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2 mins 42s
2 Feb 2023
Criticise Riley Davies (Arrdee) all you want—he'll just write a hit song about it. Sat on top of a pile of cardboard boxes with 'FRAGILE' labels on them, the rapper unleashes a track inspired by the haters, like those who say, "He wouldn't havе no chicks without that blue tick/He ain't bad he's a prick and hе's five-foot-six".

Enter Shikari
"Please Set Me on Fire"
3 mins 12s
2 Feb 2023
Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds doubles his workload in this lo-fi promo for 'Please Set Me for Fire'. He's both frontman and director here, with DP Thomas English as his man behind the camera. Keen to ensure fans sing along to the new material, Reynolds delivers one of the more energetic lyric videos in recent memory.

Mr Pash's Midnight
"Lonely Man"
4 mins 04s
2 Feb 2023
When the sun goes down, singer-songwriter Oliver Pash becomes Mr Pash's Midnight, a lovesick crooner with a taste for Japanese whisky. Alone in his room at the Walpole Bay Hotel, he pours himself a glass of Hatozaki and claims, "I never wanted to be a lonely man/But in the end it doesn't bother me".

Falling In Reverse
"Watch the World Burn"
3 mins 23s
1 Feb 2023
Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke isn't a good person, and he wants you to know that. 'Watch the World Burn' is the sort of terminally edgy track which best appeals to teens neck-deep in the intoxicating bath of hormone-fuelled angst, and blends rock and rap as the singer calls out his enemies and refers to himself as a "supervillain" and "motherfucking god" with absolutely no irony. You'd never know he was forty.

The Academic
"My Very Best"
3 mins 41s
1 Feb 2023
Irish rockers The Academic pay a visit to Europe's largest singles event in the promo for new track 'My Very Best'. The song's low-fi groove is accompanied by musings on romance from attendees of Lisdoonvarna's annual Matchmaking Festival, who each have their own unique take on what it means to be in love.

Petite Noir
"Blurry (feat. Sampa the Great)"
3 mins 54s
1 Feb 2023
South African/Belgian/Congolese singer and musician Petite Noir is inspired by performance art in this atmospheric black and white promo. Joined by Zambian rising star Sampa the Great, the pair muse on growth and changing love within a relationship on 'Blurry' - ruminating on the notion that staying together against the odds isn't always something to aspire towards.

Mary Middlefield
"This One's for You"
4 mins 15s
1 Feb 2023
Chunky guitars and whip-smart lyrics drive 'This One's For You' by Mary Middlefield. For her, love is a game of hide-and-seek ("You might be right here in the park/And nobody's handing out clues"), an act of sacrifice ("So maybe I have to sell my voice, or cut off all my hair/To take one step closer to you"), and an invitation to failure ("Knowing me, I'd fuck it up"). Neither the head nor the heart gets a moment’s peace.

Lil Yachty
5 mins 36s
31 Jan 2023
When Lil Yachty falls in love, he goes all in. On 'sAy sOMETHINg', he raps: "I been trying hard not to make scenes/I just got so much passion for you," like a man who’s stapled his heart to his sleeve. So, er, how does that work out for him in Crown & Owls' promo?

"Voices (feat. Oliver Tree)"
3 mins 17s
31 Jan 2023
KSI and Oliver Tree get their hearts broken in this promo for 'Voices'. Popular YouTubers diversifying their content creation portfolio to include traditional media like music - in addition to maintaining a library of reaction videos, stunts, and other such clickbait - is always an interesting phenomenon, as viewers get a more intimate insight into the process.

Taylor Swift
"Lavender Haze"
3 mins 30s
31 Jan 2023
Taylor Swift is in a reflective mood on latest track 'Lavender Haze', depicting herself under a literal cloud as she's gripped by insomnia in the accompanying promo. Rather than being bothered by personal concerns, however, the lyrics suggest she's once again preoccupied with the demands put on her public image: "I'm damned if I do give a damn what people say/ The 1950s shit they want from me/ I just wanna stay in that lavender haze."

2 mins 51s
31 Jan 2023
Nigerian singer Asake has been something of a breakout star in recent years, becoming popular outside of his native land and particularly in the UK. Latest track 'Yoga' sees the artist searching for peace amidst the noise, as he swears to protect his inner sense of calm and not let the pressures of fame go to his head.

Rita Ora
"You Only Love Me"
3 mins 20s
31 Jan 2023
Just as Rita Ora confirms her marriage to Taika Waititi on breakfast radio ("I'm officially off the market"), a music video for 'You Only Me Love Me' drops online. Funny how these things happen! Celebrity cameos, garish bridesmaids, and yellow rubber gloves abound in this heightened promo, which may persuade couples to elope after all.

