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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Jonathan Alric 95.6%  
 2. Megaforce 90.7%  
 3. Vedran Rupic 89.9%  
 4. Ninian Doff 89.3%  
 5. Sam Brown 88.4%  
 6. Nick Ball 87.4%  
 7. Joseph Mann 87.2%  
 8. Andreas Nilsson 87.0%  
 9. Tom Kuntz 86.9%  
 10. Sam Pilling 86.9%  
 11. Oscar Hudson 86.7%  
 12. Ben Strebel 86.5%  
 13. Molly Burdett 86.4%  
 14. Frédéric Planchon 86.4%  
 15. The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide 86.4%  
 16. Autumn de Wilde 86.3%  
 17. Caswell Coggins 86.3%  
 18. Billy Boyd Cape 86.1%  
 19. Nicolas Jack Davies 85.9%  
 20. Los Pérez 84.7%  
 21. Seb Edwards 84.6%  
 22. Charlotte Regan 84.6%  
 23. Declan Lowney 84.5%  
 24. Tiny Bullet 84.5%  
 25. Jeff Low 84.1%  

On This Day
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Renault Scenic
"Busy Life"
7 Oct 2006
A whirlwind of an ad that sees a girl dressing as fairy; playing the drums in a band; going camping; taking a football full in the face as she becomes a goalkeeper before returning to being a fairy. The music is the Presidents of the United States of America's version of Plastic Bertrand's Ca Plane Pour Moi.

Audi A6
7 Oct 2006
Spectacular film for Audi uses a series of quickly edited images which hint at unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and other bits of space imagery before we are told that, to date, NASA has filed just over 6,000 patents whereas in developing the A6, Audi filed over 9,000.

Vancouver International Film Festival
7 Oct 2009
As a piece of advertising this probably isn't wise but it's a cracking little film. It reminds filmgoers that subtitles aren't always everything they'd want them to be in a highly amusing fashion. The last gag is priceless even though you can see it coming... great fun.

Yeo Valley
"Boy Band"
2 mins
7 Oct 2011
Yeo Valley prove that the best spoofs are played with an entirely straight face. Accomplished promo director Jonathan Hopkins delivers an ad featuring a boy band every bit as authentic as any that have trod the boards under the Svengali-like gaze of Simon Cowell.

"Wünderful Stuff"
7 Oct 2011
This partly-animated ad features a plethora of children's favourites. KITT from Knight Rider leads a charge that includes Yogi Bear and the Mister Men in a bid to cheer up Britain with the advertised yoghurt which is made of "wünderful stuff".

Sky +
"Ginger Pig"
7 Oct 2012
Never mind all the fuss about Mercedes's interactive ad during this weekend's X Factor, the most outstanding commercial to run during the programme was this excellent piece for Sky. Initially appearing to be an ad for a new sausage called 'Ginger Pig', it soon becomes clear that we're looking at something else altogether.

"You Drive"
7 Oct 2012
A summary of the story so far and the conclusion are contained in the 90s ad that ran on Sunday night. It's not as exciting as some viewers hoped but what can you do when you're limited to local speed limits and traffic laws? It reminded DAVID of the milk float version of 'Speed' in Father Ted.

7 Oct 2013
Warburtons have turned out some terrific ads in the past, and here's a new one to add to the list. Long-suffering Sam Saunders writes to Mr Warburton about his bossy brother, but confesses that with the assistance of the brand's new Half & Half loaf, he can afford to play the long game.

"Good Neighbour"
7 Oct 2013
Be careful what you wish for... the car of your dreams could become the bane of your life if your neighbours covet it as much as this lot do the Suzuki. We love the lame yet wonderfully imaginative excuses used here in order to get a ride - from lampshade-wearing poodles ostensibly off to the vet, to a stranded bride evidently more anxious to experience the car than be at the altar in time.

7 Oct 2014
This wonderful piece of nonsense from Australia shows a group of men being put through their paces to discover whether or not they are macho enough to own a Toyota Hilux. It's an unapologetically old-school representation of what it means to be a man, and even though the film's tongue is firmly in its cheek, it reinforces just about every stereotype of manhood that you could imagine in a minute and a half.

BBC Music
"God Only Knows"
2 mins 45s
7 Oct 2014
When the BBC opt to go down the spectacular route, you have to admire their whole-hearted commitment. Seventeen years after wowing everyone with their Perfect Day trail, the Corporation has done it again with this extraordinary rendition of The Beach Boys track God Only Knows. An array of musical icons perform lines from the song as they move within a surreal landscape.

