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Recent Promos
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Priya Ragu
"Adalam Va!"
2 mins 44s
6 Oct 2022
Fans of Asian action movies and over-the-top sound effects will appreciate this promo for Priya Ragu's Adalam Va! Directed by Caviar newcomer Sasha Nathwani, the film pits Ragu against a classic sleazeball villain. Despite his knuckle dusters-slash-knife combination, he's no match for the Swiss-Tamil artist in full flow.

Lila Drew
"Bad Juice"
3 mins 50s
6 Oct 2022
When there's a choice between animation, puppetry, and live-action, director Vincent Haycock asks, "Why not all three?" The result is this capricious promo for Bad Juice by Lila Drew, who, like Arctic Monkeys or Bullet for My Valentine, has a particular hotel room in mind ("Key around my neck, keep it to my chest, room 237").

"9 Lives"
4 mins 05s
3 Oct 2022
Up and coming rapper DDG breathes new life into a familiar concept in the promo for latest track '9 Lives'. Featuring cameos from from Polo G and NLE Choppa, the song muses on the strangeness of sudden success in comparison to a hard scrabble life in compelling fashion. Rather than fall into substance abuse or spend his money on jewellery, the young artist asserts, he's more concerned with taking care of his family.

3 mins 39s
3 Oct 2022
American singer-songwriter Jawny (aka Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger) takes to the streets in this kinetic promo for new track 'Adios'. The piece is filmed via drone, following the artist as he cruises around closed-off streets in a muscle car painted with orange and yellow flames that bombastic fried food icon Guy Fieri would be proud of.

Sudan Archives
"NBPQ (Topless)"
3 mins 48s
4 Oct 2022
Earlier this year, Brittney Parks (aka Sudan Archives) impressed with Selfish Soul, a blend of anthemic drums, lofty vocals, and flourishes of violin that made repeat listens a no-brainer. The Cincinnati artist may have outdone herself with new single NBPQ (Topless).

4 mins 13s
3 Oct 2022
Brooklyn electronic music group Beacon draw in visually minded fans with this absorbing promo for latest track 'Harm'. Viewers sensitive to flashing images should beware, as the piece uses heavily filtered stop motion to create an eerie, otherworldly effect while it follows what appears to be a giant mosquito through an unusual landscape.

Sam Smith
"Unholy (feat. Kim Petras)"
4 mins 35s
3 Oct 2022
Cheaters beware, you're in for a scare with this ominous promo for Sam Smith and Kim Petras's chart-topping track 'Unholy'. Mixing Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, and hints of the Human League's 'Don't You Want Me', the film follows a man whose squeaky clean life hides a nefarious recreational habit beneath its glossy surface.

Ed Sheeran
4 mins 22s
3 Oct 2022
Ed Sheeran's latest release is 'Celestial' - a light-hearted tune which will be featured in the upcoming instalments of the Pokémon game franchise 'Scarlet' and 'Violet'. The accompanying promo follows the international pop star as he goes about his daily life, accompanied by some familiar animated friends.

"Psycho (feat. Aitch)"
2 mins 57s
3 Oct 2022
Lou Bega's classic pop hit 'Mambo No. 5' is given a suspicious twist in this new track from Anne-Marie and Aitch. The accompanying promo taps into crazy-cute Harley Quinn aesthetics, casting Anne-Marie as the girlfriend who guesses her beau's phone password and finds him cheating on her. The song's unhinged relationship dynamics are given a theatrical treatment by director Samuel Douek, making them somewhat more palatable to viewers beyond their teenage years.

3 mins 02s
3 Oct 2022
Blane Muise (aka Shygirl) is anything but, as shown by this risqué promo for Shlut. Presented with lyrics like "Your voice drippin' like honey straight from the honey pot" and "Wanted, ravished, mauled, adored/Clothes stripped, laying naked but I'm caged in your arms", director Diana Kunst responds with pure wish fulfilment.

"Aquatic Shawty"
2 mins 42s
30 Sep 2022
South London rapper Ayrtn walks through the world's longest toy submarine in this promo for Aquatic Shawty. He passes multiple portholes in director Lauzza's clip, with costume changes and the odd guest appearance along the way. Even the title graphics pay tribute to Spongebob Squarepants as cast and crew embrace the life aquatic.

"Be Alright"
3 mins 08s
22 Sep 2022
Jesse May Fisher evokes 'Under the Skin' with this pensive promo for Anaiis. Like Jonathan Glazer's science fiction horror, Be Alright jumps between a dark liquid void and the great outdoors—in this case, a quarry lake at dusk. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot a few snowflakes in the air, so Anaiis's dance is as much for warmth as self-expression!

Arctic Monkeys
"Body Paint"
4 mins 35s
30 Sep 2022
The promo for Arctic Monkeys' Body Paint is a love letter to Steenbeck editing tables. The equipment features throughout director Brook Linder's film, and reinforces the lux, retro aesthetic introduced in There'd Better Be a Mirrorball. Oblique symbols and title cards only add to the promo's anachronistic glamour.

