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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Andreas Nilsson 91.7%  
 2. Jeff Low 90.2%  
 3. Tom Hooper 89.2%  
 4. Steve Rogers 89.2%  
 5. Hector Dockrill 88.9%  
 6. James Rouse 88.7%  
 7. Tim McNaughton of The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide 88.3%  
 8. Noah Harris 87.6%  
 9. Kim Gehrig 87.0%  
 10. The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide 86.9%  
 11. Sam Brown 86.2%  
 12. Clay Weiner 85.5%  
 13. Dominic O'Riordan 85.2%  
 14. Traktor 84.6%  
 15. Megaforce 84.5%  
 16. Henry Littlechild 84.2%  
 17. Tim Godsall 83.8%  
 18. Ben Tonge 80.8%  
 19. Adam & Dave 80.1%  
 20. Tom Speers 76.9%  

On This Day
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Ford Mondeo
"Baby Animals"
19 May 2009
Various animals are shown in utero in a remarkable sequence highlighting the miracle of life. The idea being that the advertised car's green credentials will help keep the planet fit for the next generation... but not as much as walking, cycling and public transport would.

Wall's Sausages
"Kitchen Thank-You"
19 May 2011
This quirky ad for Wall's has all the makings of a cult classic. A man feels the need to express gratitude to his wife for the lovely sausages she's cooked for him but he's a "bloke" so he can't just tell her, can he?

19 May 2012
Ford appear to be claiming that the advertised model is all things to all people in this ad that sees its colour metamorphose to suit those admiring it from the street. Strangely, this has the effect of making the viewer pay less attention to the vehicle's unusual shape than might be expected.

"My Time Is Now"
19 May 2012
A game between the French and the Dutch is interrupted by a horde of invading interlopers in this ad for Nike that continues their trend of making it look more like they're selling video games than football boots. It's fast, furious and fun but Nike's ads were better when they had a more coherent narrative.

"My Time Is Now"
2 mins 40s
19 May 2012
A game between the French and the Dutch is interrupted by a horde of invading interlopers in this ad for Nike that continues their trend of making it look more like they're selling video games than football boots. It's fast, furious and fun but Nike's ads were better when they had a more coherent narrative. (Longer online version).

"Cats and Dogs"
19 May 2012
The advertised drink promises distilled togetherness in this ad which shows some dogs turning up unexpectedly at a cat party. The tension in the room is palpable until the J2O starts flowing and the room fills with bonhomie. Now, all we need to do is persuade the Israelis and the Palestinians to sup some.

Daft Punk
"Random Access Memories"
1 min 40s
19 May 2013
Unlike other ads selling the latest albums from whichever band is riding high, this spot is a full two minutes twenty and plays only seconds of the first track. There's no VO; just a futuristic vault and a couple of robots putting a vinyl record on a turntable. But as soon as we see a telltale crash helmet we know (unless we've been exiled to Neptune for the past few months) that this is going to be plugging the new Daft Punk album.

19 May 2014
If the Currys / PC World ads haven't got men surreptitiously ordering curved screen TVs in order to watch the World Cup in style, this spot should provide them with a legitimate excuse. A father and his son discover themselves in a gladiatorial arena where adversaries are squaring up to each other tensely, waiting to see what sign the emperor gives.

"Paul O'Grady Idents"
1 min 35s
19 May 2014
Five stars for a series of bumpers, we hear you ask... well, yes - and we make no apology for it. Because not only are these utterly charming, they do a really good job of drawing parents' attention to a range of tea-time options at the very moment when they're starting to wonder what to put together for their little tykes.

"Brad Bellflower"
19 May 2015
Following the passing of Steve Jobs, worthy contenders for the title of 'King of the Turtlenecks' were few and far between... until now! Enter Jeff Goldblum as Brad Bellflower; "Silicon Valley maverick" and man who just can't stop changing the game. His next feat? Apartments.com - and he's ready to take us on a virtual tour.

U.S. Bank
19 May 2016
"Let there be light!" say U.S. Bank with a suitably illuminating commercial which portrays the institution with the kind of restrained optimism currently so prevalent in the financial sector. It's a compelling treatment both aurally and visually, with Gorgeous director Patrick Daughters flicking the switch on a rapid-fire light show.

