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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Riff Raff Films 87.4%  
 2. Park Pictures 86.2%  
 3. Blinkink 85.9%  
 4. Caviar 84.4%  
 5. Academy Films 84.3%  
 6. Rogue Films 83.9%  
 7. Friend London 83.8%  
 8. Another Film Company 83.7%  
 9. Biscuit Filmworks 83.4%  
 10. Pulse Films 82.9%  
 11. Partizan 82.7%  
 12. Outsider 82.3%  
 13. Blink 82.2%  
 14. Stink 82.1%  
 15. Knucklehead 82.1%  
 16. HLA 81.6%  
 17. Moxie Pictures 81.0%  
 18. Merman 80.4%  
 19. 76Ltd 80.2%  
 20. Smuggler 80.1%  
 21. MindsEye 79.6%  
 22. Hungry Man 79.2%  
 23. RSA 79.0%  
 24. Independent 78.9%  
 25. Agile Films 78.9%  

Five Star Work
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"Womb Stories"
3 mins 28s
1 Jul 2020
To say this three-minute Bodyform ad is a force of nature would be an understatement. Scored by a remix of Pumerosa’s ‘Priestess’, the ad combines live-action with animation to show how the uterus changes over the years. The result is, well, bloody brilliant. Another strong outing from a brand on the frontline of sanitary protection.

"Drag Syndrome"
6 mins 33s
2 Jul 2020
Vogue continue their Pride series with this fascinating film which explores the intersection of disability and drag. Director Jess Kohl takes a documentary approach as she profiles Drag Syndrome - an artistic collective of drag kings and queens who happen to have Down's syndrome. It's a bold and beautiful reminder that there's room for everyone under the rainbow.

"Away Fans"
1 Jul 2020
Even die-hard Aston Villa fans will admit this Premier League season has been a struggle, pandemic or no pandemic. Former EPL title sponsors Barclays wish to ease at least one Villa fan’s suffering, with a little help from Zoom and a former striker-turned-Homes Under the Hammer presenter. Tom Barbor-Might’s sweet film introduces Tim and fellow match day regulars Matt, Chris, and Simon.

National Centre For Domestic Violence
"Abusers Always Work from Home"
29 Jun 2020
In case you hadn't noticed, user-generated content (UGC) has dominated the airwaves in recent months. At one point it seemed like every UK household would have their fifteen seconds of fame. But some homes go under the radar with devastating consequences. That’s the premise of this super piece of work for the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

Dr Oetker
"A Few Square Metres"
23 Jun 2020
This cheerful film for Dr Oetker pays tribute to those who've made the best of quarantine, even during tough times. From parents juggling working from home with becoming their kids' teacher to the children themselves trying to handle living through a pandemic with any sense of normality, things haven't been easy.

Motor Neurone Disease Association
"The Dance"
2 mins 27s
23 Jun 2020
This Motor Neurone Disease Association film is dedicated to Wendy Gladwyn, a performing arts mentor who passed away from the disease. Director Jess Journo - a former ballet dancer herself - conveys how even the most lithe and active individual can succumb to muscle weakness and other life-shortening effects.

"Little Wins"
23 Jun 2020
This is one of the first commercials we've seen made during lockdown which is unapologetic in its cheeriness. Thank God! The misreading of the public mood by the advertising industry has been woeful, and nothing has demonstrated this more clearly than their fear of being anything other than entirely sombre.

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
"It’s Darkest Before the Dawn"
23 Jun 2020
This lofty communication from Swedish bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) promises clients support as the world reopens. There are no quick fixes offered, no suggestion that some magic innovation or off-the-wall approach will return the economy to normal at the end of lockdown, only a crucial commitment to working hard towards a greener, more sustainable financial future.

"Join the Goodness"
22 Jun 2020
La Résistance goes lactose-free in this big-budget outing for Babybel. Inspired by the likes of ‘Detective Pikachu’ and ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, the ad depicts a world fuelled by junk food and run by, erm, giant gummy cats. A plucky human protagonist has other, healthier ideas. She’s joined by a swarm of Babybels, who seem to have formed a ninja clan to stop the gelatinous threat.

"Calm Bull"
22 Jun 2020
We could all use a smidge more calm in our lives at present, and this amusing ad for MoneySupermarket claims to have a solution. Campaign mainstay Matt Berry provides the soothing voiceover as we're presented with a bull who appears to have taken an overdose of chill pills - and had his bills streamlined, to boot.

Pride in London
"You! Me! Us! We!"
1 min 50s
19 Jun 2020
With Pride events the world over cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, this Pride in London film offers a touching reminder that the LGBT community is still there for each other. From online support groups to drag shows via Instagram, the movement haven't let lockdown and isolation dull their shine.

