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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Verity Elvin 98.3%  
 2. Pete Thornton 87.8%  
 3. Natasha Johnson 87.3%  
 4. Mary Fostiropoulos 86.2%  
 5. Peter Montgomery 85.7%  
 6. Carly Parris 85.6%  
 7. Ed Mueller 85.1%  
 8. Nikki Cramphorn 85.0%  
 9. Laura Melville 84.9%  
 10. Persephone Withnell 83.9%  
 11. Michelle Hickey 83.8%  
 12. Tom Dean 83.6%  
 13. Catherine Long 83.0%  
 14. Hannah Needham 82.9%  
 15. Emma Hamilton 82.4%  
 16. Richard Adkins 82.4%  
 17. Panos Louca 82.4%  
 18. Joe Pawsey 82.3%  
 19. Nikki Holbrow 81.9%  
 20. Victoria Doran 81.9%  
 21. Georgina Moxey 81.7%  
 22. Matthew Ellingham 81.2%  
 23. James Faupel 81.2%  
 24. Alessia Small 79.1%  
 25. Emma Stocks 78.4%  

Recent Promos
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Biig Piig
2 mins 30s
30 Jun 2022
A couple's relationship toxicity manifests literally in this surreal promo for Biig Piig's 'Fun'. The film opens with the pair getting into a screaming fight after a heist gone wrong, only for a cloud of black smoke to engulf them and stop the slanging match in its tracks.

3 mins 01s
30 Jun 2022
This cover of Marcus & Martinus's 'Heartbeat' is an example of nightcore—a genre that takes other songs and tweaks them in garish ways. One of these methods is pitch-shifted vocals, familiar to fans/victims of Scooter's 'The Logical Song'. It makes lyrics such as "Yeah, you really do deserve better" sound even more galling.

Chris Brown
"CAB (feat. Fivio Foreign)"
4 mins 34s
29 Jun 2022
Chris Brown and pals go on a surreal night out in this VFX-heavy promo for CAB (Catch A Body). Brown and featured artist Fivio Foreign mean mug for the camera while highlighted lyrics appear behind them, and drive around in luxury cars with the doors open simply to prove that they can. All while Brown explains that "Shots got me feelin' saucy tonight/ If I fuck your girl, I'm not sorry." Quite.

"Maybe It's My Fault"
2 mins 56s
29 Jun 2022
Willow adopts a pop-punk sound on angsty new track 'Maybe It's My Fault', musing on who's really to blame for the breakdown of a relationship. The accompanying promo adds to the song's grungy vibes, as the singer writhes on a bed while rain pours outside. Stop-start flashes of colour create a strobe-like effect, emphasising the intensity of her inner turmoil.

Lil Nas X
"Late To Da Party (feat. YoungBoy)"
3 mins 25s
29 Jun 2022
Never one to be shy about expressing his feelings, Lil Nas X takes aim at BET on latest track 'Late to Da Party'. The rapper received zero award nominations for the network's prestigious annual bash despite having several hit tracks over the past year - something he chalks up to industry homophobia.

King Princess
"Too Bad/Cursed"
3 mins 55s
29 Jun 2022
You can't help but love a t-shirt that says "Fuck you, you fucking fuck". The rated-R garment belongs to King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus), who plays multiple roles in this clip for 'Too Bad/Cursed'. Whether she’s a bandleader, a bartender, or a woman detached from all around her, Straus is a sparky, engaging presence.

Ozzy Osbourne
"Patient Number Nine"
4 mins 53s
28 Jun 2022
Ozzy Osbourne is preoccupied with fighting his inner demons on latest track 'Patient Number Nine'. It may seem inconceivable that the 73 year old rocker is still going following decades of substance-fuelled debauchery, but he's in fine voice here as he sings about "Making friends with strangers inside my mind/ 'Cause they seem to know me well."

5 mins
28 Jun 2022
There's folk magic in the air in this spellbinding promo for experimental group Heilung's 'Anoana'. Their music is based on texts and runic inscriptions from the Bronze, Iron, and Viking Ages, creating a sense of living history and transporting listeners to a place somewhere outside of linear time.

Charlie Puth
"Left and Right (feat. Jungkook)"
2 mins 39s
28 Jun 2022
Charlie Puth is joined by BTS member Jungkook in this playful promo for new track 'Left and Right'. The heavily stylised film sees the pair preoccupied with past loves, dancing around in a white void and venting in a therapist's office by turns. A sequence with the Korean star riding on the hood of Puth's car is a particularly light-hearted if unusual method to getting over a break-up.

Maggie Rogers
"Want Want"
3 mins 10s
28 Jun 2022
Maggie Rogers walks into a karaoke bar may sound like the set-up for a joke, but it's the premise for this Warren Fu-directed promo. You know you've made it when your own song is available, so Rogers enjoys every moment of new single 'Want Want'—the lyrics even appear in reverse as if viewers are inside a CRT set.

"Angry Woman"
2 mins 51s
27 Jun 2022
This promo for Ashe's 'Angry Woman' depicts the singer being cut out of her clothes by anonymous hands. Her defiant central performance is striking, as she relates being told that "nobody likes an angry woman" as she's left entirely nude - staring straight at the camera as though challenging the audience to react.

