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Five Star Work
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"Sorry, Kad"
1 min 52s
7 Dec 2021
Following his appearance in an earlier ad which showed Kad Merad searching in vain for his Canal+ password, the French-Algerian actor has been constantly asked by members of the public for his password. So the broadcaster decided to turn this nuisance into a new commercial depicting the harassment as a comic phenomenon.

"The Future"
2 mins 08s
6 Dec 2021
This excellent German commercial for Mercedes-Benz invites us to imagine a future in which electric vehicles are practical, sexy, and appealing to all. Of course, it turns out that future is now. Director Nina Holmgren has the vintage vibes down to a tee here, as a bloke from the Seventies finds himself transported into a futuristic version of the modern day.

Tourism Fiji
"Open for Happiness"
7 Dec 2021
Australian actor and comedian Rebel Wilson fronts this intriguing commercial for Fiji's tourism board. The film opens with her stranded on a makeshift raft in a glitzy dress, questioning if it's worth dedicating one's life to the pursuit of happiness. Idyllic surroundings when she makes landfall help create a compelling case for doing so.

Women's Aid
8 mins 21s
7 Dec 2021
This slow-burning piece of work for Women’s Aid is a deft study in loneliness and suffering. Rose (Emma Nihill) lives with her husband in the countryside, with her idyllic surroundings contrasted with an ugly, paralysing homelife. Viewers only sees glimpses of the husband (Ben Star), but Rose's reactions and gestures tell so much more.

Ford Ranger
1 min 39s
8 Dec 2021
This Ford Ranger commercial subverts expectations about what a pickup truck ad should be. Agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and director Adam Berg eschew gruff voiceovers, guitar riffs, and dirt trails for a spot of wild swimming, and the decision quickly pays off. This is in large part down to Berg and DP Joost van Gelder's immersive underwater photography.

Albert Heijn
"Harry the Hamster"
6 Dec 2021
This tremendously sweet commercial from the Netherlands for supermarket Albert Heijn features a lovestruck hamster who intrepidly escapes his cage so he can court the hamster who lives next door. Despite the perils of his journey, he almost makes it and is at least able to signal his devotion to his amour by drawing a love heart in the condensation on a window.

Healthier Scotland
6 Dec 2021
One of the great tragedies of modern politics is the way right-wing parties have cornered the market when it comes to issues like drug enforcement, leaving left-wing parties so scared of being labelled weak that they limply echo their political rivals. The outcome of this ridiculous dance is a continuously escalating 'war' on drugs which is destined to fail, and becomes an enormous drain on police resources.

Samsung Galaxy
"A52s 5G"
6 Dec 2021
These 15" Samsung ads complement the brand's madcap 'Manifesto' film well. Directed by Anna Himma, the work draws inspiration from video games—namely, the third-person action-adventure, fighting, and kart racing genres. The choreography across all three ads is spot-on, with the A52s 5G smartphone cast as a power-up.

"Christmas 2021"
3 mins 44s
3 Dec 2021
There's something charming about the mundane nature of this Christmas film for the BBC. After two years of upheaval, it's a breath of fresh air to see a communication which doesn't focus on the 'new normal' or emphasise a bumper blow-out holiday season, but simply returns to the small, simple traditions that we know and love.

"Beautifully Balanced"
3 Dec 2021
Fans of modern cult classic TV series Hannibal may find their itch for a fourth season scratched by this esoteric commercial for Bowmore whisky. Balance is the name of the game as doubled up images and fine details are emphasised in director Stuart Douglas's work, drawing viewers deep into a sensory experience with a difference.

Asda George
"Slay It"
3 Dec 2021
Christmas can be a fraught time for many LGBT people - a time of year which focuses on family and togetherness in a way which they are traditionally, and often still, excluded from. This spangly offering from Asda's George clothing line attempts to flip the script, celebrating trans people and those of marginalised genders during the most fabulous season.

"The Brave List"
1 Dec 2021
This latest addition in a series of awareness films for SickKids – a Canadian charity – has something to say about Santa's delineation between Nice and Naughty. It contends, with considerable justification, that there is a third group comprised of children who belong on neither of the existing lists... these are the kids who belong on the Brave List – youngsters who have been through the ordeal of serious illness.

