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 1. Seamus McGarvey 90.2%  
 2. Ben Fordesman 89.6%  
 3. Justin Brown 89.3%  
 4. Matthew Day 88.9%  
 5. Rina Yang 88.7%  
 6. Fabian Wagner 87.7%  
 7. Molly Manning Walker 86.8%  
 8. Benjamin Todd 86.8%  
 9. Bob Pendar-Hughes 86.3%  
 10. James Blann 85.2%  
 11. Jaime Feliu-Torres 85.2%  
 12. Alex Barber 85.1%  
 13. Mauro Chiarello 84.9%  
 14. Daniel Landin 84.8%  
 15. Joost van Gelder 84.8%  
 16. Lasse Frank 84.7%  
 17. Alex Melman 84.6%  
 18. Christopher Sabogal 84.5%  
 19. Thomas Hole 84.4%  
 20. Matthew Emvin Taylor 84.3%  
 21. Hunter Daly 84.3%  
 22. Jaime Ackroyd 84.3%  
 23. Anna MacDonald 83.9%  
 24. Adric Watson 83.8%  
 25. Federico Alfonzo 83.7%  

Five Star Work
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30 Mar 2023
"Is pushing it worth it?" That's the question in this ad for road safety campaign THINK!, who want young drivers to curb their enthusiasm, so to speak. Take the protagonist, for example—he just wants to hang out with friends as soon as possible, so he jumps in the car and hits the road with a smile on his face. The more he thinks about his pals messing around and shooting the breeze, the faster he goes.

"Smells Like Bro"
29 Mar 2023
Irreverent self-care brand eos attempt to address toxic masculinity head-on with a new campaign, aimed at Millennial and Gen-Z men who reject the oppressive attitudes of traditional roles. Those attitudes are typified by a smarmy spokesman who accosts a man in a supermarket, and begins talking over him about what a real man should smell like.

"Aerial Powers"
8 mins 22s
28 Mar 2023
Aerial Powers got game in more ways than one. Not only is she a Women's National Basketball Association champion, she's a co-owner of Team Liquid, the professional esports organisation. Whether online or offline, the Gucci ambassador plays to win.

"FUT Birthday"
1 min 53s
28 Mar 2023
EA Sports celebrate fourteen years of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in this eccentric commercial. Why fourteen? Because this year sees 'FIFA' morph into 'EA Sports FC', with the aforementioned mode set to become - you guessed it - Ultimate Team. Before then, agency 20something and director Harry Cauty take viewers inside the Bureau of Independent Revelry and Gatherings for Ultimate Team.

"Sorry (Director's Cut)"
1 min 42s
27 Mar 2023
There are few advertisers more astute than McDonald's, and something they've always done particularly well is place themselves firmly in the background. One motive for this policy is demonstrated beautifully by this lovely commercial from director Kim Geldenhuys... It allows the story to take a grip on the viewer before they're aware of what's being advertised.

"Operation Steve's Multi"
27 Mar 2023
Whether you call it an accumulator, a parlay, an all-up, or a multi, a bet that hinges on various results feels like an endurance test. One bad call in any fixture is enough to sink even the most watertight bet (or what people think is a watertight bet, at least). Next to run the gauntlet is Steve, an Australian who needs four wins to scoop the jackpot. Cue Operation Steve's Multi.

Elena Velez
1 min 38s
24 Mar 2023
There are hints of 'Dune' and 'Fallout' to this ad for Elena Velez, the fashion label inspired by metalwork and heavy industries. The clothes in director C Prinz's film are more brutal than luxury, fit for a dystopian debutante ball or a nuclear bunker party. One outfit appears to be made of tar, which is a new take on the little black dress.

"The Hand"
24 Mar 2023
Bart Simpson once vowed never to wash his left hand again with icky results. The boy in this VW ad makes the same vow after a brush with greatness at a movie premiere, where his favourite hero, Vyra, touches his left mitt. From that moment on, nothing's allowed to touch it.

"You're Gonna Need More Tide"
23 Mar 2023
Laundry detergent makers Tide have a good track record when it comes to brand ambassadors. Previous spokesmen include David Harbour, Charlie Day, and Joe Montana (or a stain that looks like Joe Montana, at least), with Kumail Nanjiani the latest incumbent. The actor gets around in this 45" spot, helped by some nifty VFX and the pull of social media.

"Jumping Through Hoops"
1 min 53s
21 Mar 2023
There are a two key references which spring to mind when watching this magnificent piece of bombast from director Nick Ball. It's impossible not to be reminded of Ridley Scott's 1984 classic for Apple, but this also has echoes of 'Severance' - the brilliant TV series that debuted on Apple TV last year.

"Sharon Horgan"
2 mins 01s
20 Mar 2023
With Jamie-Lee O'Donnell and Saoirse-Monica Jackson on Derry duty, Sharon Horgan uses her Discover Ireland spot to explore the quirks and humour of her homeland. The jokes are funny as you'd expect, but the best moment comes when Horgan says "Hi!" to a couple of foreign tourists, who are taken aback by this aberrant politeness.

"Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave"
21 Mar 2023
Icelandair put out an APB (all-points bulletin) on one Oliver Wilson in this light-hearted caper. The man is nowhere to be seen at Keflavik Airport, but staff never give up on errant passengers. Instead, they ask everyone in the country to join the search.

"Jamie-Lee O'Donnell & Saoirse-Monica Jackson"
1 min 55s
20 Mar 2023
Derry Girls co-stars Jamie-Lee O'Donnell and Saoirse-Monica Jackson plan a tour of their hometown in this chatty commercial. The structure evokes the scene in 'Shaun of the Dead' when Shaun's plan is tweaked and condensed each time ("How's that for a slice of fried gold?"). Thus, O'Donnell and Jackson need a few attempts to nail their itinerary.

Age UK
"Know What to Do"
17 Mar 2023
This Age UK ad starts with a burst of 'Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy' by The Tams, courtesy of an older gent who turns on the radio. As he buffs his shoes with a smile on his face, we’re introduced to the other cheery cast members: a man on the bus and a woman on the phone. But the tone changes when the first man's power goes off.

Apple AirPods
"Quiet The Noise"
15 Mar 2023
A whole city's worth of traffic is lifted into the air in this fantastical commercial for the new generation of Apple AirPods. There's initially no explanation for the seemingly futuristic commuting experience, as the air-bound cars and pedestrians are stalled by a parade of some kind passing through a lofty intersection.

"Sweating is Glory"
15 Mar 2023
Sports drink makers Gatorade stick two fingers up to antiperspirants with this 90" commercial. The brand think that sweat should be celebrated, not demonised, so director Ricardo Jones crafts a brilliant film positively dripping with the stuff.

Merge Mansion
14 Mar 2023
Pedro Pascal seems to be everywhere at the moment, whether he's breaking hearts on zombie hit The Last of Us or sweating while answering questions on YouTube chat sensation Hot Ones. So it's a nice surprise to see him pop up in this twisty commercial for Merge Mansion, playing a detective who's determined to crack a tricky case.

Rise and Fall
"Survival of the Fittest"
13 Mar 2023
After the success of 'Traitors' on the BBC, Channel 4 appear to be throwing their distinctive hat into the ring with a new show that, to judge from the trailer, is cut from the same cloth. The trailer sits within a fine tradition of work from DAVID's favourite broadcaster with a sense of Regency chaos emerging from the depiction of slapstick violence.

Guide Dogs
14 Mar 2023
Two brothers adjust to life-changing circumstances in this tender Guide Dogs ad. Like so many siblings, the two love to prank each other, whether it's a glass of water laced with chilli sauce or a drenched slice of toast. When one of the boys loses his sight, the dynamic changes drastically for a while at least.

11 Mar 2023
A young woman decides to rock her differences in this quirky commercial from Amazon Prime. Directed by Olivia Wilde, it shows the central character initially experiencing a crisis of confidence about the small moustache she's grown... before she realises it's the one thing all her idols have in common.

Alzheimer's Society
"The Ultimate Vow"
1 min 40s
9 Mar 2023
Promises made as young people in the first flush of love are put to the ultimate test in this poignant film from the Alzheimer's Society. What begins as a minor moment of forgetfulness soon becomes more serious, as the simple action of making a cup of tea becomes a flashpoint in a couple's relationship.

Irn Bru
9 Mar 2023
Even the most die-hard fans of Irn Bru can't agree on what exactly the orange soda tastes like - something this fun commercial makes the most of. The thriller parody has a pair of cops arguing while trying to dismantle a bomb, unable to move forward until they decide between 'bubble-gum' or 'tutti-frutti' to describe the drink. The results are loud, entertaining, and predictably more explosive than an everyday flavour debate.

Coca Cola
1 min 52s
9 Mar 2023
A bottle of Coke is flung through different works of classical art in this visually exciting film. The action opens in a stuffy gallery, with one art student trying - and mostly failing - to keep his eyes open while he's meant to be sketching. Luckily for him, the paintings on display are cooking up a plan to deliver a timely sugar boost.

"Holding Out For a Zero"
9 Mar 2023
As the alcohol free market continues to grow (partially because nobody can afford a pint these days), Guinness remain determined not to miss out on any of the fun this St Patrick's Day. This great commercial plays Bonnie Tyler's classic 'Holding Out for a Hero' over an array of performing pints. The singing sips have faces formed in their characteristic foamy heads, with the mouths blown open to form a choir of chanting chanteuses

9 Mar 2023
Electric vehicles are all well and good, but how many also feature the ability to zig-zag across terrain like a crab? Hummer's new EV does just that, and they have the perfect team to show it off: Los Angeles Lakers legend LeBron James and a CG crab.

Five Star Work
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