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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Eoin McLaughlin 93.9%  
 2. Jack Snell 91.0%  
 3. Joe Lovett 91.0%  
 4. Lynsey Atkin 89.7%  
 5. Andy Parkman 89.5%  
 6. Joe de Souza 88.1%  
 7. Juan Sevilla 88.1%  
 8. Ray Shaughnessy 87.8%  
 9. Dan Norris 87.8%  
 10. Matt Fitch 87.5%  
 11. Mark Lewis 87.5%  
 12. Sam Muir 86.9%  
 13. Jim Swan 86.9%  
 14. Gareth Butters 86.7%  
 15. Will John 86.6%  
 16. Antony Nelson 86.5%  
 17. Mike Sutherland 86.4%  
 18. Susan Hoffman 86.3%  
 19. Toby Allen 86.3%  
 20. Sara Sutherland 86.2%  
 21. Ash Hamilton 86.2%  
 22. Jonny Parker 86.1%  
 23. Chris Birch 86.1%  
 24. Dan Watts 86.1%  
 25. Lloyd Daniel 86.0%  

Recent Promos
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Kings of the Rollers
"Paradise (ft. Katy B)"
3 mins 08s
30 Mar 2023
Since releasing her third studio album, 'Honey’' in 2016, Katy B has kept a relatively low profile. She makes a welcome return on 'Paradise', a rapturous drum and bass track from Kings of the Rollers. When she sings, "Here we go again", it's obvious that she's back in her domain.

Remember Monday
"Nothing Nice to Say"
3 mins 34s
30 Mar 2023
Country pop trio Remember Monday get some bad education in this satirical promo for 'Nothing Nice to Say'. Band members Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull, and Charlotte Steele find themselves in a school that teaches women how to dress, clean, smile, and win pillow fights. Of course, it doesn't take long for the band to rip up the headteacher's lesson plan.

Fever Ray
"Even It Out"
3 mins 28s
29 Mar 2023
The spirit of John Waters is alive and well in this schlocky promo for Fever Ray's latest track 'Even It Out'. In an era which sees bigots hold up the most toned-down, panto dame versions of drag as being cause for moral panic, the tagline of this violence and sex-soaked video may as well be Make Drag Dangerous Again.

Everything But The Girl
"Run A Red Light"
3 mins 40s
29 Mar 2023
Hull pop duo Everything But The Girl have been greeted with rapturous praise from fans during their recent comeback, and 'Run A Red Light' demonstrates why the group - first formed in 1982 - are still relevant today. The track features a swelling, piano-driven sound which creates a sense of the morning come due, the night before fading into a blurry memory.

Tyler, The Creator
2 mins 56s
29 Mar 2023
Tyler, The Creator has worn many hats throughout his career, but new album 'Call Me If You Get Lost' proves he's here for the long haul. 'Dogtooth' brings the former Odd Future frontman back into the spotlight, accompanied by a sun-kissed promo which sees the rapper flex on just about everyone by tossing cash to the wind, showing off his abs, and smashing a Rolls Royce for the hell of it.

"I Choose U"
3 mins 28s
28 Mar 2023
A sun-kissed grade evokes the first flushes of romance in this sweet promo for Rimon's 'I Choose U'. The singer's fusion of R'n'B and neo-soul provides a fittingly atmospheric soundtrack to the diverse depictions of urban love, with couples riding public transport, lounging at the beach, and looking out across the city from high-rise windows together. It'll be nostalgic viewing for anyone who remembers when their first love felt like forever.

4 mins 41s
29 Mar 2023
Belgian director Aline Magrez blurs the line between fiction and reality in this gnarly promo for Macgray. A foley artist (Sarah Lefèvre) is entranced by her latest project: a horror movie where the protagonist (Elisabeth Winter) battles zombies in a forest.

Jelani Blackman
"Izit (ft. Kojey Radical)"
2 mins 44s
29 Mar 2023
This Jelani Blackman promo feels like the spiritual successor to 'Watch Dogs: Legion', the game that turned London into a surveillance state. As Blackman questions the state of the nation ("Freedom of speech, why can I see Tipp-Ex"), a militant AI scans everyone it sees and disrupts the neighbourhood with intrusive glitches.

Victoria Monét
4 mins 20s
28 Mar 2023
Victoria Monét is best known for her work writing songs for other artists (Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, and other major names), but she returns to her solo career with 'Smoke'. The track's bouncy, R'n'B influenced sound is buoyed by the accompanying promo's heightened imagery, which sees the singer step into a number of retro guises - including old school print cigarette ads.

"All We've Ever Wanted"
3 mins 02s
28 Mar 2023
This stripped-back promo for Palace's 'All We've Ever Wanted' provides an atmospheric backdrop for the British indie-rockers' emotional sound. Filmic distortion, projection, and swirling oil-on-water imagery allow washes of colour to flow over the band, giving the piece a timeless feel and bringing the singer's external turmoil to the fore. One gets the impression DOP Marko Steinberg had great fun with this one.

2 mins 43s
28 Mar 2023
Indie pop duo Cafuné demonstrate a more grown up sound on latest single 'Perspective'. Following up on viral TikTok hit 'Tek It', the group are more visually and aurally restrained in 2023 - seemingly stuck in an infinite time loop as they wander around a parking garage shooting various snippets of music videos. It's sleek work from director Erin Elders, enhancing the NY pair's newly mature style.

