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Recent Promos
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"Look at My Body"
2 mins 48s
16 May 2024
Director David Wilson has picked up the self-objectification by performer Mabel's song and amplified it to the nth degree to create a promo that is both incredibly sexy, and a parody of such sexiness. What makes it all the more wonderful is the way Wilson's promo so perfectly marries the track, not only by keeping pace with its hedonism, but by being completely attuned to its musicality.

Orla Gartland
"Little Chaos"
3 mins 26s
16 May 2024
Anne-Sofie Lindgaard opens her Dog Eat Dog account with a promo for Orla Gartland, the Irish singer and songwriter who still loves her personal CD player. New single 'Little Chaos' is available to stream or download, of course, but when else do you get to see a yellow CD player in action? Ideal tour merchandise, that.

"Nightmares and Ice Cream"
4 mins 48s
15 May 2024
All sorts of people use village halls: playgroups, badminton clubs, am-dram groups, et cetera. The twelve women in this Palace promo use it to, erm, cry. In a circle. With tea, coffee, and sandwiches at the side. Cults need to be fed and watered, you know.

Cat Burns
"End Game"
2 mins 27s
14 May 2024
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's why Cat Burns has teamed up with Libby Burke Wilde for another music video. Their last collaboration, 'Alone', took place on Craven Park Road in Harlesden, with only a few late-night pedestrians for company. 'End Game' by contrast, is set in a packed nightclub with a couple of notable revellers.

Hak Baker
"Task Master"
3 mins 03s
13 May 2024
'Task Master' by Hak Baker and Toddla T is not a tribute to Greg Davies and Alex Horne or the B-list Marvel villain. Instead, it's about yin and yang. Baker says: "Ups and downs are synonymous and if you don't know how to ride them both then you’re finished." Life is the taskmaster we must take our medicine from.

Jon Hopkins
"RITUAL (evocation)"
5 mins 51s
2 May 2024
This Jon Hopkins promo hinges on the skill of aerial rope performer Bryony Louise Fowler. 'RITUAL (evocation)', the title track of Hopkins' sixth studio album, is almost six minutes long, so Fowler has her work cut out for her. Yet her repertoire of held postures and audacious drops is more than up to the task.

"Forget About Us"
3 mins 05s
2 May 2024
'Forget About Us' by Perrie Edwards takes a while to get going —maybe too long in this age of shorter attention spans—but when it does, her potential as a solo artist becomes clear. With Little Mix on hiatus, it's a chance for Edwards to get wistful, philosophical, and personal ("Bonfire smoke on your hoodie that I stole from your flat").

Isla Greenwood
"Earth Dog"
3 mins 22s
2 May 2024
Elliot Gonzo's forest phase continues with a sombre music video for Isla Greenwood. The Forestry Commission will be glad to learn that, unlike Tom Walker's 'Burn', the 'Earth Dog' promo eschews naked flames and lightning bolts in favour of expressive dance, mist, and mirk. Greenwood and Joshua James Smith also visit what looks like a haunted fairground.

Keaton Henson
4 mins 05s
29 Apr 2024
As album titles go, 'Somnambulant Cycles' is a doozy. It’s Keaton Henson's eighth LP, though, due to his chronic anxiety, we may never hear it performed live. That makes the promo for 'Try' even more significant, with director William Williamson entrusted with a composition as delicate as fine china. Hop on the night bus for an ethereal trip.

"Sweet Boys Turned Sour"
3 mins 28s
26 Apr 2024
This confessional autobiography of a track gets a terrific multimedia treatment from director George Power. Bashy explains how, despite the best efforts of his mum and dad, the influence of those around him once he stepped outside their orbit could easily have taken him in a catastrophic direction... and Power illustrates this with impressive dynamism

Fontaines D.C.
4 mins 24s
26 Apr 2024
Grian Chatten suffers for his art. In February, the Fontaines DC frontman suffered a panic attack in London's St Pancras station; a few weeks later, we have 'Starburster'—a taut, thumping track punctuated by sharp intakes of breath. Write what you know, as they say.

Fat Dog
6 mins 15s
24 Apr 2024
When Joe Love, Chris Hughes, Ben Harris, Morgan Wallace, and Johnny Hutch formed Fat Dog in 2020, they had to play the long game. A spate of lockdowns meant the dog was kept on a lead with a muzzle; four years later, the restraints have been buried deeper than any bone.

"With Balance"
4 mins 02s
23 Apr 2024
'With Balance' is a Metronomy song with a difference. Founder Joseph Mount turns producer for Naima Bock and Joshua Idehen, who deliver a heady blend of contemporary folk and spoken-word poetry. When paired with director Lucas Reis's promo, it's a swing and a hit.

