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Five Star Work
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Alzheimer's Research UK
"Change The Ending"
2 mins
21 Sep 2023
What happens in the aftermath of 'happily ever after?' That's the premise of this deeply poignant piece of work for Alzheimer's Research UK, which opens with the triumphant slaying of a dragon and rescue of a damsel in distress. Some dragons are a lot less killable, however... and the most deadly can't even be seen.

The Guardian
20 Sep 2023
The Guardian draw attention to their reader-funded platform in this enthralling commercial. It's becoming increasingly clear that internet users will have to get comfortable with paying for websites they care about - as the algorithmic destruction of once-useable free sites to prioritise data selling demonstrates - and in that sense, the news service are ahead of the curve.

21 Sep 2023
Standout moments from film and television can stick in our minds for years, floating back into our heads whenever our daily life reflects the action onscreen. A lovely new campaign for Lionsgate+ takes that universal fact and spins it into an amusing series of stories, with this restaurant-based instalment perhaps the most visceral.

"Mad About Bread"
2 mins 10s
20 Sep 2023
The right celebrity spokesperson can make or break an ad, as readers will be well aware... but sometimes they can also send a commercial into the stratosphere. Warburtons reach the heady heights of a viral hit via sheer star power with their latest ad, starring Jonathan Warburton - as portrayed by Samuel L Jackson.

"As You Dream It"
19 Sep 2023
Argentine directors Brian Kazez, Pato Martinez, and Francisco Canton (aka PANTERA) direct this light-footed commercial for German fashion retailer Zalando. Scored by a cover of Doris Day's 'Dream a Little Dream of Me', the ad demonstrates what happens when fashion meets flights of fancy.

18 Sep 2023
Director Andreas Nilsson adds to Tubi's bizarre commercial canon in his own quirky fashion with a new series of spots, kicked off by this poolside caper. A pair of women are rapt with attention when a nearby lifeguard decides to take his shirt off... and off, and off, and off. Like a nightmarish version of a long Furby - or a human centipede without the extra bodies - the man's torso extends to a nightmarish length.

17 Sep 2023
Ginsters want more people in agriculture like Merryn. She dresses up like a scarecrow to protect her crops; believes worms have a key part to play in the economy; and uses an old-fashioned harrow because "it's not about what's easy, it's about what's right." She puts her back into it, even if her back hates her for it.

"The Joy of Ordinary Sound"
14 Sep 2023
This charming commercial for Specsavers highlights the little things people might not realise they're missing with progressive hearing loss. The film presents a montage of what seem to be disconnected moments - a child squelching in the mud, a woman opening a bottle of fizzy drink for a party of bored children, a bus driver enamoured with his own doors - allowing the viewer to ponder their strangeness before the common factor is revealed.

15 Sep 2023
In July, Tesco released a charming spot about how children cope with divorce. This 60" ad is Rightmove's take on the idea, and they've completely risen to the challenge. Directed by Adam Berg, the ad sees a boy arriving at this dad's new home... post-split. While the latter watches from inside, the former takes in a newly-installed basketball hoop.

Land Rover
13 Sep 2023
When ninety-year-old rugby player Ryuichi Nagayama says, "I'm not going to be told to slow down by anyone," you believe him wholeheartedly. You can also see why he caught the imagination of Rugby World Cup sponsors Land Rover, who sent director Scott Carthy to meet a Tokyo legend.

Mortal Kombat
"It's In Our Blood"
1 min 51s
13 Sep 2023
'Mortal Kombat 1' is a misnomer. It is, in fact, the twelfth mainline game in the series, and the second reboot to date. When characters like Raiden, Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, and Kitana travel through time as much as they do, it's good to wipe the slate clean every so often.

Apple Watch
"Another Birthday"
4 mins 07s
13 Sep 2023
This highly effective piece of work for Apple highlights the Apple Watch in an unexpected way. Rather than draw attention to its easy access to communication, social media features, or other such day to day conveniences, the film presents a more serious side to the device - its potential role as a lifesaving tool.

