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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Under Armour 84.2%  
 2. Road Safety 82.3%  
 3. Short Films 82.2%  
 4. Currys PC World 81.9%  
 5. John Lewis 80.9%  
 6. Honda 80.2%  
 7. Volvo 79.6%  
 8. BT Broadband 79.2%  
 9. H & M 79.2%  
 10. Samsung 77.8%  
 11. Virgin Media 77.7%  
 12. Lloyds Bank 77.6%  
 13. Maltesers 77.6%  
 14. O2 77.5%  
 15. T K Maxx 77.4%  
 16. Nike 77.2%  
 17. IKEA 77.0%  
 18. Audi 76.7%  
 19. Lotto 76.4%  
 20. Laphroaig 76.3%  
 21. giffgaff 76.2%  
 22. Amazon Prime 75.7%  
 23. Carlsberg 75.6%  
 24. Laterooms.com 75.0%  
 25. McCoy's 75.0%  

On This Day

VW Golf
"Night Driving"
23 May 2007
The unlikely juxtaposition of Richard Burton's recital of Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood and footage of Los Angeles in the still of night form a kind of paean to sleeplessness in this film for the VW Golf. The effect is reminiscent of the opening sequence of the underrated movie Into The Night.

Ford Mondeo
23 May 2007
A splendid ad for the Mondeo has people consigning their vehicles to the sky with balloons once they've caught sight of the new Mondeo. It's a subtle idea of rejection to see off your existing car in such a gentle fashion but it is all the more powerful for it.

23 May 2011
An excellent addition to the new Aldi campaign that appears to count Asda and Sainsbury's among its admirers. MJ Delaney who directed the marvellous Newport State Of Mind spoof last year captures a perfect note of insolence from an old woman indifferent to her husband's tea habit.

23 May 2015
Like all the work that's followed the original campaign for Tango, it simply isn't possible for this to have the impact of its illustrious forbear. But this nonetheless offers a rather lovely example of Tango's brand values and if - as we've been led to believe - this represents a signal that the soft drink and television advertising are currently renewing their vows then that's certainly something to celebrate.

Hostel World
"In Da Hostel with 50 Cent"
2 mins 30s
23 May 2016
Having brought Alan Partridge fans' dreams to life last year by having Chris Eubank turn his monocle to the nation's youth hostels, Hostel World now enlist the most appropriate spokesman imaginable: 50 Cent. Yes, that one. Considering his recent money troubles (we would say he doesn't have a cent to his name, but that wouldn't really work), there's an enjoyably mad sense of logic to the rapper extolling budget-friendly accommodation.

"She Won't Cook"
23 May 2005
A brief addition to the cult KFC ads has a woman pleased with herself because she can feed the family for "nine, ninety-nine" (9.99) prompting her cheeky partner to add that this is "great" as it means she hasn't cooked.

Land Rover Range Rover
"Play Hard"
23 May 2005
A Range Rover driver joins a runner, a dancer, a jockey and a skier in exhaling after a moment of exercise. The difference they have actually exerted themselves whereas he has just driven two tons of unyielding car like a maniac through city streets.

"Her Majesty"
23 May 2006
Alexander Armstrong reprises his role as the idiot spokesman for Pimm's here continuing his prison visit and, on hearing that the prisoners are there at "her Majesty's pleasure" he salutes her with a sausage and gets emotional at the thought of her and all that she does for them.

Mi Wadi
23 May 2006
A little girl is told by her Dad that her missing Mi Wadi (it's a fruit cordial) must be down to aliens as he doesn't want her to know he has a secret hankering for the stuff. The ad is told from her point of view and requires a decent performance from her to hold it together.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
23 May 2006
The bloke from the Orange ads continues to be the everyman of TV advertising as he crops up once again in this film running in Ulster for the allegedly addictive breakfast cereal. His attempts to sack an employee fall on deaf ears as the recalcitrant fellow cannot hear for all his crunching.

