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Five Star Work
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3 Feb 2023
Thought bird flu was to blame for the recent egg shortage? Turns out it was QuickBooks. The brand's latest commercial features dozens of them—whole, scrambled, fried, poached, you name it. Yet while ravenous diners tuck in, restaurant owner Debbie's at breaking point.

First Direct
"Skint Stinks"
2 Feb 2023
Advertising always walks a fine line between telling the truth and selling a dream, and this ad for First Direct falls very much on the side of truth. The bank's new spokesman is an edgy skunk puppet, who explains to the audience that their fears are indeed real - everything currently stinks.

"A Magnet for Adventure"
2 Feb 2023
Why load the car for a long trip when you can just let everything come to you? That's the premise of this airborne Lexus commercial, wherein certain objects and people are lifted off the ground by a mysterious force. Now this is how you complete a holiday checklist.

Samuel Adams
"Brighter Boston"
1 Feb 2023
Routinely ranked as one of the rudest cities in America, Boston takes on a brighter countenance in this amusing Super Bowl commercial. Featuring recurring character 'your cousin from Boston', the simple act of buying beer sends him into a dream sequence as he tries to envision what a nice version of his hometown would look like.

"You're Not Wrong"
1 Feb 2023
Saga Holidays step up their annual attempt to bust myths about HOAs (Holidaymakers of Age) in this classy commercial. Actor Nicholas Farrell returns to address stereotypes about elderly travellers, leaving British shores behind to explore more exotic locales.

Working With Cancer
2 mins 11s
31 Jan 2023
When Publicis CEO Arthur Sadoun was diagnosed with cancer in April 2022, he became aware of the tremendous workplace-related difficulties faced by those less fortunate than he. Sadoun and other executives in senior roles shouldn't need to be personally affected by terrible circumstances in order to understand the way they might impact junior colleagues, but it's nonetheless impressive that his agency has established a charity to tackle the problems associated with a lack of empathy and support faced by so many people who are battling cancer.

Sony PlayStation
"Live from PS5"
31 Jan 2023
PlayStation exclusives like 'Marvel's Spider-Man 2', 'God of War Ragnarök', and 'Horizon Forbidden West' grab the headlines in this busy commercial. Live from PS5 may not have the same journalistic clout as other outlets, but they sure know how to make their bulletins pop.

Centre for Early Childhood
"Shaping Us"
31 Jan 2023
The Royal Foundation for Early Childhood insist that "from pregnancy to age five, our brains develop faster than at any other time in our lives", with every interaction and sensation a building block. And the charity, founded by the Princess of Wales in 2021, believe this crucial period should be celebrated more than it is.

New Zealand Transport Agency
"Through My Eyes"
27 Jan 2023
"Come on, bro". "I was only a few kilometres over". "How about you catch some real criminals?". These are just some of the responses given by speeding drivers in this New Zealand road safety ad, told from the perspective of a police officer who’s heard it all before. So, why does he persevere?

AJ Bell
"Ring My Bell"
31 Jan 2023
AJ Bell employees must fight over who gets to sing Anita Ward's 'Ring My Bell' at karaoke. The track inspires a madcap commercial packed with bells of all shapes and sizes, as the brand aim to make investments "feel good". Skeletal chess players, space cowgirls, and pigs dressed as bellboys nearly overwhelm viewers in the process.

"Wait’ll You See This"
28 Jan 2023
This US spot for Snapchat is a wondrous combination of amusing, weird and disturbing... much like the mind of the director behind it, the wonderful Mr Andreas Nilsson. It deploys one of the favourite styles of American advertising... a series of sardonically delivered 'what ifs' providing the framework for a series of surreal speculations.

We Are Warriors
"Through the Fire"
7 mins 47s
26 Jan 2023
Indigenous Australian rapper Nooky (Corey Webster) remembers his first day of school like it was yesterday. His teacher described Aboriginal Australians as "dirty people with no civilization", making Webster ashamed of his heritage. If it wasn't for his mum's inspiring words, he may never have founded We Are Warriors.

"Wake Shake Boom"
2 mins 27s
26 Jan 2023
It's ginger all the way as drinks brand Moju launch 'Wake Shake Boom'—a song available on Spotify, no less. The track also has a promo courtesy of directors Ben Crocker, Alexis Timon, amd Conrad Swanston, who, thanks to a skeleton on lead guitar, sunshine on the drums, and some googly-eyed ginger on vocals, deliver an alarm call like no other.

