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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Megaforce 92.7%  
 2. Seb Edwards 92.1%  
 3. Steve Rogers 90.8%  
 4. Dougal Wilson 89.6%  
 5. Wilkins & Maguire 89.3%  
 6. Ian Pons Jewell 89.1%  
 7. Mark Albiston 88.0%  
 8. The Sacred Egg 87.9%  
 9. Sam Brown 87.6%  
 10. Kim Gehrig 87.5%  
 11. Matthijs van Heijningen 87.1%  
 12. Andreas Nilsson 87.1%  
 13. Frédéric Planchon 87.0%  
 14. Tom Green 87.0%  
 15. Alex Boutell 86.7%  
 16. Nicolai Fuglsig 86.7%  
 17. Daniel Wolfe 86.6%  
 18. Scott Lyon 86.5%  
 19. thirtytwo 86.3%  
 20. Georgi Banks-Davies 86.3%  
 21. DOM&NIC 86.1%  
 22. Max Fisher 85.9%  
 23. Jeff Low 84.9%  
 24. James Rouse 84.7%  
 25. Declan Lowney 84.6%  

Five Star Work
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Knife Free
"Dean's Story"
2 mins 28s
24 Mar 2019
This beautiful little documentary about a young man whose life was affected by knife crime was made to remind others in a similar position that they should not carry a weapon. Dean was caught and the consequent criminal record made his life really difficult. Luckily, he was put in touch with James who had been through the same situation and was able to mentor him and give his life a new purpose.

"Chicken Town"
22 Mar 2019
KFC take on fried chicken fakers in this portentous commercial which focuses on the high street poultry boom. The ad opens with a shadowy figure cruising down a busy urban street, neon signs of lesser imitators reflecting in the vehicle's glossy exterior to a lofty, classical soundtrack. The driver, of course, is none other than the shoelace-tied Colonel himself.

"We Make Gin Not Compromises"
20 Mar 2019
Move over, Gordon the Boar - there's a new anthropomorphic gin connoisseur in town. His name is Mr Swan, and he's the focal point of this terrific commercial for artisan distillers Sipsmith. Realised through deft stop-motion animation, Mr. Swan (voiced by Julian Barrett) saunters through the ad whilst outlining the gin's production process.

"We Could.. "
20 Mar 2019
McDonald's skewer traditional coffee advertising tropes in this entertaining film, which is dedicated to the power of keeping things simple. From abstract, choreographed set pieces to historical epics via slow, slow motion, each vignette is lovingly crafted by directing team Us, taking each cliche to its logical conclusion.

"Upside Down House"
20 Mar 2019
Barclaycard continue to emphasise their unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses - however wacky their USP - in another amusing commercial. While their last ad shone a light on Kettering's Crystal Barn, this instalment features a bloke who wants to expand his upside-down house business.

British Heart Foundation
18 Mar 2019
A precocious tyke fronts the British Heart Foundation's latest campaign, kicking off this informative film with prepubescent brio. Like Brilliant Kid's little brother, the boy's enthusiasm for the circulatory system is delivered with such genuine verve that it's hard not to get swept along in his torrent of facts.

"Synchronised Swimming"
18 Mar 2019
Audi take synchronicity to a new level in this elegant commercial. Shot by car wrangler Johnny Hardstaff, the film offers a fresh take on synchronised swimming as a pair of motors move in precisely choreographed unison. Swirling and swooshing to the sounds of Faultline's 'Follow You Follow Me', the ad delivers a hypnotic demonstration of the vehicles' features.

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes
15 Mar 2019
Over a decade since a Peruvian goat broke the internet, McVitie's unleash their own bleating beast on an unsuspecting public in this off-kilter ad. Despite the animal's reputation for intelligence, this goat is confused by something truly aberrant: Jaffa Cake Nibbles.Sure enough, anyone who tastes the miniature cake-slash-biscuit (delete as applicable) is met by a horned intruder.

Hula Hoops
14 Mar 2019
Hula Hoops riff on eccentric trick shots in this fun commercial, which introduces the brand's new Flavarings variant. When a pool party attempts to execute a perfect alley-oop, online immortality seems all but assured… but not every participant has their eye on the ball. Those familiar with the Hula Hoops oeuvre won't be surprised at the outcome, but what precedes it is impressive stuff.

Brady Family Ham
"It's Your Only Ham"
14 Mar 2019
Irish meat purveyors Brady Family do what their countrymen do best in times of strife - have a laugh about it. While the UK effectively cripple themselves over how best to ruin their international standing for the next millennium, this film takes The Wolfe Tones' 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans' - which concerns British atrocities in the '70s - and uses it to sell ham.

"Our Safest Car So Far"
12 Mar 2019
An uncanny piece of work for Audi sees a woman experience multiple double takes as she cruises the city streets in her new A6. Hazards greet her from all directions, be they taxis, errant pedestrians, or cyclists. What they have in common is that they each involve the protagonist's doppelgängers. This neatly casts the woman as both motorist and potential victim.

