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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Uber Eats 90.8%  
 2. National Lottery 89.2%  
 3. Short Films 88.6%  
 4. Uber 87.3%  
 5. KFC 85.4%  
 6. Cadbury 85.2%  
 7. Asda 84.5%  
 8. Burger King 84.4%  
 9. Amazon 83.4%  
 10. John Lewis 82.8%  
 11. Nike 82.5%  
 12. McDonald's 81.6%  
 13. Adidas 80.1%  
 14. Currys 80.1%  
 15. Marks & Spencer 79.8%  

Five Star Work
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"The Journey"
9 mins
16 May 2024
It's going to be a bit awkward during AICP week in New York next month when they show this film to the assembled throng of eager hopefuls, and it dawns on them that nothing they've made can match it. Every part of this virtuoso film by director David Shane is perfect... and we don't use that word lightly.

VW Tiguan
"Unhappy Campers (DC)"
16 May 2024
Alexander Perkins, the lead actor in this VW Tiguan commercial, has carved out a nice niche for himself in the industry as a likeable everyman. He's been in more ads than DAVID cares to mention, so what's he up to now? The answer lies in the middle of nowhere, as Perkins plays a dad who must have watched Bear Grylls on repeat and went, "Family holiday sorted!"

Leroy Merlin
"The Duel"
15 May 2024
The flamenco is strong with this Leroy Merlin spot directed by Paco Cruz. Bambino's 1966 track 'La Pared' is about a wall that separates two lovers—and thus becomes the ideal song for a place that sells sledgehammers!

"Mona (DC)"
8 mins 49s
14 May 2024
This wondrous piece of contemplative film by director Miles Jay is utterly captivating from first to last. It is a meditation on life, death and everything in between, and it doesn't shirk from a portrayal of every aspect of our existence, including our non-existence. Only at the end do you entirely recognise the full meaning of the film... that we all possess a unique perspective, as we look at the world from our own point of view.

Charli XCX
4 mins 10s
14 May 2024
How do you choose the next It girl? You get as many of them involved in the recruitment process, of course. Chloë Sevigny, Julia Fox, Gabbriette, Rachel Sennott, and more join Charli XCX in a meta melee of a promo for '360', a track that boils the singer-songwriter's personality down to "666 with a princess streak". Expect to see that in many a social media bio.

Children In Need
"The Heaviest Backpack"
14 May 2024
The humble backpack is one of adland's go-to accessories. It can be used to approach all manner of subjects, like financial worries and teenage curiosity. BBC Children in Need use it to show how psychological burdens weigh children and young people down wherever they go.

"Rise to It"
14 May 2024
Elliot Power directs this gritty commercial for Lexus, sponsors of Sky Sports Tennis, the Lawn Tennis Association, and the ATP Tour. The 60" film follows a boy from crib to court, from empty practice arenas to sell-out crowds. A rising motif runs through the ad, creating heightened moments along the way - literally at one point as the protagonist climbs an actual ladder to success.

"Heal the Future (DC)"
2 mins 37s
13 May 2024
This immensely moving film out of Canada examines a junction in a young man's life. In one scenario, a heart condition which has affected him since birth goes unnoticed and untreated, and his prognosis is not great when he collapses in front of his school. In the other scenario, where his condition is diagnosed, early and ongoing medical intervention ensures he is able to live a full life.

"The Happy Meal"
1 min 44s
13 May 2024
McDonald's has a very creditable record when it comes to walking the walk where children's health is concerned. That's obviously a controversial statement because there are those who feel very strongly that the food they sell isn't in the best interests of young people, but their peripheral activity has always been exemplary.

Minecraft: Story Mode
6 May 2024
Business Club duo Gustav Sundström and Vedran Rupic bring a unique energy to their filmmaking, and the beneficiary here is Minecraft, an online game that held a generation in its grip around a decade ago. Cycles of nostalgia become ever smaller in circumference, and it beggars belief that it's already possible to look back on the golden era of the advertised game... and yet, here we are.

"The Other Hand"
13 May 2024
This ad claims that "99% of people eat Cheetos with their dominant hand". Is that true? Who cares? The important thing is that we get a great commercial out of it. Directed by Harold Einstein, the ad shows how people from all walks of life cope when their good hand is covered in cheesy dust (or Cheetle, to use the technical term).

