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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Biscuit Filmworks 86.6%  
 2. Pulse Films 86.0%  
 3. Arts & Sciences 85.1%  
 4. Riff Raff Films 85.0%  
 5. Spindle 84.9%  
 6. Academy Films 84.6%  
 7. Anonymous Content 84.5%  
 8. Blinkink 84.5%  
 9. Caviar 84.2%  
 10. Kode 83.8%  
 11. Knucklehead 83.1%  
 12. MJZ 83.0%  
 13. Blink 82.8%  
 14. Rogue Films 82.8%  
 15. Merman 82.7%  
 16. Another Film Company 82.7%  
 17. Somesuch 82.6%  
 18. Object & Animal 82.5%  
 19. PrettyBird 82.3%  
 20. Missing Link Films 82.2%  
 21. Sweetshop 82.1%  
 22. Stink 80.5%  
 23. Dark Energy 80.4%  
 24. MindsEye 80.4%  
 25. Smuggler 80.4%  

On This Day
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"Free Yourself"
5 Feb 2011
A lively sequence of different sports are showcased in this engaging film for Nike. Each vignette appears to take a cue from the last which gives the piece a flow that makes it highly watchable. This is a neat demonstration of how much more enjoyable Nike's advertising can be when they resist their inclination towards bombast.

"Half Time For America"
2 mins
5 Feb 2012
According to Clint Eastwood in this eye-catching ad from the Superbowl, it's half-time for America. The octogenarian actor explains how Chrysler have fought back from the brink and how this demonstrates that America isn't done for just yet.

"Spray Tan"
5 Feb 2013
Another excellent turn from Kevin Bacon as he waits for a spray tan while connecting to everyone and everything. The idea of the Hollywood star being familiar with the most low-brow aspects of British culture may be a one-note joke but he carries it off with such aplomb that there's clearly a lot of life in it.

H & M
"David Beckham"
5 Feb 2013
Guy Ritchie's commercial for H & M with David Beckham being stripped to his underwear by an unfortunate series of accidents has been described by the PR wonks as a short film. It's not a short film... it's a commercial but one that many will enjoy if only because the footballer shows off his fine physique.

"The Negotiator Rises"
5 Feb 2014
A rheumy-eyed and truculent William Shatner goes to great lengths (and heights) to thwart his daughter's romantic liaisons. Climbing the exterior of a glass-paned hotel like a superannuated Tom Cruise, he cuts a perfect circle in the window so he can give the latest boyfriend a grilling. Not even the fact that 'Blair' cannily booked the room with Priceline can save his sorry ass.

Pancreatic Cancer Action
"I Wish I Had..."
5 Feb 2014
This is bound to ruffle a few feathers. Two people have just been told they have cancer - but the type they have is one of the deadliest of the 22 most common cancer diagnoses there is. Killing all but 3% of those who get it, the revelation that they have pancreatic cancer leaves both patients wishing they had, respectively, testicular or breast cancer.

"Dream Run"
5 Feb 2015
This excellent ad from Australia is very funny indeed. A man reading a book about lucid dreaming in a café suddenly realises everything's a bit surreal, which disconcerts him. Going outside, he sees military men with loudhailers telling him to "Wake up, Brian!" - and he makes a run for it. Thankfully, a Honda literally materialises around him...

5 Feb 2016
We really like that sofaworks is not afraid to widen its horizons and get a bit adventurous. In fact, a lot adventurous compared with its rivals. Plus in view of the fact that Neal has been such a hit, it's brave to make him less central to their advertising too. And we like this ad. Just as the previous one successfully carried off its cosmic vibe, this one is catchy, different, and appeals to children (also users of sofas) as well as the adults who buy them.

"It's a Tide Ad"
5 Feb 2018
Laundry detergent Tide out-Super Bowled the Super Bowl this year... and unquestionably won the day as a result. Stranger Things' David Harbour leads the charge as the brand hijacks other spots to reveal what they're really advertising. The film is tightly constructed, with each vignette acting as a spot-on parody of a different ad genre.

5 Feb 2018
Fans of sentient A.I. were in their element during Super Bowl LII. While Westworld teased its second season, Sprint introduce Evelyn - a state-of-the-art robot who demands answers… about her creator's mobile plan. You'd think self-aware droids would be more concerned about free will and personal identity. Not Evelyn - she can't compute Doc's decision to pay twice as much for line rental through Verizon.

