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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Time Based Arts 89.2%  
 2. Freefolk 89.1%  
 3. Selected Works 88.9%  
 4. Shift Post 88.1%  
 5. Stitch 87.1%  
 6. The Quarry 87.1%  
 7. Factory Studios 86.2%  
 8. Nomad 86.0%  
 9. Whitehouse Post 85.9%  
 10. String and Tins 85.6%  
 11. Company3 85.3%  
 12. 750MPH 85.3%  
 13. Untold Studios 85.2%  
 14. Electric Theatre Collective 85.1%  
 15. 1920 85.1%  
 16. King Lear 85.0%  
 17. The Mill 84.9%  
 18. Grand Central 84.9%  
 19. Glassworks 84.6%  
 20. Final Cut 84.4%  
 21. Framestore 84.1%  
 22. Black Kite Studios 83.9%  
 23. Work Editorial 83.8%  
 24. Rascal 83.6%  
 25. tenthree 83.3%  

Recent Promos
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Vintage Culture, Magnus
"Nothing Ever Changes"
3 mins 48s
16 Apr 2014
Another day, another music video inspired by dystopian fiction. The latest comes courtesy of Elliot Gonzo and Justin Du Pru for Vintage Culture and Magnus, with liquid metal at its moody core. Fans of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' will argue it's a mimetic polyalloy, but it's how Gonzo and Du Pru make this mercurial gloop move that matters most.

The Irrepressibles
"Will You?"
4 mins 10s
16 Apr 2014
The Irrepressibles is the alter ego of queer composer and singer Jamie McDermott, or Jamie Irrepressible, if you like. His new track is a shameless, sensual love song, with a muscular muscular bass line and lyrics that are not for the faint of heart ("Like a handsome strapping cowboy/Like a dirty fucking animal").

Camilla Cabello
"I Luv It (ft. Playboy Carti)"
3 mins 21s
14 Apr 2024
'I Luv It' by Camila Cabello is a Marmite song thanks to its machine-gun chorus and whatever guest vocalist Playboy Carti’s on about. DAVID likes it way more than he thought he would, but if Cabello wants the hyperpop crown, she needs to beat Charli XCX at her own game. Good luck to the American, is all we can say.

Cat Burns
3 mins 04s
15 Apr 2024
Cat Burns sounds like a student vet's worst nightmare. Much to the relief of squeamish viewers, Cat Burns is a singer and songwriter from Streatham, though the music video for 'Alone' is shot north of the river. Burns takes a stroll along Craven Park Road in Harlesden after dark, long after the shutters have come down.

Shelf Lives
"PVC Real Estate"
2 mins 19s
12 Apr 2024
Homespun Yarns 2023 winner Holly Hunter directs this scrappy promo for Shelf Lives, an electro-punk duo who reckon Los Angeles is not all it's cracked up to be. 'PVC Real Estate' touches on inequality and homelessness ("Unzip the front door/Blinded by the sunlight"), while Hunter's set is made from trash that the City of Angels would rather people would ignore.

"Mini Me's"
5 mins 03s
12 Apr 2024
It's hard to hear "Mini-Me" and not picture Dr Evil's clone in the 'Austin Powers' films... and Manchester rapper Meekz knows it. He uses the term to mock his rivals who dress like him, like the cast of KC Locke's dystopian music video. Even babies in jars wear masks, though a belligerent Meekz will school them soon enough.

Pink Floyd
6 mins 22s
10 Apr 2024
'The Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd turned fifty last year, and what better way to celebrate than with an animation competition? Directors could enter up to ten music videos, one per song on the album. Australian Kate Isobel Scott took a stop-motion stab at 'Money' and won big time.

Bob Vylan
4 mins 47s
9 Apr 2024
'Reign' by Bob Vylan is a force of nature, a Molotov cocktail that’s fiery and funny in equal measure. “I was a victim of one crime,” Bobby Vylan raps. "Was it gun crime? Nah, Bob Vylan got robbed for the Mercury." If you want to raise hell, why not raise a smile, too?

"Wax on You"
2 mins 42s
8 Apr 2024
The 2005 remake of 'House of Wax' with Paris Hilton was awful, but the poster had a brilliant tagline: "Pray, slay, display." The lyrics to 'Wax on You' by Reeve may not be as punchy, but they do inspire a hypnotic, molten promo from directors Ataka 51 (Dimitri Gorbaty, Philipp Ivanov, Alex Epikhov, and Sergei Medvedev).

London Grammar
3 mins 14s
8 Apr 2024
A 1794 poem by William Blake is the unlikely inspiration for this London Grammar promo. Drawn to what 'The Fly' has to say about man and nature, directors Waxxwork also think it’s a great opportunity to cover someone in flies! If 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' ever want to go in a more artful direction, this is a good place to start.

Depeche Mode
"People Are Good"
4 mins 47s
7 Apr 2024
The recurring motif of a white backdrop provides continuity and visual interest throughout this absorbing promo. Various scenes of conflict have been beautifully filmed by director Rich Hall, ably assisted by cinematographer Martin Ruhe but, in truth, the promo doesn't particularly connect to the track which is also not one of Depeche Mode's more remarkable offerings.