"Money Never Felt Like Monzo"
13 May 2024
This lively commercial from Uncommon hinges on two words: 'money' and 'Monzo'. When the former is on screen, the world is a grim, stressful, and uncomfortable place. When the latter's on screen, the world is far more palatable and—dare we say it—fun.

Impossible Foods
"We Can Have Our Meat, And Eat It Too"
12 May 2024
This high octane commercial for plant-based food provider Impossible appropriates the image of a archetypal meat eater and has him endorse the vegetarian/vegan option. It's an immensely shrewd advertising idea delivered with great skill by director Mike Warzin, who has his lead actor in an almost frenzied state from start to finish.

"Idris Elba's"
12 May 2024
Once again, DAVID is in awe of the value offered by Idris Elba when he appears in a commercial. This is a consummate example of a celebrity endorsement with Elba literally sliding from one scene to the next and delivering what appears to be a completely sincere evaluation of the advertised service.

Marks & Spencer
"This Summer, Keep Your Cool"
10 May 2024
Positioning is everything. Marks & Spencer can't afford to take themselves too seriously when it comes to fashion, so this is a perfect approach as it presents their summer range in earnest, but is is simultaneously tongue in cheek. It's also cool and funny at the same time, and this also feeds into the same level of well-judged self-awareness.

Mike's Hard Lemonade
10 May 2024
One of three Mike's Hard Lemonade commercials directed by the Perlorian Brothers, this instalment centres on an American football mascot. Does a tackle that snaps him in half earn a six-pack of alcoholic lemonade from Hank and Joel? You bet your sweet sour ass it does. We love the unnatural position he ends up in on the touchline.

Zurich Insurance
"The Dinner"
1 min 54s
10 May 2024
'I Want It That Way' by the Backstreet Boys was released just over twenty years ago. Where in God's name has the last quarter of a century gone, eh? Many have covered and parodied the track since then (One Direction, Howard Stern, Weird Al Yankovic, et al.), but we never expected to add Zurich Insurance to that list.

Liquid I.V.
"Hydra Boost"
10 May 2024
Liquid I.V. (not Liquid IV, the fourth instalment in the Liquid saga) want to help water achieve its full potential. Sure, it hydrates people, but does it hydrate people? To ensure that it does, the brand have made electrolyte drink mixes known as "hydration multipliers'”. Now that's how you get gamers invested!

"The Great Beef Race (DC)"
9 May 2024
Much of this entertaining Aldi commercial takes place in SuperMarkup Grocery ("Ask us about our markups!"), where staff raise prices in the blink of an eye. Customers don't stand a chance when these price gun-toting psychopaths are around, especially if they want to buy choice cuts of beef at a reasonable price.

Mike's Hard Lemonade
8 May 2024
It's not enough to want a Mike's Hard Lemonade, you have to earn it. That's why convenience store workers Hank and Joel vet customers first. They want to know why Mike's and only Mike's will do—some have no doubt left the store thirsty and disappointed, but what about the firefighter in this 30" commercial?

Apple iPad
8 May 2024
The discourse around this new commercial for Apple offers an opportunity to assess that old marketing proverb: there's no such thing as bad publicity. A number of commentators both inside and outside the advertising industry are upset by a visual metaphor which suggests that the new Apple iPad crushes a whole realm of analogue creativity into nothingness.

"Rewards Night"
7 May 2024
DAVID thinks 'Quantum of Solace' gets a bad rap. It's no 'Casino Royale', but it works as a direct sequel to perhaps the worst day of James Bond's life. It also features a brilliant scene where Daniel Craig infiltrates a performance of 'Tosca' and eavesdrops on members of Quantum.

"Where There's a Ball, There's a Way"
2 mins 05s
2 May 2024
This star-strewn Pepsi commercial reminds us that Vinícius Júnior and Vinnie Jones share the same initials. The two have little else in common—Vinícius is a serial trophy winner, Jones is a severe ball crusher— but since when have the brand worried about stuff like that?

6 May 2024
It's five years since the first appearance by Ant and Dec in Santander's TV advertising. While the lovable Geordie duo's commitment can never be faulted there have been times when the advertising proposition has been undermined by a sense that their bogus bank seems a lot more fun than boring old Santander.

"This Commercial isn't about Pizza"
2 May 2024
An elaborate but effective analogy is used in this commercial for crypto-exchange service Coinbase. According to the film, crypto is superior to traditional money because it doesn't allow a series of third parties to take a slice of the action when a money moves from a buyer to a seller.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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