Apple iPhone
"Day in the Life"
5 mins 30s
25 Jan 2023
Nick Mohammed - who plays Nathan Shelley in Apple TV's most popular offering 'Ted Lasso' - stars in this quirky film for the iPhone. The actor isn't particularly impressed when the full title of the piece is revealed to be 'A Day in the Life of an Average Person's Data'... cutting any illusions he has about his own celebrity off before they can even begin.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
25 Jan 2023
As a former petrol station attendant (or 'Console Operator', according to his name badge), DAVID appreciates the care that's gone into this 60" Cadbury spot. It's the late shift, and the young woman behind the till is more than ready to clock off. First, she must deal with the customer from pump number six.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
"Don't Clown"
24 Jan 2023
A woman attempts to overcome her coulrophobia in this hilarious spot for Ocean Spray. Director Jeff Low wrings every drop of comedy out of the premise, as she tries to find courage in her reduced sugar drink and display confidence in front of her daughter... only for her efforts to reach a violent end once she's confronted with the clown in question. It's an entertaining reminder that facing your fears is a process best not rushed.

"Conversation Clear"
24 Jan 2023
Hearing problems increase with age regardless of your chosen profession, but spending a lifetime in front of amplifiers and screaming crowds can't help the deterioration. That's the thrust of this quirky commercial for Sennheiser, which taps Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider as spokesman for their latest model of high-tech hearing aids.

Apple TV
"Call Me with Timothée Chalamet"
1 min 38s
23 Jan 2023
Critical and commercial success, legions of fans, an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor… on paper, Timothée Chalamet has plenty to be happy about. Yet this superb ad from TBWA\Media Arts Lab and director Tom Kuntz reveals what Chalamet covets most: his own Apple TV project.

Ban Conversion Therapy Now
"It's Not Therapy, It's Abuse"
2 mins 44s
20 Jan 2023
Directors Zhang + Knight deliver a masterclass in psychological horror with this ad for Ban Conversion Therapy Now. The protagonist is a trans woman whose family still calls her Daniel, confident that she will be 'cured' through psychiatry and religious intervention. All she needs to do is sign on the dotted line.

"Stay Ahead"
1 min 48s
20 Jan 2023
When James Bond, Ethan Hunt, or Courtland Gentry (Ryan Gosling’s character in 'The Gray Man', if you can believe it) are busy, you get the star of this Lexus RX commercial. Too busy for introductions, he's a suave son of a gun who can adjust his suit and pick up a briefcase like the best of them. Oh, and he knows how to make a quick getaway.

"Put Peanut Butter In It"
18 Jan 2023
Comedy writer/performer Henry Paker deserves a tremendous amount of credit for his voice-over in this tongue in cheek commercial for Reese's peanut butter. Paker's suitably seductive reading of a funny script puts forward the idea that a glimpse of a stiletto shoe has the whole audience fantasising about filling it with the advertised product.

"Real Bear"
18 Jan 2023
If the advertised foodstuff is half as delicious as this delightfully silly commercial then it has to be worth a try. It's the second time in a week that a TVC for a plant-based foodstuff has used humour to get its point across, and – once again – it feels as though the messaging is much more likely to land with this approach rather than the customary earnestness.

"Stoppage Time"
19 Jan 2023
Throughout last year's World Cup in Qatar, it felt like some matches would never end. 'Extra' extra time meant some games finished well after the ninety minute mark (England's group stage game versus Iran took just under two hours to complete), much to the amusement of ESPN.

Alzheimer Forschung Initiative
2 mins 22s
18 Jan 2023
Video games suffer glitches, both minor and major, all the time. A patch will often fix these issues straight away—if only it was that easy for human beings. Germany’s Alzheimer Forschung Initiative call the disease a glitch, and its effects are far worse than anything seen in 'Assassin’s Creed', 'Cyberpunk 2077', 'WWE 2K20', etc.

"The Secret of Wakany (Extended Cut)"
16 Jan 2023
Never having fallen prey to the appeal of 'Game of Thrones', DAVID was unaffected by its notoriously disappointing conclusion, but – like a lot of people who didn't watch it – he was painfully aware of how the underwhelming denouement made people feel, because they wouldn't stop going on about it.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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