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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Patrick Golan 90.7%  
 2. Ben Fordesman 90.2%  
 3. Justin Brown 89.5%  
 4. Alex Barber 89.2%  
 5. Steve Annis 88.1%  
 6. Lasse Frank 88.0%  
 7. Matthew Emvin Taylor 87.5%  
 8. Benjamin Todd 87.2%  
 9. Daniel Landin 87.1%  
 10. Mauro Chiarello 86.9%  
 11. Tom Townend 86.8%  
 12. Hunter Daly 86.7%  
 13. Joe Douglas 86.4%  
 14. Molly Manning Walker 86.3%  
 15. Fabian Wagner 86.0%  
 16. Thomas Hole 85.7%  
 17. Alex Melman 85.6%  
 18. Adric Watson 84.8%  
 19. Nico Poulsson 84.7%  
 20. Benedict Spence 84.2%  
 21. Patrick Meller 83.9%  
 22. Jaime Feliu-Torres 83.9%  
 23. Anna MacDonald 83.8%  
 24. Matt Fox 83.5%  
 25. Christopher Sabogal 83.2%  

On This Day
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Kronenbourg 1664
"Seat Search"
22 Sep 2006
Longer version of the recent commercial finds time in its extra twenty seconds for a cameo by a dog who is after the protagonist's beer while he is aboard the bus and then is seen following him later on. Certainly a more relaxed version of the ad, proving one again that directors' cuts work best.

24 Sep 2008
A vintage piece from Frank Budgen which uses the filmic paraphernalia of a horror movie to show a man being menaced by his sofa. Instead of being a couch potato, he should pop on his running shoes and get fit. An absolutely classic piece of advertising from one of the greats.

BBC Radio 3
24 Sep 2009
A beautiful trail for a series of programmes on Radio 3 dedicated to the composer John Tavener. As we look out of a window with rain dribbling down the outside, it's unclear what shapes lay behind but slowly as the music permeates they come into focus.

24 Sep 2012
The second James Bond infused commercial in a month suggests that the latest instalment of the movie franchise must be imminent. Daniel Craig himself shows up in this ad which has a young man inadvertently following him around as the two of them both look to get their hands on the advertised beer. We're guessing there is a longer version out there which has a bit more room to breathe.

Lloyds Bank
"First Home"
24 Sep 2013
Various TV personalities from Mary Portas to Ade Adepitan talk about the first home they ever bought in this spot targeting first time buyers. They all note how humble those beginnings were, and Adepitan ends it with a wonderful line about the appearance of his flatmate.

"Encyclopedia Atlantica"
24 Sep 2013
This ad explains the dangers of being unable to interpret your sales data - which doesn't sound the premise for a great piece of communication. But this dry sounding proposition has been turned into an excellent piece of advertising by Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco.

The Sunday Times
"Bringing the World to Britain"
6 mins 45s
24 Sep 2014
Christina Lamb is - in many ways - an unlikely-looking war correspondent but if you watch this film, you'll quickly realise how little someone needs to resemble the stereotype of the battle-hardened tough guy to possess the requisite bravery and fortitude. This is a mesmerising portrait from a really excellent series and as much as its makers try to persuade us that this isn't really advertising, it possesses a tremendous power which makes you want to support the work of people like Lamb far more effectively than a 30" commercial ever could.

Kit Kat
2 mins
24 Sep 2014
Not content with using one character to showcase his talent, actor Martin Mahogany ambitiously plays two parts at the same time. Well, not quite at the same time... the two sides of his body wear different costumes and make-up so that he has to turn 180 degrees to switch character, as we learn in an explanation offered with perfect deadpan.

Tena For Men
24 Sep 2015
After his show-stopping introduction earlier this year, Tena For Men's Stirling Gravitas has become the saviour for incontinence control. Look the words up in the dictionary and you'll find his satisfied face next to them. In another terrific Jeff Low-directed outing, Stirling demonstrates just how unflappable he is in the face of… well, everything.

AT & T
"Fletcher's Drive"
6 mins 10s
24 Sep 2015
It's a gutsy move for AT & T to release a film of this length, but the story of rising football star Fletcher Cleaves produces the impact required to reach drivers with one eye too many on their phones. It takes countless push-ups, many miles of distance run, and a steely resolve for Fletcher to achieve his dream... yet it only takes one moment of inattention from a reckless driver to take it away.

