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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Riff Raff Films 88.9%  
 2. Sweetshop 86.0%  
 3. Blinkink 85.2%  
 4. Park Pictures 84.7%  
 5. Rogue Films 84.5%  
 6. Another Film Company 84.2%  
 7. Friend London 84.1%  
 8. Caviar 84.1%  
 9. Biscuit Filmworks 83.9%  
 10. Somesuch 83.7%  
 11. Academy Films 83.1%  
 12. Stink 83.1%  
 13. Carnage 83.1%  
 14. Thomas Thomas 82.7%  
 15. Knucklehead 82.4%  
 16. Outsider 82.0%  
 17. Partizan 82.0%  
 18. Blink 81.9%  
 19. Iconoclast 81.9%  
 20. Pulse Films 81.7%  
 21. Moxie Pictures 81.3%  
 22. Merman 80.7%  
 23. Rattling Stick 80.2%  
 24. Smuggler 79.7%  
 25. 76Ltd 79.7%  

On This Day
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British Heart Foundation
18 Jan 2010
As the camera maintains a fixed examination of a young woman's face, her voice reveals the torment she has been put through by her father's death and her mother's illness. This calculatedly emotional piece will deservedly raise awareness of the charity's work.

18 Jan 2013
This charming commercial for Guinness offers the point of view of a clock that's decided to do more than simply tick tock onwards in a uniform fashion. Three illustrations of its ability to manipulate time demonstrate how its actions improve the lives of those who dwell in the small town that it dominates. Lovely.

"Gangnam Style"
18 Jan 2013
Trumpeted as the first commercial for an electronic cigarette (despite a bid by a rival to snatch this honour by airing a spoiler on one of Channel 5's sister stations) this ad is necessarily opaque because of the strict regulations. Punters will have to figure out for themselves how the advertised product would have helped dad (Mark Benton) witness his baby's first Gangnam parody.

Open University
"A New Direction"
18 Jan 2013
A woman called Ruth describes how she found fulfilment after learning how to paint in this attractively piece advertising the Open University. It's a shame that nobody explained the difference between uninterested and disinterested to her but you can't have everything and it's a good bit of work.

Honda Civic
18 Jan 2013
A neat device is used to highlight the versatility of the advertised car. Why can't a single vehicle be both powerful and practical? Agile and efficient? And so on. The questions are posed by Garrison Keillor (or "that bloke off the Honday ads" as he's better known in this country) and rather artfully answered by a flipping technique. (That's a technique that flips... not a flipping technique.)

18 Jan 2014
There are shades of a famous scene from The Full Monty in this commercial for Cadbury as Logistics Manager Keith slowly succumbs to the seductive sound of Baccara's Yes Sir, I Can Boogie when it's broadcast on his phone as he waits for his call to be taken.

"Dave's Epic Strut"
18 Jan 2015
This campaign has delivered some memorable ads, but this has to be the best yet for sheer eyeball-grabbing, attention-seeking mischief. A guy gets out of his car and strides down the street with a purposeful twinkle last sported by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. What's he looking so pleased about? He's saved money with the site in question. But that's not all...

Red Cross
"The Promise"
18 Jan 2016
In their latest US film, the Red Cross has a powerful answer for those who believe charity should begin at home and therefore don't donate because they worry the funds will be squandered on ungrateful foreigners who wish them harm. Because this spot points out that the Red Cross also offers assistance to locals who are imperiled - something even the most internationalist of givers may be impressed to learn.

18 Jan 2016
This beautifully composed 30" commercial for Gumtree has a dad speculating about the chain of events he could trigger by buying a second-hand piano for his daughter. In his mind's eye, the endless practice that follows her delight leads to fame, success and a bright future. He's quickly brought back down to earth but his flight of fancy is really quite charming.

Pizza Hut
"Big Deal"
18 Jan 2016
A variety of strange and eccentric customers find their remarkable circumstances pale in significance when compared to Pizza Hut's £14 meal deal. Faced with a boxed banquet like that, being struck by lightning, freeing oneself from your ventriloquist's controlling influence, or having the power of magnetism does seem rather humdrum.

