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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Chayse Irvin 89.6%  
 2. Daniel Landin 89.5%  
 3. Justin Brown 88.8%  
 4. Mauro Chiarello 88.4%  
 5. Steve Annis 87.6%  
 6. Kaname Onoyama 86.6%  
 7. Ben Fordesman 85.9%  
 8. Alex Barber 85.2%  
 9. Molly Manning Walker 84.9%  
 10. Jaime Feliu Torres 84.6%  
 11. Patrick Meller 84.3%  
 12. Jim Jolliffe 83.7%  
 13. Luke Jacobs 82.8%  
 14. Stephen Keith-Roach 82.4%  
 15. Christopher Sabogal 82.3%  
 16. Nanu Segal 82.1%  
 17. Tom Townend 81.4%  
 18. Richard Mott 81.3%  
 19. Simon Richards 81.3%  
 20. Theo Garland 80.7%  
 21. Dan Holland 80.4%  
 22. Will Bex 80.0%  
 23. Matt Fox 79.3%  
 24. Alex Melman 78.5%  
 25. Stuart Bentley 78.1%  

Five Star Work
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"There is Only One King"
24 Sep 2020
FIFA 21 may be a mixed bag for Leeds United fans this season. On the one hand, United’s Elland Road stadium is, er, missing from the upcoming game. On the other hand, supporters can play as former striker Eric Cantona and pretend he never left for rivals Manchester United. Swings and roundabouts, really.

The King of Underdogs
1 min 33s
23 Sep 2020
China's most famous one-on-one basketball tournament calls 2020 players to action with this intriguing film. The piece adopts a determined tone from the word go, as the narrator discusses self-belief, commitment, and bringing one's A-game despite the naysayers. Director Lennart Brede's visuals are spot-on, leading viewers from rainy, neon-lit streets to sterile libraries, smoggy skylines, and finally, the basketball court.

EDF Energy
"Busy Doing Nothing"
21 Sep 2020
It's hard to describe keeping the nation's lights on during a pandemic as 'doing nothing', but EDF Energy have a different take on the concept in their latest commercial. The 60" film explores what comprises a day in the company's life - from servicing offshore wind turbines to visiting customers in their homes.

22 Sep 2020
Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty replaces Timothy V. Murphy in the Confused.com driver’s seat, as the brand continue their anti-bedfuddlement campaign. Needless to say, both the website and Harper-Rafferty have their work cut out for them at the moment.

"Back for Good"
19 Sep 2020
Taskmaster host Greg Davies is a man on a mission in this 40" promo, as the popular game show prepares to make its Channel 4 debut at the second time of asking. Needless to say, Davies has thoughts about his new home's previous rejection. Yet it's perennial lackey Alex Horne who steals the show here as his employment status arguably worsens.

"Reimagine: Gaming"
18 Sep 2020
Video games have very much become the national pastime in lockdown, so this graphic-heavy outing for UNICEF should grab the attention of both competitive and casual audiences. The film explores life for refugee children in colourful fashion, particularly how their 'stats' improve with the charity's support. Whether they want to be pilots, doctors, or world-changing authors, the bright-eyed ambition of the kids here is admirable.

New York State
"Paul Rudd: Certified Young Person"
17 Sep 2020
Young people are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading Covid-19 - something we'd all prefer would stop as soon as possible. New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has decided that speaking to the yoof in their own language is the best way to get them to mask up, and has recruited a hip young influencer to really drive the point home. His spokesman of choice is actor Paul Rudd... aged 51.

"Let's Take a Trip"
17 Sep 2020
Victor Haegelin directs this charming stop-motion ad for Trivago, as a couple fully embrace the staycation concept. Shot from a top-down perspective, the film converts an ordinary living room-cum-home office into a highway, a hiking trail, a swimming pool, and a five-star hotel with homely flair. Of course, nothing compares to the real thing.

Raindance Film Festival
"RFF 2020"
1 min 35s
16 Sep 2020
As Covid-19 cases soar and the government continues to fuck up any response that doesn't involve grouse shooting, it's safe to say we're unlikely to see a physical festival on these shores for a while. Yet the Raindance Film Festival haven't let that stop them, as shown by this beautiful promo for their online event taking place from October 28th to November 7th.

"Make Every Day Better"
15 Sep 2020
'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music receives another airing thanks to Scandi telecom firm Telenor, who urge customers to "fill life with things you love"—preferably anything that incorporates a smartphone and data usage. Thus, Casper Balslev's whimsical film shows users joined by their internet distractions in real life.

13 Sep 2020
Dreaming about a more exciting life is the sum total of what most of us are doing lately - something Deliveroo make the most of in their latest ad. The commercial announces popular chain Nando's addition to their platform, which is a coup in the face of fierce competition from the likes of Uber Eats and Just-Eat for the lucrative lockdown market.

