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Blu Samu
2 mins 58s
18 May 2022
Belgian rapper Blu Samu is all about intensity of feeling on latest track 'Turquoise'. The accompanying promo brings this to life in arresting fashion, as it depicts a night time beach scene which is interrupted by a figure on fire. It's an eerie combination of familiar images in a strange new context, as beachgoers read, lounge, and even sunbathe in the darkness.

"John Wick"
3 mins 06s
18 May 2022
Rapper M24 opens 'John Wick' by disclaiming that everything he says about firearms and gang activity is for entertainment purposes only... probably because he's fresh out of prison for carrying a knife and has been banned from inciting violence on social media. The accompanying promo - replete with guns, girls, balaclavas, and piles of cash - seems like an edgy move too far in context.

The Chainsmokers
"I Love U"
3 mins 10s
16 May 2022
Blur once said that modern life is rubbish, but the Chainsmokers take a different approach with their latest music promo. 'I Love U' sees the electronic duo partially captured via a multitude of mobile phones, as a night out of drinking and debauchery is rendered in all its sordid social media-ready glamour.

Kendrick Lamar
3 mins 36s
16 May 2022
There's plenty for viewers to sink their teeth into in this complex promo for Kendrick Lamar's latest track 'N95'. Christian imagery abounds throughout, as the rapper is suspended above the ocean in a Christ-like pose and cavorts in bed with a woman while surrounded by walls bedecked with multiple crosses and crucifixes.

Girl in Red
3 mins 16s
16 May 2022
Norwegian singer-songwriter Girl in Red - aka Marie Ulven Ringheim - reflects on fame and distance in latest single 'Hornylovesickness'. As the title suggests, love, lust, and romance all feature in her musings on touring and its impact on her life and relationships.

G Flip
"Get Me Outta Here"
3 mins 20s
12 May 2022
Aussie artist G Flip - aka Georgia Flipo - may be more known on this side of the world for going out with Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause than their music, but new track 'Get Me Outta Here' threatens to change that. Their celebrity girlfriend features heavily in the accompanying promo, which adopts a Nineties-style, down to earth aesthetic.

Tion Wayne
3 mins 16s
12 May 2022
North London rapper Tion Wayne teams up with electro artist La Roux in this promo for latest track 'IFTK'. Featuring a sample of 2009 hit 'In For The Kill', the song sees the controversial performer rap about fashion, haters, and being better than his peers at just about everything.

Sabrina Claudio
"Don't Make Me Wait"
2 mins 52s
12 May 2022
This sultry promo for Sabrina Claudio assures the audience that Belinda Carlisle was correct: heaven is a place on Earth. The artist is depicted writhing around in a bodysuit on a bed atop a remote hill, with musicians clad in white appearing around her to add to the piece's dreamlike feel.

"Playing God"
3 mins 23s
12 May 2022
Texas prog-rockers Polyphia blend flamenco style guitar and heavy trap beats on latest single 'Playing God'. The accompanying promo combines straight-up performance footage with VFX flair and perspective-bending shots, giving the piece a dreamlike feel as the band rock out in a primly decorated mansion.

5 mins
11 May 2022
South London director Denisha Anderson is behind this striking promo for the equally distinct artist and producer, Wu-Lu. The film starts in a stark desert landscape, with Wu-Lu and friends almost shouting rap lyrics against serene blue skies, weathered dunes, cracked earth and robust vegetation.

Jack Harlow
"First Class"
2 mins 34s
11 May 2022
A sample of Fergie's club classic 'Glamorous' features heavily in Jack Harlow's latest track 'First Class'. The accompanying promo is accordingly focused on the glitz of fame, as an opening sequence has Harlow and Brazilian pop star Anitta donning various items of jewellery and applying make-up as they get tarted up for a night on the town.

"Good Boy Gone Bad"
3 mins 35s
11 May 2022
Baby brother group to K-pop kings BTS, TXT return with comeback single 'Good Boy Gone Bad'. The song takes on a slightly rockier sound for the boyband, though stays firmly in the arena of beat-driven pop that fans love. The accompanying promo is typical of the genre: a highly polished piece of work which is mainly focused on the group members and their various looks.

8 mins 08s
10 May 2022
Romance goes galactic in this sweet promo for Kygo's atmospheric track 'Freeze'. The film is an ode to the transformative feeling of young love, as a couple find themselves transported to the rings of Saturn in their first flushes of ardour.

