Sandwiches"
23 Sep 2013
Orange Supermarket demonstrates that you can make the humble fish finger appear relatively sophisticated with a bit of artful positioning on freshly-sliced bread and a drizzle of their tartare sauce in this - ahem - tastefully shot spot.

23 Sep 2013
The OTT sales manager and his sidekick announce to the store that a customer has just benefited from their discounted weekend deal. Awkward high fives are fumbled, and the bemused customer is told that he's free to feel special even though anyone can get the same low price.

On This Day
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