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David Guetta
"Big FU (ft. Ayra Starr & Lil Durk)"
2 mins 41s
4 Dec 2023
This David Guetta promo is a classy affair, involving a split screen which features bold colours and outlandish styling choices on the featured artists. Gaudy fashion, body paint, and a cast of characters in wild costumes bulk out the visuals to fun effect, with director Shapxo really elevating the rather mundane audio material.

"First Person Shooter (ft. J Cole)"
5 mins
4 Dec 2023
Fans of the US version of The Office will enjoy this promo for Drake's 'First Person Shooter', as Brian Baumgartner - the man behind the character Kevin - opens it with a cameo. Little does the bumbling manager know that his staff have replaced themselves with dummies... so they can run an illegal ping-pong tournament while he games the hours away.

Youngs Teflon
"Carlo Gambino"
3 mins 17s
4 Dec 2023
The third most Googled thing about London rapper Youngs Teflon - aka Jimmy Conway - is his height, which suggests the thirty-six year old artist is a visual hit with the heterosexual women in his audience. Sonically, 'Carlo Gambino' appeals to a crowd young enough to be impressed with allusions towards a gangster lifestyle, something the accompanying promo takes literally.

Jacob Collier
"Witness Me (ft. Sean Mendes, Stormzy)"
5 mins 11s
30 Nov 2023
This promo from award winning singer-songwriter Jacob Collier is almost offensively wholesome. Despite taking its name from modern cinematic classic 'Mad Max: Fury Road', 'Witness Me' contains none of the verve, visual interest, or sonic innovation of its namesake. It's fine, and isn't that the most damning thing one can say about a piece of work?

"Christmas Dirtbag"
4 mins 13s
30 Nov 2023
While DAVID usually has the most discerning taste known to man, he has to admit he's susceptible to a bit of festive cheese. This delightfully silly promo for Wheatus's Christmas reworking of their one-hit wonder 'Teenage Dirtbag' features a pooch who isn't feeling the seasonal spirit, as he fears he's been overlooked by the big man in the red suit.

"Exit Girl"
3 mins 35s
30 Nov 2023
Auckland native Ratbag - aka Sophie Brown - has a unique sound and aesthetic which has made her hugely popular online. Creating her own idiosyncratic brand of shoegaze, she's accompanied by an animated band of monsters which she made up, reflecting her start in visual arts and ongoing commitment to the weird and wonderful.

Jung Kook
"Yes or No"
2 mins 32s
30 Nov 2023
With one of the most famous people in the world at their disposal, you'd think the team marketing BTS's breakout star Jung Kook would put a bit more effort in. 'Yes or No' is by far the most interesting thing the singer has put out musically, but it's accompanied by a promo which amounts to little more than a clip show, shot by frequent collaborator Tanu Muino over a series of photo shoots for brand endorsement deals.

Ghost Hounds
"Last Train to Nowhere"
4 mins 22s
30 Nov 2023
A man is transported into a historical fantasy in this intriguing promo for Ghost Hounds' 'Last Train To Nowhere'. Singer Tré Nation falls asleep on the subway after a long shift at work, and wakes up somewhere entirely different... sporting a cowboy hat and a bright red bandana.

Rei Ami
"Body Bag"
2 mins 22s
30 Nov 2023
Squeaky clean pop is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about South Korea's musical output on the world stage, so Seoul native Rei Ami's grimy single 'Body Bag' is a refreshing change of pace. The singer grinds and growls her way through the track, declaring that "You ain't doin' shit right if you ain't got enemies."

"Pepper (ft. Lil Baby, Skrillex)"
2 mins 45s
30 Nov 2023
Cameroonian-French mixed martial artist and professional boxer Francis Ngannou stars in this curious music promo for 'Pepper'. A collaboration between grime MC Flowdan, US rapper Lil Baby, and emo singer-turned-electronica artist Skrillex, the film focuses on Ngannou training in increasingly esoteric ways for an upcoming fight - with methods which include hanging out under a canopy of fire, lifting heavy rocks, and befriending a leopard.

"Closer to God (ft. Teyana Taylor)"
4 mins 13s
30 Nov 2023
Beleaguered rapper Diddy doesn't appear very much in this promo for 'Closer To God', which is probably a good thing. While he's preoccupied with denying allegations of sexual assault and stepping down from various businesses to avoid tainting them by association, singer Teyana Taylor takes the helm for this desert adventure.

Declan McKenna
"Elevator Hum"
3 mins 57s
30 Nov 2023
This quirky promo for Dylan McKenna's 'Elevator Hum' shows the singer searching for meaning in the everyday... in a way we might not expect. He takes a metal detector to his local supermarket, scanning the shelves for something unknown and leaving it unclear what, if anything, he's actually hoping to find.