"200 Years"
2 mins 20s
24 Sep 2015
The poets have had their say, now it's time to hear what the residents of Islay have to say about Laphoraig. Those wary of listening to talk of "hints of this" and "suggestions of that" when it comes to whisky will find these unique and colourful perspectives on the single malt far more engaging. For some it's history in a glass, for others it's drinking "burnt knickers", but one thing is for certain - it's a single malt that gets people talking,

"Free Love Highway"
24 Sep 2018
Freeview embrace a hippie vibe with this dreamlike commercial about free love... of telly, that is. Scott Lyon's 60" film follows a car serving as the digital TV platform's avatar down a long stretch of highway, focusing on the many colourful characters it passes along the way. The production design is great, as the eclectic cast includes nods to Peaky Blinders, Top Gear, The Walking Dead, and many other programmes available on Freeview.

Cadbury Roses
"How do you say it?"
24 Sep 2018
When a little boy swaps the words 'thank you' for 'roses' it's not too difficult to guess his logic. But that doesn't make this ad any less delightful. The relationship between father and son has a natural sweetness that is rarely captured in a TVC, as is apparent in their exchange over the flyer and the dad's words to a waitress serving them in a café. It's a fresh and lovely way to lodge the confectioner's name in our minds.

"We Got You"
24 Sep 2019
Little white lies are the focus of this entertaining new campaign from the zippily-named ZitSticka - patches designed to help spots heal fast. From fibbing about a religious skincare routine to fudging one's consumption of, er, fudge, the film offers an amusing insight into what we tell the rest of the world versus how we act when nobody's looking.

"There is Only One King"
24 Sep 2020
FIFA 21 may be a mixed bag for Leeds United fans this season. On the one hand, United’s Elland Road stadium is, er, missing from the upcoming game. On the other hand, supporters can play as former striker Eric Cantona and pretend he never left for rivals Manchester United. Swings and roundabouts, really.

Uber Eats
24 Sep 2020
Uber Eats have triggered a battle for the ages in their latest ad, as two giants of sci-fi face off about their dinner choices. Perennial internet darling Mark Hamill and glabrous legend Patrick Stewart take opposing stances regarding vegetables: Hamill favours an absolutely tomato-free sandwich while Stewart tauntingly asserts his choice of pasta - liberally adorned with the little red blighters.

B & Q
"Later Means Never"
24 Sep 2021
B & Q take a stand against inertia in this compelling animated commercial. Directed by Sam Gainsborough, the film sees a dad paralysed by inaction who finally manages to shake off the accumulated dust of putting things off 'for later'. It's an inspiring sight for those who didn't embrace the home improvement trend during lockdown.

"In The Spotlight"
24 Sep 2021
Alex Gorosh directs this cogent piece of work for The Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY), who claim that "everyday sentences take as much courage for kids as public speaking". This is illustrated by a young cast transported to packed classrooms, theatres, and auditoriums when they open their mouths.

"A Little Bit Rude"
22 Sep 2006
Award-winning viral for Charmin toilet paper employs a number of euphemisms for going to the toilet before suggesting that whatever we call it, we should use Charmin's product to clean things up afterwards.

EA Sports
"The Football"
24 Sep 2006
A young man drives to a football ground with a determination to get it right this time. His pent-up fury puts one in mind of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver and DAVID sincerely hopes he doesn't bring the same intensity to the games where he has to shoot everybody.

"Lose Yourself"
24 Sep 2006
A woman is taken over by reverie when she eats a piece of Toblerone chocolate and makes DAVID wonder whether there are hallucinogens as she pictures herself lying a boat as it coasts through a World made entirely of chocolate and then becomes part of an elaborate clock.

Marks & Spencer
24 Sep 2006
Charming companion piece to the current ad featuring twiggy and friends uses the same locations and props to show off the High Street store's range of children's clothes. The tune used, appropriately enough, is The Monkees theme song and many of the familiar moves from the show's title sequence are evoked.

24 Sep 2007
Chirpy Ian Wright is upstaged by one of his colleagues from the Asda fish counter in this ad in which various fish types are being shown to the former footballer. When Wright's instructor ropes his colleague Sam into the conversation, the latter makes an X Factor style bid for fame.

24 Sep 2007
Dashed clever art direction here as a small group of youngsters turn their living room upside down to illustrate an offer from Orange that enables us to have both broadband and telephone in the house. This inspired DAVID to see if he could construct a model of the Loch Ness monster from his furniture. Alas, no.

Ladbrokes Bingo
"Fun Fun Fun"
24 Sep 2008
Don't try this at home... a really fun piece for Ladbrokes Bingo shows people in giant bingo balls being pushed through the streets. The shots of the balls sitting atop tall building are enough to give anybody the heeby-jeebies... not least someone with DAVID's sensitivies when it comes to heights.

On This Day
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