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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 90.8%  
 2. Simon Monhemius 90.4%  
 3. Holly Vega 90.1%  
 4. Samantha Chitty 89.8%  
 5. Jacob Swan Hyam 89.7%  
 6. Benji Howell 89.5%  
 7. Neil Andrews 89.5%  
 8. Kwok Yau 89.2%  
 9. Emma Butterworth 89.1%  
 10. Charlie Phillips 89.0%  
 11. Debbie Ninnis 89.0%  
 12. Fergus Brown 88.8%  
 13. Peter Knowles 88.6%  
 14. Lindsay Turnham 88.5%  
 15. Siobhan Murphy 88.4%  
 16. Sam Chitty 88.4%  
 17. Polly Ruskin 88.1%  
 18. Phil Barnes 88.1%  
 19. Francis Mildmay-White 87.1%  
 20. Tracey Cooper 87.0%  
 21. Lucy Kelly 86.7%  
 22. James Bland 86.7%  
 23. Matt Brown 86.5%  
 24. Medb Riordan 86.0%  
 25. Myles Payne 85.5%  

On This Day
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P & G
2 mins
18 Apr 2012
This emotional rollercoaster of an ad was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who is most famous for making the beguiling film Babel. A series of Mums (or Moms as the Americans insist on calling them) support their young offspring as they embark on a path that could one day bring them the glory of an Olympic gold medal.

"Get Personal"
18 Apr 2013
An ordinary bloke makes his weary, bleary way home from work to be met by FI mechanics who rush out to tinker with his unremarkable car the moment he parks up. This sweet and lovely ad is promoting the chance to obtain VIP tickets to mingle with various F1 stars, and a very winning formula it is too.

"Uncle Bob"
18 Apr 2013
In this amusing Canadian ad, a couple are getting it on with considerable vigour when a photo is spotted on the wall. Why on earth does she have a photo of his Uncle Bob on the wall? Could it be that he's dabbling with someone who's had a relationship with a member of his family? No... it's way worse than that.

Evans Cycles
18 Apr 2013
How utterly delightful - and what an unexpected deviation from the normal range of sports equipment ads that urge you to go for the burn in your wallet. Genteel and elegant, this points out the uses we put our redundant old bicycles to - and explains mildly what we could have in their place instead.

Jacob's Cracker Crisps
"Ride On Time"
18 Apr 2016
A trio of bridesmaids waiting for the wedding to start become distracted by a packet of the advertised snacks in this lively addition to a winning campaign. Director Gary Freedman has surpassed the considerable gusto of the previous executions and we suspect he's achieved this by urging them to show absolutely no restraint as they mime along to 'Ride on Time'.

Sky Broadband
18 Apr 2016
With 'X-Men: Apocalypse' set to up the mutant stakes even higher later this year, Evan Peters reprises his role as Quicksilver from the superhero franchise in this impressively-crafted commercial for Sky Broadband. When a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters finds the broadband signal operating at less than superhuman speed, Quicksilver spies an opportunity to impress her with supersonic efficiency.

1 min 50s
18 Apr 2016
Canal+ showed they have a firm understanding of the football fan's psyche earlier this year with their heart-warming portrait of a Marseille-supporting steward. In a wry twist, the broadcaster now demonstrate the ugly side of having a lover of the beautiful game in the family.

"A New Further"
18 Apr 2016
This stirring ad for Hennessy tells the story of two generations of the Piccard family - a clan seemingly destined to chart the great unknown. Before we have to get our bearings, we're propelled into the heavens as Auguste Piccard begins his historic flight up, up, and up in 1931 before son Jacques begins his own record-breaking expedition.

"Dry Cleaners"
18 Apr 2016
The young man at the centre of this lovely commercial for Foster's has discovered that his job at a dry cleaners allows him to be anyone he wants to be. Like a modern day Mr Benn, he pops on a costume and adopts the persona of the man who would normally wear it... and is not above taking advantage of any misplaced generosity that comes his way.

Red Cross
"The Power of Kindness"
18 Apr 2018
At a time when many charities have seen their public image sullied by questionable fundraising methods and other scandals, the British Red Cross suggest unity through kindness in this 60" commercial. The ad encourages a hands-on approach to helping others, whether it's learning first aid or simply knocking on a neighbour's door

18 Apr 2019
Headphone pedlars Beats continue to build on their sport-focused brand identity with this intriguing piece of work. Directed by Hiro Murai, the film features numerous high profile athletes - including Simone Biles, LeBron James, and Serena Williams, no less - using music to give them the boost and focus they need. Beck's 'Saw Lightning' provides a punchy soundtrack, placing this somewhere between montage and music promo.