2 mins 50s
28 Mar 2024
'Breathe' by Yeat makes us fear for the future. The California rapper’s latest LP, '2093', is a dystopian concept album about a corporate police state and a psycho CEO—not a bad set-up, right? Alas, DAVID would sooner choke himself to death than listen to 'Breathe' and its hollow, cyber-bunk soundscape again.

Potter Payper
"Midas Touch (ft. ADMT)"
3 mins 19s
27 Mar 2024
At one point in 'Midas Touch', Potter Payper raps: "It's like my life's like The Wire, but it's season six." Get this man in a room with David Simon, pronto! In the meantime, we have KC Locke's promo that blends Greek mythology with cannabis farms and a bullet to the head. Green is good... until it turns you into solid gold.

Brutalismus 3000
3 mins 28s
26 Mar 2024
Director Mau Morgó distills an energy from 'Europaträume' by Brutalismus 3000 that in turn fuels his promo, and between them they achieve nuclear fusion. The performers go from a form of catatonia, through an awakening to frenzy, before arriving at blissed out satisfaction, and the journey matches the track every step of the way.

Olivia Rodrigo
3 mins 04s
26 Mar 2024
Olivia Rodrigo stars alongside "all of his exes" in the promo for 'Obsessed', a track from the deluxe cut of her second album. The contestants in a pointed beauty pageant include Miss Thought She Was the One, Miss Long Distance, and Miss Summer Camp Eight Years Ago. Love's not a competition, but it sure as hell feels like it to Rodrigo ("If I told you how much I think about her/You'd think I was in love.")

Big Sean
3 mins 24s
25 Mar 2024
The thing you really notice about this excellent promo for Big Sean's new song 'Precision' is the way it draws attention to the performance, especially when the rap star gets into his flow. Elsewhere, there are moments of wry amusement, as director Onda opts to insert moments of BTS into the promo itself... for example, when we see a car rig in a studio revealing that Big Sean is on a road to nowhere.

Nia Archives
"Unfinished Business"
3 mins 18s
25 Mar 2024
At the start of this forward-facing promo for 'Unfinished Business' by Nia Archives, a man reads a newspaper that says: "If you’re the only thing keeping me sound, is silence really loud?" It's a clever nod to both her previous single and the title of her debut album, but there's no time to kick back and read more.

North Downs
"Here Come Butterflies"
4 mins 25s
24 Mar 2024
This thrilling promo by Rogue's Jake Mavity opens on a young woman eyeing a strange glow. When she investigates, she discovers images of herself displayed on the screens of ancient analogue televisions. Mavity's playful evocation of the flawed images produced by the TVs of yesteryear feels both sinister and nostalgic... like something in one of the better episodes of Doctor Who.

Soft Play
"Mirror Muscles"
3 mins 35s
24 Mar 2024
This feels like quite a restrained promo given the violence of Soft Play's decibel-heavy mix of guitar and angry yelling. Director Thomas Davis didn't need to look much beyond the song's title when determining the subject matter for his promo, and his camera bounces between the overdeveloped musculature of a gym's inhabitants like a gleeful voyeur.

Porter Robinson
4 mins 13s
22 Mar 2024
This promo for a new song by Porter Robinson possesses a visual energy that sits somewhere between exhilaration and migraine... but in a good way! The song may be about the way a relationship between someone and their greatest cheerleader can flip when the subject of devotion becomes addicted to adulation, but the promo examines that same idea in a much more sinister fashion.

2 mins 59s
19 Mar 2024
Lovelorn singer, songwriter, and producer Sunsetto has a ring to bury, so he does a Johnny Depp and heads for the desert with a spade. He had plans with someone, but they "moved to the city where you can't see the stars". It sucks to be them, he reckons, and it's hard to argue with the dusty beauty of the burial site. Not sure about the Canadian's grills though.

"Walk Like This"
3 mins 25s
18 Mar 2024
Almost fifty years after Aerosmith told fans to 'Walk This Way', girl group FLO urge listeners to 'Walk Like This'. Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer are all about the "sway in my hip", so Friend London's Sahra Zadat directs a promo that struts back to another era of music videos. A fleet of gold cars with tiger stripe headrests tries to steal the trio's thunder.

4 mins 13s
18 Mar 2024
Kim Tae-hyung, or V, is one-seventh of BTS, the boy band who made everyone an expert on military service in South Korea. The group have plenty of material to tide fans over until 2025, like V's new solo track, 'FRI(END)S'. The song is about the border between the friend zone and the erogenous zone, if you will.

Billy Joel
"Turn the Lights Back On"
4 mins 36s
18 Mar 2024
It's been a staggering 31 years since Billy Joel released a new song and this promo by Warren Fu is a clever way of reflecting the years that since between the last single and this. Generative AI has been used to depict the 'piano man' at various points in his career performing the song. This is the kind of project where the use of AI is, without doubt, a force for good.

2 mins 16s
13 Mar 2024
Honda motorcycles enlist Argentine rapper and singer Khea to promote the Navi (not to be confused with the Na'vi from 'Avatar'). As Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue performs his new song—also called 'Navi'—he forms a black-and-white double act with the 110cc bike. We like that Honda send engineers from Japan to ensure the cast are up to speed.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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