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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Peter Knowles 92.2%  
 2. Benji Howell 91.4%  
 3. Samantha Chitty 91.1%  
 4. Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 90.3%  
 5. Neil Andrews 90.1%  
 6. Fergus Brown 89.4%  
 7. Polly Ruskin 89.3%  
 8. Emma Butterworth 89.2%  
 9. Shirley O'Connor 88.5%  
 10. Holly Vega 88.5%  
 11. Jane Lloyd 88.2%  
 12. Kwok Yau 88.0%  
 13. Tracey Cooper 87.9%  
 14. Sam Chitty 87.8%  
 15. Bart Yates 87.7%  
 16. Lou Gagen 87.4%  
 17. Simon Eakhurst 87.3%  
 18. Lucy Kelly 87.1%  
 19. Lindsay Turnham 87.1%  
 20. James Howland 87.0%  
 21. Medb Riordan 86.9%  
 22. James Bland 86.9%  
 23. David French 86.3%  
 24. Siobhan Murphy 86.2%  
 25. Jess Ensor 86.0%  

Recent Promos
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Lil Tay
"Sucker 4 Green"
3 mins 34s
1 Oct 2023
Lil Tay is one of those celebrities whose very existence would make a time traveller from twenty years ago launch themselves into the sun with sheer confusion. Her youth and the circumstances of her celebrity (death hoaxes, racial slur scandals, family abuse allegations) make the promo for 'Sucker 4 Green' an uncomfortable watch.

Jung Kook
"3D (w. Jack Harlow)"
3 mins 50s
29 Sep 2023
Crown Prince of K-pop Jung Kook's solo career continues its risqué journey to adulthood with latest track '3D'. Featuring a verse from hip-hop upstart Jack Harlow (who - in comparison to his Korean counterpart - is a lot more explicit in his tales of cheating, masturbation, and sharing nude pictures with his friends), the song is focused on moving a romantic chat from messaging to IRL.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
"Man of the Hour"
4 mins 18s
27 Sep 2023
This absorbing promo for 'Man of the Hour' invites viewers to enter Frank Carter's heightened inner world. With scenes populated by Carter and his latest band - The Rattlesnakes - director Ruth Hunduma's moody visuals give the piece an out of time feel. The vintage vibes enhance the song's timeless message of putting on a confident front when you're feeling vulnerable, with Carter's forthright performance suggesting it's a semi-permanent state of affairs for him.

Arlo Parks
"Purple Phase"
4 mins 26s
27 Sep 2023
This moody promo for Arlo Parks' 'Purple Phase' takes the viewer on a midnight ride with the singer. She performs passionately for the camera in the back of an open-topped car, as the vehicle winds through city streets and captures the neon lights of nocturnal hustle and bustle.

"Cool About It"
3 mins 23s
26 Sep 2023
Boygenius have become the band of the moment in mopey indie circles, and this melancholy promo for latest track 'Cool About It' will be ardently received by their target audience. The animated piece is mostly captured in shades of blue, telling the story of two lost toys who find each other in a sketchily-rendered world. It's a gently surreal piece of work, which suits the song's soft acoustic sound to a tee.

"Us Against The World"
4 mins 37s
26 Sep 2023
Jungle's video essay take on their latest album grows in impact with each addition, and 'Us Against The World' brings further complexity to the table. The film begins outside the central soundstage with a crashed car, inviting audiences to consider the world outside that heightened environment for the first time. It's more of a straightforward performance piece than other promos in the collection too, asking viewers to interrogate the line between body and story in intriguing new ways.

070 Shake
"Black Dress"
3 mins 54s
26 Sep 2023
New Jersey breakout artist 070 Shake reunites with creative collaborator Noah Lee in this cryptic promo for latest track 'Black Dress'. The film opens on the aftermath of a plane crash - debris strewn across the landscape, murky light broken only by incidental fires - until the camera travels up to the only survivor caught in a tree.

"Modern Girl"
4 mins 07s
25 Sep 2023
Bleachers wear their Springsteen influence on their sleeve in this vintage-feeling promo for 'Modern Girl'. Boasting a jazzy horn section and performance-focused visuals, the film sees Jack Antonoff and co. give it their all for the camera while delivering staccato lyrics. It isn't anything new sonically, but it's a fun bit of work that's captured with youthful energy by director Alex Lockett.

Doja Cat
"Agora Hills"
5 mins 10s
24 Sep 2023
Doja Cat has taken her visual identity to the next level as of late, with this intriguing promo going one step further and elevating the artist to something entirely otherworldly. While she's already appeared as a demon and an embodiment of death itself in previous videos, 'Agora Hills' sees her craft a wholly unique identity with the assistance of director Hannah Lux Davis.

Black Eyed Peas
3 mins 34s
24 Sep 2023
The Black Eyed Peas offer us an oddly unsettling look into our potential digital futures in this curious promo for new track 'Guarantee'. Expanding on the group's canon of inoffensive songs which sound like they're made to soundtrack nightclub scenes that can't afford music rights, lyrical gems from this outing include "You sexy from your tippy top down to your feet" and "Baby got me hotter than four hundred degrees."

Chemical Brothers
"Skipping Like A Stone (ft. Beck)"
4 mins 32s
24 Sep 2023
A stone goes rogue in this enthralling promo for the Chemical Brothers' latest track 'Skipping Like A Stone', which sees them joined by experimental musical mainstay Beck. The film features an unusual star in Kurt Steiner - who holds the world record for stone skipping and is a hero among practitioners of the niche sport.