"Mother Nature"
5 mins 25s
13 Sep 2023
Apple's 'Wonderlust' event has come complete with a handful of high-impact commercials, with this comedically tense board meeting leading the pack. Centred on a powerhouse performance from Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature, the five-minute film features MD Tim Cook and co. being directly needled about their actions towards sustainability.

14 Sep 2023
Many are concerned by our always-on society, but not the bloke in this ChildFund commercial. "Pre-Internet, do you know how hard it was to pretend to be a nine-year-old girl?" he asks, delighted by the growth of VPNs and the dark web. The man is a paedophile, a self-proclaimed monster in his element… and it's all thanks to technology.

"Motors (DC)"
14 Sep 2023
eBay Motors get to the nuts and bolts of the matter in this well-calibrated spot. The online marketplace have parts and accessories up the wazoo, perfect for those who turn clunkers into pride and joys. Director duo Cliqua, no strangers to car meets and tuner culture, show what some of these hands-on self-starters can do.

"The Social Swap"
13 Sep 2023
Heineken have become well known for their experimental commercial stunts, and this time they take on social media to make a serious point. Addressing the issue of sexism in football head-on, the brand asked former players and pundits Jill Scott and Gary Neville to swap accounts, but otherwise continue posting about the game as normal. The results will surprise absolutely no one.

Bell Internet
"The Visitor"
13 Sep 2023
DAVID has never forgiven the clown who burst a balloon in his face when he was eight years old. It was loud, scary, and a waste of rubber. That was at the circus at least, but what happens when an evil crown shows up at your house in the dead of night?

12 Sep 2023
This entertaining commercial for Travelodge is part comedy, part cautionary tale about really knowing the person you're giving a gift to. While some people might love the 'glamping' experience and all that being semi-adjacent to nature entails, others will find the whole experience nightmarish... as is the case with the main character in this 30" spot.

Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines
"One Day"
12 Sep 2023
Cruises were one of the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, and it was for a variety of reasons, not least their tendency to become floating care homes in times of crisis. There were several horror stories as various vessels were unable to unload their ailing passengers, and it became apparent that the enforced proximity posed a real danger.

"Keep Up With The Times"
11 Sep 2023
Noughties nostalgia is all the rage at the moment - readers have doubtless noticed the questionable fashion re-making the rounds among the nation's yoof - but McDonald's takes things even further in this amusing commercial. The piece focuses on the fast food giant's commitment to quality, as despite decades of effort it's still living down the cultural humiliation of 2004's (extremely disingenuous) documentary 'Super Size Me'.

"I'm In"
11 Sep 2023
Sometimes, a simple idea is all that's needed. This sparkling commercial for McDonald's – an advertiser at the top of its game – demonstrates how much can be achieved by handing a simple, clever script to hugely talented people. Director Ninian Doff has wisely surrounded himself with other brilliant craftspeople to create a fantastic piece of work.

"The Home of Action"
11 Sep 2023
This BT commercial from Saatchi & Saatchi and director Jeff Low feels like a live-action Simpsons couch gag. With gran already in her favourite chair, the rest of the family best get a shift on. Inspired by the plethora of action titles available on Netflix ('FUBAR', 'Extraction 2', 'Heart of Stone', et cetera), dad and the kids make an entrance with a captial E.

"The Challenger (DC)"
1 min 40s
11 Sep 2023
It's easy to root for the father and daughter in this Erste Bank commercial, in large part due to director Chris Fowles. Yes, it’s another training montage with shades of every boxing film ever made, but Fowles boxes clever from start to finish. Scored by The Who and 'Baba O'Reily', the ad depicts the early stages of a new routine so well.

"When in Doubt, Just Cook"
7 Sep 2023
Lurpak made headlines as well as butter last year when media outlets became fixated on the price of a 750g tub. Though the cost of living crisis continues to wreak havoc in 2023, the brand reckon it's safe to blow their own trumpet again… and boy, do they put on a show.

Co-operative Funeral Services
"Start Your Conversation"
6 Sep 2023
The Co-op encourage people not to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the prospect of their own mortality, with this sweetly poignant commercial offering a jumping off point for the conversation. People from all walks of life chat about what they'd like their final send-off to be like, without the topic ever becoming too fraught or emotional.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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