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Five Star Work
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Frida Mom
"Stream of Lactation"
23 Feb 2021
Well, well, well, adland, you did it... you made an advert with actual naked breasts in it, and it wasn't for a sports car. Or even aimed at men. Instead it's a brutally honest examination of the reality of breastfeeding, brimming to the lid with humanity and humour.

Apple Watch
"The Future of Health: Sleep"
24 Feb 2021
This 30" Apple Watch commercial evokes some of IKEA’s trips to the Land of Nod. One of three ‘Future of Health’ ads directed by Ian Pons Jewell, this instalment focuses on sleep tracking with striking, CG-enhanced results. As the drowsy protagonist talks to camera, her bedroom turns to sleep dust (the non-mucus kind) and sends both her and her cat floating down below.

Coca Cola
"Open That Coca Cola"
2 mins 12s
21 Feb 2021
Coca-Cola have always been one of the great advertising brands, with most of the value inside its iconic bottle being established by the madmen of Madison Avenue. It has though blown hot and cold over the years, so it's brilliant to see it recently rediscover its sparkle with some excellent assistance from Wieden + Kennedy, and, with this particular execution, from the fantastic pairing that is Los Pérez.

"Little Angels"
19 Feb 2021
Many parents have been unable to get away from their sprogs' relentless bickering during lockdown, so this fractious commercial from Hyundai should feel especially relatable right now. The film sees a pair of kids doing what siblings do best: arguing about everything and nothing all at once. At least, until an angelic calm transports the mundane scene somewhere different.

"Shreddie for Anything"
19 Feb 2021
This lively piece of work for Shreddies stars perma-stubbled presenter Nick Knowles in his ultimate form: a man who "built the hospital [he] was born in"; puts up shelves via telekinesis; and generally gets things done. He emerges from a washing hamper to help rouse a comatose teenager, taking his cue from Wallace & Gromit in the process.

17 Feb 2021
An impulsive pooch foils its owner's plans in this amusing ad for Greenies dog treats. The refreshingly pithy commercial sees a bloke stranded on an island Cast Away-style, finally on the verge of receiving help after his crudely-made sign attracts attention from a plane overhead. That is, until his dog gets involved.

Swedish Lottery
"A Million Millionaires"
16 Feb 2021
The Swedish Lottery explore the mundanity of millions in this entertaining commercial. The competition apparently awards so many winners with stacks of cash that being rich has lost its exclusive side, clogging the Scandinavian roads and waterways with free-wheeling millionaires looking for kicks. Sure beats a pandemic, doesn't it?

Green & Black's
"Wildly Deliciously Organic"
16 Feb 2021
Organic chocolate maker Green & Black’s put their own spin on nature documentaries with this kinetic 60” commercial. Keen to earn ethical points in an increasingly volatile sector, the brand give Mother Nature its due and then some. There are no sage remarks from David Attenborough or Hans Zimmer BRAAAMs here; instead, M.I.A.'s 'Born Free' accompanies a feeding frenzy shot by director Kim Gehrig.

Virgin Media
"Faster Brings us Closer"
16 Feb 2021
Online gaming has been a refuge for many, and this sweet Virgin Media film accordingly emphasises the ways in which a good connection can help us relate behind closed doors. A battle turns into an alliance when two players meet in a virtual world, and their bond soon develops into something deeper.

"The Beast"
15 Feb 2021
Quirky creature design ensures this latest commercial campaign for McCoy's has meme-able potential. The brand urge snackers to reject boring crisps in favour of their 'Fire Pit' flame-roasted incarnation, with a very pushy assistant giving the pitch some unexpected oomph. This ad offers a nice reminder that while epic and sweeping commercials have their place, sometimes silliness is the strongest path to follow.

Office for National Statistics
"It's About Us"
15 Feb 2021
Like a misjudged episode of Friends, the 2021 census is destined to be known as "The One That Takes Place During a Pandemic". Scotland may have postponed theirs until 2022, but the Office for National Statistics say England and Wales are primed for March 21st. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

11 Feb 2021
Ahh, to feel as tranquil as a dog on a carnival slide. Churchill bring chill vibes to their latest commercial outing, as the brand once again eschew their Winston Churchill-inspired nodding dog for a calmer pooch with a can-do attitude. As long as whatever they're attempting takes nothing more than a short shuffle to regain momentum, that is.

