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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Steve Annis 90.5%  
 2. Daniel Landin 89.6%  
 3. Benjamin Todd 88.8%  
 4. Matthew Emvin Taylor 88.2%  
 5. Patrick Golan 88.2%  
 6. Alex Barber 88.0%  
 7. Justin Brown 87.9%  
 8. Kasper Tuxen 87.8%  
 9. Lasse Frank 87.6%  
 10. Nanu Segal 87.4%  
 11. Tom Townend 87.4%  
 12. Rob Hardy 87.2%  
 13. Luke Jacobs 86.5%  
 14. Olan Collardy 85.7%  
 15. Joe Douglas 85.6%  
 16. Stephen Keith-Roach 85.0%  
 17. Benedict Spence 84.8%  
 18. Mauro Chiarello 84.6%  
 19. Harry Wheeler 84.4%  
 20. Jim Jolliffe 83.1%  
 21. Spike Morris 81.9%  

On This Day
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20 Jun 2006
Visually impressive ad for the anti-stinky smelly stuff has an array of bikini-clad beauties making their way to an unknown destination and being joined by more and more women all the time. Only when we see a man coating himself in Lynx do we realise why 'billions' of women are heading there.

"The Monkees"
20 Jun 2012
A boy spies another lad his own age in the garden next door when he moves into a new house and this marks the start of a beautiful friendship. It's admirably sweet, as we'd expect from this director, but it would probably gain from being shortened to forty seconds.

20 Jun 2013
The second in the new series advertising Carling lives up to the promise of the first and suggests this is a campaign that's going to go from strength to strength. It depicts the flawed heroism of a man who risks life and limb to protect a strictness of nuns preoccupied with a cute lamb as a cricket ball hurtles towards them.

"Tour de Britain"
20 Jun 2013
If you hear much talk about mammals on bikes this summer, chances are you'll be confounded unless you know it's the acronym for Middle-Aged Men In Lycra. This glorious ad is an anthem to them, to children, to families and hipsters, commuters and yummy mummies - to an entire nation that's embraced its inner cyclist thanks to Bradley Wiggins et al.

For Goodness Shakes
"Awkward Shake"
20 Jun 2013
This naughty viral for a protein shake identifies a problem with rival products that need to be thoroughly shaken before they can be consumed. The gag may be obvious but it's been executed with aplomb and the high level of viewings on YouTube suggests that it's proven very popular.

B & Q
"Unloved Rooms"
20 Jun 2013
We've said it before and we'll say it again: truthiness is a key factor in successful advertising, and in this spot B&Q hits not just on the notion that we tend towards being untidy, but the way untidiness creeps up on us. How kitchens become assault courses; the fact there's always "the room with no name". Lovely because everyone can identify with it, and stylishly done.

Fairy Non-Bio
"Learning To Hug"
2 mins 10s
20 Jun 2015
This beautifully tender online film for Fairy Non-Bio focuses on a relationship between a father and his grown son. The perspective of both is explored as they describe how the hugging that characterised their interaction during the early years fell by the wayside during the teen years. Perfectly timed for Father's Day, it's a moving exploration of the modern father-son dynamic.

1 min 35s
20 Jun 2016
Turns out we were wrong to assume the world's elite athletes have a fleet of luxury transportation waiting to take them to Rio 2016. In fact, they have so much energy to burn, they're happy to make the trek to Brazil by any means, be it running, swimming, cycling, or - like the stars of this entertaining Visa commercial - carpooling.

Dollar Shave Club
20 Jun 2018
Dollar Shave Club continue their surreal journey through the shaving senses with this entertaining ad directed by Ian Pons Jewell. Following their last trip to the shaving cream heaven, this film sees a guy sent into a galactic reverie from the sheer silkiness of his beard butter. The guy floats from his bathroom in ecstasy, drifting into space and cavorting in zero-G with globs of razor moistener.

The Humane League
20 Jun 2019
"The party's over", says this thought-provoking commercial which calls out McDonald's over its animal welfare record. Directed by Matias & Mathias, the film targets the fast food chain via the aftermath of a debauched mansion party. Despite the film's understandably serious tone, witty production design adds another layer to proceedings.

"Apollo 13"
20 Jun 2019
Samsung go back in time to celebrate their long history of technical innovation with this 60" ad. Director James Marsh takes viewers not only through the years but around the world, as the film shows a diverse array of nations and races united by one thing: being completely gripped by watching the first man on the moon.

