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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Jane Lloyd 91.3%  
 2. Seth Wilson 90.3%  
 3. Matthew Fone 89.6%  
 4. Lee Groombridge 89.4%  
 5. Allison Kunzman 88.4%  
 6. Simon Cooper 87.4%  
 7. Patrick Milling-Smith 87.1%  
 8. Medb Riordan 86.7%  
 9. Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 86.2%  
 10. Miles Nathan 85.9%  
 11. Juliette Larthe 85.8%  
 12. Polly Ruskin 85.2%  
 13. Ewen Brown 85.2%  
 14. Natalie Arnett 84.9%  
 15. Kate Taylor 84.7%  
 16. Morgan Whitlock 84.1%  
 17. Dom Thomas 84.1%  
 18. Bart Yates 84.0%  
 19. Justin Edmund-White 83.9%  
 20. Ash Lockmun 83.8%  
 21. Patrick Craig 83.5%  
 22. James Sorton 83.0%  
 23. Kwok Yau 83.0%  
 24. Mike Wells 82.7%  
 25. George Saunders 82.1%  

On This Day
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"Chain Reaction"
27 Sep 2006
Impressive animated film which shows how important it is for the rest of your body that you run smoothly, suggesting even that it can have a detrimental effect on your teeth if your running shoes aren't right. How long before we have dentists recommending Nike?

"The Foundling"
4 mins 55s
27 Sep 2010
A continuation of the Parallel Lines series of short films which mark the collaboration between the advertiser, DDB and RSA. The brief here was to create a short film that shows off the power of 3D while staying within the storylines created by this projects earlier executions. It's an intriguing film and, presumably, will look even better in Philips showrooms.

"Phone Breaks"
27 Sep 2011
At last, a Gold Spot ad for Orange that lives up to the name. This spoof pretends to introduce a new idea for the cinema called the "phone break". A number of punters in Hollywood talk enthusiastically about the initiative leaving us with the suspicion that some may think it's for real.

"Crack The Case"
27 Sep 2012
It's a case of mistaken identity as an innocent bystander is inadvertently swept into James Bond's world of espionage. Luckily, our hero has a few tricks up his sleeve and he's more than able to hold his own as he looks to escape the villains aboard a train making its way across a snow-covered landscape. Startling stuff.

"It Doesn't Count If..."
27 Sep 2012
This lovely compilation of silly excuses invites online viewers to add their own contributions via a web site. The woman in this ad has come up with every reason she can think of to justify her naughty lack of discipline when it comes to cakes and other treats. There's a tacit admission that the advertised fast food outlet isn't a provider of healthy nosh but this cleverly neuters the difficulty.

Heinz Tomato Soup
"I Love Winter"
27 Sep 2012
According to this lovely ad for Heinz, winter is a wonderful time because of the opportunity it provides for us to comfort ourselves when we return home shivering and soaked. It's a beautifully composed piece and will strike a familiar note with many and may even persuade them to yield to the advertised soup's warmth.

"The Ride"
27 Sep 2013
MJZ's Juan Cabral takes us on the rollercoaster ride of our lives in this minute-long spot for Carlsberg, official sponsors of the Barclays Premier League. A metaphor for the stomach-churning highs and lows ardent fans feel as they watch their team progress (or not) throughout the season, it's done with panache and complete commitment to the idea.

Schneider Electric
"The World-Saving Song"
2 mins
27 Sep 2015
This companion ad to Schneider Electric's 'Llama Superstar' spot is also excellent. Once again, a humble chap - this time an electrical engineer - is downplaying his importance; only to be shown how his simple restoration of the power supply recently help saved the world from annihilation by meteorite. Wonderfully silly, over the top and entertaining.

"Summer Camp"
27 Sep 2015
While the tradition of sending children to summer camp isn't one we're culturally comfortable with in Britain, the principle behind IKEA France's terrific campaign resonates nonetheless. Apparently, 79% of major decisions are made at the meal table, so woe betide you if you're not there the day a holiday destination is chosen. Brilliantly cast, wonderfully doleful, and with an inspired music choice to underline the situation.

27 Sep 2015
This campaign for IKEA France stresses the idea that togetherness is all-important. Well, at least togetherness at mealtimes. That's because a lot of a household's key decisions are made around the table - and if one of the members therein is absent, they only have themselves to blame if an issue isn't agreed to their liking.

H & M
"Fall In Love 2015"
27 Sep 2015
In this minute-and-a-half-long paean to Autumn style, we have a beautiful couple strolling around somewhere classily European with a somnolence borne of their own and each other's gorgeousness. French singer Petite Meller regales us with a breathy version of The Velvet Underground's 'Sunday Morning' as the pair wander about looking suitably retro, and the whole piece is shot as if on home movie film. Very 60s, and very gorgeous.