"Space Walk"
23 May 2007
Astronauts in peril is a sufficiently familiar movie scene for us to instantly assume that the space walk here has a more crucial purpose than resetting the satellite dish so that the extra-terrestrial occupants can watch the Champions League Final. Let's hope they are Milan supporters.

23 May 2007
An intimate portrait of the fussiness of youth in this finely observed film for Hovis which shows a lad adjusting just about everything he is given to make it 'just so'. Hovis's bread is the perfect compromise as it is the white bread he craves with much of the goodness of wholegrain.

ITV Sport
23 May 2007
When Michael Grade surprised the broadcasting world by moving from the BBC to ITV it was eminently predictable that the commercial channel would up its emphasis on sport. This beautifully photographed film suggests they might be willing to give the BBC's excellent coverage a run for our money.

American Airlines
23 May 2007
James Gandolfini is one of those actors whose image is so closely aligned to the character he is most famous for playing that when another passenger on a plane starts bothering him with non-stop natter, you expect him to batter the fellow to death with an in-flight magazine. Alas no.

23 May 2007
First glimpsed on the Sky Plus in fast forward this looked to be Morgan Freeman making his UK ad debut and we felt slightly cheated when it turned out to be a lookalike. But, perhaps not as cheated as Mr Freeman may feel. The tongue-in-cheek plot follows a series of sex attacks provoked by Lynx.

John Smith's
"Picture Valuation"
23 May 2010
Peter Kay in a spoof of the Antiques Roadshow. This benefits enormously from Kay's wonderful delivery of the line "there's a man over there who got fifteen grand for a box". It's all about the word 'box' and the way Kay says it.

Mars Bars
"Playing For England"
23 May 2010
John Barnes reproduces the rap which appeared on 'World In Motion'... New Order's 1990 World Cup song. Has it really been twenty years since millions of middle class twats suddenly became interested in football? Can we have our game back please?

23 May 2011
Ella explains why she chose the ice lolly she's holding in this charming piece for green supermarket's own brand goods. Ralf Little explains that it's one a range that Asda ingeniously calls 'chosen by you'... so they can blame us if we don't like them.

East Coast Trains
"Rory Bremner"
1 min 40s
23 May 2011
Rory Bremner uses his unusual gift of the gab in this ad for the rail franchise currently in possession of our east coast. It's an amiable piece of advertising and manages to make journeying by rail look very relaxing.

East Coast Trains
"Vic Reeves"
1 min 34s
23 May 2011
Vic Reeves doodles his way back to Darlington in this ad for the rail franchise which operates on the east coast. He creates caricatures of other passengers and amuses the staff with his cod French in an amiable companion piece to the recent ad featuring Rory Bremner.

Syfy Channel
23 May 2011
This trail seems highly likely to appeal to its target audience. It advertises the output of the Sci-Fi Channel by showing us a message purportedly from the future. The messenger is revealing news of an alien invasion as well as showing us the technology we need to combat it.

La Senza
1 min 45s
23 May 2011
This ad illustrates the need to get the size of the canvas right. The inhabitants of a nudist beach are offended by the arrival of sexy young women wearing the advertised underwear. This reversal isn't a new idea and would have benefitted from a less grandiloquent approach... specifically, it should have been edited down to around forty seconds.

23 May 2011
Although the George in this ad for green supermarket doesn't look much like former American President George W Bush. We're pretty sure it's him. Who else would come up with a word like 'marination' to describe the process of marinading meat?

Breakstone's Sour Cream
23 May 2011
A pot of the advertised cream pushes a stereo into position so it can serenade a potato sat on the opposite counter. It is the food that your other food loves according to the female voiceover of this Canadian ad.

"Jubilee Celebration"
23 May 2012
Orange supermarket chuck their hat in the jubilee ring with this sweet ad showing a red-haired kid eating all the pies. David 'Basic Instinct 2' Morrissey continues his sterling voiceover work, delivering just the right amount of bonhomie and slightly hard-edged Northern charm.

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