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Five Star Work
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Road Safety Ireland
"Time To Talk"
18 Jul 2024
In any ad for road safety, you can be pretty certain death will be a main character. It certainly shows up in director Max Fisher’s spot for RSA Ireland. We attend the funeral of the protagonist first, the first-person POV camera being met with grief-stricken faces at every turn, so that when we finally meet the doomed driver as they’re walking out the door, our hearts are in our mouths.

Paralympics NZ
"We'll Give You Something To Talk About"
18 Jul 2024
In a remarkably similar sentiment to 4Creative’s campaign in the UK, Paralympics New Zealand is challenging audiences to reconsider their biases. Directed by Aoteroa’s rising star, Lex Hodge, of Finch through Saatchi & Saatchi, the ads take the ‘pretty fast considering’ approach - the one that prompts viewers to question the benchmarks they are applying.

"Anatomy Of A Champion"
18 Jul 2024
Watching athletes at their peak makes it easy to forget that high performance sport is painful. But this spot for FIGS x Team USA really puts the ‘ooof’ in this year’s French edition of the Games. The scrubs company are the official outfitters of the Team USA Medical Team, with the ad featuring current and alumni Olympians and Paralympians on the injury-ridden road to Paris. It seems Mother creatives and the KOM Music team may just have come up with a theme song for all nations competing later this month.

Müller Light
"Get The Good Going"
18 Jul 2024
Mis-Teeq provide the soundtrack to a Müller Light commercial set in a charity shop. When Brian eats a pot of the advertised yogurt, his colleague says: "Check you out, being all healthy!" He likes the sound of that—almost as much as he likes 'Scandalous' from 2003.

Riyadh Season
"Everything or Nothing"
3 mins 15s
17 Jul 2024
Riyadh Season continues with Terence Crawford versus Israil Madrimov, a fight that is due to take place on August 3 in… Los Angeles. Last time we checked, Los Angeles was in America, not Saudi Arabia—has Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bought the City of Angels and not told anyone? Stranger things have happened.

"Owned by you, Right by you"
17 Jul 2024
The unique selling point of the Co-op is, and always has been, the strong sense that it's an ethical business, and this sense is strong because it is true. This facet has often been the focus of its advertising but seldom to better effect than here. This film out of VCCP and realised with great skill by Blinkink's Sam Gainsborough and animators Andy Biddle and Reg Isaac conveys the idea of Co-op's dedication to doing good with a clarity and precision which supports the idea fully.

"We've Got U"
16 Jul 2024
At a time when the ages of prominent Americans are in the firing line, if you'll forgive the pun, it's refreshing to see that one of the two presidential candidates' most famous compatriots refuses to grow old, despite being, well, old. Cher, once of Sonny and Cher fame, has been turning back time for longer than most of us can remember and she proves a perfect choice to launch the newly rebranded TV station, U.

"Keep Commerce Human"
15 Jul 2024
The argument made in this ad for Etsy is emblematic. We are surrounded by a mixture of enthusiasm and disdain for artificiality, and Orchard Creative are setting out their stall for human creativity, and, DAVID suspects, not just on behalf of the client.

15 Jul 2024
Tinder is keen to reassure its users that, much unlike anything in Hollywood films, the perfect meet-cute doesn’t exist. The latest series in the dating app’s ‘It Starts With A Swipe’ campaign is based on the first message exchanges of real life couples formed via the app - awkward typos and all.

"Birthday Party"
12 Jul 2024
This McDonald's commercial, made in 2024, is set in the 1980s, though the UK got its first Maccy D's in 1974. With us so far? Good. You are now ready to attend a birthday party where kids dance to 'Know How' by Young MC. 'Bust a Move' would have been too obvious or just too damn '80s.

Channel 4
"Considering What? (with Audio Description)"
2 mins 20s
11 Jul 2024
There cannot be a greater challenge faced by any creative department in the world than that faced by 4Creative every four years when it's time to create a new trailer for the Paralympics. This is the fourth instalment since the audacious debut film of 2012 introduced the Superhumans, and – despite everything achieved by its earliest predecessor – it represents a significant rejection of its message.

"Because They Can't"
11 Jul 2024
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) know what nature can and cannot do. It can soothe, inspire, and enrich people—it cannot fight back when people destroy habitats, poison rivers, and dump waste in the countryside. Yet the animals in this excellent stop-motion campaign have other ideas.

