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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Verity Elvin 98.1%  
 2. Daisy Mellors 89.4%  
 3. Mary Fostiropoulos 86.9%  
 4. Ed Mueller 86.6%  
 5. Nikki Cramphorn 86.6%  
 6. Carly Parris 85.8%  
 7. Sally Pritchett 85.7%  
 8. Tom Dean 85.2%  
 9. Michelle Hickey 84.7%  
 10. Hannah Needham 84.2%  
 11. Laura Melville 84.1%  
 12. Persephone Withnell 83.9%  
 13. Catherine Long 83.3%  
 14. Panos Louca 82.7%  
 15. Victoria Doran 82.4%  
 16. James Faupel 82.1%  
 17. Nikki Holbrow 81.5%  
 18. Georgina Moxey 81.3%  
 19. Helen Brownlie 78.4%  

On This Day
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1 Dec 2007
Outstanding commercial focuses on an extraordinary USP of this product. A toddler gets hold of the camera and decides to use it to play a game of fetch with his dog. This includes hurling is across rocks and the like before using to thump open an outdoor tap and washing it. The camera survives this punishment.

Department of Health & Social Care
1 Dec 2008
Watching the sequence of events in this morality tale in reverse order makes it all the more affecting. It may even succeed in forming a connection in the target audiences minds between the casualness of the act and its unfortunate consequences.

"Vintage Ad"
1 Dec 2009
Accurist have resurrected this classic 1978 commercial featuring John Cleese to boost their Christmas sales. Older viewers may remember the original... if not, you'll get a glimpse of what your senior colleagues refer to as the golden era.

NHS Sexual Health
1 Dec 2009
A series of candid conversations are represented by speech bubbles in this clever piece promoting sexual health. By hiding the faces of the actors speaking the words, this film manages to get across its message that this topic is too important to be embarrassing.

Finnish Post
1 Dec 2010
A rather beautiful examination of infatuation from Finnish director Vesa Manninen which aims to extoll the merits of the humble letter. In the era of electronic communication, it's worth remembering that a hand-written note can have a tremendously positive impact.

1 Dec 2012
When zombies go on a rampage in a Norwegian suburb, the locals know what to do. They reach for the sports equipment they've bought from the advertised retailer and begin a counter assault. This culminates in a pitched battle in a sports stadium that doesn't look like it's going to end well for the undead.

"Memorable Guest"
1 Dec 2014
It takes a lot of skill to get something like this right - and this online spot for Maille mustard is balanced perfectly between excruciating and hilarious. A young dinner guest is drawn into conversation by the woman on his left, who, a propos of nothing, suddenly starts telling him way more than he could ever want to hear about her and her husband's sex life.

1 Dec 2014
This slightly dark ad from Scandinavia is not what you tend to expect from an Interflora commercial, but it's all the better for that. A lonely clown falls for a trapeze artist at the circus where they both perform, and tries a number of ways to get her attention. But she, quiet and self-possessed, doesn't even notice he exists.

Road Safety
1 Dec 2015
This public information film features Brendan. Brendan is in the doghouse. Why? No, not because he recklessly decided to drive after a drink. It's because he didn't... leaving his missus, Sandra, to walk home from the train station in torrential rain. As you can see, Sandra is not best pleased. What makes it such a powerful message is that it looks at the consequences of such a choice and legitimises the drinker's refusal to get behind the wheel.

1 Dec 2016
Cadbury have created a festive cadvent calendar (gettit) which will see the brand release a new clip every day until Christmas finally arrives. The first day sees a young boy fulfil his wish to decorate his neighbours' house with Christmas lights - since they're too old to string the bulbs up themselves.

Co-op Supermarkets
1 Dec 2016
The Co-op puts community spirit at the heart of its Christmas campaign. We watch the good times roll in for friends, families, and workmates. Smuggler's Joshua Neale creates an appealing medley of festive moments, from a passionate kiss to revellers enjoying a chilly Christmas swim. Yet that's only half the story. We think we know what Christmas is all about, "but what if it could do more?"

1 Dec 2017
It's difficult to stand out at Christmas and with 99% of clients pointing at the John Lewis showreel and asking their agency to reproduce something on it, it's incredibly hard to steer away from sentimentality... but Iceland has found a way. The heavy-handedness is perfectly judged as we witness the subversion of a familiar Christmas scene which - crucially - has been executed in a fashion which feels certain to ensure turkeys will fly from the retailers shelves.