The Scotsman
"Can You Hear It?"
7 Oct 2015
David Tennant lends his enviable Scottish burr to this patriotic work of poetry on behalf of The Scotsman newspaper. He delivers the necessary warmth to a film that champions the nation's ability to indulge the senses through its culture, cuisine, and landscape. The photography combines beautifully with a well-written and superbly-delivered script.

Effie Awards
7 Oct 2015
Life can be a pitch for advertising professionals. Mention that you're in the industry and suddenly everyone around you tells you they have an idea that will change the world. Through a series of entertaining ads, the Effie Awards call for entries from creative talent with a touch more experience than watching every season of ‘Mad Men'.

Marks & Spencer
"Adventures in Fire"
7 Oct 2015
Bubbling, fiery and richly coloured, the ingredients in this autumnal spot for M&S are evocative of all that's good about the season. Slatherings of passata - fire engine red - add vibrancy to the comforting qualities of pizza dough; and crushed peppercorns in salami slices add piquancy on top. You can almost smell the wood burning to melt that pristine mozzarella which brings each separate flavour into tiny taste bombs of deliciousness. Yum.

"Piggy Sue"
7 Oct 2015
Having brought a lump to our throats earlier this year, Vodafone remake their 'Piggy Sue' commercial for the Irish market. The accents may have changed, but the same sweet story remains as a postie tries his best to reunite a pig with its owner - only to find he's grown rather attached to the custard cream-loving swine. A lovely story and one that emphasises the brand's dedication to helping us communicate through a variety of means.

"Bond Moments"
1 min 40s
7 Oct 2015
While James Bond readies himself for another bout of well-dressed espionage, Gillette encourage men to channel their inner 007 with this big-budget romp. The release of a Bond film typically gives agencies and production companies the chance to indulge their blockbuster fantasies. With that in mind, Smuggler's Adam Berg shows he has a firm feel for Bond with an enjoyable blend of action and suaveness.

7 Oct 2015
Pain relief commercials don't tend to be a bundle of laughs. There are a number of tropes they rely on: the sympathetic-sounding presenter; visual interpretations of aching, throbbing and neuralgic suffering; science-y graphics; unhinged smiles of post-pain euphoria. So this campaign for American brand Flanax is a complete joy.

H & M
"She's A Lady"
7 Oct 2016
It's heartening to see H&M following the advertising zeitgeist of showing their customers more than just gorgeous models wearing their clothes. DAVID is impressed with the diversity of cast here, showing us many different ways to be 'a lady' and treating them all as equally valid. H&M's new campaign for autumn 2016 is accompanied by a new version of 'She's a lady,' created and performed by Lion Babe.

Celebrity Cruises
"Beyond Borders"
7 Oct 2016
In this most turbulent of years, political agitprop is popping up in the most unlikely places and - to illustrate the point - this commercial for a cruise line includes a sharp repudiation of the isolationism promoted by US Presidential candidate Donald Trump. It expressly references the orange cockwomble's provocative plans to place a giant wall on the US-Mexico border while reminding viewers that the world is a better place when its people are more inviting.

"Mind Control"
7 Oct 2019
Marmite offer a fresh take on their iconic 'you either love it or hate it' slogan in an intriguing new campaign. Yeast-spread haters from all walks of life are brought together to try and have their minds changed: not via persuasion, but by way of hypnosis. Director Martin Granger captures the confused delight of the test subjects nicely, making audiences wonder if there is some truth to the trick.

"McDelivery & The Movies"
7 Oct 2021
This classy new campaign for McDonalds establishes something of a McCinematic Universe. Brief spots span multiple movie genres, each drawing attention to the fast food giant's delivery options in a visually distinctive way. From tearful lovers insisting the other take the last chicken strip to a superhero arriving to save the whole house with a feed, it's an eye-catching collection.

Smirnoff Ice
"Reluctant Husky"
7 Oct 2005
Uri from the previous ads tries to get his Husky going by throwing a snowball for it to chase but to no avail as the lazy beast stays where it is.

"British Airways"
7 Oct 2008
There's a sweetly vicious use of British Airways advertising iconography in this effective trail for a forthcoming Dispatches programme on Channel 4. The familiar Delibes aria becomes distorted as the various mishaps the airline has faced are individually described.

Vancouver International Film Festival
7 Oct 2009
This amusing Canadian film for the Vancouver Film Festival lets us know about the likely sexual content of the films which will be shown at the annual event. The temperature of the implied content rises through the ad until it's suggested there'll be pretty extreme scenes.

Vancouver International Film Festival
7 Oct 2009
This Canadian ad for the Vancouver Film Festival is composed of a surreal scene with a nightmarish quality which is designed to remind us that we should have an open mind if we want to enjoy independent cinema. It's both disturbing and a parody of disturbing... clever.

On This Day
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