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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Guy Rolfe 93.4%  
 2. Jane Lloyd 92.5%  
 3. Elly Camisa 91.4%  
 4. Nick Goldsmith 91.0%  
 5. Seth Wilson 90.4%  
 6. Kate Roydhouse 90.3%  
 7. Matthew Fone 90.3%  
 8. Jon Adams 90.1%  
 9. Lee Groombridge 89.5%  
 10. Ben Dailey 89.1%  
 11. Hannah Cooper 88.6%  
 12. Shion Hayasaka 88.4%  
 13. Ted Thornton 88.3%  
 14. Alex Halley 87.8%  
 15. Paulette Caletti 87.7%  
 16. Allison Kunzman 87.4%  
 17. Chris Harrison 86.9%  
 18. Juliette Larthe 86.9%  
 19. Luke Goodrum 86.8%  
 20. James Waters 86.8%  
 21. Ellie Goodwin 86.7%  
 22. Kate Brady 86.5%  
 23. Polly Ruskin 86.4%  
 24. Simon Cooper 86.1%  
 25. Cathy Hood 86.1%  

Five Star Work
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"In A few Seconds"
19 Jan 2022
This beautifully judged commercial for the French national lottery puts us inside the head of a young woman who is about to change the lives of her extended family. As director Katia Lewkowicz's camera roves across the gathering in, what seems to be, a single shot, she coaxes a very measured performance from her main actress.

"Guy on a Buffalo Wing"
2 mins 20s
18 Jan 2022
Fast food chain Zaxby’s are proud of their Buffalo chicken wings. So much so that they let a bloke ride one in this musical ad, which plonks viewers into those classic American woods populated by anthropomorphic critters and tree stumps chock-full of food.

"Savings That Sneak Up on You"
18 Jan 2022
David Schwimmer returns for TSB in this new commercial which draws attention to the bank's 'Save the Pennies' service. Explanation of the details is left to supers, but then one doesn't hire one of the most recognisable faces in telly for his financial know-how.

"The Marketplace"
18 Jan 2022
Video game weapons range from the modest (Shovel Knight's shovel) to the monstrous (the Doom Slayer's BFG, or Big Fucking Gun), so it pays to shop around like the woman in this Samsung commercial. Despite the stallholders' best efforts, she's unimpressed by 8-bit swords and shields… and a shady-looking rabbit knows it.

"Norm's Old Pal Milk"
5 mins 11s
16 Jan 2022
There's disruptive marketing... and then there's this! Oatly boldly go where no brand has gone before, and flatly attacks their main rival in a fashion rarely seen outside a boxing ring. And by 'rival', we don't mean some fly-by-night oat milk brand. No, no, no… they're going after Big Dairy, and they're going in hard.

"Ride of Your Life"
13 Jan 2022
Travel takes on a fantastical twist in this transcendent film for Expedia. A woman is transported from the daily grind to exotic locales simply by looking at them on the advertised site, creating an experience which is part-daydream, part-aspirational holiday reality.

"Fall in Love with Dating"
12 Jan 2022
Dating is a complicated prospect in 2022, what with Covid restrictions and the associated risk of physical contact, but Bumble reckon they can entice singles back onto the playing field. This personable commercial certainly makes the case well, as a woman picks her way through the complex landscape of making the first move.

"Oh My God"
3 mins 52s
11 Jan 2022
Sam Brown knows star quality when he sees it, and he very much lets Adele shine in this impressive promo. That's not to say it's short on tricks... it isn't. But none of its smoke and mirrors overwhelms the cultural sensation whose song it is designed to promote. And that's as it should be.

Land Rover
"Above and Beyond Land"
11 Jan 2022
Even those discomforted by the strange beasts who appear to love the internal combustion engine more than they love their own children may have to concede that the Land Rover sneaks past our defences to become a true object of desire. And, if we're honest about it, advertising like this is the reason why.

Meat & Livestock Australia
"The Lost Country of the Pacific"
3 mins
12 Jan 2022
Australia is cut off from the outside world in this amusing commercial to promote lamb consumption. A student discovering a toy with a 'made in China' label is the key to unlocking the wider world once more, as an enterprising professor develops an ingenious plan to contact outsiders via giant smoke signal.

"What's Your Thing?"
10 Jan 2022
This is an absolute exhibition of loveliness. From start to end, it's a whirlwind of visual stimulation, aggregating into a meaningful message about the variety of styles available at DFS. Pablo, now with Chris Bovill and John Allison on board to bolster their ambition to become a Champions' League agency, have set out their stall by turning a brand which was once a byword for advertising mediocrity into something else altogether.

