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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Eros Vlahos
on 'Double Tap'

Although he's only 25, Eros Vlahos has already had two very significant careers. At the age of 12, he was the youngest ever comedian to perform an hour long show at the Edinburgh Fringe and this led to him being cast in 'Nanny McPhee Returns' alongside Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ralph Fiennes.

Appearances in sitcom 'Episodes' and drama 'Game of Thrones' followed and he was all set for a glittering career in front of the camera before he decided that he much preferred life on the other side. He has directed a number of short films now, including 'Double Tap' which appears in the 'Short Cut' below, followed by an interview with Eros filmed in Soho Square against a backdrop of construction work and brawling drunks.

Short Cuts

Luke Brookner on 'Grief Encounter'

Director Luke Brookner talks about his start as a director and the film he made for the charity 'Grief Encounter' - a charity which acts on behalf of bereaved children.

Kai Hsiung in conversation with Graham Tyler

MKS's Graham Tyler speaks to Kai Hsiung of RSA about the way her company has coped with the challenges of 2020, with particular focus on the way it has impacted them globally.

Frédéric Planchon

Academy Films director Frédéric Planchon joins us in this Short Cuts film to offer some insights into three incredible pieces of work from his showreel.

Steve Davies in conversation with Graham Tyler

For our latest Short Cuts film, we invited Moore Kingston Smith's Graham Tyler to sit down with Steve Davies of the APA to discuss the current state of play for the UK's production companies.

Rosie Arnold directs!

Rosie Arnold's decision to step away from agency life certainly didn't mean that she was no longer interested in getting stuff made.

Ben Priest
looks back

It's two years since Ben Priest stepped away from advertising, after a decade at the creative helm of adam&eve - arguably the greatest success story the industry has ever known.

Georgi Banks-Davies
on 'I Hate Suzy'

Georgi Banks-Davies is one of the brightest talents working in advertising, and she has strengthened her reputation no end with her astonishing contribution to the hit TV series 'I Hate Suzie'.

Eros Vlahos
on 'Double Tap'

Although he's only 25, Eros Vlahos has already had two very significant careers.

Helen Calcraft
on Navigating 2020

It's been the most difficult year that anyone in the advertising industry can remember and we asked Helen Calcraft to reflect on the lessons of 2020 by asking her what her company Lucky Generals got right and what they got wrong.

Robert De Niro's Waiting

In this short documentary, some of the people who brought Robert De Niro to England to appear in a Warburtons commercial talk about working with the Hollywood great.

Nils Leonard
on Allyship

Nils Leonard gives us his take on allyship in the wake of ITV's support for a Black Lives Matter-themed dance routine on Britain's Got Talent.

Short Cuts

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