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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 91.0%  
 2. Charlie Phillips 90.4%  
 3. Debbie Ninnis 90.3%  
 4. Samantha Chitty 90.3%  
 5. Kwok Yau 90.1%  
 6. Holly Vega 90.1%  
 7. Fergus Brown 89.6%  
 8. Archie Johnston Stewart 89.4%  
 9. Benji Howell 89.4%  
 10. Hanna Bayatti 89.3%  
 11. Lucy Gossage 89.0%  
 12. Peter Knowles 88.8%  
 13. Zico Judge 88.7%  
 14. Lindsay Turnham 88.6%  
 15. Sam Chitty 88.5%  
 16. Siobhan Murphy 87.7%  
 17. Tracey Cooper 87.3%  
 18. Lauren Highman 87.2%  
 19. Simon Monhemius 87.1%  
 20. Phil Barnes 86.7%  
 21. Theo Hue Williams 86.5%  
 22. Jon Chads 86.4%  
 23. Emma Butterworth 86.3%  
 24. Simon Cooper 86.3%  
 25. Myles Payne 86.0%  

On This Day
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"For Life"
21 Jul 2006
Through the photography this ad harks back to Ridley Scott's celebrated work for Hovis from the 1970s but, sensibly, it avoids the nostalgic approach in favour of something equally sentimental but forward rather than backward looking as we see a boy and a girl grow closer over time.

"Indian Cricket"
21 Jul 2007
Nike are sponsors of the Indian cricket team who are currently on tour in England and this ad depicting an impromptu cricket match during a traffic jam in urban India perfectly captures the devotion to the game on the sub-continent. All it lacks is a glimpse of someone betting on the outcome.

21 Jul 2008
An irresistible conceit forms the basis of this ad for Comfort... a nudist couple are receiving relationship counselling after one of them catches the other cavorting in clothes. Shot in documentary style but with perfectly-judged knowingness, the ad is due to get some TV time after being made as a viral.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot
"Juice Crew"
21 Jul 2009
This charming ad introduces us to the 'Juice Crew'... a group of school children who show off the skills that gain them the admiration of their classmates. The effect is deliberately reminiscent of the opening titles to a caper movie which adds to the effect.

"ITV Drama Sponsorship"
1 min 50s
21 Jul 2009
An excellent series of a bumpers advertising Aviva's sponsorship of drama on ITV. Each contains a comic take on an insurance-related disaster and most of them are very funny... especially those involving animals.

"Bird Watcher"
21 Jul 2010
This is a very entertaining way of illustrating the Argos proposition. A birdwatcher waiting patiently for a glimpse of some rare species or other is approached directly by the birds themselves as he sits in his hide. If Argos did bird watching... as Carlsberg would say.

"Love Every Mouthful"
21 Jul 2013
In the same week Tesco boss Philip Clarke said that the era of cheap food was at an end, blue supermarket has launched a new campaign emphasising quality rather than price and Daniel Wolfe has provided a lovely treatment of a script that ambitiously positions Tesco alongside M & S and Waitrose.

21 Jul 2014
The filming of this is excellent - the apprehension on the young man's face; the footage of the horse trying its damnedest to shake him off in the ring; the close-up of the father's face watching and following every nano-second that he stays on. There's an atmospheric documentary style going on here, and it's a bit of a surprise when you realise this is an ad for KFC.

National Trust
"50 Things To Do"
21 Jul 2014
The compilation of boredom that opens this inspiring commercial for the National Trust will be recognised by many parents. The summer holidays are a wonderful opportunity that can too easily be wasted and scenes of children languishing in their homes in a state of listless ennui will be replicated in homes up and down the land.

"Rainbow Corral"
21 Jul 2015
And we'd always assumed you go back to the toy shop when things break. Or at least fetch the super-glue. As this imaginative Australian ad for Honda shows, there's a much more colourful reality. When a little girl's beloved pink horsie suffers an unfortunate head injury, the family take a drive out to the Ranch of the Rainbow - home of prismatic horses of every conceivable shade and hue.

Smart Cars
"Four Door"
21 Jul 2015
Smart pick a great way of promoting their latest four door model. Evidently the driver featured here has forgotten about his extra passenger room when he looks over his shoulder to reverse... and he receives the shock of his life . It's a nice gag and it delivers a real jolt when it comes - he won't be able to live down that belter of a yelp in a hurry.