"One More Time"
3 mins 27s
21 Sep 2023
Blink-182 bury the hatchet for good with this sweet promo for latest single 'One More Time'. The lyrics directly reference struggles the band has been through - from break-ups to cancer, plane crashes, and other incidents throughout their storied career - while the visuals show the now-grown trio playing against a backdrop of their old promos. It's a touching look at how far they've come, and will be an emotional journey for fans who've been right there alongside them.

No Rome
"Elevator Music (OMG)"
2 mins 54s
21 Sep 2023
No Rome and director Ben Brook continue their fruitful creative partnership with a new promo for 'Elevator Music (OMG)'. The camera pans unceasingly upwards throughout the film, taking viewers on a trip through the artist's creative mind. Debris, shadowy lighting, and hints of apocalyptic destruction make it a fascinating foray into what makes the London-based Filipino musician's brain whirr.

Troye Sivan
"Got Me Started"
3 mins 17s
21 Sep 2023
Troye Sivan follows up wildly successful (and predictably controversial) single 'Rush' with vibe-fuelled party anthem 'Got Me Started'. It treads what's become familiar ground for the Aussie pop star, as the visuals focus on lean, lithe bodies writhing in tautly executed choreography, in addition to bold costuming and a relentless celebration of all things camp.

Imagine Dragons
"Children of the Sky"
3 mins 28s
20 Sep 2023
Imagine Dragons explore the cosmos in this promo for their contribution to the Starfield soundtrack. The wildly popular new game allows players to travel through the universe open-world style, and soaring visuals draw us into the setting with a similar sense of boundless verve here. Things quickly take a turn for the trippy, with director Filfury hinting towards the sort of dramatic options the game allows players to throw themselves into.

2 mins 18s
12 Sep 2023
Viral freestyler Cristale moves into pre-written songs in this promo for fiery new track 'Roadents'. The rapper has plenty to say when not coming up with her rhymes on the spot, as she muses on street life and the struggle of making it. With a unique lyrical flow and realistic view of society, she draws listeners into her world to take a peek through her lens and understand how she sees things.

English Teacher
"The World's Biggest Paving Slab"
3 mins 06s
19 Sep 2023
As song titles go, 'The World’s Biggest Paving Slab' is a doozy. The promo takes place in Colne, Lancashire, home of Cemetery Chippy, Lawson Butchers, and a panopticon known as The Atom. It's also home to a man with a papier-mâché head à la Frank Sidebottom, and he'd like to show viewers around this market town.

"My Love Mine All Mine"
2 mins 50s
18 Sep 2023
Beloved by those 'going through something' everywhere, Mitski treats fans to a cryptic feast with this fascinating promo for latest track 'My Love Mine All Mine'. Director A G Rojas translates the singer's melancholy style perfectly to the screen, contrasting wide shots of striking composition with close attention to intimate, forensic details of folding cloth, grasping fingers, and a cracked egg with a strange centre.

"It's Crazy, It's Party"
3 mins 52s
18 Sep 2023
Eurovision runner-up Käärijä's new single 'It's Crazy, It's Party' features Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, and the accompanying promo transports viewers into a surreal, horror-tinged version of the pair's origin story. Cash seems content to gurn gleefully, like something out of The Hills Have Eyes in a codpiece, while Käärijä sports his distinctive green bolero and is accompanied by a crew of shaven-headed associates on his trip through the night.

"My Love (ft. Arya Starr)"
3 mins 40s
12 Sep 2023
British singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock is joined by popular Afro-pop artist Ayra Starr in this rich promo for 'My Love'. Director Meji Alabi captures colourful dancers against dynamic backdrops of both natural landscapes and urban settings, inextricably connecting humanity with the world around us. Energetic performances burst with personality and draw viewers further into the film, gripping the audience until the very last second.

Olivia Rodrigo
"Get Him Back!"
3 mins 29s
13 Sep 2023
Olivia Rodrigo's latest promo 'Get Him Back!' is a brand deal with Apple, shot on the iPhone 15 to showcase the new model's filmmaking capabilities. Multiple versions of the singer take city streets by storm during the film, which sees car windows explode as she stomps around sulkily and relays the end of a relationship - unable to decide which version of 'get him back' she means.

"I'm Done"
4 mins 40s
12 Sep 2023
There's a simple yet highly effective concept at the heart of this intriguing promo for Bakar's 'I'm Done'. The singer and bandmates appear to be jamming together in a nondescript living room - so far so standard, until the room itself begins to move. Directing duo Rubberband capture a unique energy in the resulting performance, as the 'room' traverses the streets of London.

Jamie Hannah
"Surrender to You"
3 mins 55s
14 Sep 2023
How much hairspray is needed to keep Jamie Hannah's phenomenal quiff in place? Whatever the polymer count, the promo for 'Surrender to You' brims with possibilities, as singer-songwriter Hannah opens his heart to another man. Lyrics like, "Disco ball moonlight, all over my skin/Liquid ecstasy to show me where to begin" have a real Jessie Ware energy to them.

Audrey Nuna
2 mins 34s
14 Sep 2023
The late Valentin Petit directs this spunky music video for Audrey Nuna, who finds herself surrounded by posers, fashion victims, and cultural parasites. It's reminiscent of the promo for 'Do You Want To' by Franz Ferdinand, where Alex Kapranos and friends crashed an event full of oh-so-arty types. The question is: how long can Nuna tolerate it?

"Slow Dancing"
3 mins 10s
12 Sep 2023
Summer fun meets gentle sci-fi in this diverting promo for V's single 'Slow Dancing'. The BTS member has taken a different sonic direction than his peers when entering the solo arena, and focuses on jazzy rhythms, flares of woodwind instruments, and an altogether slow, surprisingly mature approach to pop music.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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