"The Reluctant Sea Shanty"
1 min 35s
20 Jun 2022
Pandemic isolation left many craving human contact, so it's perhaps no surprise that the communal singing style of sea shanties had a wild resurgence in popularity. Nathan Evans - with his viral rendition of 'Wellerman' - led the charge, and he's using his fame for good with this commercial for the UNCHR.

"A Mountain of Entertainment"
1 min 55s
20 Jun 2022
Paramount promise "a mountain of entertainment" with their new streaming service, Paramount+. Ironically, the cost of living crisis means the brand also have a mountain to climb. Given how many customers have cancelled subscriptions for the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime in 2022, is this the best time to launch yet another streaming service? This two-minute ad from New Commercial Arts and directors Los Pérez thinks so.

"The Musicians"
8 mins 47s
20 Jun 2023
Hip-hop trio Fo Sho comprise sisters Bethlehem, Miriam, and Siona Endale—Black and Jewish Ukranians forced to leave their home after the Russian invasion. Now based in Stuttgart, Germany, the siblings aim to show what refugees are capable of.

Child Poverty Action Group
"Food Glorious Food"
20 Jun 2023
The musical adaptation of Oliver Twist re-introduced audiences to the harsh realities of Victorian child poverty back in the 1960s, and you'd hope its message would be irrelevant by 2023... but we live in Tory Britain. 'Food Glorious Food' provides a jaunty soundtrack which becomes haunting in this film for the Child Poverty Action Group, as a child heads into a fantastical lunchtime with his peers.

Road Safety (Ulster)
20 Jun 2006
A man in a bar faces the decision of whether to have a drink (and, therefore, drive with alcohol in his system) as others face the dreadful decisions caused by accidents caused by other people's drink driving. If this doesn't make people think twice, what will?

Beter Horen
19 Jun 2007
The various sounds of rain are celebrated in this ad for a company that produces hearing enhancement devices. The cleverness lies in the way the different qualities of sound have been captured visually so that this ad works as well without sound as with.

Kellogg's Fruit 'n' Fibre
"Extreme Measures"
20 Jun 2007
Amusing ad being broadcast in Ireland suggests you could go to extraordinary lengths such as "training squirrels to gather nuts" and "drying grapes on the backs of goddesses" to concoct a wonderful breakfast cereal. Or you could buy Fruit 'N' Fibre instead.

"Moment Of Truth"
20 Jun 2007
This may resonate with some more than others. Apparently that moment when you first reveal yourself on a summer beach can be a tad traumatic and this is represented in clever fashion by this ad which brings to mind 28 Days Later as the curiosity of those on the beach appears almost cannibalistic.

Channel 4
"Save From Fire (Twisted Ending)"
20 Jun 2007
These twisted endings are getting sillier and sillier. But in a good way. Here Justin Lee Collins sends up his devotion to the rock band Saxon... after the rotund presenter has suggested it's what he would save from a fire, he gets to prove that's exactly what he would do when his home is depicted aflame.

Channel 4
"Nicknames (Twisted Ending)"
20 Jun 2007
Another twisted ending in this series for Channel 4 has April Pearson from E4's Skins being told that her voice is out of synch. This, she suggests, happens to her quite often and after a gulp or two of water it is remedied. You get the feeling Channel 4 had a good deal of fun making these.

Channel 4
"Hate (Twisted Ending)"
20 Jun 2007
Alan Carr gets the chance to add a bit of humour to Channel 4's celebrated Questions series in this film which has him playing the hypocrite. Having just said he hates exploitation and abuse we see his shoes are being cleaned by a pair of Victorian street urchins.

Channel 4
"Way To the Heart (Twisted Ending)"
20 Jun 2007
A different kind of twisted ending in the latest of the updates to the Channel 4 series has Ashley Jensen doing a star turn as she appears to receive bad news on her mobile phone during the filming of her answers. Bravely there's no reveal and no punch-line.

Channel 4
"Life's Motto (Twisted Ending)"
20 Jun 2007
Channel 4's ultra-cool news anchor Jon Snow illustrates his life's motto as he remains calm under pressure even as a wrecking ball starts smashing the back of his dressing room. This may well be the last hurrah for the Questions series as it is the last of five new twisted ending to be broadcast last night.

20 Jun 2008
Cameras, it seems, are cleverer than we are. According to this commercial, the Nikon Coolpix is able to make intelligent decisions in the most challenging of circumstances. The idea that you would get a decent photograph in these circumstances with this camera is pretty fanciful.

On This Day
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