"This is Why"
3 mins 57s
29 Sep 2022
Paramore shake off their pop-punk roots with this promo for 'This is Why'. The emo act take on a much more laid back sound than fans will be familiar with in the stylish promo, which is shot by director Brendan Yates and DOP Ian Hurdle, combining jazzy drums with layered vocals and Haley Williams and co. tap into the post-pandemic mood with lyrics like "This is why I don't leave the house/ You say the coast is clear, but you won’t catch me out."

Romeo Santos
"El Pañuelo"
4 mins 25s
29 Sep 2022
This scarlet music video feels like a sneak peek at Romeo Santos and Rosalía's Halloween party. Gothic candles, rings of fire, and the colour red dominate Roger Guàrdia's film, as does the spirit of flamenco. If you ever wanted to see a recording booth inspired by the red room from Twin Peaks, now's your chance.

Elton John
"Hold Me Closer (feat. Britney Spears)"
3 mins 24s
28 Sep 2022
A series of dancers bring a kinetic energy to this collaboration between Elton John and Britney Spears. While some have criticised the song's mix and deny it'll become a club-approved camp classic, the beat-heavy track combines aspects of John's tracks 'Tiny Dancer', The One', and 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' to interesting effect, while Spears provides additional vocals to the synth driven remix.

Mads Langer
"Ukendt Land"
4 mins 18s
29 Sep 2022
Bertil Vorre directs a dystopian curio for Danish singer and songwriter Mads Langer. Stuck in a dead-end job and glued to screens 24/7, the protagonist is part Truman Burbank, part Sam Lowry. When he manages to crawl through his television screen, she starts to believe another, more fulfilling life is possible.

FKA twigs
1 min 32s
29 Sep 2022
FKA twigs combines stop motion aesthetics with sketchy animation in the visuals for latest promo 'Pamplemousse'. The mixture of hand-drawn accents and heavily filtered flickers of the singer performing creates a fluttering aesthetic, reminding viewers of handmade flick-books at the most basic levels of animation.

4 mins 11s
29 Sep 2022
At one point in Gayle's FMK, the Texan sings, "I wanna fuck, marry, kill you all in one day". Director Chris Ullens runs with the latter in this stop-motion promo, which turns both Gayle and guest vocalist Blackbear into plastic figures. Everybody needs good neighbours, as the old saying goes, but these two are anything but.

Nicki Minaj
"Likkle Miss Remix (feat. Skeng)"
2 mins 33s
27 Sep 2022
There's something strangely old fashioned about this promo for Nicki Minaj's latest track 'Likkle Miss Remix'. Featuring dancehall artist Skeng, the film spends more than half its runtime on provocative club-style dance scenes, interspersed with brief shots of the collaborating duo hanging out in a sports car. As a boilerplate rap promo, it's fine... which is rarely a compliment.

Jessie Reyez
"Mutual Friend"
3 mins 52s
27 Sep 2022
Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez takes on a toxic former relationship in this highly choreographed promo for 'Mutual Friend'. The artist chastises a friend for trying to interfere on her ex's behalf while surrounded by black-clad dancers in an otherwise ruined house, making her feelings clear as she sings "If you die tomorrow / I don’t think I'd cry/ I gave you one too many nights/ Don't care if it sound cold it is what it is."

Toro y Moi
4 mins 06s
28 Sep 2022
To think more people were worried about Y2K than Vladimir Putin on 31 December 1999. Hindsight is a cruel and wonderful thing, eh? Rather than travel back in time to prevent Putin's rise to power, chillwave doyen Toro y Moi treats hospital patients to a rendition of Millennium.

The 1975
"All I Need to Hear"
6 mins 47s
27 Sep 2022
The 1975 get artsy in their promo for latest track 'All I Need to Hear'. The black and white piece opens with singer Matt Healy conducting a phone interview while wandering around a large garden, musing about the past and future of the group and himself as an artist with a slightly gormless look on his face. Helpfully, viewers are also warned that the song doesn't start until three minutes into the promo.

"The Hunger"
2 mins 29s
27 Sep 2022
The low-fi promo for rap wordsmith Ren's 'The Hunger' demonstrates that bells and whistles aren't essential when it comes to grabbing viewer attention. The stripped back film sees the artist perform in front of a heavily graffitied and trash-filled background, verbally jumping between topics including youthful drug abuse and artistic inspiration. His jerky performance - shot in a single sequence - makes this an intriguing watch for old and new listeners alike.

First Aid Kit
"Out of My Head"
3 mins 40s
27 Sep 2022
Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit - sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg - return with this atmospheric promo for 'Out of My Head'. Shot by director Jason Lester and DOP Jordan Sakai, the visuals evoke Gothic media classics like Wuthering Heights as they follow the pair through a semi-ruined house and the lonesome countryside, with Kate Bush-style swishing dresses and intriguingly composed shots aplenty.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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