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On This Day
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29 May 2009
This highly amusing piece created by Thinkbox to remind companies that TV is still the best loved medium for advertising has a man on a psychiatrist's couch recalling famous lines of copy and channelling them despite being in a semi-catatonic state.

29 May 2009
This lovely French ad shows a young black man trying a variety of different styles in a constant bid to re-invent himself. McDonald's is somewhere he can go without needing to resort to such pretensions... it's a clever tone of voice for the fast food restaurant.

James Corden's World Cup Live
"Begging You"
29 May 2010
A clever spoof of the recent Adidas commercial is used to advertise a forthcoming television programme featuring James Corden. It's really nicely filmed and is pretty persuasive unless, that is, you've ever watched anything featuring James Corden.

"Taxi Driver"
29 May 2012
Another in the new series of films celebrating VW's sponsorship of independent film has a guy in a diner explaining how he challenged Robert De Niro. He doesn't realise that he's given the actor the line for which he'll become most closely associated. It's a joyous idea and it's been beautifully executed.

29 May 2012
Why is this sweet old woman who is so prone to disaster apparently indestructible? You have to watch to the end to find out. This commercial co-directed by Academy's latest signing only won a Silver Lion at last month's Cannes Festival - you really have to wonder what the jury was thinking... this is advertising gold.

"Don't Be Scared"
3 mins
29 May 2013
Teasers have been running all week for what promised to be a spectacular commercial and the zombie-ridden film that took over the whole of a C4 ad break didn't disappoint. A series of excellent gags slowly reveal that the walking dead aren't necessarily as frightening as they seem... much like the advertised service.

Yorkshire Bank
"Everyday Heroes"
29 May 2013
Bankers aren't heroes. Well, that's an understatement and a half but this ad claiming that they are the mere servants of those who actually do things that keep the country going is very well done. It's attractively filmed and has a deliberateness that's clearly designed to say something about the advertised institution's reliability.

The Sun
"Do Us Proud"
1 min 40s
29 May 2014
One of the curious things about magic tricks is that they're often much more impressive when you know how they've been done - and this ad allows us to literally see behind the curtain at around 01:07 when the fella with the pole almost blows his cover. It looks like a mea culpa cleverly designed to avoid accusations of dishonesty, because this stunt is as real as the advertised newspaper's notorious 'Fake Sheikh'.

Irish Lotto
29 May 2014
Humour and lottery advertising don't normally go hand in hand, so it's a delight to see this spot which is not only genuinely amusing but bears repeat viewing. Spoofing the epic vibe of popular TV and film series which are all myth and majesty, it features a gnomic guru atop a rocky peak staring into the abyss of the future... and a dogged hiker who wants his help.

"The A-Z of YouTube"
2 mins 25s
29 May 2015
As technology expands, the list of things of which we ask the question "What would we do without...?" grows. With YouTube celebrating its tenth birthday this year, this arresting film pays tribute to the online video platform that has become a pillar of modern society. Flying Object and Partizan have found an innovative way of showing us how we can never limit ourselves to one clip.

29 May 2017
This extraordinarily beautiful film by Academy's Seb Edwards takes the idea of an unstoppable connection between a man and a woman and paints an exquisite picture of timeless longing. Using a piece of music - 'November' by Max Richter - which will sound familiar to fans of underrated TV drama 'The Leftovers', this film has a man pursuing a woman across the ages after he bumps into her at a railway station.

"Three Lionesses"
29 May 2019
‘Three Lions' becomes ‘Three Lionesses' in this driven piece of work for Lucozade, as the brand tweak one of England's enduring football anthems in time for the 2019 Women's World Cup. Thus, Messrs Lineker, Moore, and Stiles are replaced by current internationals Steph Houghton, Jade Moore, and Jordan Nobbs.

ITV Sport
"World Cup Memories"
29 May 2006
ITV's World Cup salvo shows football fans through the generations reflecting a variety of different fashions as they agonise over England's various triumphs and disasters. Sadly, the commercial channel will, as ever, take a pasting in the ratings in comparison to the BBC, despite the latter being hampered by John Motson.

Lloyds Pharmacy
"Factor 15"
29 May 2006
In the first few moments of this commercial, Phillipa Forester walks among a group of happy children playing in the summer sunshine and uses the word "cancer" to remind us how important it is that the little darlings are slathered in sun cream. Scare tactics or sensible advice?

Zoo Weekly
29 May 2006
The two young scamps in this ad tell us they were given £10,000 to make an ad for Zoo Weekly but that they decided to spend the money on lingerie for a well-endowed model who appears in the pages of the magazine. Here's an irony... how much to do you suppose the ad actually cost to make?

The Singing Estate
"Carmina Burana"
29 May 2006
Channel 5's forthcoming reality show will have professionals trying to teach the residents of a housing estate how to sing and by the look of the evidence here they will have to work pretty hard (or move in some ringers). Trail makes it look like compelling viewing.

29 May 2006
A policeman owns up to an unhealthy interest in big-chested, publicity machine Katie Price (aka Jordan) in this amusing piece for the gossip-based magazine. Quiet Storm once more working wonders on a shoestring.

29 May 2007
The new MPV from Mercedes is so well-equipped to deal with families that the stork who delivers new-borns decides that a family owning one should receive all available babies. Holding an armful of little ones the father of the family protests to the stork that the car is not his but the neighbour's.

Audi TT
"0.2 Seconds"
29 May 2007
"What can you do in 0.2 seconds?" Don't ask Mrs DAVID that question as it will provoke an unflattering reply. In this ad for the Audi TT, the car's ability to change gears swiftly is contrasted with a wide range of human activities that barely get underway in the allotted time span.

Audi A4
29 May 2007
A gap between cars on a quiet suburban street is filled in dramatic fashion by the driver of the A4 to illustrate that, in contrast to other luxury cars, the owners of the new Audi prefer to drive themselves and can to it with some style. Clever inverse snobbery which suits the brand.

Hay On Sky
29 May 2007
A neat conceit here as we are shown scenes purporting to be the Hay On Wye literary festival but looking rather more like Glastonbury. Froggy-voiced Mariella Frostrup explains that Bill Clinton once called the annual bookfest a "Woodstock of the mind".

Big Brother
"Full Metal Jacket Spoof"
29 May 2008
A spoof of Full Metal Jacket (and just about any army training sequence in an American film) has the presenters of Big Brother's Little Brother gearing up for their contribution to this year's voyeurfest which is, we are sad to report, now extremely imminent.

Pretty Polly
29 May 2008
A woman emerges from a giant make-up compact accompanied by classical music. The camera examines her legs like a fetishistic voyeur and she eventually pops on her panties and departs allowing the range of cosmetics products to come into focus.

"Honda Live"
3 mins 10s
29 May 2008
This ambitious commercial ran live on Channel 4. The risky decision was vindicated by the completion of the stunt as well as by a tremendous amount of attendant publicity. This ad marks a new high watermark in the advertising industry's ever growing fondness for event-oriented commercials.

Peugeot 207
29 May 2009
A man's heart rate increases as he drives home in his Peugeot... it appears to be because of the thought of his beautiful wife at home as she pampers herself ready for his return but, in fact, it's the car which is giving him the cardio-vascular workout. Still, that's marriage for you.

On This Day
(1-25 of 25)

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