Dove Cameron
3 mins 50s
29 Nov 2023
Dove Cameron plays the piano at the end of the world in this dramatic promo for 'Sand'. The singer performs atop an active volcano during the film, with seams of red-hot lava opening up in the ashy ground around her... although it seems she's only feeling the heat in a romantic sense.

"Off My Face"
2 mins 31s
29 Nov 2023
While they may be focused on maturing into their increasingly diverse musical career, Måneskin are still very much here to have fun. This promo for 'Off My Face' - shot by frequent collaborator George Gallardo Kattah - is a good example of their attitude, and reminds viewers that, for all their international success, the band's youngest member is still only twenty-one.

3 mins 12s
29 Nov 2023
This stripped back promo for 'Trastevere' (named after a neighbourhood in the band's native Rome) brings things back to basics for Måneskin, showcasing singer Damiano David's powerful and unique voice with minimal trappings. It provides a visual and audible summary of what has given them the longevity that most of their Eurovision peers lack. Namely, talent.

Steve Aoki
"Lighter (ft. Paris Hilton)"
3 mins
28 Nov 2023
Media mogul and heiress Paris Hilton teams up with South Korean DJ Steve Aoki for curious new track 'Lighter'. Hilton has demonstrated an admirable level of self-awareness throughout her tenure in the spotlight, and she revels in being the face of the collaboration here - mugging for the camera with verve in a variety of eye-catching costumes.

Green Day
"The American Dream Is Killing Me"
3 mins 25s
28 Nov 2023
Pop punk stalwarts Green Day interpret the title of their latest single 'The American Dream is Killing Me' literally in the accompanying promo. Fans of classic zombie flicks like the punk fashion-focused 'The Return of the Living Dead' will enjoy the flesh ripping action, which sees the band perform to a grasping, lurching crowd of the undead... and their rifle-toting assassins.

Jung Kook
"Standing Next to You"
3 mins 46s
28 Nov 2023
Jung Kook's 'Standing Next To You' feels musically dated, with clear influence from retro pop music which hasn't been translated into anything innovative. Likewise, the pristinely executed dance routines and vague hints of sexless romance throughout the promo are very well done... just completely devoid of personality.

Dua Lipa
3 mins 08s
28 Nov 2023
Manu Cossu creates an instantly classic visual for Dua Lipa with this promo for latest track 'Houdini'. Set in a dance studio, the simple premise is enhanced by racy costuming and a coterie of dancers who seem to spring forth from the singer's imagination - each matching her cherry red hair with a burnished barnet of their own.

Tierra Whack
"Chanel Pit"
2 mins 44s
28 Nov 2023
Tierra Whack cleans up in this intriguing promo for new track 'Chanel Pit'. The camera stays focused on the Philadelphia rapper throughout the song, tracking her movement as she's put through a car wash backwards. It's a surprisingly peaceful journey, as the artist remains largely unsullied by her trip... at least until significant amounts of water get involved.

"All Alone (w. Dré-Six)"
2 mins 24s
28 Nov 2023
This moody promo for Skepta's latest track 'All Alone' explores the grim reality behind the often sensationalised world of drug dealing. Up and coming singer-songwriter Dré Six provides silky, R'n'B style vocals for the song's mournful chorus, which talks about being a long way from home... and feeling even further away from those you love.

The Snuts
2 mins 47s
28 Nov 2023
This colourful promo for The Snuts' 'NPC' sees the Scottish rockers trapped in a retro digital world. Having left their major label to become fully independent after their first album, the promo is an equally self-driven affair with the band members putting in shifts as camera operators, lighting technicians, and performers all at once. Thankfully, they called in the experts for the nifty VFX work.

Sleaford Mods
"West End Girls"
4 mins 29s
28 Nov 2023
Known for their sweary brand of political activism and lyrics about the dire state of British society under a Tory government, Sleaford Mods put their money where their mouth is with this cover of Pet Shop Boys classic 'West End Girls'. All proceeds from the single are being donated to Shelter, and the accompanying promo is a fittingly stripped-back, low-budget affair.

Lord Apex
"Phoenix (ft. Freddie Gibbs)"
3 mins 35s
28 Nov 2023
London native and lo-fi hip hop pioneer Lord Apex is joined by Indiana counterpart Freddie Gibbs for 'Phoenix' - a track which is full of swagger and attitude, but nevertheless manages to maintain a laid-back vibe. The retro animated promo comes courtesy of director and animator Vanja Vikalo, who leads the viewer quite literally down the rabbit hole as Apex's onscreen avatar makes his way through a world occupied by bunny-headed gangsters.

Tate McRae
3 mins 12s
28 Nov 2023
Fans of Christina Aguilera and defunct Netflix wrestling drama GLOW will enjoy this throwback promo for Tate McRae's latest track 'Exes'. Having first come to public attention on the US reality show 'So You Think You Can Dance', the Canadian singer plays to her strengths and throws herself wholeheartedly into Sean Bankhead's sensual choreography throughout the video.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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