Skinny Pop
"Whole Bag Kinda Night"
10 Jan 2022
This slick ad gives new meaning to the term 'pop video', as snack brand SkinnyPop eye chart success with 'It's a Whole Bag Kind of Night'. Sung by a foursome ready to cash in on Little Mix's upcoming hiatus, the track is a punchy tribute to snacking alone and not giving two kernels about it ("Maybe tomorrow I'll get back on the grind/But for right now this bag is all mine").

The Matrix Awakens
"An Unreal Engine 5 Experience"
10 mins 56s
11 Jan 2022
As the old saying goes, "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." Fortunately for PS5 and Xbox Series owners, Epic Games made a tour of cinema's most famous simulated reality available for free at the 2021 Game Awards.

British Heart Foundation
"This is Science Fiction"
2 mins
10 Jan 2022
This remarkable film offers a brutal depiction of a parent's helplessness when their child is afflicted by something terrible. It's excellent from start to end, but the part that stays with you is when the young footballer collapses on the field, and Ben Strebel's camera fully captures her mother's distress as she realises her greatest fear is about to be realised.

"Starting Over"
2 mins
7 Jan 2022
Vodafone in Portugal have made social purpose an annual feature of the Christmas advertising, but seldom can they have done it as successfully as they have here. The telecoms company are on the side of the angels here, as they ally themselves with a woman embarking on singularly important journey.

"Everyone Deserves a Future"
2 mins 10s
6 Jan 2022
This beautifully-made film evocatively depicts the immensely difficult decisions taken by parents in war-torn parts of the world. And, owing to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, and the messy evacuation which followed the withdrawal of US troops, no one watching this can imagine it's an exaggeration.

"No More Red"
2 mins
9 Jan 2022
Arsenal's FA Cup third-round tie against Nottingham Forest on Sunday was notable for two reasons. First, the latter beat their Premier League rivals 1-0. Second, the Gunners replaced their signature red-and-white kit with an all-white number. As this powerful accompanying film explains, this was more than a simple fashion statement.

3 mins 51s
6 Jan 2022
Many of the film-makers looking at this beautiful film from Sean Meehan will be green with envy at the canvas he was given. And there can be little doubt that this gorgeous commercial benefits a lot from its unusual length... but that doesn't account for the way every moment is used so perfectly.

"The Witches"
5 Jan 2022
Even for a series so steeped in fantasy as 'The Witcher', one might expect real-world magic to be a suspension of disbelief too far for audiences. However, this excellent supplementary film from Netflix combines divination with social media in intriguing fashion, as three Romanian witches attempt to answer questions predicting the content of the show.

Corona Sunbrew
"Born on the Beach"
5 Jan 2022
Sunbrew, a wholesome new alcohol-free beer from Corona actually contains Vitamin D which, for a short while in mid-2020, was going to save us from Coronavirus... a disease that it's worth pointing out for legal reasons, has absolutely nothing to do with the advertised product.

Anchor Butter
"Butter the Food. Butter the Mood."
5 Jan 2022
Things are on the slide in this Anchor commercial in the best way possible. A sequel to 2019's 'The Cafe', the imaginatively staged ad shows how good butter can make all the difference however it's used. Luckily, the chefs in one particular street have plenty of the stuff.

Cadbury Crème Eggs
5 Jan 2022
This commercial for Cadbury Creme Eggs takes the unusual course of urging punters not to eat the advertised product. The rationale behind this is that the easily identifiable 'special' eggs have a prize value when you follow the instructions on the flip side of the foil wrapping.

Planet Fitness
"Feel Fitacular"
1 Jan 2022
Black-ish actor Jeff Meacham fronts this entertaining US commercial for Planet Fitness directed by Biscuit's Andreas Nilsson. This is the first work for the brand since the account was won by Publicis and was created by the network's newly-formed New York shop Le Truc. It's exactly the kind of film Publicis needs to be making if it wants to demonstrate that it can keep pace with the agile new companies competing for the industry's attention.

Apple iPhone
28 Dec 2021
The third of three new spots highlighting the extraordinary filmmaking capacity of the camera built into the iPhone 13 Pro is a sublime spoof of moody European drama. A woman asks whether a man sitting in a chair is okay, because she can't help thinking that he's descending into madness because of the unnerving slow zoom towards his troubled-looking face.

Proper Chips
26 Dec 2021
This super ad for Proper Chips has a lovely laid back vibe with Jack Brown's animation being perfectly complemented by an excellent voiceover and a great music choice. It introduces us to Alan, a "flying cowboy", who serenely makes his way across a landscape made of the ingredients we can expect to find in the advertised snack.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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