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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Jane Lloyd 91.4%  
 2. Lee Groombridge 90.1%  
 3. Seth Wilson 89.9%  
 4. Matthew Fone 89.4%  
 5. Holly Vega 88.6%  
 6. Simon Cooper 88.0%  
 7. Juliette Larthe 87.8%  
 8. Richard Ulfvengren 87.1%  
 9. Medb Riordan 87.0%  
 10. Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 86.7%  
 11. Natalie Arnett 86.6%  
 12. Trent Simpson 86.1%  
 13. Simon Monhemius 86.0%  
 14. Justin Edmund-White 86.0%  
 15. Ewen Brown 85.4%  
 16. Shirley O'Connor 85.4%  
 17. Polly Ruskin 85.1%  
 18. Lucy Kelly 84.9%  
 19. Bart Yates 84.5%  
 20. Juliette Harris 84.3%  
 21. Kwok Yau 84.1%  
 22. Fran Thompson 84.0%  
 23. Chris Harrison 83.8%  
 24. Mike Wells 83.7%  
 25. John Madsen 83.4%  

On This Day
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Nobby's Nuts
16 Apr 2005
Noddy Holder is faced with a terrible misunderstanding when a bunch of lads, spurred by advertising for Nobby's Nuts, target the former lead singer from Slade's nether regions in a bid to snack on his, er nuts.

"The Power of Dreams"
16 Apr 2005
Dreams are represented here by balloons that appear from the ears. A group of Japanese await to see if any of the dreams will take flight but each proves to be a disappointment until one balloon keeps growing and growing before it emerges whole and gigantic and a dream is set free.

"Pub Football Team"
16 Apr 2006
Charltons Bobby and Jackie join a host of more recent football stars to form what would be Carlsberg's pub football team if the Danish brewers ever condescended to form one. The resulting commercial is almost as fun to watch as it undoubtedly was to make.

2 mins 19s
16 Apr 2009
Although there are obvious echoes of Chris Palmer's Sky Plus ad, this outstanding piece designed to run on a loop on a web site deserves enormous credit for the scale of the enterprise and for the quite brilliant way it turns full circle.

16 Apr 2010
This clever ad is one of a new series for Sony which has children acting out their fantasies on a huge scale. In this film, a group of youngsters take the place of AC/DC in front of a stadium of music fans and the outcome is quite charming.

"Stepping Stone"
16 Apr 2010
This very strange commercial for Switzerland aims to demonstrate the extent to which their people will go to ensure we have a wonderful walking holiday. Unfortunately, it gives the impression that the landlocked country's residents are barking mad.

16 Apr 2011
Eamonn has a beard of bees but no-one in his home town passes comment on the strangeness of this because they welcome the pollination executed by the insects which helps to ensure the bumper crop of apples required to make the advertised cider.

16 Apr 2012
More from the campaign with the deadpan voiceover that reveals how attempts to rehydrate test subjects are being conducted at the Drench laboratories. The combination of overstated slapstick and understated commentary works rather well.

H & M
"Rock & Roll Mansion"
16 Apr 2013
Georgia May continues to do her thing in this latest 60" spot for H&M. The fashion retailer is especially adept at tapping into the updated version of the King's Road vibe that's been working the rails for several seasons, and their astuteness at choosing Jagger's daughter as the face of their brand is razor sharp.

16 Apr 2015
Possibly inspired by Mad Men - the sofa is called Hendricks, after all, and is the colour of Joan's flame-coloured hair - this commercial for Habitat has a couple in a 60s-themed room getting amorous. As they get up to switch to a more private location, the camera stays on the sofa... because it's the furniture that's the true focus of the piece.

Pizza Hut
16 Apr 2015
When Tom comes home, he discovers an imposter sharing pizza with his girlfriend and is plainly astonished that she hasn't notice he's not the real deal. It's the absurdity of the disguise, of course, that makes this so funny... but we also love the way he crashes through the wall when it's evident that the game's up.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
16 Apr 2015
Deadpan performances delivered directly into the camera raise this well above what it might have been and as soon as we find out which director to lavish praise upon, we'll do so. A pair of dinner ladies grab some spoons and begin providing an accompaniment to 1990s hit 'Get Ready for this'. If the duo seem expert then that's because they are... indeed, one of the two women, Marylyn Campbell, has been playing the spoons for thirty-six years.