5 Feb 2019
Bulb are the latest outfit to challenge the UK's ‘Big Six' energy suppliers, and this 30" animated launch ad sets out their stall in wry fashion. And what better way to pique viewers' interest than with a monstrous kelp plant? Said gardening crisis is neatly brought to life via minimalist animation and dry voice work from comedians Tim Key and Ellie White.

"Walk of Shame"
5 Feb 2019
This wonderfully over-the-top ad for Rexona tackles sweat patches in an unexpectedly theatrical fashion. Whenever a hapless young man dares to raise his arm, he triggers slow-motion horror from anyone unfortunate enough to absorb his B.O. As children cry, adults scream, and dogs howl at the state of his pits, the level of slo-mo disgust escalates.

Thomas & Friends
"The Wonder of Why"
6 Feb 2019
Sorry, John Humphrys - no-one asks more pressing questions than children. No subject is taboo, no query is too trivial, and God help anyone who provides an unsatisfactory answer. Such inquisitive zeal drives this charming piece of work for Thomas & Friends (hitherto known as Thomas the Tank Engine), as children stump and wrong-foot their parents with a variety of questions.

"Be the One"
5 Feb 2020
Earlier this month, the San Francisco 49ers' Katie Sowers became the first female coach to take part in the Super Bowl. This reflective commercial for Microsoft goes right back to the start, however, and muses on how and why Sowers got to her trailblazing position. Directed by Peter Berg, the inspirational piece opens with a letter Sowers wrote to herself as a child.

"Women 2020"
1 min 51s
5 Feb 2020
All-female cycling team Canyon-SRAM discuss life on the road in this attractively mounted Rapha commercial. Unlike most cycling ads, director Paola Morabito’s film allows the cast to shoot the breeze and enjoy some well-earned R&R. It gives the likes of Ella Harris, Lisa Klein, and siblings Alice and Hannah Barnes the chance to explain what road bicycle racing means to them, and the importance of treating each other not just as teammates, but as sisters.

Ford Focus
"Childhood Ambitions"
5 Feb 2006
Grown men wear clothes that reflect their childhood ambitions in this ad for the nation's favourite small car. They may not be space explorers or superheroes but they can at least drive a little orange car that looks like it's been designed for a child and cling on to those boyhood dreams.

5 Feb 2007
Starting from a close-up of a foetal heart we zoom back to see a foetus in the womb as the voiceover waxes lyrical about the heart and the way it is the centre of our existence in an ad that depends on Flora's credentials as a healthy product to enable us to make the connection.

"Pro Age"
5 Feb 2007
Dove take their celebration of ordinary beauty into a new area with this film which promotes the idea that there is no age limit on beauty. A series of older women are shown in the buff as we are challenged with the idea that they are too old. Dove doesn't offer anti-ageing products... they are Pro Age. Clever.

5 Feb 2007
Jaguar stick with the 'gorgeous' motif established in a previous ad in this new film which is comprised of funky music and a whole lot of quick cuts adding up to an attention-grabbing but unsatisfying whole. Perhaps Boots and Jaguar should arm-wrestle for the rights to the word 'gorgeous'.

5 Feb 2007
Place your bets, place your bets. We think this teaser is for something healthy because of Ken Stott's mention of cholesterol in his voiceover. The music sounds like Catatonia and the beautiful visuals are surely the handiwork of Stuart Douglas. Answers on a postcard please.

5 Feb 2007
Another ad in the new series for Flora focussing on the benefits to your cardiac health of using the spread instead of butter. We track a runner as he makes his way through a snowy landscape while the voiceover talks about what you should do for your heart.

"Prison Break"
5 Feb 2007
Apparently conjured in next to no time, these amusing idents are going around Channel 5's hit show Prison Break. The two moustachioed regulars attempt to communicate various escape plans to the inmates as they visit them.

"Monty Vapor"
5 Feb 2008
An amusing addition to this viral series for Nike has a man with a football boot on his head chasing a man with a football on his head. The former taunts the latter as he catches him and then dispatches him into a football goal. The foggy setting only adds to the sense of the surreal.

5 Feb 2009
The four principle actresses in the BBC Drama Mistesses are tangled in a silky red web in this stylishly filmed trail. The music is a track by Tricky called Hell Is Round The Corner and is contributes magnificently the sense of hedonistic decadence.

"Human Polar Bear"
5 Feb 2009
Lewis Gordon Pugh... British environmentalist, swimmer, maritime lawyer and explorer is the star of this ad for the financial services company. The campaigner enjoys nothing more than swimming in freezing seas to draw attention to global warming. Nutter.

On This Day
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