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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Megaforce 93.6%  
 2. Seb Edwards 91.5%  
 3. Steve Rogers 90.9%  
 4. Kim Gehrig 89.7%  
 5. Wilkins & Maguire 89.3%  
 6. Ian Pons Jewell 89.3%  
 7. Dougal Wilson 89.1%  
 8. Frédéric Planchon 88.9%  
 9. David Shane 88.4%  
 10. The Sacred Egg 88.0%  
 11. Georgi Banks-Davies 88.0%  
 12. Sam Brown 87.8%  
 13. Mark Albiston 87.7%  
 14. Mark Molloy 87.7%  
 15. Andreas Nilsson 87.6%  
 16. Max Fisher 87.3%  
 17. Alex Boutell 86.8%  
 18. Tom Green 86.2%  
 19. thirtytwo 85.7%  
 20. DOM&NIC 85.6%  
 21. Matthijs van Heijningen 85.2%  
 22. Scott Lyon 85.2%  
 23. Nicolai Fuglsig 84.8%  
 24. Tom Kuntz 84.7%  
 25. Jeff Low 84.7%  

Five Star Work
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Sandy Hook Promise
19 Sep 2019
The start of a new school year is a stressful time for kids all over the world - none more so than those who know their daily environment isn't safe. That's the reality for schoolchildren in America, and The Sandy Hook Promise draw attention to this barbaric situation with a new, deeply disturbing and emotionally challenging campaign.

"Rebuild the World"
1 min 42s
19 Sep 2019
The world takes on a fantastically elastic quality in this whimsical commercial for Lego. The surreal film sees a hunter attempting to keep up with his prey... with only an oversized bow and arrow for company. Fear not, younger viewers, as there's never any suggestion that his furry little opponent is in danger. Instead, the rowdy rabbit manages to outwit him at every turn.

2 mins
17 Sep 2019
This poignant outing for Vodafone's New Zealand arm explores just one way 5G can make the world a better place. With greater connection comes an easier sharing of resources - something an elderly gent finds out the hard way when his beloved pooch falls ill. The connection between that and a man hurrying through a city isn't immediately clear, but there's hope on the horizon.

"Dream Crazier: Tennis"
20 Sep 2019
Nike's latest addition to their 'Dream Crazier' strand focuses on tennis players Caroline Garcia, Simona Halep, Madison Keys, and Elina Svitlona as they each describe how to cope with cynics and haters. As director Stefan Hunt's film shows, it can be done with a light touch. The international quartet are well cast, as they challenge preconceptions about size, character, and "ladylike" behaviour on the tennis court.

18 Sep 2019
The tangible quality of photographs has waned in recent years - as was always inevitable with the march of time and technology. From disposable cameras taking days or hours to develop to smartphones instantly capturing and storing images on the cloud, memories have become almost entirely digital. That's something Instax intend to change, by campaigning to re-establish photos as something to be given, not just taken.

Apple iPhone
"It's Tough Out There"
19 Sep 2019
To say it's tough out there may be the understatement of the year, but it's also the tagline of Apple's latest commercial. The tech giant aim to show they mean business in an increasingly crowded smartphone market, and that requires one sturdy piece of kit: the iPhone 11 Pro. Said device is put through the wringer here, as it faces an onslaught of toys, vegetables, and everyday accoutrements in a wind tunnel.

"Tyrrellbly Tasty"
16 Sep 2019
Having won a trio of KP Snacks accounts back in May, St Luke's is now unveiling their first work for one of those brands - the premium crisps Tyrrells. Using real Pathé News footage, they've created a retro-world where the presenter's cut-crystal accent comments on the folk at Tyrrell Farm as they harvest and prepare potatoes to be fried, bagged and sold.

William Hill Betting
"It's Who You Play With"
16 Sep 2019
It's a hard sell to posit online gambling as a wholesome bonding activity, but William Hill might have just about managed it with their latest commercial campaign. Focused on the uniting phenomena of the group chat, the ad shows a group of friends sharing their betting highs and lows in real time.

"Night Lab: The Mealstopper"
16 Sep 2019
In this second ad in Gaviscon's new campaign aimed at a more youthful market, kebab 'nannies', meal-flavoured gobstoppers and some trippy animation are explored as potential solutions to heartburn brought on by booze and burger binges. It's important stuff. Our young folk shouldn't have to cut back on their excesses because of acid indigestion. After all, those livers won't get fatty by themselves!

"Night Lab: Food-Flavoured Yoghurt"
16 Sep 2019
After summer's ad introducing us to Max Halley and his pH neutral food van, Gaviscon appears to have parked him and gone off to the Night Lab instead. This is an equally lurid environment, continuing the 1980s neon decor sported by the van and adding every possible effect from the era's VFX toybox. Delightfully cheesy, the two spots are aimed at 20-somethings out on the town brought low by indigestion.

"Enjoy Before Returning"
16 Sep 2019
Diesel take on the scourge of 'wardrobing' (i.e. returning an outfit after wearing it) with good humour in this cool commercial. While other brands tear their hair out trying to make customers actually keep the clothes they pay for, Diesel instead suggest that if it's going to happen, people might as well have fun with it.