4 mins 42s
30 Jan 2023
"Are you going to fall? Is someone supposed to catch you, or do you catch yourself?" These pensive words are spoken by P!nk, the singer and songwriter well known for her aerial exploits. She knows all about leaps of faith then, and electro-pop anthem 'Trustfall' sees the near-thirty-year veteran reach new heights.

Sleaford Mods
3 mins 18s
30 Jan 2023
'UK GRIM' by Sleaford Mods namechecks Vladimir Putin, Liz Truss, and Hartley Hare—the Unholy Trinity capable of untold destruction. Elsewhere, the punk-hop duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn reveal that, "In England, no-one can hear you scream/You're just fucked, lads". Sums up January rather well, don't you think?

Patrick Wolf
"Nowhere Game"
4 mins 32s
30 Jan 2023
Beacon Hill Fort hosts this black-and-white promo for Patrick Wolf's 'Nowhere Game'. Built to defend the port of Harwich, Essex, the battery features gun emplacements, pill boxes, underground tunnels, and towers built to resemble houses to fool the enemy. Under cover of night, Wolf arrives at the fort like a commando armed with a viola.

Sam Smith
"I'm Not Here To Make Friends"
4 mins 02s
30 Jan 2023
The reaction to this video accompanying non-binary superstar Sam Smith's new single 'I'm Not Here to Make Friends' has been something to behold. From the gratuitous overreaction, you would think that Smith is responsible for corrupting every young person who so much as glances at a screen when this is playing, and if this is not bad enough, the singer is also being slammed for possessing a physique which falls outside the Daily Mail ideal.

Fall Out Boy
"Heartbreak Feels So Good"
4 mins 56s
26 Jan 2023
While last emo-rockers standing Fall Out Boy insist that their new record isn't an exercise in nostalgia, this promo for 'Heartbreak Feels So Good' is pretty old fashioned. Blink 182's promos for 1999's 'What's My Age Again' and 2001's 'The Rock Show' are obvious visual touchstones, as the band fail to pull a hidden camera prank by 'kidnapping' Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Cian Ducrot
"I'll Be Waiting"
3 mins 05s
26 Jan 2023
Rising Irish pop singer-songwriter Cian Ducrot has taken the internet by storm with latest track 'I'll Be Waiting'. The emotive song addresses the relatable feeling of being let down by someone you love - constantly giving second chances that go either unheeded or ignored entirely.

The Weeknd
"Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)"
4 mins 29s
26 Jan 2023
Prefer not to spend three-plus-hours in James Cameron's 'Waterworld' 'Avatar: The Way of Water', but still want a taste of Pandora? Then The Weeknd and director Quentin Deronzier have got you covered with 'Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)'.

Headie One
"Martin's Sofa"
4 mins 20s
24 Jan 2023
Drill pioneer Headie One looks back to his roots in this promo for latest track 'Martin's Sofa'. Long teased and requested by enthusiastic fans, the track's title addresses a specific era of the rapper's life before fame: naming a customer who, during his drug dealing days - allowed him to kip on his sofa in exchange for substances.

The Golden Dregs
"Before We Fell From Grace"
5 mins
24 Jan 2023
This black-and-white promo for The Golden Dregs is less magical mystery tour and more creepy mystery tour. A man carries a strange bundle in his arms across the countryside, led by an even stranger bloke in a white parka and dancing shoes. Of all the tour guides in all the world, the protagonist had to get him.

Mimi Webb
"Red Flags"
3 mins
23 Jan 2023
Canterbury singer-songwriter Mimi Webb addresses relationship warning signs on latest track 'Red Flags'. The accompanying promo follows the artist on her journey through physical representations of the titular flags, as she flits in and out of scenes contained within a mysterious red box. Director Drew Kirsch keeps the action dynamic throughout, allowing viewers to see their own experiences reflected in the vignettes of romantic woe.

"Screaming Suicide"
5 mins 40s
23 Jan 2023
It's tricky to make a promo which focuses on performance footage visually engaging for anyone but hardcore fans - especially when dealing with an ageing band who are no longer particularly dynamic onstage - but Tim Saccenti manages it in this intriguing promo for Metallica's 'Screaming Suicide'.

"Sick Boi"
3 mins 13s
23 Jan 2023
As Spotify, Apple Music, and their ilk continue to make music a financially unviable career for all those but the already wealthy (remember when we all mocked Metallica for their take on Napster?), independent artists respond by consistently producing the most interesting new sounds around. Brighton rapper Ren is one of these emerging talents, addressing his struggle with chronic health issues on 'Sick Boi'.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
"Easy Now"
3 mins 59s
23 Jan 2023
Director Colin Solal Cardo helms this cathartic promo for 'Easy Now', the latest track from ex-Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. The piece follows a young woman (Milly Alcock) as she lets her feelings loose on an urban playground, searching for emotional release in a way many will relate to in the current climate. We can't all have Noel popping up like a ghostly granddad to offer comfort, sadly.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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