P & O Cruises
12 Mar 2019
Following his Nordic adventure earlier this year, Rob Brydon enjoys more temperate climes in this attractively shot film for P & O. Scored by The Cranberries' ‘Dreams', the ad dispenses with Brydon's gregarious traveller shtick for a more lucid, inviting portrayal of holidays abroad. Enough to suggest a cruise holiday is the stuff memories our made of.

"A Pleasure to Follow"
11 Mar 2019
Audi announce the launch of their R8 model with this high speed city caper. Ably shot by Sam Brown, the film documents the hijinks which ensue as a colourful cast of characters vie for pole position behind the snazzy new vehicle. Meanwhile, a cover of The Carpenters's 'Close to You' provides a dreamy soundtrack.

"Bertha Benz"
3 mins 55s
10 Mar 2019
Mercedes-Benz tell the story of the first long-distance car ride in this attractively made film. Directed by Sebastian Strasser, the piece sees Bertha Benz (wife of co-founder Karl) drive her open-topped vehicle through the countryside, astonishing villagers who've never seen such a contraption before. an intriguing retelling of a little-known tale with huge cultural significance.

10 Mar 2019
Matt Berry lends his idiosyncratic tones to this ad for Money Supermarket, as the brand ditch dancing supervillains and gyrating action figures in favour of a more zen approach. And, erm, some gravity-defying antics into the bargain. Shot from a first-person POV, the ad turns the act of opening bills into a stratospheric episode.

Kew Gardens
"Marianne North"
2 mins 10s
8 Mar 2019
This lovingly crafted film from Kew Gardens and animation studio Trunk celebrates the art of Marianne North in time for International Women's Day. Drawing from North's extensive portfolio, the piece immerses viewers in the Victorian painter's comprehensive world tour. The end result is a soothing jaunt through this chapter of botanical art history.

Com Hem
"The Hike"
8 Mar 2019
Swedish broadband providers Com Hem portray a truly committed group of friends in this compelling film. When one of their number is injured while hiking, the rest of the team carry her so she doesn't miss out on the summit. At least, that's how it seems... Thanks to a sudden canine intrusion, it's revealed that the injured party is, in fact, witnessing the trek from the comfort of her own sofa.

English Collective of Prostitutes
"Illegal Act"
2 mins
7 Mar 2019
Launched to mark International Sex Worker's Rights Day on March 3rd, this hard-hitting film for the English Collective of Prostitutes brings attention to an absurd foible of the British legal system: it's perfectly legal to be a sex worker, but working alongside others is prohibited. Directed by Charlotte Regan, the film neatly lays out the difference between a woman being left alone as a sex worker vs the relative safety and companionship of others.

"Sunrise to Sunrise"
7 Mar 2019
South Africa-based photographer Elsa Bleda is the focal point of this terrific commercial for Lexus. There's no sign that director Georgi Banks-Davies was daunted by the idea of building a film around someone famous for creating her own striking images... on the contrary she has risen to the challenge by furnishing this TVC with her own impressive photography.

Halo Top
"For Adults"
7 Mar 2019
High-protein ice cream brand Halo Top believe children have taken the frozen treat for granted while their parents toil day after day. This bleakly funny commercial from 72andSunny and director Tim Godsall aims to restore the balance. Laden with cynicism and harsh truths, the ad pits a gaggle of sprogs against a world-weary ice cream vendor.

Formula E
"Street Level"
5 Mar 2019
Thought the remote control car you got for Christmas was cool? Think again. This cleverly made film unleashes two miniaturised Formula E cars on the city streets, with plenty of towering obstacles between them and the finish line. Even if the contest is over too soon, a darkly funny end gag shows the brand isn't messing around.

London North Eastern Railway
"This is Our LNER"
5 Mar 2019
With its nod to British Rail's classic 'Relax' campaign, this sumptuous delicacy for LNER reminds us again of the creativity and tranquility that can't be found in rush hour traffic. It has that same seductive quality of the original - and, even though we can't quite suspend our disbelief, we find ourselves wanting to agree that yes, it's far better to travel by train.

Guide Dogs
"We Need Each Other"
4 Mar 2019
This film promoting the need for Guide Dogs makes its point very sweetly. A little girl is providing a running commentary as she plays football but it doesn't seem out of the ordinary - just an exhibition of her excitement. But, when you realise why she's doing it, it melts your heart. Her blind father is stood on the sidelines 'watching' her play and is able to keep up with the action via her enthusiastic narrative.

"Curious Encounters"
4 Mar 2019
Booking.com continue their campaign to get holidaymakers feeling adventurous with another compelling ad - this time for the UK market. Directed with Big Red Button's characteristic energy, the film draws attention to the wide variety of accommodations - and experiences - which potential travellers have at their fingertips thanks to the advertised site.

"We Fuelled This City"
4 Mar 2019
Food delivery service Seamless enter the realm of musicals with this attractive commercial. Riffing on Starship's classic 80s anthem 'We Built This City', the brand's delivery drivers take on the role of cycling superheroes - fuelling their launch city of New York with food of all varieties. With rewritten lyrics referencing different foodstuffs, the film takes us all the way back to the company's founding at the turn of the century and through to the present day.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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