Taylor Swift
4 mins 09s
22 Apr 2024
You can't escape Taylor Swift. Many have tried, only to be buried under an avalanche of lavender vinyls. To avoid such a fate, just roll with 'The Tortured Poets Department' and its lead single, 'Fortnight', as best you can. Who knows—you might even enjoy it!

Say Lou Lou
3 mins 40s
19 Apr 2024
Anna Miranda and Elektra June Kilbey-Jansson (aka Say Lou Lou) are back with a new EP, ‘Dust, Pt I,’ though we doubt the subject of this song will be happy about it. No matter how you slice it, "Watching naked bodies, computer screens/Cause you make me lonely, even when you’re here with me" is not a glowing review.

Cat Burns
"Alone (Live Session with LJ Singers)"
2 mins 56s
19 Apr 2024
Cat Burns is not alone in this promo for, erm, 'Alone'. Now backed by a fourteen-strong choir, Burns puts some welly into lyrics such as "Don't wanna be a pessimist, but I'm getting kind of pissed at this" and "I wanna need you 'cause I love you, not love you 'cause I need you." Night owls may find this too bright compared to the original!

Bat for Lashes
"Letter to My Daughter"
2 mins 42s
18 Apr 2024
Bat for Lashes continues the build-up to her sixth studio album with 'A Letter to My Daughter'. Like 'The Dream of Delphi' before it, the promo brims with pagan energy as Natasha Khan sways in the grass with her followers. However, it's the close-ups of Khan in bed that tug at the heartstrings—we hope Delphi grows up to like it!

Vintage Culture, Magnus
"Nothing Ever Changes"
3 mins 48s
16 Apr 2014
Another day, another music video inspired by dystopian fiction. The latest comes courtesy of Elliot Gonzo and Justin Du Pru for Vintage Culture and Magnus, with liquid metal at its moody core. Fans of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' will argue it's a mimetic polyalloy, but it's how Gonzo and Du Pru make this mercurial gloop move that matters most.

The Irrepressibles
"Will You?"
4 mins 10s
16 Apr 2014
The Irrepressibles is the alter ego of queer composer and singer Jamie McDermott, or Jamie Irrepressible, if you like. His new track is a shameless, sensual love song, with a muscular muscular bass line and lyrics that are not for the faint of heart ("Like a handsome strapping cowboy/Like a dirty fucking animal").

Camilla Cabello
"I Luv It (ft. Playboy Carti)"
3 mins 21s
14 Apr 2024
'I Luv It' by Camila Cabello is a Marmite song thanks to its machine-gun chorus and whatever guest vocalist Playboy Carti’s on about. DAVID likes it way more than he thought he would, but if Cabello wants the hyperpop crown, she needs to beat Charli XCX at her own game. Good luck to the American, is all we can say.

Cat Burns
3 mins 04s
15 Apr 2024
Cat Burns sounds like a student vet's worst nightmare. Much to the relief of squeamish viewers, Cat Burns is a singer and songwriter from Streatham, though the music video for 'Alone' is shot north of the river. Burns takes a stroll along Craven Park Road in Harlesden after dark, long after the shutters have come down.

Shelf Lives
"PVC Real Estate"
2 mins 19s
12 Apr 2024
Homespun Yarns 2023 winner Holly Hunter directs this scrappy promo for Shelf Lives, an electro-punk duo who reckon Los Angeles is not all it's cracked up to be. 'PVC Real Estate' touches on inequality and homelessness ("Unzip the front door/Blinded by the sunlight"), while Hunter's set is made from trash that the City of Angels would rather people would ignore.

"Mini Me's"
5 mins 03s
12 Apr 2024
It's hard to hear "Mini-Me" and not picture Dr Evil's clone in the 'Austin Powers' films... and Manchester rapper Meekz knows it. He uses the term to mock his rivals who dress like him, like the cast of KC Locke's dystopian music video. Even babies in jars wear masks, though a belligerent Meekz will school them soon enough.

Pink Floyd
6 mins 22s
10 Apr 2024
'The Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd turned fifty last year, and what better way to celebrate than with an animation competition? Directors could enter up to ten music videos, one per song on the album. Australian Kate Isobel Scott took a stop-motion stab at 'Money' and won big time.

Bob Vylan
4 mins 47s
9 Apr 2024
'Reign' by Bob Vylan is a force of nature, a Molotov cocktail that’s fiery and funny in equal measure. “I was a victim of one crime,” Bobby Vylan raps. "Was it gun crime? Nah, Bob Vylan got robbed for the Mercury." If you want to raise hell, why not raise a smile, too?

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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