Samsung Galaxy
19 May 2016
A young man fears the worst when the young woman he fancies drives away without giving him her phone number. Sure, she has his but what are the chances she's going to call? In a highly relatable sequence, he constantly checks his phone, has his hopes raised when someone else with a similar ringtone receives a call and basically turns into a hopeful nervous wreck.

19 May 2017
Perhaps wary of smartphones stealing their thunder, Canon wish to reassert their photography credentials. Life moves at light speed in this ad depicting youth evolving into young manhood. Like any good story, there are thrills and spills - and the brand wants every moment to look its best. There are no product shots or specifications, so it's up to the viewer to follow Canon's story thread further.

"Crocodile Inside"
1 min 37s
19 May 2019
When was the last time a commercial had a soundtrack by Edith Piaf and a stunt inspired by Buster Keaton? Never, that's when. This rousing film for Lacoste is in keeping with the brand's fondness for celebrating love and all its complications. A couple stand on the brink of oblivion as their relationship unravels but as finality looms they see sense and realise they belong together after all.

Police Recruitment
"Life as a Black Police Officer"
4 mins 25s
19 May 2021
Released shortly after Stephen Lawrence Day and the trial of Derek Chauvin, this eloquent film features a police interview of a different kind. A serving Black officer answers questions about life on the force, and how more like him are needed to repair decades of mistrust. His interviewer is a former cadet who left over concerns about his appearance and multiple stop-and-search incidents.

Chelsea FC
"21/22 Home Kit"
2 mins 15s
19 May 2021
Did Chelsea lose a bet with the Test Card Girl? The club's new home kit suggests so, but Nike's blend of zig-zags and squares may also be a tribute to dazzle camouflage used in World War I. Either way, next season's design is not for the faint-sighted. The accompanying launch ad is far more agreeable, with director Harry Cauty evoking 1960s London.

Red Cross
"The Last Mile"
19 May 2022
War doesn't stop for Covid, putting both lives and supply chains at risk in places like Ukraine, Yemen, and Ethiopia. Keen to highlight the issues which often go unreported by countries that are 'over' the pandemic, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) depict a nurse with a limited supply of vaccines.

Apple iPhone
"Data Auction"
1 min 34s
19 May 2022
Apple continue to set out their claim to be a bastion of privacy in an online world where no one else can be trusted. In this stylish commercial by Ivan Zachariás, a young woman called Ellie chances across an auction of her data. The creepy auctioneer reassures those in the room that: "It's not creepy, it's commerce," and that idea is, quite frankly, the only thing that nobody's buying as every aspect of Ellie's privacy comes under the hammer.

Visit Iceland
19 May 2022
There are around eighty thousand horses in Iceland, though many tourists are none the wiser about this. Why? Because they spend so much time looking at work emails. Never afraid to think outside the horsebox, the country have a solution for always connected visitors.

"Jersey Royals"
19 May 2005
Big-tongued celebrity chef and all-round good egg Jamie Oliver gets all enthusiastic about new season jersey Royal potatoes in the company of a local farmer and his family who serve up some of the little tubers for the school food hero.

Nestlé Cheerios
"Happily Eating"
19 May 2005
Cheerios is presented here as one of the few foods children enjoy which are actually good for them. A cheery sequence of family scenes underlines the point in including two boys eating in their bedroom; a Mum nicking one form her daughter's bowl and a son eating directly from the box after returning late.

19 May 2005
St Jamie Oliver tells us that it is the asparagus season and then offers a simple recipe for using the vegetable that involves griddling it in butter and dripping it with lemon.

Embarrassing Illnesses
19 May 2007
Various people line up to be examined in intimate areas after letting the doctor know about uncomfortable itching and the like in a trail for a forthcoming series on Channel 4 dealing with, we suppose, sexually transmitted diseases. It includes the obligatory snap of a latex glove.

"Sex And The City"
19 May 2008
In the style of Sarah Jessica Parker's narration of Sex & The City, a woman describes her newly found perfect relationship... with a bar of chocolate. Galaxy chocolate, to be precise, for that's what is being advertised here with specific mention of a tie in with the forthcoming movie.

"Alcohol Units"
19 May 2008
As if we don't have enough to worry about, it turns out that even those who imagine their consumption of alcohol to be at a responsible level are, in fact, slowly marinading their livers. Mind you, has an anti-drinking film ever made drinking look quite so attractive?

On This Day
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