Greentea Peng
"Stuck in the Middle"
2 mins 46s
27 Jun 2022
There's a surreal feel to this moody promo for Greentea Peng's 'Stuck in the Middle'. The singer - who describes herself as making 'psychedelic R'n'B' - sports a furry leopard-print hat throughout the video, as she encounters an unusual cast of characters on her travels.

4 mins 30s
27 Jun 2022
Belgian-Egyptian singer and model Tamino takes a sun-kissed road trip in this promo for latest single 'Fascination'. The film establishes a laid-back vibe, as the artist initially tries to hitch a ride before taking up residence in the driver's seat and deciding where his journey will take him.

3 mins 46s
25 Jun 2022
Andy Delaney's playfulness comes to the fore in this witty promo for the band Asylums. The musicians are turned into his digital playthings as Delaney uses split screen to highly amusing effect... it's a technique which suits the track down to the ground, and proves to be a perfect complement to its musical vibe.

Tom Odell
"Sad Anymore"
2 mins 10s
24 Jun 2022
Manshen Lo directs another unfussy animation for warbler Tom Odell. The same character from Lo's 'Best Day Of My Life' promo swaps their bike for a merry-go-round here, accompanied by the lyrics to 'Sad Anymore'. The result is both colourful and melancholy, like a playground seen through grown-up eyes.

The Lumineers
5 mins 31s
23 Jun 2022
"What does love mean to you?" It's a question that takes director Kyle Thrash on a tour of Orlando, Florida, where couples and singletons alike search for answers. Some describe it as a "rocket ship", others a guarantee that "someone's going to be there for you, no matter what your mess-ups are". One man keeps a tattoo dedicated to his first wife.

Lava La Rue
"Hi-Fidelity (ft. Biig Piig)"
3 mins 23s
22 Jun 2022
A night out with Lava La Rue is as colourful as it sounds, corroborated by this promo for 'Hi-Fidelity'. Bubbles, balloons, and motion blur feature throughout Paul Herrmann's clip, as well as a senior airline pilot with an inflatable head. There's also a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by Sonic the Hedgehog as a mural with a cigarette.

"The Path"
3 mins 41s
22 Jun 2022
Lorde is back on the beach in this promo for latest single 'The Path'. The singer wanders through a mysterious community with a cultish vibe, with people in neutral-coloured clothing catching fish, building, and doing yoga as she passes by. They eventually join her for a choreographed dance routine, bringing an air of mystery to the song's dreamy sound.

3 mins 30s
21 Jun 2022
Kasabian's post-Tom Meighan era continues with this frantic promo for 'Chemicals'. Newly minted frontman Serge Pizzorno darts around Leicester city centre like a jackrabbit in a headband, with big eyes Margaret Keane would be proud of. Though director LOOSE's camerawork is full-on, the biggest risk of eyestrain comes from Pizzorno's jacket.

"Highest Building (feat. Oklou)"
3 mins 49s
21 Jun 2022
An unusual pair of motorcycle riders form the heart of this promo for Flume's 'Highest Building'. The surreal visuals follow the colourful duo on the track, of course, but there's far more than that happening throughout the intriguing film. Dancing pit crews, psychedelic faces lurking beneath helmets, a giant chicken nugget come to life - there's barely room for the audience to breathe in between new elements being introduced.

Chris Brown
"WE (Warm Embrace)"
5 mins 10s
22 Jun 2022
This busy promo for Chris Brown's WE (Warm Embrace) opens with the singer falling through the sky in a beam of light. More traditional music promo fare follows - mainly Brown dancing with a woman and performing alongside a band in a hideous cardigan - before he and his date are sucked into an flying saucer at the close. Narratively confused if well-shot work.

Ezra Collective
"Victory Dance"
5 mins 12s
22 Jun 2022
More gigs should be accessed through a corner shop, we reckon. This Ezra Collective promo is a trial run of sorts—rather than faff about, fans just tell the shopkeeper, "This is where I’m supposed to be." He then hands over a card with the jazz quintet on it, all classy like.

"Tek It"
3 mins 13s
21 Jun 2022
A jealous cat stars in this colourful promo for Cafuné's new song 'Tek It'. The anime-influenced visuals depict a blossoming romance in the abstract, threatening the pet's peaceful existence with its owner and ringing true to anyone who's had to introduce a new partner to a suspicious animal.

Steve Lacy
2 mins 30s
20 Jun 2022
Directing duo Rubberband's latest music video finds Steve Lacy in a spin. As the American artist performs his bossa nova-infused single 'Mercury', the camera rotates on its spot for the entire promo. There are moments when Lacy is completely off-screen, which makes it even more funny when he sways back into view or a dog wanders into the shot.

Aldous Harding
"Tick Tock"
3 mins 45s
21 Jun 2022
A blue rabbit breastfeeding a small boy is one of many unusual sights in this animated promo for Aldous Harding. Dressed only in his underwear, the boy embarks on a whimsical odyssey that sees him connect with nature in surprising ways—not least via a leporine teat.

Recent Promos
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