27 Sep 2017
This bold film from the newly branded Y (formerly YMCA) serves as a statement of intent, a promise that the organisation will work to bring communities together during this divided time. Director Malik Vitthal doesn't shy away from the grim realities of life in modern America, as gritty shots address racism, violence, and police brutality with unblinking frankness.

Parasport Denmark
"How Hard Can It Be?"
27 Sep 2017
This Danish film demonstrates the universality of the 'superhumans' phenomenon that we've come to associate with Channel 4 through their coverage of the Paralympics. It follows the well-established path of introducing us to individuals who are utterly determined to overcome their disabilities.

1 min 39s
27 Sep 2018
The myriad incarnations of BBC2's lively numeral 2 - from '2'-shaped swans to animatronic furries and beyond - are being retired. Still fresh after roughly quarter of a century, they're a hard act to follow - but the new set of idents taking their place is terrific. A richness of textures, shapes and colours make them endlessly fascinating - but it's the sound design that brings it all together.

Hennep Uitvaartzorg
"Test Drive"
1 min 34s
27 Sep 2018
This intriguing ad for Hennep Uitvaartzorg aims to put the 'fun' back in funeral... after a fashion. The Surinamese funeral directors present what appears to be a standard ceremony - that is, until the 'body' wakes up. While some may suggest that having a rehearsal of one's own funeral is more creepy than comforting, this bloke appears to be having the time of his, er, life.

Wagon Wheels
"Epic Inside"
27 Sep 2018
Wagon Wheels roll back onto screens with the brand's first ad campaign for five years. Directed by Fred Rowson, this 30" effort focuses on how "epic inside" munching on the advertised snack makes one feel. Led by a pair of engaging performances, the ad sees a couple of friends hanging out in a nondescript living room. When one decides to liven things up with a biscuit, the other hears a strange sound emanating from his mate's stomach...

"Business Caddie"
27 Sep 2018
Five-time golf major winner Phil Mickelson takes a backseat of sorts in this amusing commercial for WorkDay. When a businessman adopts the aforementioned software, he likens it to a "business caddie"Ö cue brand ambassador Mickelson in some unfamiliar work duds. Despite the apparent demotion, Mickelson is good value as the workplace sage.

27 Sep 2019
A woman has an unusual case of the Mondays in this amusing commercial for Nissan. Describing their latest model as 'boss-worthy', the brand show just how demanding being at the top can be - as the woman in charge attempts to leave the office despite colleagues trying desperately to get a moment of her time.

Moccona Classic
27 Sep 2006
The set-up where a couple come home with the expectation of a sexual liaison from one or both of them is to ad people what a desert island with a single palm tree on it is to a cartoonist. In this Australian ad the comedy is provided by a woman who uses a novel way to ensure she doesn't have to share her coffee.

BBC HD Channel
"Cat Amongst The Pigeons"
27 Sep 2009
A cat creeping up on a pair of pigeons is seen as a lion which suggests that you get more with high definition. Well, actually, it suggests that HD distorts the image so that it becomes something it's not... which is surely not the idea.

Waitrose & Partners
"Brand Price Match"
27 Sep 2010
Waitrose's latest effort to shed its reputation as the posh people's supermarket involves the audacious boast that they are matching Tesco's prices in a whole series of branded goods. It remains to be seen whether it's wise to court Tesco's shoppers as they may clutter the aisles with their shell-suited children.

27 Sep 2010
This is a fun campaign but each new execution reminds us of its flaw... namely, the staff appear to have a lot of time on their hands because of an absence of customers. If only there was a round of applause and a cheer from a growing crowd watching the stunt.

27 Sep 2010
A couple are able to dance in elaborate fashion around their kitchen with the extra time provided to them by the advertised oven. Not only does it look sleek and modern but it cleans itself so you don't even have that chore to worry about. The action is well choreographed and it makes for a diverting ad.

"Chosen By You - Cakes"
27 Sep 2010
An Asda bakery manager explains that all of the baked goods they produce are chosen by us. By 'us' he means people who regularly shop at green supermarket and, we don't know if you've seen these people, but you might not necessarily want to follow their diet. Nonetheless, it's a convincing pitch that's been persuasively put together.

1 min 40s
27 Sep 2011
This series of bumpers advertising Citroen's sponsorship of An Idiot Abroad are an extremely good fit for the programme they surround. They were directed by Richard Ayoade who was responsible for Submarine - one of the best British films of the last decade.

On This Day
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