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Five Star Work
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30 Nov 2022
Some children get head lice, others—like the boy in this cracking GrabFood commercial—get a thumb growing out of their skull. Before the local herbalist can work his magic, he must ask the boy's guardian some important questions, like, "Did he pee on a supernatural being?"

Coca Cola
"Magia de Verdad"
30 Nov 2022
Family recipes are fraught with danger: pull them off and you're untouchable; ruin them and you can kiss that inheritance goodbye. The protagonist of this Coca-Cola spot decides to tackle his mum's Christmas pie recipe… and she's right next to him every step of the way.

Discover Tasmania
"Come Down For Air"
27 Nov 2022
This is such a wonderfully counter-intuitive way to advertise a holiday destination that it really captures both the attention and the imagination. Tasmania doesn't have the climatic advantages of other parts of Australia so it's marketed instead on the idea that it's somewhere you can breath... both literally and metaphorically.

Red Cross
29 Nov 2022
Child protagonist? Check. Acoustic soundtrack? Check. Enough decorations to light the entire neighbourhood? Check. It's clear that the American Red Cross and director Martin Stirling have read the Christmas ad playbook from start to finish, but there's more to this commercial than meets the eye.

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
"Three Orchids"
2 mins 11s
27 Nov 2022
This Spanish film for their national lottery provides an interesting counterpoint to the excellent ad for the UK lottery which we brought you last week. In the UK spot, a young woman tracks down a man she connected with on a train, in part, because she wants to reunite him with his winning ticket. That isn't her only motive, and her romantic diligence has brightened many a viewer's heart.

27 Nov 2022
This kinetic film for Apple centres on the marvellous filmmaking features of the new 14 Pro. As a director/cinematographer/editor puts the advertised device through its paces, it becomes evident that it is a truly remarkable piece of hardware. Whether the average user is willing to go to these lengths is arguable, but if they do... it can handle it.

Deutsche Telekom
"The Teacher"
1 min 36s
27 Nov 2022
As a teacher navigates a weary day, looking out for one student after another, it begins to take a toll on him. The impact on his demeanour is subtly portrayed in an excellent performance coaxed from the lead actor by director Jonathan Alric, but a colleague notices that he is struggling and, just as he arrives home, she phones him to check that he's all right.

Southwark Council
"Through Her Eyes"
2 mins 27s
24 Nov 2022
Southwark Council mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women with this hard hitting short film. Directed by Serafima Serafimova, the piece flips the script on street harassment and puts a teenage boy through the sort of experiences his female peers will find all too familiar.

Women's Aid
"He's Coming Home"
25 Nov 2022
With the World Cup underway, Women's Aid are concerned about the link between football and domestic violence. Whether England win, lose, or draw, an abuser is still an abuser, ready to make their family's lives miserable when they come home from the pub or a mate's house.

"The Holidays with Mrs Hayes"
5 mins 49s
23 Nov 2022
This touching film from director Joshua Kissi tells the story of a young widow who moves into a new neighbourhood after the death of her husband and becomes a loved part of the community. In particular, we witness a bond grow between her and a young boy who first makes her acquaintance when he accidentally strikes a baseball against her beloved car.

"The Getaway"
2 mins 47s
23 Nov 2022
Director Ian Pons Jewell has a lot of fun with a terrific script in this US commercial for Uber which has been released in time for Thanksgiving. The premise is simple, comic and relatable... a couple have dutifully attended a family gathering, but have designed an exit strategy to enable them to enjoy the rest of the holiday unencumbered by the 'joy' of their relatives.

Posten Norge
"Father Christmas and Mother Earth"
3 mins 56s
21 Nov 2022
The Norwegian post office caused a stir last year with a gay Father Christmas, and having won many plaudits for it, they have opted to use their platform for another progressive message. This year, Father Christmas is avowedly heterosexual, at least to judge by the fact that he's in a relationship with Mother Earth. The film depicts them working in harmony for a short while, before things start to go wrong.

The FA
"Two Star Cut"
2 mins 41s
23 Nov 2022
The FA's official World Cup ad is a barbershop duet that's all about star power. A star above the Three Lions crest represents 1966, the men's team's only tournament victory so far, but one customer is certain another awaits in Qatar. After decades of heartbreak, barber William Dickins is unconvinced.