Virgin Atlantic
"See The World Differently"
18 Apr 2022
Virgin Atlantic wants us to see the world differently, and – by that – they don't just mean in the 'travelling' sense. This is an unashamed, loud and proud anthem promoting diversity of every single variety. It uses the song 'I Am What I Am' which was written for the Broadway musical 'La Cage aux Folles' and has become the 'go to' song for gay self-expression... so much so, that its inclusion here feels a bit too obvious, but that's a minor quibble.

Formula E
"Progress is Unstoppable"
2 mins
18 Apr 2023
DAVID likes to think that adland has its own air traffic control tower that stops mid-air collisions between commercials. Otherwise,

Make My Money Matter
"The Hidden Relationship"
2 mins 03s
18 Apr 2023
A fraught couple's counselling session takes an unexpected turn in this excellent film for Make My Money Matter. The lobby group use the pair to personify British banks and their unhealthy relationship with gas and oil - the expansion of which they continue to finance despite knowing what a bad look it is in public.

Kellogg's Cereals
"Food Information"
18 Apr 2005
Kellogg's jump aboard the healthy food bandwagon by appealing to those who are growing concerned about what's in their food. It shows a number of people with puzzled and bewildered expressions on their faces looking at packages in the supermarket.

City & Guilds
"The Real You"
18 Apr 2005
Extraordinary commercial for City & Guilds has middle-aged parents disturbed by strange noises from their teenage son's bedroom but, no, it's not that. It's his battle with the "real" him inside as it tries to burst out like the creature in alien. There'll be complaints.

"All In One"
18 Apr 2005
A family is amazed to see white bread on their table after Mum had plainly banned it some time ago. She has relented because Warburtons's new All In One variant contains all the goodness of wholemeal bread and Dad is soon thinking 'bacon sandwich' scaring his daughter who clutches her toy pig.

"Snowball Fight"
18 Apr 2005
What makes Evian so special? The secret is "in the Alps" according to this ad for the French mineral water which shows a whole village taking part in a giant snowball fight after a young man starts the whole thing off by knocking some snow off a branch after taking a sip of Evian.

Tiscali Broadband
"Deli Counter"
17 Apr 2006
A man behind a deli counter explains to a woman buying cheese that the first few slices are cheaper than subsequent slices and that the offer is only available to "new cheese customers" in a n excellent parody of the 'special offers' made available by broadband companies. Presumably, Tiscali offers a flat rate.

"Brazilian Team"
17 Apr 2006
The latest salvo in Nike's World Cup campaign shows the Brazilian team messing about with a football in the changing room as they get ready for a match. Be nice to think it's the same in the England dressing room but DAVID suspects it's all high stakes poker and mobile phone shenanigans.

Army Recruitment
"Five A Side"
18 Apr 2007
An excellent, if slightly optimistic, glimpse of how a military training will give people the attitude, ability and inclination to take charge in an emergency. While the dumb civilians stand around gawping, the army boys take control when a car accident occurs next to their five a side football pitch.

"Summer In The City"
18 Apr 2007
Jane Seymour steps into the Debenhams campaign to play Jaime Murray's mother as the latter struggles to make it around the pool to join her boyfriend at a summer party. Seymour appears intent on eating the young man alive until her 'daughter' intervenes.

"Human Kind"
18 Apr 2008
This film for Oxfam appears to concede that many of those it targets are suffering from compassion fatigue. This is understandable really... well-meaning pop stars declared poverty to be history not so long ago, didn't they? Nonetheless, there are many problems still worthy of our attention.

"Job Interview"
18 Apr 2009
Shouldn't this be a WKD ad? Three pals conspire to cunningly arrange for one of their number to get a bit of an edge in a job interview. One of the trio takes one for the team by pretending he's being attacked by the interviewer. Puerile but fun.

Bernard Matthews
18 Apr 2010
This confident commercial for Bernard Matthews demonstrates that the company has put its trials and tribulations behind them. It's one of those curious films that works equally well whether or not you feel that its tongue is in its cheek.

On This Day
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