"And That’s Why We Use... (DC)"
1 min 50s
9 Jul 2024
This director's cut of a commercial for HubSpot previously featured at DAVID, is a much more expansive exploration of the original idea, and is all the better for it. At almost four times the run length of the client version, you might expect it to be self-indulgent, but it uses its canvas wisely and there is not an ounce of fat on it.

St Germain
"Sophie Turner"
10 Jul 2024
When you see how ads are over-complicated these days, it's refreshing to be reminded how much can be achieved with an exotic location, a slyly witty script and a sparkling central performance. This commercial for St Germain Hugo Spritz is a perfectly compiled piece of silliness, and every element is designed to capture and hold the viewer's attention.

"Athletes in the Making"
9 Jul 2024
This AAMI (Australian Associated Motor Insurers) spot is all about the next generation of athletes—kids who swim in the bath, chuck a frisbee like a discus, or turn a broom handle and forty pounds of kitty litter into a barbell. Practice makes perfect, but it also makes a hell of a mess.

8 Jul 2024
This AA commercial from agency The Gate and directors Si&Ad is ropey in the best way possible. Shot in black-and-white, the ad sees a motorist distracted by something up ahead late at night. He bumps into the car in front as a result, but that is the least of his concerns.

BlueForge Alliance
"Built to Last (DC)"
1 min 50s
1 Jul 2024
During World War II, American women were told that "we can do it" in a poster which depicted the iconic Rosie the Riveter, and in this film reminding women of 2024 that there are alternatives to the multi-gig lifestyle endured by so many, Rosie has been brought back to life by director Nick Ball, and put through her paces to illuminate this modern hardship.

2 mins 48s
1 Jul 2024
You know Lisa from BLACKPINK is a rock star because she can shut down two of the busiest thoroughfares in Bangkok, Thailand to shoot a music video. DAVID also tried to close Yaowarat Road and Phetchaburi Road once, but that’s a story for another day.

"That SKy Feeling"
27 Jun 2024
Andrew Garfield is all in in this charming commercial for Sky which introduces an advertising idea that could run and run. It's a variation on the 'If Carlsberg made...' notion which formed the backbone of a long-running campaign, and continues with the already established idea of how everything falls neatly into place with Sky.

Pure Leaf
"Tea Break"
27 Jun 2024
Lindsay Lohan inspires her colleagues with a rousing speech about the need to take a proper break in this entertaining commercial for Pure Leaf tea. With bottle in hand, Lohan amiably challenges the assorted oddballs to join her in stepping away from the habits which keep them from having a proper rest from everything.

2 mins 03s
26 Jun 2024
Anyone who has stirred in the middle of the night because of an anxiety dream about incomplete admin will find the sequence of events in this darkly funny commercial extremely relatable. Director Ian Pons Jewell slyly leaves the viewer puzzled as events unfold, and the intrigue rises and rises until the reveal.

Triple the Vote
"Triple the Vote"
1 min 41s
25 Jun 2024
Fed up of party political broadcasts already? Then maybe this plug for triple-voting will help. Directed by Abigail Wilson (she also stars as a woman who refuses to pay £14.50 for a sausage roll and two coffees), the ad darts between four young voters sick to the back teeth of a country out of whack.

AT & T
"Epic Bad Golf Day"
25 Jun 2024
There are bad rounds of golf and there are bad rounds of golf—this AT&T spot features one of the latter. The unfortunate golfer is not DAVID for once, but Ben Stiller, who starred in 'Happy Gilmore' with Adam Sandler but never hit a ball in anger. Now we know why.

Riyadh Season
"The Spectator"
2 mins 45s
20 Jun 2024
Want to feel old? Then let this plug for Tyson Fury versus Oleksandr Usyk take you back to November 13, 1999. The protagonist remembers it like it was yesterday. Why? Because it was the night Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield in a rematch to end all rematches.

19 Jun 2024
Every World Cup, every European Championship, every Nations League (that one might be a stretch), a particular sort of fan appears. The kind that not only supports the team, but wears the team. Replica shirt? Check. Face paint? Check. Novelty hat? Check. Air horn? Double-check. Suffice it to say, they attract attention wherever they go.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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