3 mins 32s
13 Sep 2020
This poignant Facebook ad highlights the plight of small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Focusing on Coogan's Restaurant - a beloved local spot in Washington Heights which was finally forced to close in April - the film turns a spotlight on just how much local culture is being lost to lockdown.

"This Is Family"
1 min 55s
13 Sep 2020
Mikael Arteta exhibits a lot of charisma in this film underlining the association between Arsenal FC and Adidas. He is joined by fans and former players all espousing the idea that the football club is like a family. Arteta's rousing speech reminds the members of this 'family' that they won't always agree about everything, but that they will always come together when it counts.

13 Sep 2020
Having introduced the Compare the Market meerkats more than a decade ago, it's fair to say that VCCP know a thing or two about beloved advertising icons. So don't imagine for one moment that the cute robot Bubl who is introduced in this sweet commercial will be limited to a solitary outing.

B & Q
"Build a Life"
11 Sep 2020
Lives are built, not bought - at least, according to this engaging commercial from B&Q and agency Uncommon. Lockdown has given Brits a new appreciation for their home environments, and the retailer reckon it's time to remind people that their DIY abilities are limited only by their imagination. An encouraging addition to the lockdown canon.

Apple iPhone
10 Sep 2020
This 60" Apple commercial delivers information overload in the best possible way. It opens with a bloke informing his fellow bus passengers about his unhappy marriage ("I've browsed eight sites for divorce attorneys today!"), followed by revelations about sweaty hands, family planning, and credit card details.

"Unapologetically Human"
9 Sep 2020
2020 has been a wipeout so far, but this pacy ad for Canadian paper manufactuer Kruger savours everything we use to wipe up spills, leaks, dirt, and bodily fluids. Scored by Rag'n'Bone Man's 'Human', it's a 90" clean-up operation and proud of it. That means director Mark Zibert embraces what family-focused advertisers traditionally avoid while using old favourites to good effect.

"Creativity for All"
8 Sep 2020
This dreamy commercial for Adobe emphasises the creative potential of the brand's Photoshop software package. The trippy film - directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet - depicts a surreal subway ride, one which is augmented by flares of CG, animation, and all manner of visual trickery. It's playful and polished in equal amounts - a drug-induced daydream taken to the next level of artistry.

"The Hare"
7 Sep 2020
Slow and steady wins the race in this entertaining ad for IKEA, directed by Sam Pilling. The film follows the exploits of an impressionable hare, who allows his mates to cajole him into joining them at the pub instead of heading home for the evening. Quite unlike his race-focused neighbour, who's resting up for his big run.

"Unlimited Subs"
3 Sep 2020
BT riff on Project Restart's five-substitute rule in this entertaining commercial, as football administrators back plans for unlimited substitutes in the 2020/21 season. Cue top-flight chaos as players, managers, and pundits absorb the news... and Jamie Vardy becomes the most nervous footballer on Mykonos since Harry Maguire.

"Go Rogue With Flavour"
1 Sep 2020
This ad for Australian herbs, spices, and seasonings maker MasterFoods gives hope to dad dancers nationwide, as a bloke throws caution to the wind and heaps of heat into the saucepan. One fingerful sends him to Flavour Country, as it were... or rather a strobe-lit version of his kitchen/dining room scored by a cover of Elvis Costello's 'Pump It Up'.

Apple TV
"Lasso & Mourinho"
2 mins 22s
27 Aug 2020
Jose Mourinho may no longer be the Special One, but he remains adland's gaffer of choice. Apple TV are the latest brand to enlist the Tottenham manager's services, as he gives sitcom coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) some pithy advice about the beautiful game. Alas, gridiron émigré Ted is way out of his league/sport.

27 Aug 2020
Sweden's chain of state-run off-licenses extol the power of no in this relatable commercial, wherein audacious teenagers bid to wrangle alcohol from their parents in time-honoured fashion. However, these mums and dads do not negotiate with terroris—ahem, teenagers. The reactions of the knocked-back youngsters are enjoyably petty.

New York Times
"Life Needs Truth"
2 mins 20s
24 Aug 2020
This evocative ad for the New York Times builds on the paper's canon of text-focused commercials to great effect. The film offers an engrossing look at current events through the lens of headlines, as the accompanying imagery changes to the beat of a jazzy, drum-heavy soundtrack. It's no surprise that protests, climate change, and Covid-19 dominate the film's near two-and-a-half-minute runtime, but there's no fearful atmosphere here.

"I'm In"
21 Aug 2020
This cinematic commercial for Pokerstars offers a stylish spin on the world of online gambling. Director Daniel Kaufman and DP Albert Salas mine black-and-white movies and noir imagery for the visuals, while a driving voiceover brings a sense of urgency and determination to proceedings.

Five Star Work
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