16 Apr 2018
Dougal Wilson has directed another beautifully designed ad for IKEA. While his last starred a flock of t-shirts coming home to roost, this film depicts a house party... with a twist. The, er, lively action is provided by a collection of ghosts, who come out to play once the house's residents are gone for the evening.

Rebel Sport
"Rugby Fighter"
16 Apr 2018
Every shift could be Rebecca Wood's last. The New Zealand firefighter tackles perilous situations constantly, but that's just the day job - Wood also plays for the women's national rugby union team. Determined to coax other busy Kiwis into action, retailer Rebel Sport combines Wood's dual pursuits into one blazing rush to the try-line.

"Toilet Roll"
16 Apr 2019
Aldi pay homage to Game of Thrones in the supermarket's inimitable style, as a pair of Westeros natives compare name brand and own-brand toilet paper. Unlike their embattled kin, however, these two have time to indulge in a cordial game of chess… whilst sitting on their respective, erm, ‘thrones'. Both the script and the performances ensure this topical parody land.

"Content Battle"
2 mins 27s
16 Apr 2019
This genre-hopping caper from Orange and director François Rousselet showcases the brand's streaming firepower. Scored by Billy May's theme tune for The Green Hornet, the ad zips between takes on Westerns, costume dramas, and high school comedies before settling into more humdrum surroundings. One or two loose transitions aside, it's a diverting tribute to the power of choice.

"Clap From Our Carers"
2 mins
16 Apr 2020
While there has likely never been more day-to-day discussion about the NHS, it's rare to hear from the workers themselves. ITV change that with this two-minute outing which turns the 'clap for our carers' phenomenon on its head, as medical staff applaud the public for staying at home and allowing them to go about the business of saving lives as effectively as possible.

Asda George
"Make An Entrance"
16 Apr 2005
Doors open in the middle of nowhere so that people can make a grand entrance wearing the splendidly inexpensive clothes bought from Asda's George range of clothes.

"Schmoozing With Wise Man"
16 Apr 2005
The wise man encountered in the previous ad turns up again her. He is concerned the regular Orange duo are cramping his style and suggests they walk home while he will take the car.

16 Apr 2007
Young couple release bubbles that float off together and begin representing the things you can do with your mobile phone. The couple themselves then set off on an adventure... running across water before finding themselves amongst some trees. Beautifully filmed addition to impressive series.

"Traffic Lights"
16 Apr 2007
The traffic signals turn to green as a man drives down a road that is lined with more lights than seems reasonable. The voiceover suggests there is a parallel with BMI's online booking which prevents the need to check-in. Mind you, it won't speed you through the institutionalised OCD of airport security.

Impulse Body Spray
"Security Guard"
16 Apr 2007
A longer look at the stalkerish-looking security guard from the previous ad who seems indifferent to a woman until she has been squirted with the inexpensive body spray. She offers him a charming smile and he reads hope into it. Men can't help acting on impulse... a defence that won't stand up in court.

"Melt (Double Take)"
16 Apr 2007
JWT has taken the unusual step of running this ad twice back-to-back to ensure viewers are not so distracted by the sight of former Sex In The City actor Jason Lewis that they fail to pay attention to the chocolate. Someone sounding a lot like Ben 'Monkey' Miller provides the sardonic explanation.

"Melt (Hunk)"
16 Apr 2007
This version only runs once with the sardonic voiceover noting that having had our 'hunk' we should now pay attention to the bubbles in Aero. Jason Lewis who played Samantha's sex toy in Sex In The City shows off his splendid physique to good effect.

Heinz Salad Cream
"The Ladybugs Picnic"
16 Apr 2007
Charming commercial for the mayonnaise of the proletariat uses music purloined from Sesame Street to accompany sped-up footage of people heading towards the park for play and picnic. It's a lovely evocation of summer with a slightly vintage feel which neatly backs up the 'pourable sunshine' claim.

On This Day
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