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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Time Based Arts 87.3%  
 2. Cut+Run 85.2%  
 3. 750MPH 84.3%  
 4. Jogger Studios 84.2%  
 5. Electric Theatre Collective 84.1%  
 6. Freefolk 83.8%  
 7. nineteentwenty 83.6%  
 8. MPC 83.6%  
 9. String and Tins 83.5%  
 10. tenthree 83.5%  
 11. Glassworks 83.4%  
 12. The Quarry 83.3%  
 13. The Assembly Rooms 83.2%  
 14. Final Cut 83.2%  
 15. Stitch 82.9%  
 16. The Mill 82.6%  
 17. Factory 82.6%  
 18. UNIT 81.7%  
 19. Whitehouse Post 81.6%  
 20. Work 81.3%  
 21. Framestore 81.2%  
 22. Raised by Wolves 81.2%  
 23. Wave 81.2%  
 24. Jungle 81.1%  
 25. Grand Central 80.8%  

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

Honda Civic
"Feel More"
26 Jan 2020
This Honda commercial is less top-down and more bottom-up, you might say, as the Japanese carmaker keep a low profile to promote their new Civic model. Ingeniously shot by director Juan Cabral, the ad presents a woman’s run to the shops from the ground up. As well as being a slick visual device, it also allows for some playful moments.

Hnutí Brontosaurus
"Physics in Little Tibet"
2 mins 20s
28 Jan 2020
The importance of keeping inquisitive young minds occupied takes centre stage in this fascinating film for Czech conservation group Hnuti Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus in the Himalayas). The action centres on a kid named Dorjey, who wreaks havoc after a volunteer leaves a physics textbook behind in his home village. With only written instructions as a guide, the lad's experiments quickly become… unstable.

"Before and After"
26 Jan 2020
Along with a complete overhaul of their look and logo, price comparison site Uswitch have launched their biggest commercial campaign for twenty years this spring - kicking off with this playful ode to money well-saved. Whatever our pastime - be it for garish trainers, geekdom, or going all out on dates - the brand reckon they can save us enough cash on energy bills to pursue a hobby with fresh vigour.

"Daniel Craig vs James Bond"
2 mins 08s
26 Jan 2020
As Daniel Craig prepares to hang up his tuxedo once and for all, Heineken celebrate his tenure as James Bond with this two-minute caper directed by Miles Jay. Yet despite Craig’s best efforts, putting 007 to rest is easier said than done. Thanks to an overenthusiastic taxi driver, the actor is left sans passport in rural Italy.

23 Jan 2020
This purpose-driven Dove commercial takes a stand against the latest ridiculous, arbitrary beauty standard women are expected to develop anxiety about. While the concept of an ideal underarm might not occur to some, the state of one's pits is yet another way for women to be told they're not good enough - and Dove are at their wits’ end.

California Almonds
"Do You Almond?"
22 Jan 2020
This suitably nutty trio of commercials for the Almond Board of California (ABC) shows what a handful of seeds can do for snackers across the UK, namely leaving onlookers and woodland creatures alike speechless. Each feat of derring-do - a perfect life drawing, a claw machine heist, and a preternatural display of wood chopping - prompts the all-important question, “Do you almond?”

"The Birdman"
7 mins 57s
21 Jan 2020
Volvo’s latest collaboration with Sky Atlantic focuses on Professor Carl G. Jones - conservation biologist, Welshman, and saviour of the Mauritius kestrel, among others. He is, for lack of a better name, the Birdman. Directing duo D.A.R.Y.L.’s eight-minute film relives Jones’s first trip to Mauritius during the 1970s, as he tries to save the aforementioned bird of prey from extinction.

Friends Of The Earth
"We've All Been There"
23 Jan 2020
This adrenaline-fuelled commercial for Friends of the Earth takes on the very modern phenomenon of eco-anxiety. When a woman wakes in the middle of the night to chase down a bin lorry, one might imagine she's accidentally thrown away something irreplaceable or particularly valuable. The truth, however, is much more community-minded.

21 Jan 2020
UFC welterweight fighter Conor McGregor may be a confirmed arsehole, but this playfully animated commercial for Reebok offers him an opportunity to rehabilitate his image. The film sees the fighter shrunk down to action figure size, taking on various toy-based threats with his usual zeal.

"Playlist of the Decade"
21 Jan 2020
Directing duo BRTHR bid to condense a decade’s worth of music into 90” for Spotify, and they make a decent fist of it here. This seemingly impossible task is undertaken by a young man besieged by music fans across the city… and they all reckon their tracks should make the 2010s playlist. The result is a hyperkinetic hodgepodge of suggestions that cover myriad artists.

Amazon Prime
20 Jan 2020
Nat King Cole’s version of 'Let's Face the Music and Dance' provides a pleasantly vintage soundtrack to this slapstick Amazon Prime commercial, which sees a calamitous birthday unfold in slow-motion. “There may be trouble ahead,” sings Cole, and the legendary crooner ain’t wrong. The reveal, though predictable, earns laughs with a range of memorable facial expressions.