2 mins 05s
1 Dec 2021
Has anything so spectacular ever been quite as silly as this fantastic commercial for Samsung? It sets out its credentials in the very first vignette when an aggressive bear turns out to be the brand spokesperson in a furry suit... the unconvincingness of the transition only adding to the fun.

"The Call"
3 mins 37s
1 Dec 2021
This short documentary film is fizzing with energy and wit. Peter Schreyer is undoubtedly a remarkable man, but the world of automotive engineering is generally only interesting to boorish bores (yes, we mean you, Jeremy Clarkson) so it requires a very special approach to capture our imagination.

"A Nutty Holiday"
1 min 34s
30 Nov 2021
The Eighties are back in a big way in this excellent commercial for US peanut purveyors Planters. The brand evoke holiday traditions from days gone by in Adriana Robles's film, which sees a bloke sucked into his telly and plunged into a musical version of the past. It's a great example of how brands can harness nostalgia without sneering at the present day, as comparisons are drawn with affection rather than derision.

Direc TV
"The One"
2 Dec 2021
Some rash channel-hopping plonks Serena Williams into the Matrix in this DirecTV ad. When a bloke zips between live tennis and The Matrix Reloaded on his phone, he causes the two universes to collide. As an audience of Agents look on, Williams plays multiple copies of her opponent - an ability many of her real-life rivals doubtless wish they had.

"Christmas Tree"
30 Nov 2021
This touching film for US supermarket Meijer follows a predictable emotional path, but it's one that essential to the spirit of the season. A bloke plants a tree with his young grandchildren, promising that one day it will become their Christmas tree. Yet as the years unfold, he never declares it quite ready for the chop.

"Billie Eilish Wrapped"
30 Nov 2021
The annual unwrapping of everyone's most played music on Spotify has become a cultural landmark, and Spotify are celebrating it this year with a pair of films riffing on the public's perception of it. Thus we learn that Billie Eilish's music appears on more than 265 gardening playlists, something the singer 'celebrates' by chucking a bouquet of flowers into a leaf shredder.

"Unapologetic Appeal"
2 mins
30 Nov 2021
This mockumentary-style commercial introduces us to John Birk who has the rather redundant job of explaining to people how to peel mandarins. The role is obviously unnecessary proves a great way of drawing attention to a fruit which appears only too willing to yield its delicious segments of orangey goodness.

Urologists United
2 mins
30 Nov 2021
Those who have survived serious illness or only suffered mild symptoms in the last two years can thank their lucky stars, but that doesn't mean that Covid hasn't had a long-term impact on them, and – as this light-hearted but educational film from the US makes clear – erectile dysfunction is very much on the, er, rise because of the pandemic.

"It's Been a Year"
2 mins 30s
1 Dec 2021
A celeb-heavy festive outing rounds out the year for ITV in funny fashion. Stars like Lorraine Kelly, Helen Worth, and Gino D'Acampo take their place in the chair of one patient make-up artist, airing their woes as she takes on the tradition role of barber, bartender, and priest: confessional. As it turns out, the film is part of the channel's Britain Get Talking campaign.

4 mins 39s
30 Nov 2021
One of Halo Infinite's new additions is the grappling hook, with players able to zip Batman-style around levels. While rival shooter Battlefield 2042 features a similar device, Halo want theirs to have emotional heft as well. Thus, agency 215 McCann and director Isaiah Seret offer an affecting insight into how the Master Chief's new toy is made.

"Don't Ever Leave Me"
4 mins 02s
29 Nov 2021
Chocolate is a product with romantic connotations, so it's both interesting and apposite that Greek confectionery company Lacta have opted to support the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women which fell on November 25. The film, like the relationships it depicts, starts off feeling like a love story... so many of the tropes associated with the idea of romantic devotion are rooted in abusive behaviour and as the dial turns we begin to recognise what we are really looking at.

"The World's Strongest Woman"
29 Nov 2021
This Irish Allianz commercial lulls viewers into sports ad territory then performs an impressive one-eighty. Well-versed in the sport and leisure arena, director Fern Beresford depicts the four strongest women in the world and their respective 'warm-up routines'.

Pizza Hut
"Stuffed Crust"
29 Nov 2021
DAVID likes this Pizza Hut campaign, and a large part of that is down to Parker J. Patterson. Having survived a lion attack earlier this year, the well-dressed spokesman draws attention to the brand's stuffed crust pizza...though he won't go as far to call it "the greatest stuff in the world".

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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