Ford Fiesta
21 Jul 2017
Ford have released this nostalgic film to celebrate the debut of its 'all-new' Fiesta. With thoroughly British actress Keeley Hawes behind the wheel, we see the new model take to the streets... and a trip through time. The ad sets out to position Ford as a constant through the nation's history, taking us from the first Fiesta leaving the factory in 1965 to today's new innovations.

"True Connections"
1 min 40s
21 Jul 2022
Vodafone’s new commercial encourages viewers to ‘Let true connections happen.’ Being the new kid on the block is always a tough gig, and the young teenage boy in this ad faces a lonely and uncertain first day of school. Trying to find belonging, he naively tries to search online for a friend. The search results aren’t as innocent as him and Vodafone blocks the questionable content. It helps in more ways than one as he’s not glued to his phone when a friendly classmate reaches out to him.

Google Nest
21 Jul 2022
A determined young boy in a wheelchair perseveres in trying to make his home more accessible for disabled users. He moves stuff around, trials ideas, makes contraptions and adjustments, some of which work more successfully than others. His disappointment at the perceived failures leads Dad to step in with the voice activated Google Nest.

Tennent's Lager
21 Jul 2023
'Ooft' is one of those versatile linguistic expressions which is somehow intangible and infinitely useable all at once. This kinetic Tennent's commercial captures the energy of the phrase perfectly, situating the brand's identity firmly in Scotland while inviting the rest of the world in to enjoy the fun. Lulu's 'Shout' provides a fittingly upbeat soundtrack to the action, as a montage of ooft-worthy moments flashes across the screen.

"Living Your Best Phone Life"
21 Sep 2023
Raine Allen-Miller, director of 'Rye Lane' (watch it, if you do nothing else today), helms this melodic spot for Three, the mobile operator who want customers to live their best phone lives. For protagonist Carol, it sounds a lot like Kelly Rowland and Nelly’s 2002 hit, 'Dilemma'.

"Jonny Races Dog"
21 Jul 2005
English rugby star Jonny Wilkinson wins again for the first time since the World Cup triumph when he races a dog to a stick. The ultra-competitive fly-half doesn't like to be beaten and neither does Travellex the bank that specialises in foreign exchange.

"Jonny Skims Stones"
21 Jul 2005
England rugby star Jonny Wilkinson is walking on a beach when he comes across a man skimming stones. Ultra-competitive Jonny cannot resist joining in and when he gets competitive he manages to hit a distant boat. Travelex don't like to be beaten either.

"More No Claims"
21 Jul 2006
More folk tells us how many years of no claims they have (thus qualifying for Esure who will only insure you if you have at least four years no claim) including an elderly couple who disagree about how many years he has.

21 Jul 2006
A hitchhiker stands eating the new wrap from KFC when a lorry stops for him. In a stark contrast with the prevailing mood in the sector, the ad appears to boast that the food is so filling (ie: fattening) that the lorry goes up on one side because he is holding the massive snack.

"More Comedy Sponsorship"
21 Jul 2006
More inspired lunacy as another bunch of scenes from the Nintendo Gameboy are recreated on a full-size stage by a variety of actors using all manner of trickery. DAVID particularly likes the way spurting blood is recreated by a lengthy piece of red silk.

"Watching Football"
21 Jul 2007
Watching football with his Dad and his girlfriend's son, Kris Marshall remembers embarrassing goal celebrations from his youth. We get to see Kris as a young man (a well-cast lookalike) before his Dad shows that old habits die hard when there is a goal in the match they watch.

"Olympic Beat"
21 Jul 2008
This impressive display is undermined by the super informing us that 'sounds and screen images are simulated'. Which is a pity really... as the idea of sporting sounds being cunningly choreographed to create a musical arrangement is a clever one and it has been put together in a suitable energetic fashion.

Film 4
"Comedy Season"
21 Jul 2008
What seems to be a trailer for a thriller turns out to be something else altogether in this cleverly twisted Film4 promo. The spoof is so nicely-judged and played with such a straight face that it seems possible that some people will watch the whole thing without detecting its dry wit.

"Cirque du Soleil"
21 Jul 2008
A beautifully filmed ad from Canada which underlines Infiniti's sponsorship of Cirque du Soleil. A woman is suspended from a flowing piece of yellow silk which is then joined by another before the two are transformed into the yellow lines painted in the middle of a road in a tunnel.

On This Day
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