Kendrick Lamar
"The Heart Part 5"
5 mins 42s
9 May 2022
What could easily have been an unremarkable promo is transformed by the captivating use of deep fake technology. Kendrick Lamar raps his way through his latest offering wearing a white t-shirt against a burgundy-coloured backdrop. That’s literally it... up to a point.

"Fils de Joie"
4 mins 04s
8 May 2022
Belgium artist Stromae is back with this big budget promo which imagines a state funeral for a sex worker. Stromae, sporting a futuristic hairdo, owns the stage as he raps and sings his way through the song. The striking choreography takes centre stage, becoming less and less militaristic as the funeral progresses.

Carly Rae Jepsen
"Western Wind"
3 mins 46s
9 May 2022
Queen of camp Carly Rae Jepsen is all about style in this promo for latest single 'Western Wind'. The dreamy visuals are fashion focused, as Jepsen drives a moped and wanders through rural fields in various different outfits. The track's synth driven sound and airy feel will appeal to viewers who feel a hint of summer creeping ever closer on the horizon.

Tove Lo
"No One Dies From Love"
4 mins 48s
8 May 2022
This promo for Tove Lo’s new pop song 'No one dies from love' shows the developing love story between Tove and her new robot with a heart, Annie. Annie immediately falls in love and the sentiment is eventually shared by Tove. The pair combine for some visually spectacular dance scenes, which entwine effortlessly with the song and its feeling.

A$AP Rocky
4 mins 53s
9 May 2022
ASAP Rocky makes his directorial debut with this promo for 'DMB' or 'Dat’s My Bitch'. The piece heavily features the artist's girlfriend Rhianna, depicting the pair living a 'ghetto fabulous' lifestyle as their romance plays out on a street level. The expected rap video tropes feature, with plenty of weed smoking and posturing in designer gear to show off the singer's wealth and status.

3 mins 34s
8 May 2022
This promo for a new song by Belgium superstar Angèle has her eating a magical slice of pizza just after she's spotted her face on the side of a bus, adorned with an obscene drawing. She then walks sweetly through the New York streets while singing about being free before transforming into a an astronaut, and moving as though she's enjoying the moon's low gravity.

Liotta Seoul
3 mins 33s
9 May 2022
Grunge makes a comeback in this promo for Liotta Seoul's 'Hypernormal'. The German group embrace a lo-fi sound with the track, which delves deep into the angst of self-isolation and depression. Not one for the summer party playlists, to say the least.

Lady Gaga
"Hold My Hand"
3 mins 49s
9 May 2022
The Top Gun sequel promises to be an exercise in enjoyable nostalgia for fans of the 1986 original, and this promo for Lady Gaga's 'Hold My Hand' takes a similarly wistful tone. Combining retro footage of the classic film with the new, and the singer's performance, it's an affectionate nod to a time when a bombastic ballad and accompanying film were an essential part of launching a summer blockbuster.

George Ezra
"Green Green Grass"
3 mins 16s
5 May 2022
Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Queen and Slim... all partners in crime who enthral viewers with their antics. This buoyant George Ezra promo features another couple on the wrong side of the law, with Ezra as their dapper, hands-off accomplice. Though we doubt director Isaac Ravishankara would ever condone such actions, he does make armed robbery look like a gas.

Nightmares on Wax
"Isolated (ft. Pip Millett and Sabrina Mahfouz)"
4 mins 18s
4 May 2022
'Isolated'—a collaboration between Nightmares on Wax, Pip Millett, and Sabrina Mahfouz—was completed during the first UK coronavirus lockdown, with lyrics like "I usually write every feeling down/No, not this evening, I don't want to feel it right now" rooted in that period when even a moment's respite was cherished.

Sam Smith
"Love Me More"
3 mins 48s
4 May 2022
Sam Smith returns with new music for the first time since 2020 with 'Love Me More' - a gospel-tinged anthem of self-acceptance. The singer teams up with long-time collaborator Luke Monaghan for the accompanying promo, which sees Smith dance with a diverse array of friends and champion learning to love yourself for who you are.

Justin Bieber
3 mins 31s
4 May 2022
In this promo for a new track by Justin Bieber which was directed by Cole Bennet, the singer is hanging out at a ski lodge and taking part in some winter sports with pals, hideous bright orange ski mask and all. Things descend into an unexplained, CGI-heavy gun battle and weed fest halfway through... if viewers haven't been lulled into unconsciousness by the song by then.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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