"Fly Girl (ft. Missy Elliott)"
3 mins 30s
27 Mar 2023
The spirit of poppy R'n'B is alive and well in this glossy promo for FLO's 'Fly Girl'. The British girl group declare that "it's ladies night" as they strut around a club with a coterie of female dancers, sporting Destiny's Child-influenced looks before Missy Elliott shows up to add some street cred to proceedings with outlandish fashion and styling. It's familiar work for those who experienced the Nineties first hand, but executed with a modern sleekness by director Tajana Tokyo.

City and Colour
"Fucked It Up"
4 mins
27 Mar 2023
Canadian singer-songwriter City and Colour - aka Dallas Green - embraces a low-fi sound for latest track 'Fucked It Up'. The former Alexisonfire guitarist and band appear in a similarly old-school, vintage-feeling promo for the song, performing in an empty barn as crackly film and visual distortion adds to the piece's out-of-time vibe.

Calvin Harris
"Miracle (w. Ellie Goulding)"
3 mins 05s
26 Mar 2023
Ellie Goulding is joined by a cast of stylish aliens in this intriguing promo for new Calvin Harris track 'Miracle'. The song's club-ready sound brings a trancelike aspect to director Taz Tron Delix's dreamy visuals, which transport the viewer off-world to a land of monsters, lovers, and cultish dancers. It's fascinating work which bears rewatching to take in all the little details.

Potter Payper
3 mins 04s
27 Mar 2023
Typical, eh? You're released from prison after two years, only to find the country in lockdown. That's what happened to rapper Jamel Bousbaa (Potter Payper) in June 2020 - freedom with a Covid-19-sized caveat. He's made up for lost time with songs like 'Gangsteritus', 'Blame Brexit', and now 'Multifaceted'.

Fall Out Boy
"Hold Me Like A Grudge"
4 mins 40s
26 Mar 2023
There are times when making something 'for the fans' can feel cliquey or exclusionary for those not in the know, but this promo for Fall Out Boy's 'Hold Me Like A Grudge' strikes just the right balance between in-joke and additional action. The film picks up where 2007's 'This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race' left off, and enters an alternate timeline in which the group disbanded following one pivotal show.

Melanie Martinez
5 mins
26 Mar 2023
This deeply weird promo for Melanie Martinez's 'Death' transports the viewer into a nightmare version of Alice in Wonderland. The film opens with the singer being buried by a collection of strange, rabbit-headed creatures, before being resurrected as a four-eyed insect. Things only get weirder from there, giving plenty of visual interest for fans and newcomers alike to ponder on.

Elephant Kind
"Love As"
3 mins 30s
26 Mar 2023
DAVID's taken some grim public transport in his time, and this fun promo for Elephant Kind satirises those overcrowded, unhygienic jaunts we all wish we could forget. Director Rich Hall puts a futuristic spin on the concept, as it features the band taking a commuter shuttle from the Moon back to Earth.

Ed Sheeran
"Eyes Closed"
3 mins 35s
23 Mar 2023
Much has been made of Ed Sheeran's upcoming Disney+ documentary - his emotional turmoil around his wife's health struggles, fatherhood, and friend's death, plus hints of knocking a party drug habit on the head and struggling through lockdown. This promo for 'Eyes Closed' serves as a further teaser, as it follows the singer on a despondent night on the tiles.

"Like Crazy"
3 mins 44s
23 Mar 2023
BTS's Jimin has emerged as thus far presenting the most aesthetically appealing solo outings of all the boyband's members. This promo is practically debauched by K-pop's squeaky clean standards, as it features the singer downing shots and then contemplating life's troubles as muck pours forth from the walls in unexpected ways. It promises fans a darker insight into unimaginable fame as the artist's solo output continues.

Paris Paloma
4 mins 05s
23 Mar 2023
A tense dinner forms the centrepiece of this promo for Paris Paloma's 'Labour'. The up and coming singer-songwriter describes an unbalanced relationship in which one party is expected to do all the heavy lifting, while her onscreen partner quickly finds that his lovingly crafted meal isn't all he expected it to be. Visually interesting work from director Adam Othman, who lets the singer unlock her animalistic side in the end.

"Love You"
2 mins 57s
24 Mar 2023
Some artists need a packed audience to feel good, but not Joyce Cisse (flowerovlove). The self-possessed teenager sings 'Love You' to different versions of herself, whether they’re reflections in a dressing room mirror or sat in front of her in a nightclub. Consider these baby steps before the singer and songwriter plays to sell-out crowds.

Karin Ann
"If I Fall For You"
4 mins 38s
21 Mar 2023
This promo for Karin Ann's 'If I Fall For You' plays out like professionally produced One Direction fan fiction. The singer attends a gig and meets a Harry Styles-alike whom she quickly falls for, encouraging homebodies to put themselves out there and socialise in the hope of similarly blossoming romantic lives. It's glossily romantic work, suggesting a summer of love is in the offing as the weather (allegedly) improves.

Oliver Heldens
"Oops (w. Karen Harding)"
3 mins 45s
21 Mar 2023
The Eighties comes back to life in this VFX heavy promo for Oliver Heldens' 'Oops'. A woman dances her way through a house party to the club-ready track, with animated flair making her seem possessed by some sort of psychedelic ghost as she flings herself about to the beat. The spirit of the party seems contagious too, suggesting there's more than Covid to worry about at your next crowded, sweaty gathering.

2 mins 44s
23 Mar 2023
Singer, songwriter, and producer Renao knows all about pressure. Born in Bangalore, India, Rahul Prasad moved to the UK to study music at Leeds University. With his long-term future in the country at stake, he threw everything into Soundcloud, Instagram, TikTok, etc. These experiences shape the promo for new single 'Lifeline'.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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