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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Somesuch 85.5%  
 2. Another Film Company 84.9%  
 3. Riff Raff Films 84.9%  
 4. Blink 84.5%  
 5. Academy Films 83.7%  
 6. Blinkink 83.2%  
 7. HLA 83.1%  
 8. Caviar 83.1%  
 9. Knucklehead 83.1%  
 10. MindsEye 82.3%  
 11. Pulse Films 82.2%  
 12. Biscuit Filmworks 82.1%  
 13. Smuggler 82.0%  
 14. Rogue Films 81.7%  
 15. Partizan 80.5%  
 16. Stink 80.3%  
 17. Merman 79.7%  
 18. Outsider 79.4%  
 19. Independent 78.4%  
 20. Agile Films 77.5%  

On This Day
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10 May 2006
Absolutely brilliant spoof of the popular Sony Bravia commercial has fruit bouncing down the streets of Swansea in the same way that coloured balls bounced down a San Francisco street in the original. Manages to be completely irreverent without being disrespectful... inspired.

Road Safety (Finland)
10 May 2007
Role reversal lies behind this clever road safety film out of Finland. The world is populated by crash test dummies and as one drives to work he passes crash test squirrels and cops a glance at the passing rear of a female dummy. In the lab a human refuses a seat belt with devastating results.

San Miguel
10 May 2009
A neat series of special effects is used to convey the idea that the world moves too fast for us. The advertised beer, it's suggested, is an alternative to all this hectic rushing around because it is not a quick beer.

BBC World Cup
10 May 2010
The BBC is incredibly reliable when it comes to the sports coverage. This trail for the forthcoming football World Cup in South Africa whets the appetite beautifully while offering a cultural nod to the host nation that's both appropriate and tasteful.

Birds Eye
10 May 2010
Willem Dafoe provides the voice for a polar bear sitting inside Fiona's freezer. He acknowledges her the purchasing cheap alternatives to Birds Eye's offerings... her perplexed reaction is priceless and, more importantly, the message is clear.

Samsung Galaxy
"Peter the Elephant"
10 May 2012
This utterly charming viral uses a very bright elephant to illustrate the intuitive nature of the advertised device. Actually, being honest, it doesn't really demonstrate this or anything else about the product but it's memorable, great fun and there's little danger of viewers failing to remember what phone is used for this.

Pilgrims Choice
10 May 2012
The star of this commercial is a little cowboy aboard a horse in a supermarket who addresses a female shopper as 'pilgrim'. The two then have a completely bizarre exchange before we discover that his wagon has been clamped. It's a strangely beguiling commercial that's guaranteed to lodge in the memory.

"Style or Substance?"
10 May 2013
A smartly dressed woman falls in the night-time street when one of her high heels shatters, and the contents of her bag scatter across the pavement as the heavens open and her skirt splits too. She's not even wearing a coat. An Audi rolls past. No-one helps her. This is because she serves purely to demonstrate a point: unlike her, Audi offers both style and substance.

Taylors of Harrogate
"Coffee Cosmos"
10 May 2014
This is a departure from conventional advertising in pretty much every sense, let alone from simply advertising coffee. Taylors of Harrogate have decided they want us to understand just how much of a cosmic experience drinking their caffeinated beverages is... so, to the quavering strains of the 1855 song Listen to the Mockingbird, we're taken on a journey through interstellar space without so much as a word explaining what's going on. Immense.

Currys PC World
"Pride & Sensibility"
10 May 2014
This latest from Currys / PC World is another belter about men with ulterior motives. A beefy husband attempts to butter up his better half with a romantic meal before introducing the thought of buying a new curved screen TV. Naturally, it only popped into his head because he ended up "watching that Pride and Sensibility with the boys" round at his mate's house the previous night. Surprisingly, his wife is not taken in.

Marks & Spencer
10 May 2015
It's impossible to fault these ads. This one focuses on 'Britishness' - and features the produce that we grow and make so well. The lush greens of our rain-fed asparagus, the moist crumbliness of our cheeses, the lightness of our meringues... all these and more are beautifully captured in a way that allows us to see afresh what is so special about 'British' food.