2 mins 03s
18 Jun 2020
This dreamy Brazilian ad for messaging service WhatsApp demonstrates how the little things keep us connected during tough times. Most of us have been isolated for what feels like forever by now, cut off from friends and family, and contained in our own, relatively safe bubbles. However, sharing small moments of beauty can keep those we love close emotionally, if not physically.

"Ingenious Productions"
17 Jun 2020
This tongue-in-cheek Dacia commercial shows that not every brand has been hampered by Covid-19. In fact, it lets the Romanians double-down on their no-frills approach with a dash of topicality. Ralph Ineson (credited here as Voiceover Guy) reminds us that “we can do a lot with a little” - and this includes filming a car ad during lockdown.

Beyond Food Foundation
11 Jun 2020
This compelling ad for the Beyond Food Foundation offers a new spin on the old adage 'if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. The charity focuses on helping homeless people find a way out of poverty by training them for jobs in the hospitality industry - after all, a chaotic kitchen is a doddle after surviving life on the streets.

Keep It Real Online
11 Jun 2020
Consent takes centre stage in this amusing ad for New Zealand internet safety campaign Keep It Real Online. In a scenario straight out of many young people's worst nightmares, the actors from a porn film a kid has been watching appear at his door in the buff... much to the surprise of his unsuspecting mother.

"Precedented Prices"
8 Jun 2020
The word ‘unprecedented’ has lost all meaning in recent times, as brands, news outlets, and inept politicians scramble to make sense of the coronavirus pandemic. Cue this droll piece of work by Aldi Australia, who aim to cut through the bullshit and keep things down to earth. Oh, and to draw a line under #toiletpapergate once and for all.

5 Jun 2020
ITV highlight one of the companies working to keep people connected when they've never been further apart. After 'insane but true reports earlier this year of people burning down 5G masts under the conspiratorial belief that the network - somehow - spread Covid-19, it's a relief to see that the majority of people have clung on to their sanity about telecommunications.

LifeBridge Health
"Covid Cares"
5 Jun 2020
This haunting piece of work for Baltimore’s LifeBridge Health organisation has no spoken dialogue, but the cast of frontline workers speak volumes nonetheless. One by one, emergency workers and other at-risk employees sit down in front of the camera and shed their ‘armour’: namely masks, gloves, and other forms of personal protective equipment.

Sky Sports
"The Comeback"
4 Jun 2020
Sky Sports put this together ahead of Nike's similarly excellent take on the idea of a Covid-19 comeback. The broadcaster presents four of the best sporting turnarounds in recent memory. Boxing, cricket, football, and golf are represented here, and it's hard to argue with the examples provided. Each clip underlines the thrill of the chase, and the sheer dearth of thrills since lockdown began.

Bank of America
4 Jun 2020
This lofty outing for the Bank of America may feel incongruous at present, given the overall mess the US is making of reopening after lockdown, but it offers businesses a sign that hope is on the horizon. The bank have pledged $1 billion to help address the economic inequalities which have become increasingly apparent throughout the pandemic.

"Yomi Sode & Son"
2 Jun 2020
At a time when we're constantly confronted with images of violence inflicted upon black people and America threatens to become a military dictatorship over racist policing, it's heartening to see this portrayal of caring black parenthood highlighted by Nationwide. Yomi Sode and his son ruminate on lockdown with a charming relatability.

"Never Too Far Down"
31 May 2020
This lofty offering from Nike uses sporting comebacks to make a comment about resilience during the current pandemic. It focuses on situations where athletes and competitors have had to fight back from adversity. As lockdown begins to ease, it's a timely reminder that our society is going to have to draw on these qualities to restore any prospect of prosperity.

PPE for Healthcare Workers
"Letter To My Unborn Child"
21 May 2020
This extraordinarily impactful film supports frontline healthcare workers in their bid to force the government into providing badly needed PPE to help protect them against Covid-19. Dr Meenal Viz and Dr Nishant Joshi are launching a legal challenge to the government's guidance because, contrary to the claims of Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, the UK government has gone against World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance and failed to provide adequate PPE for the 'heroes' they applaud every Thursday evening.

"The Call"
18 May 2020
Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 arrives slap bang in the middle of a nationwide lockdown, in case you haven’t noticed, and some viewers are now at breaking point. Thank goodness ITV’s big guns are on the case then. Thanks to the power of video conferencing (and some post-production jiggery pokery), stars including Ant & Dec, Lorraine Kelly, Tinie Tempah, and Holly Willoughby urge viewers to reach out to one another sooner rather than later.

British Heart Foundation
18 May 2020
The prospect of contracting Covid-19 is scary for everyone, but those with pre-existing conditions have an extra layer of worry to deal with. The omnipresent nature of that concern is skilfully portrayed in this ad for the British Heart Foundation, which addresses the uncertainty and anxiety those with heart conditions are currently living with.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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