"The Sound of Rum"
16 Sep 2019
It might seem out of character for a drinks brand to focus on the sound of their product, but Bacardi prove the proposition has legs in this lively commercial outing. 'The Sound of Rum' shines a spotlight on the audible aspect of cocktail making, bringing together bartenders from all over the world to show off their shaker skills.

"Granny Got Pants"
1 min 36s
13 Sep 2019
MullenLowe has worked a minor miracle here; turning a brand with all the allure of a cheap funeral plan into one that is unapologetically womanly and strong and funny. They've filmed Colette Zacca - the gran who went viral busting some moves at the Notting Hill Carnival this summer - fronting a music promo endorsing Sloggi. Remember 'Baby's Got Back' from '92? Well, now it's going down in history as 'Granny's Got Pants'. Watch and be converted.

"Free Range"
12 Sep 2019
The provenance of eggs takes centre stage in this amusing commercial for McDonald's breakfast food menu. A bloke minding his own business at a bus stop is pulled into a fantasy supermarket by a mysterious hand and given a masterclass on how to spot the kind of bougie store where free range eggs are likely to be found.

"Be Remarkable"
12 Sep 2019
US department store Macy's encourage their customers to 'be remarkable' with their autumn fashion choices in this polished ad. Riffing on the transformative nature of clothing, the film asks viewers who they want to be on a particular day, and shows a whole army of women experimenting with their looks in various different ways.

Walkers Sunbites
"Sharing Bag"
12 Sep 2019
Comedian and presenter Ellie Taylor darts around streets and parks looking for unsuspecting groups of women to share her Sunbites with. While today's audience knows these encounters won't have been completely unmediated, they nonetheless feel that way and Taylor has a manic charm and spontaneity you can't help warming to.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
9 Sep 2019
This immensely sweet commercial is part of an initiative between Cadbury and Age UK to shine a light on the loneliness which affects some elderly people. The protagonist is a retiree who spends most of his day attending his beloved garden. His next-door neighbours are a young family, and the children's activity results in an array of toys and sport objects flying over the fence that sits between his garden and theirs.

9 Sep 2019
With every other food outlet getting on the home delivery wagon, McDonald's isn't about to be left behind - as this latest spot makes very clear. They've teamed up with Uber Eats to bring you your order wherever you are and the visual leitmotif of the hand thrusting through surfaces unexpectedly is strikingly memorable.

"We Are All Superstars"
6 Sep 2019
The spirit of wrestling inhabits fans from all walks of life in this intriguing outing for the WWE. Famous faces and their iconic moves appear in a diverse array of everyday scenarios, from a waiter preparing to throw down with Stone Cold Steve Austin to a spelling bee contestant taking inspiration from sounding out 'submission'.

"Rudy II"
6 Sep 2019
Amidst all the sequels, prequels, and reboots populating cinemas at the moment, there is one movie in particular that deserves the franchise treatment above all others: 1993's 'Rudy'. That's the premise of this amusing piece of work for KFC , with Sean Astin back as the eponymous underdog... and he has another impossible dream in mind.

Google Play
"Mario Kart Tour"
5 Sep 2019
Phones take pole position without their owners' input in this pacy commercial which announces the new Mario Kart mobile game. A mere rumbling seems to indicate nothing more than a stray text message at first - at least, until handsets start to take on a life of their own. There's an impressive amount of action packed in here, as the title's global playerbase comes to the fore.

5 Sep 2019
Bullies take the form of real beasts in this compelling commercial for Barnardo's. The children's charity's latest campaign highlights the challenges kids can face outside the home - and even those which follow them online. Director Sam Brown ensures the film's message is clearly delivered, as it follows a girl being stalked by a gang of vicious hyenas wherever she goes.

"Strings & Things"
27 Aug 2019
Once in a blue moon, the editor of DAVID REVIEWS feels obliged to re-examine a review and start over… this is one of those occasions. For completely understandable reasons, a member of our team dismissed this piece of work. It is, after all, incredibly cheesy! But, it has something about it, doesn't it? You can't help but pay attention, and that is the name of the game. Not only that, it grows on you with each viewing because of its terrific sense of the absurd.

"For the Ride"
3 Sep 2019
Anyone who's ever stalled leaving their vehicle to fully appreciate the end of a song will identify with this entertaining outing for Spotify. Sia's 'Elastic Heart' wins the, er, hearts of a diverse array of drivers throughout the 80" commercial, which sees getting into the vibe of the track override all over priorities.

Rainbow 6 Siege
"The Cemetery"
1 min 34s
3 Sep 2019
Death is only the beginning, according to this droll commercial for Rainbow Six Siege. Riffing on gaming's 'git gud' mentality, the ad follows a man called Laymont as he recalls some of his most egregious in-game deaths. And there are A LOT of them. Like a man who's seen one too many polygons splattered on the floor, Laymont walks through a graveyard while describing the lowlights of his combat career.

Five Star Work
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