3 mins 53s
1 Dec 2017
German supermarket EDEKA travel one hundred years into the future for their Christmas ad. Not much has changed… well, aside from robots taking over the planet. As droids patrol the city streets, one breaks formation to investigate an abandoned cinema. Inspired by a festive matinee, the robot arranges its own Christmas do. Despite its best efforts, some things require the human touch.

"Ed O'Brien"
3 mins 25s
1 Dec 2017
Keen to develop his "sonic palette", guitarist Ed O'Brien has joined forces with instrument makers Fender to produce a new Stratocaster - one with extra staying power. Radiohead's O'Brien points to the band's shift from traditional guitar music. Despite initial concerns ("What am I going to do here?"), he decides to upgrade his weapon of choice.

Air New Zealand
"A Very Merry Mistake"
2 mins 47s
1 Dec 2017
Santa mixes up his present orders in this highly amusing ad for Air New Zealand. Putting the Kiwi accent on trial, the film displays a wonderfully self-deprecating sense of humour as children ring the man in red to place their gift requests... only for things to get a bit lost in translation. The comedy is spot on here, as each punchline builds on the last.

Irn Bru
1 Dec 2018
Over a decade since viewers watched the Snowman nick a young boy's can of Irn Bru, this 60" sequel picks up straight after the lad's face-first landing in Glasgow's George Square. While the not-so-whiter than white figure thinks he's got away with it, he forgets that hell hath no fury like a young'un scorned. What follows is another aerial tour of Scotland, as the boy commandeers a seaplane in, well, cold pursuit.

2 mins
1 Dec 2018
Doctor Who may have been shunted to New Year's Day in the BBC's festive schedule, but the corporation's two-minute Christmas ad offers plenty of timey-wimey drama. As a mother and her teenage boy threaten to drift apart, time freezes to offer them an uncanny bonding session. While school friends and co-workers stand still, the pair enjoy everything their seaside town has to offer.

The Glenlivet
"Against the Tide"
1 Dec 2020
Few drinkers have endured that tricky walk back from a crowded bar with drink(s) in hand lately. This lively Glenlivet commercial features a master of the art, as director Tom Noakes pits him against a conveyer belt-stroke-existential obstacle course. Welcome to the surprisingly exhausting world of whisky appreciation, eh?

1 Dec 2020
Driverless technology may soon provide "universal autonomy", but insurance firms like NRMA would prefer customers to keep their wits about them for now. Rather than inflict another graphic car crash on desensitized viewers, the brand and director Juan Cabral present a dreamlike twist on the road safety formula.

"It's Been a Year"
2 mins 30s
1 Dec 2021
A celeb-heavy festive outing rounds out the year for ITV in funny fashion. Stars like Lorraine Kelly, Helen Worth, and Gino D'Acampo take their place in the chair of one patient make-up artist, airing their woes as she takes on the tradition role of barber, bartender, and priest: confessional. As it turns out, the film is part of the channel's Britain Get Talking campaign.

"The Call"
3 mins 37s
1 Dec 2021
This short documentary film is fizzing with energy and wit. Peter Schreyer is undoubtedly a remarkable man, but the world of automotive engineering is generally only interesting to boorish bores (yes, we mean you, Jeremy Clarkson) so it requires a very special approach to capture our imagination.

"The Brave List"
1 Dec 2021
This latest addition in a series of awareness films for SickKids – a Canadian charity – has something to say about Santa's delineation between Nice and Naughty. It contends, with considerable justification, that there is a third group comprised of children who belong on neither of the existing lists... these are the kids who belong on the Brave List – youngsters who have been through the ordeal of serious illness.

2 mins 05s
1 Dec 2021
Has anything so spectacular ever been quite as silly as this fantastic commercial for Samsung? It sets out its credentials in the very first vignette when an aggressive bear turns out to be the brand spokesperson in a furry suit... the unconvincingness of the transition only adding to the fun.

"Low Key"
1 Dec 2005
The coolly beautiful black Baileys couple return in an ad where he seeks clarification from her that their Christmas decorations are to be low key this year. This she confirms despite what look to be the most elaborate Yuletide decorations imaginable.

D & G
"Watch Handover"
1 Dec 2005
is the aim of indecipherable advertising to make you keep looking at it in the hope that finally all will become clear? Or is DAVID being stupid and simply missing the point? Bother men and women have two watches on their arm in this ad for the fashion houses timepiece decision. Answers on a postcard please.

On This Day
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