Open University
"Set Your Ambition Free"
20 Jan 2020
This clean, crisp commercial for the Open University starts at the end, so to speak, as former students reap the rewards of their studies. What matters most, however, is the decision to study in the first place. Thus, agency Havas London and director Ivan Bird hit the rewind button and shows the cast’s toil in reverse.

16 Jan 2020
Home-buying needn’t be hell, according to another edgy outing for online mortgage broker Habito. The brand have established a distinctive visual identity with their grisly animated commercials, and this addition to the canon of guts and gore continues the tradition with relish. Such bold visuals and cheeky humour are bound to appeal to the next generation of home buyer.

Army Recruitment
"Confidence That Lasts"
17 Jan 2020
Twelve months after mobilising snowflakes, binge gamers, phone zombies, etc., the Army switch focus to millennials suffering from low self-esteem. The solution, of course, is a stint in the armed forces, which has naturally drawn mixed responses. The protagonist of this compelling 60” film, however, sees the Army as an escape from confidence hacks.

14 Jan 2020
Another thoughtful ad for HSBC explores the concept of home and what it really means. Spokesman Richard Ayoade is a level presence, as ever, bringing enough gravitas to his delivery to really make ask, "Is home where we're from, who we love, or how we got to where we are?" In addition to these philosophical ponderings, it's an attractively shot piece of work.

"Second Shave"
1 min 47s
14 Jan 2020
The Buddhist practice of tonsure - the ritual shaving of the head and face - is part of the ceremony involved in becoming a monk. While little-seen in these parts, Thai culture considers time spent as a monk as one of the most important events in a man's life. That’s the premise of this engrossing ad for Gillette by director Coral Amy Brown.

"Picture Frame"
14 Jan 2020
Sex sells, as the old adage goes, and Zoopla - perhaps surprisingly - are the latest brand to indulge in a bit of rumpy pumpy. One of three new ads by Lucky Generals and directors thirtytwo, this spot introduces flatmates Tia and Jake… well, sort of. The two are actually nowhere to be seen as Diane Morgan’s VO describes the joy inspired by Flat 16 on Savoy Road.

Sport England
"Me Again"
14 Jan 2020
Having encouraged scores of women to get involved in physical activities following its launch in 2015, Sport England’s 'This Girl Can' campaign returns with a typically diverse and dynamic outing. Focused on breaking down preconceptions people might have about what stops them from exercising, the film exudes confidence as it frames a quickened pulse as an act of empowerment.

"Meatless Meatball Marinara Sub"
13 Jan 2020
Subway’s disruptive streak continues with this 90” plug for the brand’s vegan Meatball Marinara sub. Keen to attract more health-conscious punters through their doors, the brand introduce said sandwich at a tasting session brimming with open-minded diners. Alas, not everything goes according to plan.

"It's Normal to Us"
13 Jan 2020
People are encouraged to let their freak flag fly, so to speak, in this comprehensive commercial for BUPA... at least, when it comes to healthcare. The private healthcare provider claim they're equipped to handle whatever your 'normal' is - regardless of whether physical, mental, or emotional help is required.

National Trust
"125 Years"
10 Jan 2020
The National Trust celebrate their one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth year in existence with this compelling ode to stillness. Juxtaposing the brutal pace of modern life with the calmness of the natural world, it may surprise viewers that the accompanying text was written by the organisation's co-founder over a century ago. People, it seems, have always needed downtime.

Vue Cinemas
"Get Lost"
10 Jan 2020
The release of the latest ‘Star Wars’ film - divisive as it may be - is an event which prompts those who don't usually indulge to take a trip to the cinema. So it's no surprise that Vue have tapped Finn himself, John Boyega, to narrate this ode to the power of the big screen. Watching films on phones and tablets is all very well, says the ad, but it's not really watching them.

"Made for Ireland"
10 Jan 2020
Czech car maker Skoda aim to re-affirm their status as a major player in the Irish market, courtesy of this Zak Emerson-directed film. As the brand take a cautiously optimistic stance on car sales in 2020, the ad uses bracing photography and a graceful soundtrack to coax motorists from all walks of life into their dealerships.

9 Jan 2020
Adidas kick off 2020 with this kinetic and shapely piece of work from Iris Worldwide and director Sarah Chatfield, who weaves together an all-female cast, varied camera angles, and Madame Gandhi’s ‘Top Knot Turn Up’ to potent effect. Propelled by Gandhi’s whip-smart lyrics, the ad pays tribute to those who get things done, whether it be in the gym, on the beach, or on a steep incline.

"The Guilt Fairy"
7 Jan 2020
This is one of those rare commercials that captures your attention as you browse Twitter on your phone during an ad break. The conversation taking place is authentic… given the personnel involved and their history of pointing cameras at ordinary people, we don't doubt that this is completely genuine. And it feels it.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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