11 Feb 2021
Cadillac deliver a charming take on a Tim Burton classic to draw attention to their hands-free driving technology in this 60" Super Bowl ad. Director David Shane nails the aesthetic of Burton's 'Edward Scissorhands' while adding a twist of dry humour, as a young man with an unfortunate, all-too-familiar impairment struggles his way through everyday activities.

"Flat Matthew"
10 Feb 2021
Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey is no stranger to body transformations. The Texan lost fifty pounds for his role in 'Dallas Buyers Club', and then gained middle-aged spread for 'Gold'. However, this wacky Doritos Super Bowl ad takes the tortilla chip. The Mill's uncanny visual effects turn McConaughey into a two-dimensional version of himself.

"Opportunity Knocks"
9 Feb 2021
Four Seasons Total Landscaping might be the only legitimate business who benefitted from the Trump campaign's involvement. Freelancer app Fiverr mine the aftermath of 2020's most bizarre press conference for their Super Bowl outing, speculating on what the business can get up to with their new-found fame.

Uber Eats
"Wayne's World"
8 Feb 2021
Uber Eats open their Super Bowl account with a 'Wayne’s World' threequel starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. Like the 1992 original, Wayne and Garth are caught between artistic freedom and the demands of corporate sponsors. Aurora, Illinois’ finest insist they above shameless marketing tactics, but all is not what it seems.

Bud Light
"Last Year's Lemons"
2 Feb 2021
To say 2020 left a sour taste in the mouth would be an understatement. Enter Bud Light Hard Seltzer with this bouncy Super Bowl commercial, wherein a group of friends reminisce about "a lemon of a year", with nary a mention of Covid-19 or Donald Trump. Instead, director Mike Warzin unleashes a flood of actual lemons on his beleaguered cast.

"Alexa's Body"
3 Feb 2021
Amazon get cheeky in their commercial offering for Super Bowl 2021, as a woman conceives of a shape even, er, sexier than Alexa's new spherical design. This comes in the form of actor and noted beefcake Michael B. Jordan, who gives his best sultry-cum-robotic turn as the omnipresent AI. Think 2013's sci-fi romance 'Her', but with more sprinklers.

"The Takeaway"
2 Feb 2021
The opening of this Portuguese Vodafone ad will resonate with viewers who leaf through their empty 2021 diaries with dread (if they bothered to buy one at all). A restaurateur counts the cost of Portugal's lockdown as bookings vanish and the threat to his decades-old business grows. Fortunately, stew is click-and-collectable.

"Pleasure is An Endless Exploration"
28 Jan 2021
While 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' is primarily known as a childhood nursery rhyme, this adult interpretation for Skyn is aimed at a vastly different audience. The brand presents a, ahem, orgy of flesh of all colours and genders in order to promote its sex-positive proposition - encouraging consumers to explore pleasure to the fullest. Condoms, it suggests, are as essential as masks when it comes to personal protective equipment.

"Difficult Age"
26 Jan 2021
While a general push towards healthier lifestyles over the past few years has led more to consider plant-based substitutes than ever before, there are still those resistant to the animal-free march of progress. Oat milk purveyors Oatly explore this generational divide in their latest commercial campaign, which sees kids 'assist' (in one way or another) their families in making the switch.

Système U
1 min 40s
27 Jan 2021
French supermarket chain Système U pride themselves on going above and beyond for customer satisfaction. This extends to watching particularly unlucky goldfish over the Christmas holidays - at least, according to this madcap caper directed by Romain Chassaing. Dedicated minder Antoine risks life and limb to secure a fish's safety.

"Look Me In The Eyes"
25 Jan 2021
The trauma of fighting Covid-19 has left many NHS staff on the brink, both physically and emotionally. This 30" ad implores viewers - especially those who play fast and loose with lockdown rules - to literally look those struggling in the eye. They include doctors, nurses, and patients who must wear face coverings of all kinds day after day.

Domino's Pizza
"Frazzled Dad"
25 Jan 2021
With little else to look forward to at present, one's takeaway choices can really make or break an evening. That's doubly true for those living with other people - something the dad in this entertaining ad for Domino's finds out just in time to avoid disaster. The guy is warned off experimental food forays by his future self, who appears Marty McFly-style to prevent dining tragedy.

The Medium
"Official Live Action Trailer"
2 mins 47s
21 Jan 2021
This febrile ad for psychological horror game The Medium draws inspiration from dystopian surrealism—most notably the work of Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. While protagonist Marianne explores an abandoned hotel in one reality, another features a disintegrating city and a multi-limbed hellbeast. Talk about a change of scenery.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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