Savage X Fenty
"Power Play"
22 Nov 2022
Rihanna's Fenty brand and its various subsidiaries generate so much money that the pop star no longer needs to make music, and this ad for lingerie line Savage X Fenty demonstrates why the label has such widespread appeal. Directed by Amber Grace Johnson, the 30" spot instantly stands out in a usually beauty-focused market.

Pirate Ship
22 Nov 2022
When DAVID was a child, cartoons and age-appropriate books had him convinced that quicksand was going to be a far more pressing day-to-day issue than it turned out to be when he grew up. This funny spot for Pirate Ship plays on that media-generated fear to amusing effect, presenting a man who's somehow become ensconced in a sucking bog at an inopportune moment.

Pirate Ship
22 Nov 2022
A woman faces a reluctantly close encounter in this quirky commercial from Pirate Shipping. Director Harold Einstein judges the humour well here, drawing amusingly low-key performances from both parties as the abductee clings to a fence. Her would-be rescuer is more interested in shipping fees rather than saving her, and she resigns herself to her fate as the UFO's tractor beam slowly sucks her skyward.

Just Dance
22 Nov 2022
Three boys have the time of their lives in this Just Dance 2023 commercial, but the same cannot be said for the two adults in the room. As the former trip the light fantastic, the latter look devoid of hope amid the debris of a birthday party. If the youngsters eat any more cake or sweets, it could be a long night.

Uber Eats
21 Nov 2022
When Karim Benzama suffered a thigh injury that ruled him out of the World Cup, we like to think Uber Eats offered to deliver a replacement striker. Otherwise, the brand have done their bit with this fun tie-in commercial. Almost everyone in Hugues de la Brosse's film has lost their voice, from journalists to businessmen, tour guides to reality TV contestants.

Mercedes G-Class
"The Luxury of Adventure"
9 mins 38s
16 Nov 2022
With the popularity of #VanLife - people leaving fixed abodes behind to live out of adapted vehicles - ever growing despite social media backlash, Mercedes get in on the trend with this glossy tribute to their G-Class model. The almost ten minute film follows the exploits of Alitta and Benjamin, who seek a life of "happiness and freedom" with their two children.

"John Boyega"
3 mins 55s
18 Nov 2022
Back in the 2000s, the Orange Film Board tormented actors like Patrick Swayze, Sean Astin, and Macaulay Culkin with ludicrous pitches and stage directions. The spirit of Mr Dresden lives on in this hilarious campaign for ITVX, once known as ITV Hub. The streaming service are delighted to have John Boyega audition for the role of brand spokesman.

"Matthew Macfadyen"
3 mins 41s
18 Nov 2022
Matthew Macfadyen may have won a BAFTA, an Emmy, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as Tom Wambsgans in Succession, but can he smile with his eyes like Ryan Gosling in Drive? That's just one of many bizarre requests in this super commercial for ITVX.

National Lottery
"Just Imagine a Win"
3 mins 30s
18 Nov 2022
We've become accustomed to seeing lottery commercials from around the world popping up at Christmas time with tales of emotional weight that often outshine everything made in the UK. adam&eveDDB have obviously decided there's no reason why they shouldn't create their own contribution to this canon of work... and they've absolutely smashed the assignment.

4 mins 26s
16 Nov 2022
DAVID suspects that the leaping off point for this script was the realisation by one of the creatives at Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam that Geneva isn't just the home of FIFA, it's also the location of CERN, and its Large Hadron Collider. This convenient juxtaposition is the McGuffin for a crazy adventure which pits footballers of different eras against one another in the multiverse.

R M Williams
"The Young Man Who Lived in His Boots"
16 Nov 2022
Justin Kurzel's handsome 90" commercial about a man and his boots for R M Williams talks 'making love to the everyday', which sounds inspiring and creepy in equal measure. Kurzel depicts the protagonist's life in reverse, so his Chelsea boots are already scuffed, scratched, and scraped. A lot of brands would prefer to see their wares in perfect condition, so it's a brave move from the Aussie shoe makers.

AN Post
"Tin Man"
15 Nov 2022
The majority of Christmas commercials understandably focus on the positive aspects of the season - glitzy decorations, socially acceptable gluttony, and reconnection with loved ones. For those without people in their lives, though, it can end up being one of the coldest and loneliest times of the year.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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