"Food Dancing"
18 Jan 2017
Something interesting always happens when an agency like W+K gets into bed with a client like Sainsbury's and so it proves with the agency's début TV work for its big new client. Orange Supermarket has been placed at the forefront of a new movement called #fooddancing by an ad with an earwormy soundtrack from MysDiggi combined with a montage that's been made to look as though it's been clandestinely filmed in our actual kitchens.

The Jump
"Flying Without Wings"
18 Jan 2017
This promo for Channel 4's beleaguered reality show 'The Jump' features the plangent vocals of Westlife. 'Flying Without Wings' accompanies shots of this year's batch of celebrities flying over a snowy landscape, with appropriately transcendent expressions as they perform improbable acrobatic feats.

"Eat Dust"
18 Jan 2019
This fun Mercedes ad from down under gives hope to privacy-obsessed celebrities everywhere, as an X-Class V6 pick-up attempts to outrun a paparazzi hoard. Needless to say, the latter won't give up without a fight. The ensuing chase showcases the truck's mettle as it navigates tarmac, water, and dirt. If only its pursuers could demonstrate such versatility...

18 Jan 2006
Beautifully filmed commercial shows how the fish caught on behalf of Young's makes its way to your dinnerplate from the various fishing grounds around the World. Okay, so it's an over-romanticised vision but it's a nice thought. Piped version of "When The Boat Comes In" accompanies perfectly.

Careers Scotland
"Barbara The Oracle"
18 Jan 2006
As in previous ad in series someone is shown seeking careers advice from a very dubious source - this time, it's a woman who dwells in a cave, albeit one styled like a 1970s bedroom. Appropriate careers advice is available through this publicly-funded body.

"Pub Quiz Team"
18 Jan 2007
Finally the definitive version of the lengthy ident for More4 which establishes the cleverness of four of its presenters by placing them as a demon team turning up for a Pub Quiz Night. They come unstuck on a low-brow question and ring around their mates (though you can't fool us with the Jon Stewart clip).

18 Jan 2008
Nicely played commercial for McDonald's from Canada has a man offering to trade his beard for one of the special collector cards featuring ice hockey players available at the fast food restaurant. It's the deadpan delivery that makes this one worthwhile.

18 Jan 2008
Animated commercial depicts various athletes limbering up for the Olympic games in Beijing. The idea here is to remind people that behind each athlete is a team of people upon whom they depend and this is illustrated in suitably impressive style.

MTV Switch
"Al Gore"
18 Jan 2008
An audio excerpt from Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth is married with specially filmed material to remind MTV viewers of the importance of doing what ever we can to protect the environment. Gore himself approved the footage.

"Wake Up Call"
18 Jan 2008
Shades of Groundhog Day here as a man spends his entire life being woken at seven o'clock. Thank heavens he invested in an AMF pension and is able to sleep properly on the mornings once he has retired. It's a pretty bleak look at the years up to retirement nonetheless.

Oat So Simple
"Hair Dryer"
18 Jan 2009
A woman pops her Oat So Simple into the microwave before turning on her hair-dryer. To illustrate the simplicity of the advertised product, her hair is instantly dry and perfect... if only everything was as easy as Oat So Simple (or Carlsberg made hair-dryers.)

Sky Movies
"Friday Nights"
18 Jan 2010
This attractively-filmed commercial for Sky Movies shows people getting ready for the weekend on a Friday evening before settling down in front of the television to enjoy a movie on the advertised service. Apparently, Sky HD's premières are now shown on Friday.

Cadbury Crème Eggs
"Newton's Cradle"
18 Jan 2010
This ad for Cadbury Crème Eggs shows another of the little critters devising a method to bring about its demise. It deftly slides between the balls of a Newton's Cradle while they are in mid-swing and is crushed between them.

"Cheer Up"
18 Jan 2010
This cute Irish commercial for Vodafone demonstrates how social networking can be used for something much better than the recruitment of musicians for a big dreary band. A young woman cheers up her community with strategically-placed knitwear.

18 Jan 2010
It's hard to know for certain whether this is a commercial for Peugeot or for the latest offering from the Ministry of Sound. A collection of vehicles which inspired the latest model from the French car manufacturer explode into their component parts.

On This Day
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