"What Do You Feel Like?"
10 May 2016
Australian takeaway website menulog take the five simple words that get our stomachs rumbling in anticipation and craft a very entertaining commercial which tickles the taste buds at a hundred miles per hour... and gives the eyes one heck of a sugar rush. In an age when so many cuisines are just a finger tap 'n' swipe away, it can be difficult to articulate exactly what we're after in terms of sustenance.

Save The Children
"A Second A Day"
1 min 56s
10 May 2016
It may not seem possible to create a film about the Syrian crisis as impactful as Martin Stirling's extraordinary 2014 film but Tom Green's sequel is as gut-wrenchingly affecting as anything could possibly be. The same young actress who played Lily in the original film becomes a refugee and through her plight this film makes the case for opening its arms to those in need.

"The Trailblazers"
1 min 32s
10 May 2017
From social media acclaim to biting parodies, Heineken's ‘Worlds Apart' film remains a talking point. However, this commercial returns to one of the lager's trademark memes: an epic bar crawl. Those who've indulged mates as they exaggerate last night's trip to the pub will appreciate this genre-hopping spectacle.

"The Tour Before The Tour"
10 May 2019
To celebrate their sponsorship of Bryan Adams's upcoming 'Shine a Light' world tour, DHL have decided to show customers exactly what goes into getting everything to the right place at the right time - in this case, a custom guitar. Director Scott Lyon forensically documents the instrument's journey from Nashville to London.

Lynx Africa
"Hot Since '95"
10 May 2020
There’s more than a whiff of nostalgia to this Lynx commercial, which celebrates twenty-five years of the brand’s Africa body spray. Scored by Apache Indian’s ‘Boom Shack-A-Lak’, the ad brims with hormones and Nineties iconography as the curtain-haired protagonist travels from 1995 to the present day. The lengths teens will go to for a shag, eh?

"It's Not Dirt"
10 May 2005
Like the previous ad in this series this beautifully filmed ad contains three vignettes - two of which (the spying boys and the fisherman) appear in the other. Here a sequence showing a man fixing up his car replaces the boy making breakfast in bed.

"Runners' Rubik Cube"
10 May 2005
Companion ad to the one featuring Federer and Sharapova has Hicham El Guerrouj and Paula Radcliffe similarly contemplating a shoe which can be turned into a Rubik Cube and back again. Paula is obviously wondering whetehr or not to pee in it.

"Comedy Sponsorship"
10 May 2006
Whoever came up with the idea of reconstructing the tiny screen of a Ninetendo as a full sized stage and populating it with real actors needs professional help... and a pay-rise. Ninetendo are right behind much of Channel 4's comedy output but the sponsorship idents often feel like a missed oportuinity. Not this time.

"Weight Lifter"
10 May 2006
A home truth is beautifully confronted in this ad for Miracle-Gro soil. A woman takes on the task of carrying away a bag that is one quarter of her body weight to the accompaniment of a commentary suggestive of Olympic weight-lifting. Perhaps they've been listening to their customers.

"Straight Cut"
10 May 2007
In the same style as last year's Cocktails ad, we see a woman casually knocking together a pretty spectacular looking soft drink. The sped up footage makes her handiwork look especially impressive as she prettily cuts the peel of an orange without so much as glancing at it.

Climate In Crisis (USA)
"Save Our Selves"
10 May 2007
Impressive film from the US draws the viewer in by maximising the curiosity as a number of different people find ways to express SOS... the universal distress signal. The inclusion of Inuit and penguin offer a suggestion of what our attention is being drawn to... global warming and attendant climate change.

"Every Year Counts II"
10 May 2007
Though this film has a fair amount of footage in common with the other ad in this campaign, there are one or two new sequences and this one seems to come together slightly better. Again the idea is that their whisky benefits, as do most things, from the maturity of experience.

10 May 2007
If you find clowns creepy then look away now as this ad features your worst nightmare... the appearance of the haunting face of a clown as you wake. And all because the protagonist was firing water into the clown's mouth at a fairground.

Yorkshire Tea
"Good To Go"
10 May 2010
A neat postscript to the earlier commercial shows the builder and his client tensely sitting down for a tea now that the pot has warmed. The genteel offer of milk can't disguise the simmering resentment but, being Yorkshiremen, they have to have a truce for their tea.

On This Day
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